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JDT 7 mos ago
Half a peach








Some red and some yellow. Mmmm












wingTanamowing 6 mos ago
A tomato



wingTanamowing 6 mos ago
A plum







wingTanamowing 6 mos ago
Eccles cake





JDT 6 mos ago
half an apple



















because I have a dry throat








lovemylife 5 mos ago
an apple



















Still suffering - can't seem to shake this one off.



@ Nimrod... I'm drooling over that high-top toast of yours...


It was very tasty!













wingTanamowing 4 mos ago
A cup of tea



GinoMaid 4 mos ago
Had Juice and loved it.




Sunday afternoon coffee/ tea at neighbor's house. I made the lemon squares...😋



wingTanamowing 4 mos ago
Eccles cake





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