Let's Limerick #13

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wingJDTwing 11 mos ago
Let's Limerick #13
Well-past 500 - time for a new thread.
Here are our guidelines:

A limerick is a five-line poem with a strict form, originally popularized in English by Edward Lear. Limericks are frequently witty or humorous, and sometimes obscene with humorous intent. (from yahoo.com)
A limerick must tell a story (although it will be quite short!)
A limerick must have a rhyme scheme of aabba. In other words, the first, second, and fifth lines must rhyme with each other, and the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other although differently than lines one, two, and five.


There was an old man from Peru,
Who dreamed he was eating his shoe.
He woke in a fright
In the middle of the night
And found it was perfectly true

Let's limerick- one line at a time. Ideally, the person who completes line 5 of the limerick, starts line one of the next limerick.

Let's start with:

1. Kids are home for a two week break






Thank you for making the new thread JDT!



(Make that never)





IRL - my block had a power outage that lasted 84 minutes - so NOT fun

















sad but true LOL





Trust me, this is Wisconsin.




a movie I have heard of but never seen



















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