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Hello all -

This is the librarian at the American Bookbinders Museum in San Francisco, California. I have a personal BookCrossing account that I started a month or two ago (@thingamabrarian), but it occurred to me - I've been releasing most of my books on the free book shelf we have here at the museum, near the brochures for other local attractions. Why not make the museum an Official BookCrossing Zone? We're a newish museum, so the more maps we can get on, the better! Anyway, if you're in San Francisco and need a book or two and a cool, unique little museum to visit, come on by!


Welcome to the world of BookCrossing. I hope you have lots of visitors and wish you good luck.


Good job!

I happen to be a volunteer region manager to helps to "tidy" release zones on the BC website. I've just gone over to the American Bookbinders Museum's zone and ticked the box to indicate that it's now an Official BookCrossing Zone.


It should now appear in the Go Hunting pages with a special logo next to it. That'll show other Bookcrossers that it's a OBCZ.


Thank you!!


JemmaJ 1 yr ago
Welcome to the OBCZ world! I manage the Zone in a Brewery - it is still new but getting there slowly!

Another reason to come to San Fran...


I hope you really enjoy it here!


I manage a zone in our espresso bar/roasteria. It's been a great topic of conversation with customers. Many will donate without joining, so I remove from the shelf until I can register/release them. Many take a book - I let them know they don't have to be a member, but hope they'll think about joining. And I've met some members who have stopped by on their way through town to leave a book.

Hope your experience will be as nice as I've had to date. Need books? Any restrictions for your zone?


Two of us here tend to get hold of a lot of ARCs at various points in the year, so that's where most of our stock comes from (as we finish reading them!).

No restrictions for our zone except that it be appropriate for a setting in which one may find a wide range of ages.


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