Bookplates with a picture of your OBCZ

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I'm not sure that they'll make for a better journal rate, but I do sure enjoy using them, my custom OBCZ bookplates. (Tiny pic here: )
Mine are from the Store, but of course you can also make your own.

I think that the picture will give finders a nice little ping of recognition, as in "Oh hey that's right here where I am", and possibly help BookCrossing feel like something that's going on close to them, in their own community, not just happening elsewhere. And as the books travel on, the pictures may also help advertise your OBCZ!



winghippoleinwing 3 yrs ago
Nice idea
mine is not all ready yet (still missing one sign), but then I can take the picture with books in there (now on the profile a picture before any books arrived)


jennannej 1 yr ago
So cute!


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