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It's 2019 and time for some fun! Introducing BookCrossing Bingo!
Jump in at any time during 2019, and play for a line, or go for the full house.
You can post your progress right here in this thread in the Fun & Games forum.

We've also created the #BookCrossingBingo hashtag for those on social media.
There's no prizes for the first person to call "Bingo", this is purely for fun.

You'll find your Bingo card and all other information here:
Are you game? Then post here to let us know you're playing!


I went with the very first square and wild released a book today, something I don't really do a lot of, more so favoring controlled releases through sweeps and tag games.

I released at the Starbucks at grocery store Fred Meyer, and by the time I had done my shop and was leaving the store, the book was no longer there!
Double bonus was I had to add this location, so its a new spot.
Triple bonus was that it's the only recent release in Idaho according to the Go Hunting pages!!
"Take The Fall" by Emily Hainsworth


...with a new member referral


I'm happy to have joined bookcrossing at the very beginning of this year!

On the first day of 2019, made a wild release, referred a friend and had my wild release caught (a Ukrainian law book ; I was so glad to see the note from the next reader! )

Also, handed a book to another book member recently ("A Year In The Merde" by Stephen Clarke )


He is new and this book will be the first BC book in his hands. Hope Latvijas pasts will be fast in delivery.

I was a winner of Movie Sweepstakes 9. Now all are welcome to take part in Movie Sweepstakes 10.


what can Random Act of BookCrossing Kindness??? are you sure??


I've made a good start on this:

Made a wild release yesterday for an SSM:
Had a wild release caught:
And I've joined the 52 Towns in 52 Weeks release challenge.



Granted a wish for another book crosser, but I didn't find the person through RABCK. Oh by the way I don't expect another book in return.

What box can I check off?


Granted a wish for another book crosser, but I didn't find the person through RABCK. Oh by the way I don't expect another book in return.
What box can I check off?

Ok, lets see.

A RABCK stands for "Random Act of BookCrossing Kindness".
This can take several forms, but the most common is when someone sends you a book without asking for a trade or postage reimbursement. It’s generally just the act of doing something nice for another BookCrosser.

So if you sent a book to another BookCrosser, and it wasn't a trade, or linked to a sweepstake or a game, then you can count it as the 2nd square in from the top row (left to right) "Grant a Wishlist RABCK".
You could also count it for the square "Mail a book to another BookCrosser" if you sent it by mail.
Hope this helps, and thanks for playing.


Following my visit to Milwaukee this past weekend where I met Twila, Ireland424, Librarygrrl and Aimlesst at the OBCZ Full of Beans Café.


Thanks for the nudge J4Shaw! I can indeed tick off Enter the Bookcrossing Day Contest!
I also bought myself wings the other day and updated my extended profile (now I've figured out how to embed the links!) Plus I mailed a book to another bookcrosser.

I think "Find a Wild Release" is going to elude me but I did find a Book Fairies wild release last weekend which was a lovely surprise, if not quite the thing for here!!!


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