Can't journal books received!-UPDATE-problem partly solved

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I received two books in the post today but when I put the BCID's into the system I get constant error messages. I've reported the first one to "support". I hope this is temporary as I hate not to journal books received. Will try sending a pm to the bookcrosser who sent them to me in the meantime.
UPDATE I sent one of the BCID numbers to support and they found out that the person who registered the book had missed out a digit when copying the number onto the label. I have just now sent the second BCID to support as it is probably the same problem with both books. When I hear back from support for the second time I will pm the sender of the books to let her know and I will also change the numbers inside the books.


...somewhere in a post recently that error messages on the site are an indication that some work is being done behind the scenes.
That said, it might be helpful if you share the text of the error message that you are receiving though.


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