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I've never heard of this movie but according to imdb it is from 1980


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Same format as the song thread, ten film titles with a linked theme, once we get to ten, the tenth player picks a new category which can be a word, actor/actress, director - what ever you choose :o)

We'll start with....films with move/moved/moving in the title - as we've moved to a new thread ;o)







A 1970 Comedy



I've never heard of this movie but according to imdb it is from 1980



Someone else choose the next topic please :o)


new topic - a movie about a band or musicians



Dr Feelgood


Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons


James Brown.



The Band


Ian Drury


Ritchie Valens




Chick Flicks










New Topic: movies with a colour in the title.












new topic: Movies that have a battle scene AKA "my" least favorite kind of movie - except for Star Wars of course








JoolsW 1 yr ago
8. Zulu


wingJackie700wing 1 yr ago
9. Glory



New topic: movies that feature court room scenes.




Hilarious :-)








New topic: Movies with a disaster









JoolsW 1 yr ago
9. Titanic



New topic: Movies starring Tom Hanks




lovemylife 1 yr ago
4. Big







Next: Movies directed by Ron Howard


wingJackie700wing 1 yr ago
1. Cocoon


JoolsW 1 yr ago
2. Splash










New topic - movies that are set on islands








'Castaway' 1987 Oliver Reed
'Cast Away' 2000 Tom Hanks

VERY different movies :)



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