Any OBCZs in Cape Town, South Africa?

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I will for sure bring some with me :)


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Have been looking but have not found anything. Am going there in May, would be great to leave some books in Cape Town.


I saw some - though only one shows any books released within the last year, so I don't know if they're still active:

Hope that helps, and that you have a wonderful trip!



You don't need an Official BookCrossing Zone to release books.

I leave books in dozens of places (restaurants, hospitals, coffee shops, food pantries, schools, waiting rooms, Little Free Libraries, laundromats, etc.) , only 3 of which are OBCZs and unfortunately I don't get to them all that often. Don't let the lack of OBCZs stop you from enjoying releasing your books.


I will for sure bring some with me :)


I'm going to look if I can find something about it.

I found it, but it is inactive. :(


Thanks for looking into this


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