[Fixed] Do I still get PM emails?

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I used to get one about once a month on average, but haven't had one since August. Could someone PM me & then leave a comment here to tell me that you did it? Then I'll know if it's broken or not. Thanks!


You can send a PM to yourself if you want to test it - since it goes through the BC server it's as good a test as having someone else PM you. I haven't noticed a problem with PMs - received some today, in fact - but there might be a problem with your spam filter, so it's worth checking.

If you aren't talking about Private Messages but about journal-entry alert emails, that's a different matter; there's a known issue with the digest-format mail. But if none of your books have been journaled since August, you wouldn't receive any alerts anyway.


Thanks. It works. I don't think any of my books have been journaled since August. Is the alert feature broken?


Is the alert feature broken?

The digest-format JE-alert feature does seem to be broken; see this thread:



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