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The March 2021 Oh, the Places We Can Go Release Challenge begins at 12:01 a.m. on March 1 wherever you live and ends at 12:00 p.m. on March 31 wherever you live.

Following Secretariat's retirement from hosting challenges, I have volunteered to take on hosting duties. The rules will remain the same, with only a minor tweak. There is no minimum to the number of books that can be released (previously it was at least 15).

Rules: Release books with titles which include the name of one or more city, state, province, country, island, continent, planet, ocean, sea, river, lake, tributary, or interesting place to visit. All are acceptable. I’ve also amended my original rules to allow “fantasy” cities, states, etc. such as Atlantis, Hell, Heaven, Eden, etc.

Author names also count.

While you are welcome to specify more than one matching word per book, each book released counts as one release.

Daedelys found a search engine for place names. Try: It's terrific.

Wild releases are much preferred for this challenge, but any release will count. Wings will be awarded at the completion of the contest.

As always, everyone is welcome to play.





Does an author's name count - such as "Wendy PARIS" ?

Do words like House, Land, World count?

Thank you for hosting.


Does an author's name count - such as "Wendy PARIS" ?

Do words like House, Land, World count?

Author names - yes.
House, land, world - no, not as generic words.
However, if you check the place name search engine on Nona, you'll find that there *are* actual places called House and Land. So, in those instances, they would count. Although, it turned up a blank for World...


I've been reading my "places" books.


March is coming up fast!


wingekorrenwing 2 mos ago
I'm in...
I have put aside a number of books already, and I expect to be able to release them.

Like in previous years, I'll play a bit different within the "official" rules and will only use words which are supposed to be place names but no arbitrary letter sequences which just happen to occur on some map (also called embedded words) and make almost every book count if you are just bold enough.

Also, I do NOT want to win wings, since I have permanent wings anyway.


This is always a fun challenge. I actually love using embedded words! :D



Yes, the place name can be in the subtitle.


1. [Phoenix] Noir (Arizona, USA)
2. [America] Bewitched


1. The TAPper Twins Go to War (With Each Other) by Geoff Rodkey -- Tap, Irreland
2. The TRAIN to Impossible Places by P. G. Bell -- Train, Berern, Germany
3. The GOLD Digger by Liz Tolsma -- Gold, PA
4. Fool Me ONCE by Harlan Coben -- Once, Argentina
5. WINTERborne Home for Vengeance and Valor by Ally Carter -- Winter, Wisconsin


1) The ITALIAN's Christmas Proposition
2) ITALY's Most Scandalous Virgin
3) Contracted to her GREEK Enemy
4) Hired by the Impossible GREEK
5) Awakened by the Scarred ITALIAN
6) Prince's Virgin in VENICE
7) The GREEK's Virgin Temptation
9) Claimed in the ITALIAN's Castle
10) Cinderella in the SICILIAN's World
11) A Scandal Made in LONDON
12) TEXAS True
13) Promise TEXAS


14) First Phone Call from HEAVEN


24) HAITI Noir
26) The Lost GERMAN Slave Girl by JOHN BAILEY
27 ) I Never Knew That About LONDON by CHRISTOPHER WINN
28) The Great Partition: The Making of INDIA and PAKISTAN by Yasmin KHAN
29) SYRIA by JOHN McHugo


38-39) SYRIA by JOHN McHugo

While you're welcome to find as many matching words as possible for each book, each book counts as only one release.

1 book = 1 release

Sorry it wasn't specified earlier.


Okay, that's good to know - I'll go in & fix mine up a bit.


(18) HAITI Noir
(20) The Lost GERMAN Slave Girl by JOHN BAILEY
(21) ) I Never Knew That About LONDON by CHRISTOPHER WINN
(22) The Great Partition: The Making of INDIA and PAKISTAN by Yasmin KHAN
(23) SYRIA by JOHN McHugo


24) HAITI Noir
26) The Lost GERMAN Slave Girl by JOHN BAILEY
27 ) I Never Knew That About LONDON by CHRISTOPHER WINN
28) The Great Partition: The Making of INDIA and PAKISTAN by Yasmin KHAN
29) SYRIA by JOHN McHugo


30) The Balance Sheet CHINA
31) The Balance Sheet CHINA by FRED Bergsten
32) DUTCH Dictionary
33) TOWER: An Epic History of the TOWER of LONDON by Nigel JONES
34) Daughter of TROY: A Novel of History, VALOR and LOVE by SARAH B. FRANKLIN
35) Crazy Man's CREEK by JACK Boudreau
37) Only EARTH and SKY LAST Forever by DANIEL Benchley
38) Vanishing TIBET by Danny CONANT & CATHERINE SteinMANN


1. TEXAS Alphabet ( ), wild release, photo

Released to LFLs, with photos:

2. COLORADO Collage ( ), multiple challenges

3. The Lions of LUCERNE ( )


39) JAPAN in the Modern World
40) The Surreal Heart of the New RUSSIA
41) AFRICA's Great Rift Valley
42) The Religions of TIBET
43) CALCUTTA Two Years in the City
44) VIETNAM Above the Treetops
45) A Journey Into BHUTAN
46) The Making of the BRITISH Army
47) The Abolition of BRITAIN
48) Bride of New FRANCE
49) The Best AMERICAn Short Stories 2012
50) The Best AMERICAn Short Stories 2003
51) Farewell KABUL
52) Neil Flambe and the AZTEC Abduction
53) An Immigrant's Journey from POLAND to Ground Zero
54) War in JAPAN 1467-1615
55) The Helicopter War in VIETNAM
56) VIETNAM The Helicopter War
57) AFRICA's Glorious Legacy
58) Ruler of the ROMAN World
59) Basketball & Honor on the LITTLE BIG HORN
60) The YANKEE Years

61) RUSSIA A History
62) The JAPAN We Never Knew
63) Rebel LAND: Unraveling the Riddle of History in a TURKISH Town
64) Oh CANADA! Oh Quebec!
65) The Road to AFGHANISTAN
66) Reflections on SCOTLAND
67) Tour de FRANCE
68) The Land of PAINTed Caves
69) Chasing HOPE (*Hope, BC, Canada is where the first Rambo movie was filmed)


wingsakirmowing 2 mos ago
I'll play
as soon as I have time to gather some books for this...


3. [The Balkans]: A Short History
4. [Australia]'s Deserts
5. Dis[cove]ring What Crickets Do (Oregon, USA)
6. Weather Forec[asti]ng (Italy)
7. [Paris]: A Love Story (France)
8. [Russia]n Talk




9. Wild Swans: Three Daughters of [China]
10. The Bar C[ode] Rebellion (India)
11. Hearts in F[lig]ht (Slovenia)
12. The S[orce]rer's Apprentice (Spain)


4. S Is for Salmon: A PACIFIC NORTHWEST Alphabet ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo

5. Callaloo, Calypso and Carnival: the Cuisines of TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo

Released to various LFLs, with photos:

6. HEAVEN's Design Team 1 ( ), multiple challenges

7. Unraveling the Mysteries of Moving to COSTA RICA ( )


asia_be_es 2 mos ago
1. LOS MONTES by Bertrand Godbille
Los Montes is a Spanish region located in the northern part of the province of Granada, community of Andalusia.
2. Upadek PARYŻa by Ilja Erenburg
Paryż: Polish name for Paris, France
3. Tabor do VACCARES by Alistair MacLean
Vaccarés: lake in France
4. Księga przyrodniczo-krajoznawcza POLSKI. Ilustrowana encyklopedia tematyczna
6. Gösta BERLINg by Selma Lagerlöf
7.Przez śniegi i wody KANADY by Roger Frison-Roche


13. The [Coll]ector Collector (Scotland)
14. In[vest]igate Ants (Kentucky, USA)
15. Pretty Little Liars #5: [Wick]ed (Scotland) adventures of stuart LITTLE (kY) the kitchen GOD's wife (eithiopia)


70) AMERICAn Girl Character Encyclopedia
71) Al Qaeda in EUROPE
72) In Spite of the Gods: The Rise of Modern INDIA
73) The BUCKle
74) The Carnival at BRAY
75) The HOUSE by the Fjord by ROSALIND Laker


76) ECUADOR Enchantment of the World
77) ARCTIC Dreams
78) Twilight of AMERICAn Sanity
79) Cattle Ranch: The Story of the DOUGLAS Lake Cattle Company
80) Mrs Robinson's Disgrace: The Private Diary of a VICTORIAn Lady
81) The Last Kids on EARTH and the Cosmic Beyond
82) Hacking HARVARD


wingbooklady331wing 2 mos ago
# 6 - 9
6. LEAD Like Jesus: Lessons from the Greatest Leadership Role Model of All Time -- Lead, South Dakota
7. A Tale of Two SONs -- Son, Spain
8. SHAPEd to Serve -- Shape, Peru
9. The GLORY of HEAVEN -- Glory, Texas; Heaven


8. Dry Death in ARIZONA ( ), LFL release, photo



83) Traditionelle Bogenschutzen by Hilary GREENLAND (German book)
84) CROW Bait
85) The Wide Window by LEMONy Snicket
86) The Yonahlossee RIDING Camp for Girls
87) Bush Telegraph: Discovering the PACIFIC Province


wingbooklady331wing 2 mos ago
# 10
The BLUE Cloak by Shannon McNear -- Blue, Texas


16. Dis[cove]r Nature in the Weather (Oregon, USA)
17. Ma[king] Sauerkraut and Pickled Vegetables at Home (North Carolina,, USA)
18. Famous and Historic Trees by Charles Edgar [Randall] (Minnesota, USA)
19. A Weekend in [New York] (USA)
20. The Materializing of [Duncan] McTavish (British Columbia, Canada)


2. Death in ZANZIBAR & Death in KENYA by M.M. Kaye,


1. Little Farm in the OZARKS
2. FISH Out of Water (Fish, Georgia)
4. Miracles and Mysteries: The HALIFAX Explosion


Released to various LFLs, with photos:

9. John Schumacher's NEW PRAGUE Hotel Cookbook ( ), multiple challenges

10. HUMBLE Pie ( ), multiple challenges (for Humble, Texas)

11. The Inn at LAKE DEVINE ( ), multiple challenges (the fictional location in the book)



89) The DROP Box
90) 44 SCOTLAND Street
91) A Bad Beginning LEMONy Snicket
92) BLUE Moon
93) An Irish Country Girl by Patrick TAYLOR
94) Murder at an Irish WEDDING
95) The Christmas Battle for BASTOGNE (Belgium)
96) The Guns at Last Light: The War in Western EUROPE, 1944-1945 (Large Print)
97) The Saturday Big Tent WEDDING Party (Wedding, Germany)
98) Assault and BERET (Beret, Ethiopia)
99) www: Wonder by Robert J. SAWYER
100) GRAVITY Falls: Lost Legends (Gravity, Iowa & Penn)



101) Susana & The Scot by Sabrina YORK (tons of places named York!)
102) A MASTERly Murder (Master, Iran)
103) PATTERNed After Death (Pattern, Germany)
104) Runaways: Pride & JOY
105) RUNaway: Dead Wrong (Run, Netherlands & Indonesia)



21. Fifty Birds of Town and City by Bob [Hines] (Oregon, USA)
22. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle by Betty Mac[Donald] (Oregon, USA)
23. The Secret Horse by Marion [Holland] (Netherlands)


Wild release with photo

1. In a Pumpkin SHELL (Hell) -


11. The Canceled Czech by Lawrence Block -- Cancel, France
12. A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah -- Long, Washington


Week 1 : places releases 1-63 Abend in BYZANZ (Byzantium = Istanbul (Roman Empire)) Alarm in SKÖLDGATAN ("shield street": (fictional?) street in Stockholm, Sweden) Allein gegen PALERMO (city in Italy) Am kürzeren Ende der SONNENALLEE (street in Berlin, Germany) Bella GERMANIA (Germany, country) BELLAROSA Connection (probably fictional place, hotels and restaurants with this name exist) CAMBRIDGE 5 - Zeit der Verräter (city in England) Das Gold von SPARTA (Σπάρτη, city in ancient Greece) Das SCHLOSS DÜRANDE (castle in France) Der Dieb von DRESDEN (city in Germany) Der Himmel über dem KILIMANDSCHARO (Kilimanjaro, mountain in Africa) Der Himmel über MERAN (Merano, city in Italy) Der König von BERLIN (capital of Germany) Der Leuchtturm von KINVARA (town in Ireland) Detektiv Kim aus KOPENHAGEN (København, capital of Denmark) Die Brücke vom GOLDENEN HORN (Golden Horn, body of water in Turkey) Die Druiden von STONEHENGE (tourist site in England) Die Feuer von TROIA (Τροία, Troy, historical city in Greece) Die Frauen von DALLAS (city in USA) Die GRÖNLAND-Saga (Greenland, country) Die JUPITERmonde (planet, full title: The moons of Jupiter) Die Mädchen von der PARKSCHULE ("park school", fictional school, exists at other places) Die Pforten des HADES (Ἅιδης, fictional place) Die Wälder von ALBION (historical name for british isles) ... doch die Träume blieben in AFRIKA (Africa, continent) Eine Liebe in BERLIN Flucht nach COLORADO (state of USA) Franziska von HOHENHEIM (historical village in Germany, now a district of Stuttgart. Book released there.) Götz von BERLICHINGEN (village in Germany) HABSBURGs goldene Bräute (castle in Switzerland) HAMBACHer Frühling (town in Germany) HochDEUTSCHLAND (Germany, country) Hoffnung im ALENTEJO (region of Portugal) Hotel BERLIN Hotel SHANGHAI (city in China) Indiandermärchen aus KANADA (Canada, country) Irgendwo in DEUTSCHLAND KARIBIK (Caribbean Sea) KRETA, Küsse, kleine Fische (Κρήτη, Crete, island in Greece) LAS VEGAS (city in USA) Letzte Tage in KENIA (Kenya, country) Liselotte von der PFALZ (region and historical country in Germany) MARS im Widder (planet) Mein Jahr in der PROVENCE / Toujours PROVENCE (region of France) Mord auf der VIA APPIA (roman road) Mozart auf der Reise nach PRAG (Praha, Prague, capital of Czech Republic) Nachtzug nach LISSABON (capital of Portugal) NECKARtreiben (river in Germany) Nirgendwo in AFRIKA ... noch 1000 Meilen zum PAZIFIK (Pacific Ocean) Outsider in AMSTERDAM (city in the Netherlands) Reisen im SUDAN (country) Sanfter Mond über USAMBARA (mountain range in Tanzania) SARUM (historical name of Salisbury, England) Sommer im MÖWENWEG ("seagull way", fictional but also real street names) Stille Wege rund um STUTTGART (city in Germany, released there) Tod auf LEUKAS (Lefkada, island in Greece) Tod im HEXENWINKEL ("Witches corner", probably fictional place but there are places with that name) Tod im INNTAL (Inn valley, Inn is a river in Switzerland, Austria and Germany) Und nur der MOND schaut zu (moon) Verrückt in ALABAMA (state of USA) Wanderer, kommst du nach SPA... (town in Belgium) Weihnachten in BULLERBÜ (Bullerbyn, fictional place set in Sweden)


24. A Thousand Eggs for [Sarajevo] (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
25. The Berenstain Bears and the Easter [Story] (Indiana, USA)
26. Hidden [Ord]er (Nebraska, USA)
27. Critter Sitters: Our [Friend]s (Nebraska, USA)
28. 11/22/63 by Stephen [King] (North Carolina, USA)
29. In a People H[ouse] (England)


13. The Cross GARDENer -- Garden, Ohio
14. Away -- Away, Philippians
15. Silent HONOR Honor, Michigan
16. The Secret LIFE of Bees -- Life, TN
17. RAINy Day Kisses -- Rain, Germany
18. The Library of SHADOWs -- Shadow, VA


106) Sled DOG Trails (There is a place in Guinea called "Dog"
107) AXEL the Truck (Axel, Netherlands)
108) The Wildlife ABC: A Nature Alphabet BOOK by Jan THORNHILL (Who knew! There is a place called BOOK - in Louisiana, USA)
109) Total War ROME: Destroy CARTHAGE
110) The Road to RUIN by Donald E. WESTLAKE (Ru'in in Iran & many places named WESTLAKE)
112) Cannons of the COMSTOCK
113) The BEARs and I
114) A Mountain of CRUMBs


19. Bring Me BACK --Back, Sweden
20. The Club DUMas Dum, Nigeria
21. The Last Juror -- Last, Germany
22. The Last Hostage -- Last, Germany
23. Dead Souls: -- Soul, France
24. In Cheap We TRUST -- Trust, PA


25. The Hunt Club -- Hunt, NY
26. A Treasury of Great American Scandal --AMERICA
27. Before the Fall -- Fall, Finland
28. A Yellow Raft in Blue Water -- Blue, TX
29. Gray Mountain -- Gray, PA
30. The 37th Hour -- Hour, Chad


116) Crocodiles & RIVERs
117) Cilka's Journey by HEATHER Morris
118) Above the Line by SHIRLEY MacLaine


Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett



30. The Sweetest E[aste]r (India)
31. Noah by Jaye [Garnett] (Kansas, USA)
32. Ll[ama] Ll[ama] I Love You (Louisiana, USA)
33. [Mansfield] Park (England)
34. Pride and Pre[judice] (Louisiana, USA)



3. Across AMERICA on an Emigrant Train,
4. AMERICA: A Patriotic Primer,
5. The Little PARIS Bookshop by Nina George,



35. The Princes of [Ireland]
36. [Haw]k Highway in the Sky (North Carolina, USA)
37. VeggieTales Bible [Story]book (Indiana, USA)
38. Cruickshank's Photographs of Birds of [America]


11 Berlitz: CHINA Pocket Guide
12 Berlitz: VIETNAM Pocket Guide
13 AUSTRALIAn Poems in Perspective
14 PARIS Dreaming


131) Inside of a DOG (Yes! There is a place called Dog in Guinea)
132) TONKA Pedal to the Metal
133) The Tailor of GLOUCESTER
134) The Tale of Two Bad MICE (Slovakia)
135) The Tale of Benjamin BUNNY (Bunny is in the UK)
136) The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-WINKLE (Idaho)
137) The Tale of Mr. Jeremy FISHER
138) SALVAGE (Newfoundland, Canada)
139) The CRYSTAL Sun
140) A Bad Beginning by LEMONy Snicket


141) HAND, Hand, Fingers Thumb (Germany & US)
142) Women in WAR
143) Surface to Air by GERARD de Villiers (France & Haitia)
144) Flight to CANADA
145) Wild WEST Women (US, Liberia & Philippines)
146) Blood HUNT (US, Mongolia & China)


39. The [Story] of Easter (Indiana, USA)
40. Matzo Ball Moon by Leslea [Newman] (California, USA)
41. The Soul of an Octopus by Sy [Montgomery] (Texas, USA)
42. The W[rong] Side of Goodbye (Norway)
43. My Very First Book of [Colo]rs (Iowa, USA)


days of GRACE for Grace, Missouri
letourneau's used auto p(ART)s for Art, Indiana
a simple PATH for Path, Pakistan



Controlled releases (all of them actual travel books as well as having place-names in the titles):

12. The Silent Traveller in NEW YORK ( )

13. Clueless in TOKYO ( )

14. Hello NEW YORK ( )


147) The Big BOTH Ways (India & Pakistan)
148) The Tale of PETER Rabbit (Iowa)
149) The CHASE
150) The SOLOMON Curse
151) Ghost Ship by CLIVE Cussler


asia_be_es 2 mos ago
8. SZANGHAJska kochanka by Zhou Weihui
9. Niania w NOWYM JORKU by Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin
10. MAJA by Stanisław Kowalewski
Maja: a village in Croatia
11. Król LEW
Lew is a village and civil parish about 2 1⁄2 miles (4 km) southwest of Witney in the West Oxfordshire District of Oxfordshire, England.
Ralph is an unincorporated community in Webster County, West Virginia and in Harding County, South Dakota, United States.
Mol is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Antwerp.
13. Oblężenie POŁOCKa by Paweł Przeździecki, Roman Gajewski
Połock is a historical city in Belarus, situated on the Dvina River.
14. Noc LISTOPAdowa. 29 listopada 1830 r. by Tomasz Malarski, Roman Gajewski
Lis is a village and a former municipality in the Dibër County, northern Albania.
Topa is a census town in the Mandu CD block in the Ramgarh subdivision of the Ramgarh district in the Indian state of Jharkhand.
15. BaSTYR. Stec by Juliusz Woźny, Martin Venter
Styr is a river in Ukraine and Belarus.




44. [Chile] Death
45. [America]n Food
46. A Crime of Passion by Stanley [Loomis] (California,, USA)
47. Karen's Pony by Ann. M. [Martin] (Tennessee, USA)
48. Inves[tigate] Spiders (England)
49. Amelia Bedelia by Peggy P[arish] (Egypt)
50. Pom Beadz by [Sharon] Goheen (Massachusetts, USA)
51. The Discovery of the [America]s
52. Rainbow Kittens by V. C. [Graham] (North Carolina, USA)
53. Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Yoda in Action by Heather [Scott] (Louisiana, USA)
54. The Gink by Tish [Rab]e (Croatia)
55. Fancy Nancy: Poison [Ivy] Expert (Virginia, USA)


5. Here Lies the LIBRArian (Libra, Colombia)
6. More TORONTO Sketches
7. Trains and LOVErs (Love, Virginia)


15. Never Cook BACON NAKED ( ), geocache release, multiple challenges [for Bacon County GA, and Naked Mountain VA]

16. During the Reign of the Queen of PERSIA ( ), LFL release, multiple challenges, photo


152) BLACK Light (US)
154) My Immortal Highlander by Lynsay SANDS
155) A Rhinestone BUTTON (Philippines)
156) A Dog's WAY Home
157) Hiss of Death by RITA Mae Brown (at least 10 places worldwide named Rita)
158) SUNRISE Crossing
159) Against the PAW (Myanmar)
160) In a Sunburned Country by Bill BRYSON (USA & Canada)
161) Ranger's Apprentice: Erak's RANSOM (USA)
163) The BULL of the Woods (Liberia)
164) Virtual FREEDOM (US, Canada & S. Africa)
165) The You I've NEVER Known (Russia)
166) LONG Way Down (Many places!)
167) The LAST Foundling (Germany)
168) Charlotte TEMPLE
169) A PIECE of the World (Poland)
170) The Truth of All Things by Kieran SHIELDS (US)


171) Runaways: Parental Guidance by Brian VAUGHAN (USA)
172) Dooby Dooby MOO (Vietnam)
173) Is it bedtime Wibbly PIG? (Kentucky)
174) Runaways THAT Was Yesterday (Pakistan)
175) Runaways Parental Guidance by Brian VAUGHAN (USA)
176) Runaways BEST Friends Forever (US, Iran, Netherland and France)
177) Runaways The GOOD Die Young (West Virginia)
178) Alters: The Story of Chalice by Paul JENKINS (USA)
179) The Wind in the WILLOWS (Australia)


180) The Uninvited Corpse by DEBRA Sennefelder (India & Bangladesh)
181) After the Storm by Linda CASTILLO (Cuba, Peru +)
182) The Doomsday BUNKER (USA)
183) Relic of EMPIRE (USA)
184) Room by EMMA Donoghue (Argentina & USA)
185) Blind SALVAGE (Newfoundland, Canada)
186) Death ANGEL (USA, New Guinea & Costa Rica)
187) Stand Down by J.A. JANCE (Albania, Macedonia & Slovenia)


33. A Time for Freedom: What Happened When in America -- Freedom, NC; America
34. How to Study yOUR Bible -- Our, France
38. Extravagant GRACE -- Grace, NC


56. On Tyranny by Timothy [Snyder] (New York, USA)
57. Baby A[nima]ls on the Farm (Ghana)
58. A Bend in the Road by Nicholas [Sparks] (Nevada, USA)
59. [Hunt]ing Fear (Texas, USA)
60. When We Were Very [Young] (Australia)
61. [Colo]rs (Iowa, USA)
64. The Toymaker's Tales by Jane Belk [Moncure] (North Carolina, USA)
65. Curious C[ritter]s (Oregon, USA)
66. [Story] Tree (Indiana, USA)
67. The Trouble With Tink by Kiki [Thorpe] (England)
68. The Day After Tomorrow by Allan [Folsom] (California, USA)


39. Mucho Mojo -- Much, Germany; MoJo, Ethiopia
40. Mother of Pearl -- Pearl, Idaho
41. Munich by Robert Harris -- Munich, Germany
42. The Sign of the Book -- Sign, Antiqua; Book, LA


43. The Zanzibar Chest -- Zanzibar, Tanzania
44. Yesterday I Cried: Celebrating The Lessons Of Living And Loving -- Day, PA
45. Tea with HezBOLLah -- Boll, Germany


17. There is a RAINBOW ( ), for Rainbow Lake in nearby Derry NH; LFL release, multiple challenges, photo


46. Basic Economics -- Basic, Nevada
47. Economics: Principles and Policy from a Christian Perspective - Prin, Venezuela
48. Principle Centered Leadership -- Prin, Venezuela; Lead, SD
49. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership -- Law, TN; Lead, SD
50. The Heart of an Executive : Lessons on leadership from the life of King David --Heart, Arkansas; Lead, SD


69. The Smart[points] Cookbook (West Virginia, USA)
70. The Comedians by Graham [Greene] (New York, USA)
71. To He[aven] and Back (France)
72. The Legacy of [Luna] (New Mexico, USA)
73. Where the Wild Rose [Bloom]s (Kansas, USA)
74. How to Dif[feren]tiate Instruction in Mixed-ability Classrooms (Norway)
75. The Silver Crown by Robert C. [O'Brien] (Argentina)
76. Baby Beet[hoven]: Symphony of Fun (South Dakota, USA)
77. Joy For Mourning by Dorothy [Clark] (New Jersey, USA) the original BOSTON cooking school cook book the most dangerous place on


51. When Calls the Heart -- Heart, Arkansas


18. EMBER ( ), for Ember Mtn in Canada; wild release, multiple challenges, photo

Released to LFLs, with photos:

19. Manga Yokai Stories: Ghostly Tales from JAPAN ( ), multiple challenges

20. The RADIUM Girls ( ), for the town of Radium, CO; multiple challenges


LFL releases with one photo

2. A Wizard of EARTHSEA -
3. The Tombs of ATUAN -



188) The WHISTLER (British Columbia, Canada)
189) Isaac Brock: CANADA's Hero in the War of 1812
190) Death TRAIN (Germany)
191) Land of CAREful Shadows (Vaenezuela)
192) Ghosts Know by RAMSEY Campbell (US & more)
193) EDGE of Apocalypse (Texas)
194) Saint ODD (Virginia)
195) The Crescent SPY (Belgium)


78. Can it Really Rain Frogs? by [Spencer] Christian (Indiana, USA)
79. The Enemy by [Lee] Child (Texas, USA)
80. Pop Goes the Weasel by James [Patterson] (California, USA)
81. Shadow of the [Mountain]s (Wisconsin, USA)
82. Family of the Heart by Dorothy [Clark] (Nevada, USA)
83. Baby [Newton]: All About Shapes (North Carolina, USA)


196) COPPER Kettle (Oregon)
197) Son of a Trickster by EDEN Robinson (Many places in world called Eden)
198) The FORTUNE Hunter (Newfoundland, Canada)
199) LIES We Tell Ourselves (Netherlands & France)


200) The GRAVE Maurice (Haiti)
201) Special Operations: DOGfight (Guinea)
202) The HERO's Guide to Being an Outlaw (Florida & Pennsylvania)
203) Breaking & TRAINing the Driving Horse (Germany)
204) The FACE (Mozambique)
204) MASK of the Sun (Iran)
205) Goblins An UnderEarth ADVENTURE (Iran)


6. Gabe and Izzy: Standing Up For AMERICA's Bullied by Gabrielle Ford,


21 Seven Little AUSTRALIAns
22 DARING to Dream (Germany)
23 Chasing the VALLEY (multiple states USA)


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