Starting a OBCZ in a Brewery?

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Hey everyone,

I need your help! I am thinking about setting up an OBCZ in the local Brewery to me. There is a lounge type room where I think it would be perfect for a Zone. There are chairs etc there. I work there at the weekend and it would be fab to drew more customers in there. The one I created at a local pub went down quite well; before the books were removed (not by me) and moved on.

What do you all think? Yes or no?


Do it! Post pictures!!


Sounds great to me! If the brewery management is OK with it, go for it!


Sounds good to me! Pm me if you need any books.


JemmaJ 3 yrs ago
Many thanks guys; I will double check with the boys (the management) this weekend and I will keep you all posted!

@Plum-crazy - many thanks for the offer; I will let you know if I need some books


As you can see; I've (JemmaJ) had the go ahead from the bosses about creating a OBCZ in the Brewery - yippie!! Currently there are only six books registered but hopefully it will be more soon!


Excellent! Here, have some Wings and an OBCZ icon on Go Hunting.


This is wonderful news! I wish someone in my town would do the same in a pub or boutique brewery!!!

What a beautiful idea


Just to let you all know that I have just done a mass release as myself (JemmaJ) and as the OBCZ account!


Are you sure you want to delete this item? It cannot be undone.