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I have a suggestion regarding the forums.
I think it would be handy to be able to subscribe to forum threads, in order to get notified by mail or a special page on the website when there's new posts in this thread.

One use case I can think of is this: I offer a ring or ray, but don't visit the forums regularly. So someone's reply to my offer a few weeks after my initial post (when I stopped checking that thread regularly) would go unnoticed.
Another use case might be, if I'm looking for a person via the forums because my ring is stalled and they don't reply to messages. I might not want to check the forum all the time, but want to know when there's news.
I think it's also useful in forums with many new posts each day, because it's easy to overlook new posts there. Especially when I don't have much time to spend on the forums and just skim the list.


There have been previous requests for this, but given the limited resources for new features I don't know if it'll happen any time soon. Workarounds include setting bookmarks on threads you want to keep track of - active bookring/ray/box threads, for example - and using the forum-search feature to track down posts of your own that may have replies. [The forum-search results will show a reply-count, but not a date-replied-to, so it's not perfect - but it can help in some situations.]


Thank you for the reply.

I understand too well that resources are limited and you have to choose the most important things. (Software developer here *lol*) I just thought it can't hurt to suggest it :-)

Thanks for the workarounds. Those would work of course, but you still have to actively look for new posts, which is what I was trying to avoid. But it's not such a big problem, nothing is broken or so...


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