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Hello, :)

AMAZING work on the new site, it looks great and intuitive, and I can't wait to settle in! I do have a weeny problem already though, and it's probably my own fault for having silly HTML on my profile in the first place... ;)

I'm on Mac OS X 10.5.8, Firefox 3.6.3.

When I try to update my profile blurb, (http://bookcrossing.com/editprofile/Lottiotta) I edit everything and click "save". Then I'm taken to a log in page (even though I'm logged in), I get to this URL: http://bookcrossing.com/---/LogIn?... Which looks like this:


When I put in my email address and password correctly, I get back to my bookshelf as I should, but my extended profile has not been saved.

Hope this helps! :) I have my bookshelf code saved so no worries there.

All the best!


Me too! I'm on a Windows XP based machine. Also, I seem to be unable to send a message to the bookcrossing staff via the contact us window.


I have the same problem. I've tried to change my profile picture as well and that doesn't work either. The first few tries sent me back to login, but now it just says my profile is updated without it actually having happened.

I'm on a Windows XP machine and my browser is Firefox (should be the newest update).


samulli 10 yrs ago
Same here
Within the Edit Profile page my new additions are saved, but they are not shown when I look at my profile on the My Profile page. Strange.


rubyrebel 10 yrs ago
same with me


I had a lot of html code. When I go to edit profile, the code is there, but it's sure not working!

There were some "rules" you had to mind in profile coding - if this has changed, then just post the "new" rules somewhere.

Everything backed up - just need to reapply according to this new site's "rules"


wingBethanieKaywing 10 yrs ago
Me too -- I can't change anything about my profile, including my city/state/country.


My computer is Windows 7, and this happens whether I use Firefox or IE.

That's interesting you're seeing ads though. I notice you're like me, where you have wings within the forums, but not on your profile page. I am not seeing ads though, even though I have a link that says 'remove ads' and is advertising wings. I guess maybe it could be a firefox application that's stopping me seeing ads.


rockyhorror1978 10 yrs ago
Me too. I am using mac osx.


also without success.

Windows XP Professional, latest Firefox.

In the scheme of things, it isn't a biggie for me. After all, I could have made the alterations months ago but thought it should be logged with everyone else's!


Finally succeeded in making my changes, thank you.

I went through 'Manage Profile' and this time the changes seem to have 'stuck'!


I went through 'Manage Profile' and this time the changes seem to have 'stuck'!

I did the same, and indeed it worked ! (though i had to refresh my profile page to see the changes, ie my new profile pic)


I went through 'Manage Profile' and this time the changes seem to have 'stuck'!

I did the same, and indeed it worked ! (though i had to refresh my profile page to see the changes, ie my new profile pic)

huho new profile pic doesn't appear near my posts O_o


I also tried the same and it worked (but the shortcut way still is not working).

Also, by using the "manage profile" one, it worked, but the screen said that the some of the fields where not correct (although in the end it updated my profile).

And I do love the new site!!


Finally succeeded in making my changes, thank you.

I went through 'Manage Profile' and this time the changes seem to have 'stuck'!

I went through Manage Profile as well as this was the only way I could figure out how to update my profile -- having said that -- it won't accept my birthdate -- I have tried everything. Anyone else having that issue?


teggers 10 yrs ago
Me too
Same as me, I can't actually make any changes to the profile, not just to the blurb I have Vista on Firefox and nothing fancy in my blurb.


It's not just the profile. Seems like I cannot update journal entries, either. At first, I thought it was because of HTML (links to pictures and other sites, e.g. the shops where I bought the book). Then, I tried to edit a newly registered books entry - and though there was no HTML in it, the update was still denied.


I've tried on my home PC (Windows Vista, latest Firefox) and my work PC (Windows XP, latest Firefox) and I can't get my profile information to update. I was also having trouble with my profile picture, but that's now fixed itself - but I still can't edit my profile. When I make the changes and click 'Save', I get redirected to a login page even though I'm already logged in. None of my edits will stick!


i've only tried to change my profile pic (the new site resized it in a very strange way o_O) and the same happened to me.


alliesolskjaer 10 yrs ago
OK, I've now managed to get it to save my changes if I go through 'Manage Profile' - but it won't accept my date of birth. I've tried both typing it in and going through the drop-down calendar (not easy clicking back month-by-month for 28 years!) and it says that it is 'not valid'.

So now, the changes I've made show up if I click 'Edit Profile', but if I click on my profile/bookshelf itself, the changes still don't show up!


Lottiotta 10 yrs ago
Same here...
I can edit the profile code if I go through Manage Profile and the site seems to accept it, but then my actual profile hasn't changed.


I updated my profile hours ago, and it's only just now showing the changes. My goodreads widgets aren't showing properly, I think it might be a flash thing? But at least the layout is a bit better.



I updated mine last night, Using Firefox, the new information didn't appear on my profile but remained on my manage profile page. It is now showing correctly.


Same as other members, tried to update my birth date as it does not seem to like it ('Some inputs were NOT valid. Please correct and try again.') and same thing, it does not accept it, although the changes I made to my extended profile appear to have been applied.


Looks like quite a few different areas on manage profiles. I'm looking into this right now. Profile Image, location, birthday, and html edits to profile seem to be the biggest culprits. I'll post what I find to my "Update" thread.



Is this a wings thing (I don't have any at the moment)?

I can't make anything stick! I get the "some inputs were not valid" message when I try to change anything including my date of birth, home country & town, or edit the content of the text on my extended profile.



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