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don't want any books. That might help.


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I've got far too many books and a very long wishlist. At the moment, I really don't need any new books - especially BC books registered by someone else than me. I do appreciate every book I've got from you guys and I'll do so in the furute too - but right now I'd like to hide my wishlist from others.
I wouldn't like to remove my wishlist altogether because I would love to keep it updated all the time. Besides, it's so long that creating a new one would be hard.


It could be a useful feature, and I would think it could be implemented via a simple flag in the profile, which would be settable by the owner and would be checked by all the wish-search functions - though I don't know the innards of the database, so I'm not certain about how simple that would actually be. (A "hide wishes" feature might also be handy for the support team to use when a BCer asks to have their bookshelf disabled. At present I don't think the wishlists are automatically hidden or purged, so the wishes still show up in general wishlist searches. Hiding the entire list would help cut down on that.)

Workarounds: You could put a note on your profile explaining what you said here, that you don't want the responsibility of books-from-other-BCers just now and are maintaining your wishlist for your own use only. Not everyone checks profile messages before sending books (though they should, IMO), but it might help. And if you're listed on the RABCK.com site you could ask to be removed or hidden there, to cut down on people sending things without checking with you first.

If there were a way to flag all your open wishes as "granted" - and if you weren't using the "granted" option to keep track of actually-granted wishes - that would be another workaround, as it would take the wishes off the search list but would keep them under your name. At present I think there's only a one-wish-at-a-time "granted" option, and the same for restoring "granted" wishes to the "current" list.


If you don't make your address public no-one can send you a book without PMing you first to ask for your address. That gives you the opportunity to politely decline the thoughtful offer and refuse the book. So, I don't see the use of being able to hide the Wishlist. Just don't list your address anywhere, and then people will have to PM you first before sending the book.
However, having said that, I have no views against this feature. It's just that I don't see the need for it. If enough people want it and it's easy to implement, why not!


Your advice was good as always. I chose to put s note on my profile and hope it works.
I'm not on RABCK.com or anywhere like that anymore but many BC'ers - especially Finns - have my address already. And I hate to say no, that's why I'd like to hide my wishlist. But maybe the note on my profile will be enough.
Now I just need to read most of the BC books in my shelf before getting any new ones.


don't want any books. That might help.


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