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Penthesilia 1 yr ago


wingTanamowing 1 yr ago
Rose wine




























Soooo crunchy.....









wingTanamowing 1 yr ago
Eccles cake


wingP_E_Dantwing 1 yr ago
Muesli :)


JDT 1 yr ago


wingsaskiasosmilewing 1 yr ago
always first thing in the morning






wingdolph1nwing 8 mos ago














right out of the garden









Bought at a Vietnamese restaurant next door to the laundromat where I was washing my clothes.



Tagliatelle Capra
Fresh egg tagliatelle in a pomodoro & peperonata sauce topped with crumbled goat’s cheese, toasted pine nuts and rocket.
We donate 25p to Dreams Come True for every Tagliatelle Capra we sell.


@ Tanamo :)



Yes it was Yum. Not often you can enjoy a meal and help a charity at the same time.






wingP_E_Dantwing 8 mos ago
Spag Bol :)






lovemylife 7 mos ago



booboo123 7 mos ago


JDT 7 mos ago
a fresh peach







From a Vietnamese restaurant.







wingStaxmanwing 7 mos ago
Potato chips







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