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I have just finished reading Bill Bryson's African Diary, and it's premise and charity has inspired a challenge idea...

Bryson wrote this after an 8 day visit to Kenya and CARE's projects there. All profits from this book are being donated to CARE International. And money to CARE actually goes into their worldwide development projects.

I received this book though BookCrossing, and have been thus inspire to purchase another copy (or even copies, budget allowing) specifically to donate to this worth NGO, and then release - thereby spreading the word about CARE and it's development projects, as well as BookCrossing.

So, I thought maybe a challenge could be releasing books where their purchase has given to a worhty cause...maybe one title a month? I'm sure there are other titles out there. Small Wonder by Barbara Kingsolver comes to mind - although I don't remember the name of the organisation that those monies went to. I'm sure many of you will be able to help me brainstorm!

Is anyone up for the challenge? I will purchase another copy of Bryson's book, and release it this month.

I aspire to work in development - and this may be a way to do something small through my BookCrossing addiction!


Sorry for the double post! This one had a spelling error I spotted as the site was processing it, and I tried to fix it before it was sent! Opps!!


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