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I work at a hospital and I was a bit wary of releasing books just any old how; as we obviously have a big market for people really needing a book, there's already a stall where books are brought in and you can just take one, but you are asked for a donation.

I would going to ask the people that run it if they didn't mind me doing wild releases into their stock, just dropping a book there every now and then. I don't think they'll mind as it's just another book for them to raise funds with...

The other thing I had thought, and which is why I'm here asking, as I was thinking of maybe making it an official Zone to get more books coming in for donation etc. but I didn't know that the feeling was about it here. They don't "sell" the books as such, just ask for a donation. It's out in the reception so you could just take a book if you wanted, but people are encouraged to put money in a collecting box if they take a book.

Is there a rule that says a Zone has to be for free, or would it be okay to have a Zone where we encourage people to wild release, and if they want to catch a book we say that we'd like them to make a donation.

It's for palliative care/cancer so definitely a very worthy cause!

If you think making it an official Zone isn't appropriate then I can always just release there, but I did think it'd be a nice way of getting more book donations.


I think it'd be fine to make it an OBCZ, if its managers are willing. And if not, feel free to release books there.

When I release books to charity-sale shelves, Goodwill stores, etc., I do include a note about that in my release notes, indicating that the books will be for sale (or for a requested donation), just as a heads-up to potential book-hunters. And I avoid using any permanent "free book" labels on such books - though I seldom use those on any books, beyond the "I'm Free" sticky-notes for non-bookshelf releases.


Is there a rule that says a Zone has to be for free

I don't think there is such a rule. But it would be smart to indicate it clearly in the Zone's information.


I'm thinking they may not say yes anyway but I'll ask today.


....let me have your address & I'm sure I can find something to send on.


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