Is it possible to add more choices on book search results?

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I see there is option for results to appear either from A to Z or Z to A, but I think listing according to date of release or date of registering (more recent to older or v.v.) could come handy. And what about areas of release or status or similar?


The advanced book-search options already include sort options for registration date, author, category, and location [that one applies to the location in the book's most recent JE or release note, I think], plus a sort-by-ratings feature for members with wings.

The bookshelf-sort options are a bit different, and apply to specific bookshelves - your own or someone else's; they include registration date, title, author, or "recently released", plus the wings-feature options for book rating, journal count, and most-recently-journaled (my default setting, as it shows me books with recent JEs and/or recent release notes).

There isn't a sort-by-status option, but there are filters for status on both the advanced-search and the bookshelf-search pages; that means you can limit searches to a particular status. And the bookshelf searches have a filter for "books in hand", which will omit any books last journaled by someone other than the bookshelf owner, as well as books with "traveling" status, so the results will include books-in-hand of any status other than "traveling".

If there's a particular purpose you'd like to use the search feature for, do post it; that might help in figuring out if there's an existing method or workaround, or if you really would need a new feature.


wingDelphi_Readerwing 2 yrs ago
Thank you for quick reply, I am new-ish here. I guess the advance book-search option helps a lot, although I'd love to see a combo of date+location or status+location or similar and having a choice on which status or area to check etc. Still exploring the BC site....


wingGoryDetailswing 2 yrs ago
RE: .
although I'd love to see a combo of date+location or status+location or similar and having a choice on which status or area to check etc.

If you're looking for books in the wild, the "go hunting" pages are organized by location, showing places where books have been released within the last 30 days. [If you drill down to a specific release zone, you can see all the books ever released there and still un-journaled - though the vast majority of those will no longer be at the site.]

If you're interested in swapping books with other BCers, a location-search might help a little, but many BCers don't engage in that at all, using the "available" status to indicate their own books that are ready for wild-release. Posting in the Random Acts forum is a good way to request or offer books, and you can include your own location in your post along with any restrictions you have on mailing. International postage is awfully expensive for most of us!


...mostly this is the this part of bc that attracts me...

It will be nice been able to see if a specific book has been released in an area or couple of specific areas recently, I know, long shot but you never know... Sometimes I look on Attica and Athens go hunting pages for example, but listings are a) Far too chaotic b) Some bc zones are very popular and I have to scroll down on pages after pages to check what has been released there recently.
Then sometimes I have in mind a specific book that I would be interested to see if has been journaled as catched in a specific area, for example I released a traveling guidebook about Greek Islands somewhere in mainland Greece and before doing that I was interested to see if those kind of books have more catches while wild released on a casual spot or left in a hostel or a ferry or what and if there are more catches on the actual islands or on mainland and Athens etc, but I had to research some guidebook titles I had on mind, then go through long lists without many options to narrow them down.

When I have some spare time I have this kind of thoughts and try to get inspiration by browsing specific titles or locations to see how they go on bc, getting ideas for releases techiques and books for releasing and what book might be suitable to release where.
I know there are related forum discussions on those things and I lurk on many of them, but I find the English language ones rather too generic and not very connected to the areas I have in mind, while the Greek forum feels like a cliquey club forum-I know this is not intentional but people seem to know each other for ages and talk for things I don't understand or topics that are very loosely connected to bc or about book rings and book rays. The one question I asked there never got any answer, maybe because it had to do with function of the site but needing Greek knowledge...

Anyway, this got a very long post, thank you very much for your time and help GoryDetails.

Personaly I am not so much into meeting people and joining conventions and meet-ups, but I find the original book crossing concept very attractive and preparing lots of books for wild-releasing right now... : )


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