Jacky's food pairs, (Revived once more)

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I have always enjoyed playing this mouth watering game, pair the second food item with a new one for a delicious food combination.

























* must be balsamic vinegar - try it, if you haven't already... delicioso!




(Apple pie without the cheese, is like a kiss without the squeeze)






My favourite spice!











makes a type of 'Fairy Bread' in Australia :)

A type of 'sprinkles' known as 'Hundreds And Thousands' are best :)


Fairy Bread - a huge favourite at children's birthday parties :)

























and maple syrup :P






















For Smoked Haddock Florentine. Use Clear Brine Fillets (undyed), skin and poach in milk and water or fish stock, flake and set aside. blanch fresh or frozen spinach, saute mushrooms in butter. Make a Cheese Sauce. Combine ingredients in an ovenproof Dish Pour over the Cheese Sauce and Grate additional Cheese on top. Put under hot grill for ten minutes, Garnish with Chopped Parsley and serve on a bed of Boiled Rice.


Sounds great. Might just try that.














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