I wasn't me. (Profile/bookshelf glitch)

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Of course, I failed to get a screenshot, but just after I finished registering a book tonight, my profile came up as a spammer's instead! That is, the address http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/hyphen8 was showing up as another page/identity (found in my cache: it was wildboyz)

I was trying to figure out what to do (besides report it).

Logging out and back in didn't seem to have an effect, so I tried changing my password, just in case. I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but now my profile is back...although at last check my bookshelf was showing *no* books. (If putting my profile back is the work of someone behind the scenes, THANK YOU!)

However, if I put in the URL for a book I know should be on there, it comes up as registered by me. So I know I'm still in the system...

I'm not obsessive about the stats, but it's a bit upsetting to see no books on my shelf. I hope it can be fixed... :(


This one - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/546998

So I'll wait and see what happens...and report the spammer's profile anyway.

(Oh, and I found a temporary workaround for seeing my books, sort of. Did an advanced book search with "hyphen8" in the member name field and no other qualifiers. I can't do the "recently journaled" sort but I can at least sort by registration date.)


When I click on your name I get your bookshelf with all your books.
Yes, I do think it's the same old glitch: sometimes the site gets its wires crossed and shows the wrong bookshelf for a member, at least for a while. It's always resolved itself within hours, at most a day.
I can see why it's a little upsetting especially if the bookshelf you're seeing where yours should be is a spammer's.


I can see why it's a little upsetting especially if the bookshelf you're seeing where yours should be is a spammer's.

Yeah, I think that's what did it. Upon further reflection, it might have happened once before, briefly, but it was another real BC'er, so I presumed it was a weird site glitch and would hopefully fix itself quickly.

Seeing a spammer instead made me worried about having been hacked somehow...and I didn't want my account suspended for spamming, either. :s


That would be scary!!!!!

But your shelf looks fine from here now.


That would be scary!!!!!

Yes, well, I don't have your numbers...but I do have over 10k of books on my shelf (which I hadn't really thought about before) so having NONE was distressing.

But your shelf looks fine from here now.

Thank goodness. I mean...a male strip club in Las Vegas (complete with a link that I did *not* click on) is really not what I want to see when I click on "my profile"!


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