Temporary accounts and PM address mix-up. Just FYI...

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Two days ago there was quite an uproar on the Greek forums when members received message from other members, seemingly featuring personal information those members couldn't have known. Many members panicked, thinking their accounts have been hacked! After correspondence with support, this is one of the usual crazy glitches, but not(?) a security problem. For example, if I get it right, A sends a PM to B, but B seems to get this PM sent from C .

Quoting support:

"We have sometimes temporary problems with some accounts, but that's not a security problem, it's a server problem. Temporary an account can be linked to a different account, and see the information of that account. We haven't seen the case yet that it would have been possible to send PM from the wrong account, but I think you must have bumped into that bug. It should be all ok after maximum 2 hours, when the server resets itself. So I think you probably got a message from another member, that had at that moment the information of the wrong account, but should have gotten back to the own by now. We're sorry for the inconvenience and our technical team is trying to find the problem on the new server."

I haven't see a related thread in Bugs and Broken Bits forum, so posting this for reference in case someone faces same issue...


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