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This will be the twelfth year for this challenge.

I'll post the rules now and you can put your releases here once it's December 1 where you are. :)

The D for December challenge will run 12/1 to 12/31 your time.

1) Books must be released during the period from December 1 to December 31. No need to sign up - join in at any time!

2) The challenge is to release books that have a the letter "D" beginning a word in the main title OR the author's name.

* Dean Koontz, John D. Rockfeller, Max von der Grün, and Charles Dickens will all count. Scott O'Dell won't, sorry.

* Main title means anything before the colon but not afterwards. For example, _Ice Bound: A Doctor's Incredible Battle For Survival at the South Pole_ doesn't count.

* Series names don't count unless they're part of the actual book title, so _Tea Time for the Traditionally Built_, while part of the No. 1 Ladies' Dectective Agency Series, wouldn't count..but the first book in the series is actually *titled* _The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency_ so it would be fine.

3) Any type of release counts: wild releases, charity releases, controlled releases, books left at OBCZs or LFLs, sent out as rings/rays, books in bookboxes, etc.

4) Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, proper nouns, and pronouns in any language count.

* Only the first letter of an acronym/initialism counts- as in D.A.R.E. but not M.A.D.D.

* Articles don't count- - for instance, if the word "the" begins with the letter D in your language, it doesn't qualify. (Besides, you should release those for The "The The" challenge in November!)

* Numbers work if they're spelled out in letters ("dozen" rather than "12"; "dos" or "deux" instead of "2").

* If by chance your title includes a Roman numeral beginning with D (between 500 & 899), then it would count. (See acronyms/initialisms above).

* If your language doesn't use the same sort of characters as English, it should be a word that begins with the same sound as the letter D in English (in other words, it would be transliterated into a D in for English speakers). I'll have to take your word for it at least 99 and 44/100% of the time, so please play fair! ;)

5) Multi-challenge releases are perfectly fine, and even encouraged (because they're more fun).

6) Post catches here if you wish. They're always fun to see.

If you have questions, just ask. :)

Some previous years:

2014 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/512861 (799 releases) - all time high
2015 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/525598 (863 releases)
2016 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/536360 (567 releases)
2017 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/547028 (576 releases)
2018 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/557246 (529 releases)

+ Also, for 2015, miekster did a similar challenge in the Dutch forum and there were 672 releases there!



1. Miracle on 34th Street by Valentine DAVIES ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15764566/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo

Released to various LFLs on a pre-snowstorm release run, with photos:

2. DOOMED ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14380858/ ), multiple challenges (and an LFL that matches the bookplate label)

3. DARK DEBTS ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15673971/ ), multiple challenges

4. Let's Explore DIABETES with Owls ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15694778/ )

5. Hot Flashes and Cold Cream, by DIANN Hunt ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15594566/ )


Released to an LFL in a local mall - about the only place I could reach in the aftermath of a two-day snowstorm:

6. Deadline ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15694797/ )

7. Slow Death by Rubber Duck ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15712871/ )


7. Slow Death by Rubber Duck ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15712871/ )

I can always count on you for interesting titles. :)


1 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15770089/ The DAYS of Anna Madrigal


1. The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig, https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15770888


LFL releases with photos

1. (author) Cathy East DUBOWSKI - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15770830
2. Knights DON'T Teach Piano; (author) DEBBIE DADEY - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15740196
3. DEAR Mr. Henshaw - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15657882
4. DOGS DON'T Tell Jokes - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15770942
5. (author) Debbie Macomber - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15748239


Includes books in German and English. Words in (parantheses) are author names.

http://bookcrossing.com/---/15724758 Angels & DEMONS (DAN Brown)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15751804 (Annette von DROSTE-Hülshoff)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15600237 Breaking DAWN
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758201 (DAGMAR Clemens)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15729718 (DAN Brown)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15710165 Das Leben DREHEN
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15725291 (DAVID Baldacci)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15729711 (DAVID Ball)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758198 (DAVID Compton)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15736102 (DAVID Ellis)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15736116 (DAVID Ellis)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15721726 (DAVID Lawrence)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15723344 (DAVID Skibbins)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15757345 Der DEAL
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758180 Der DIAMANT des Salomon
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15660645 Der DIENSTMANN im Himmel
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758204 Der DUFT von Schokolade
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758191 Der Plan von der Abschaffung des DUNKELS
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15729728 DEUTSCHE Lieder I
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15736122 DIABOLUS (DAN Brown)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758179 Die DIENSTAGSFRAUEN zwischen Kraut und Rüben
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15738564 (DIETRICH Schwanitz)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15666837 Die Verfolgung und Ermordung Jean Paul Marats DARGESTELLT durch die Schauspielgruppe des Hospizes zu Charenton unter Anleitung des Herrn DE Sade
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15730244 (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15730248 (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15730252 (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15730255 (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15736125 (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15738556 (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15767285 (DONNA W. Cross)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15767286 (DORIS Eicke)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758176 (DORIS Gercke)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15721697 DORIS Lessings Katzenbuch (DORIS Lessing)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15767266 DRACHENLÄUFER
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15723318 DUNKLE Rosen
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15724736 DUNKLES Leuchten (DAVID L. Lindsey)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758194 Ein Tag im Leben des Iwan DENISSOWITSCH
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15721731 Entfliehen kannst DU nie
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15712436 Mach mal Pause, Frau DOKTOR
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15723147 Musstu wissen, weiss' DU!
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15724739 (Rudolph DELSON)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15600278 The Glass DEMON
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15666902 The Memory Keeper's DAUGHTER


8. Quieter Than Sleep by Joanne Dobson ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/1494597/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


and I really need to dump the other two boxes of availables to see what else is lurking there

1. DINNER at the homesick restaurant https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15015399/
2. le marriage by DIANE Johnson https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/6033504/


1. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309973 Hannah’s List by DEBBIE Macomber
2. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12915668 Remember Me by DEBORAH Bedford
3. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/8267352 A Wedding In DECEMBER by Anita Shreve


1. Wat ons niet zal DODEN - DAVID Lagercrantz: https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15733135


3. Damage https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/6138192/ (original registration shows an '@' sign, but that must have been an oops - it's not really part of the title)
4. silken embrace by zuri DAY https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14389076/


3. Damage https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/6138192/ (original registration shows an '@' sign, but that must have been an oops - it's not really part of the title)

I seem to recall that early on some people used characters like that for some kind of sorting function on their shelves. I don’t know how it was supposed to work but it looks like that might be what happened with this book.


3. Damage https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/6138192/ (original registration shows an '@' sign, but that must have been an oops - it's not really part of the title)

I seem to recall that early on some people used characters like that for some kind of sorting function on their shelves. I don’t know how it was supposed to work but it looks like that might be what happened with this book.

yes, that's what I suspected


5. mirror image DANIELLE steel https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15776492/
6. DADDY for keeps https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13689996/
7. lone star bride by Carolyn DAVIDSON https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12884755/
8. DANIEL isn't talking https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13740768/


Released to an LFL, with photos:

9. Lark! The Herald Angels Sing by DONNA Andrews ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15594583/ ), multiple challenges

10. The Girl in the Locked Room by Mary DOWNING Hahn ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15594739/ )


A Christmas Carol, by Charles DICKENS

Also in Movie Books, December Holiday Challenge, What's in a Name, and NJABBIC.


I just had to see what the 5 challenges were. NJABBIC I've been neglecting this year. Popping over to see if any of my books fit this week.


wingNancyNovawing 2 mos ago
release 9
9. marriage between friends by DEBBIE Macomber https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12705353/


11. The Virago Book of Ghost Stories by Richard DALBY ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15759164/ ), wild release, photo. [Caught!]


2 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15778766/ Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green & DAVID Levithan
3 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15778768/ Masiva's Best DAY
4 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15778770/ Elvis Presley - Arthur DAVIS


The Girl Behind the Red Rope
by Ted Dekker, Rachelle Dekker


wingMaranlinwing 2 mos ago
Release #4


Released to various LFLs, with photos:

12. Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction Vol. 1 ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15780716/ ), multiple challenges

13. Chinese DRAGONS ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15780721/ )

14. Out of the Woods: A Memoir of Wayfinding, by Lynn DARLING ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15694780/ )

15. The Twisted Window by Lois DUNCAN ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15515713/ ), multiple challenges

16. Mr. Murder by DEAN Koontz ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15649011/ ), multiple challenges



17. The Best of DAMON Knight ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15545098/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

18. DUSK or DARK or DAWN or DAY ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15772278/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


2. Razende Roeltje by DIET Kramer: https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/11662126


19. Victorian Ghost Stories by Eminent Women Writers, by Richard DALBY ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15759143/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo

Released to LFLs, with photos:

20. You're Never Weird on the Internet (almost) by Felicia DAY ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15501710/ ), multiple challenges

21. Where the Crawdads Sing by DELIA Owens ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15765650/ )

22. Dracula ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15770699/ )



2. Moll Flanders by DANIEL DEFOE https://www/---/14638714
3. Moby Dick https://www/---/15705349
4. Dr. Franklin's Island https://www/---/15705335
5. A DANGEROUS Place https://www/---/15399605
6. The DANIEL Plan https://www/---/12397782


7. The Sanctuary by Ted DEKKER
8. Darling Daughters by Debbie Macomber -- D title and author


23. DEAR Mr. M ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15559237/ ), wild release, photo.

24. Haunted Nights, by Ellen DATLOW ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15784822/ ), wild release, photo

25. The Nest, by Cynthia D'APRIX Sweeney ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15784802/ ), wild release, photo


8 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15785089/ The Stripper Next DOOR
9 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15785095/ Weirdo 2 - Anh DO
10 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15785097/ The Adventures of Super DIAPER Baby



The Christmas Pearl by Dorothea Benton Frank


Long Road to Mercy by David Baldacci


26. Maisie DOBBS ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15784798/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo

Released to LFL, with photos:

27. Twelve DAYS of Christmas ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15784824/ ), multiple challenges

28. Our DREAMS at DUSK ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15524701/ )


All books in German. Words in (parantheses) are author names.

http://bookcrossing.com/---/15772129 Ali zum DESSERT
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758186 DAISY Sisters
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15703305 (DANIEL DEFOE)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15772389 Der träumende DELPHIN
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15767275 DIAMANTEN der Nacht
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15767254 (DIANA Beate Hellmann)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15772409 Die Heimkehr des träumenden DELPHINS
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15712618 Die Tore von DAMASKUS
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15730253 (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15772407 (DONNA W. Cross)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15767255 DORNENVÖGEL
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15772384 DOSTOJEWSKIJ in der Schweiz
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15767281 DRESDEN, Pennsylvania
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15666785 DUINESER Elegien
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15757341 DUNKELKAMMER
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15293379 DURST (Antoine DE Saint-Exupéry)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15729742 (Felix DAHN)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15143893 (Fjodor M. DOSTOJEWSKI)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15712470 (Fjodor M DOSTOJEWSKIJ)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15723332 Geschichte eines DEUTSCHEN
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15712628 Ich beschütze DICH
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15738565 Pauli DREHT auf
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15751799 Wenn du geredet hättest, DESDEMONA


Includes books in German and English. Words in (parantheses) are author names.

http://bookcrossing.com/---/15767279 (Alain DE Botton)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15767265 Das Buch DINA
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15738586 Das Herz aller DINGE
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15600247 DAVID Copperfield (Charles DICKENS)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15757203 (DAVID Foenkinos)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15721719 (DAVID Mitchell)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15294359 (DEBBY Bull)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15757340 Die DREIFACHE Maria
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15725282 DIENSTAGS bei Morrie
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15736115 (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776966 (Gerhard DOLLINGER)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776961 Geschichten vom DEUTSCHEN Amerika
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15772134 Ich schenk DIR schöne Stunden
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15721800 Ich und DU, Müllers Kuh
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758207 (Nicholas DRAYSON)


1 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15575725/ DUMPY's Apple Shop

2 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14410760/ DANDY Gilver and a Bothersome Number of Corpses

3 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15775481/ Helen Keller by Margaret DAVIDSON

4 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15778040/ The DIARY of a Young Girl

5 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15777807/ DADDY's Girl

6 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15776722/ The DREADFUL Lemon Sky

7 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15776723/ Looking for Peyton Place by Barbara DELINSKY

8 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15773751/ Mayday by Nelson DEMILLE, Thomas Block

9 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15774211 The Gift by DANIELLE Steel



29. The DEAD Astronaut ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15782692/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.



Released to LFLs, with photos:

30. In an Absent Dream ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15541587/ ), multiple challenges

31. Arctic Dreams ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15792663/ )


Released to LFLs, with photos:

30. In an Absent Dream ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15541587/ ), multiple challenges

I'm enjoying that series, and that LFL is adorable!


15 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15793658/ Those Christmas Angels - DEBBIE Macomber
16 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15793661/ The DIPPER
17 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15793662/ Things I Want My DAUGHTERS to Know


All books in German. Words in (parantheses) are author names.

http://bookcrossing.com/---/12109091 2 DURCH 3 geht nicht
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15767264 Aller guten DINGE sind vier
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15712473 Alles Liebe, DEINE Anna
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15730249 Beweise, DASS es böse ist (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15708186 Das Gespräch der DREI Gehenden
http://bookcrossing.com/---/12109094 Das Leben findet DICH noch
http://bookcrossing.com/---/5939946 (DAVID Madsen)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15721696 (DAVID Safier)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776884 (DAVID Thompson)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/12108999 DEAR DOOSIE
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758175 Der Goldschmied und der DIEB
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15667000 Der König DAVID Bericht
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15712460 DETEKTIVGESCHICHTE
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758184 (DIANE Broeckhoven)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/6935914 DICKE Lilli , gutes Kind
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15723171 (DICK Laan)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15706374 Die Verfolgung und Ermordung Jean Paul Marats dargestellt DURCH die Schauspielgruppe des Hospizes zu Charenton unter Anleitung des Herrn DE Sade
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15729743 DOKTOR Murkes gesammeltes Schweigen
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15777197 DÔ lacht dr Schwôb
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15706354 DON Fernando
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15730245 (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15730247 (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15738577 (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15738582 (DONNA Leon)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15708203 (DORIS Jannausch)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15724737 (DORIS Lessing)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15724756 (DORIS Lessing)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758209 (DOROTHY L. Sayers)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15708193 DREAMBOAT (DOUG J. Swanson)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/12109077 (DRISS Chraibi)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/12109058 Ende einer DIENSTFAHRT
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15322246 (Fjodor DOSTOJEWSKI)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15708187 (Friedrich Christian DELIUS)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758177 (Friedrich DÜRRENMATT)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776885 (Friedrich DÜRRENMATT)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15751820 (George DENNISON)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15723166 (George D. Green)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15603800 (Hans Meyer zu DÜTTINGDORF)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/13443401 In DIESEM Sinn Verlag und Buch
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15772130 Jessies DOPPELSPIEL
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15738580 (Lauren Wright DOUGLAS)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/12108859 (Lionel DAVIDSON)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776889 (Mary Janice DAVIDSON)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776891 (Michael DROSNIN)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15721725 (Mircea DINESCU)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15738573 Moby DICK
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15738587 Rubinroter DSCHUNGEL
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15708208 (Sir Arthur Conan DOYLE)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15751828 Wenn du geredet hättest, DESDEMONA
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15772360 Wo bist DU?


32. Dear Luke, We Need to Talk, Darth ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15783929/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo

33. Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15496201/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


18 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15795070/ DECEPTION Point - DAN Brown
19 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15795089/ Notorious - Janet DAILEY


10 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15776728/ Castles in the Air by Christina DODD

11 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15774218/ What Happens Under the Mistletoe by Sabrina Jeffries, Karen Hawkins, Candace Camp, Meredith DURAN

12 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15774388/ Fire Engine DEAD: A Museum Mystery

13 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15778075/ DAN's Game

14 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15305140/ DAVY, Help! It's a Ghost!

15 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15778079/ DOLPHIN Tale 2: The Junior Novel

16 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15595245/ DORA's Christmas Adventure

17 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14125026/ DADDIES

18 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15575763/ Get Out of My Life, But First Could You DRIVE Me & Cheryl to the Mall: A Parent's Guide to the New Teenager

19 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15596190/ The Given DAY by DENNIS Lehane

20 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15778054/ Louis Braille: The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind by Margaret DAVIDSON

21 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15773516/ Goliath's Christmas by Terrance DICKS

22 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15662555/ Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Passover: With Matzah, Maror, and Memories by DEBORAH Heilig[man

23 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15662455/ Rhett Butler's People by DONALD McCaig

24 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15765932/ DESSA Rose

25 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13259935/ Star Trek DEEP Space Nine: Gamma: Original Sin by DAVID R. George III

26 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15778069/ DRAGONS of DELTORA # 4: The Sister of the South

27 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15778086/ DOUBLE Identity

28 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15575804/ Pretending to DANCE by DIANE Chamberlain

29 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15737898/ Searching for DAVID's Heart

30 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15774375 Fancy Nancy: The DAZZLING Book Report

31 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15774398/ Freddy in Peril: Book Two in the Golden Hamster Saga by DIETLOF Reiche

32 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15662422/ DRAGONS of DELTORA # 3: Isle of the DEAD

33 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15773714/ Christmas Joys by Kathleen DALY

34 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15776749/ DON Quixote by Miguel DE Cervantes Saavedra

35 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15778060/ DEADLOCK

36 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15774382/ DEATH at Whitechapel: A Victorian Mystery

37 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15778041/ A Season for the DEAD by DAVID Hewson

38 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15483066/ Star Trek Vanguard: Declassified by DAYTON Ward, Kevin DILMORE, Marco Palmieri, DAVID Mack

39 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14125027/ DECK the Halls

40 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15783981/ DANGEROUS DECEPTION


tomato68 1 mo ago
Release 1
1. All the Pretty Hearses http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13219693 by Mary DAHEIM



34. A Christmas Carol: The Junior Novel, by Charles DICKENS ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15795438/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo


Released to LFLs, with photos, while on a road trip to visit family:

35. Lark! The Herald Angels Sing! by DONNA Andrews ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15797260/ ), multiple challenges

36. DARK DETECTIVES ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15186987/ )

37. The Wicked and the DIVINE Vol. 1: The Faust Act ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15751321 ), multiple challenges. [Check out the piano-themed LFL in the photo!]

38. The Island of DR. Libris ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15795433/ )


39. DASHING Through the Snow ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15799435 ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


Released to LFLs, with photos:

40. How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15799437/ ), multiple challenges

41. Make Way for Ducklings ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15694808/ )

42. Dinosaurs Before Dark ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15799431/ )

43. Dead Man's Walk ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15799432/ )


Released to various LFLs, with photos:

44. DK Eyewitness Books: Natural Disasters ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15799423/ )

45. The Centauri DEVICE ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800875/ ), multiple challenges

46. The Wrong DEAD Guy ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800870/ ), multiple challenges

47. Aunt DIMITY Slays the DRAGON ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800877/ ), multiple challenges

48. Once a Crooked Man by DAVID McCallum ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800872/ )



8. Missie Saigon by Nelson DEMILLE: https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15592560


5. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15719871 DOUBLE Wolfe
6. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15697677 The Award by DANIELLE Steel
7. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309988 Protector by DIANA Palmer
8. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15719867 The Mistress by DANIELLE Steel


20 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15801946/ Are We There Yet? - DAVID Levithan
21 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15801955/ Indiscretion - Charles DUBOW



10. Alaska nights by DEBBIE Macomber https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15799914
11. the DUCHESS by jude DEVERAUX https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15722672
12. my hero by DEBBIE Macomber https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13361509
13. to be a DAD https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14238944
14. the new hope café by DAWN atkins https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12599072
15. saratoga longshot by Stephen DOBYNS https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/5250091
16. one Shenandoah winter by t DAVIS bunn https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13285781


17. the Cuban affair by nelson DEMILLE https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15567507
18. Montana mistletoe by DEBBY mayne https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14910470



41 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15783983/ Pee Wee Scouts: Rosy Noses, Freezing Toes by Judy DELTON

42 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15781877/ DONUT Go Breaking my Heart

43 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13794077/ Raspberry DANISH Murder

44 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15781881/ Blimpo: The Third Circle of Heck by DALE E. Basye

45 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15575789/ What Katy DID

46 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15783774/ The Christmas Tree That Ate My Mother by DEAN Marney

47 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15595134/ Eat This Not That!: The Best (& Worst!) Foods in America! by DAVID Zinczenko, Matt Goulding

48 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15747026/ American Country Christmas, 1990 by Patricia DREAME Wilson

49 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15562031/ DAMIA

50 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15782777/ DAMIA's Children

51 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15783771/ DYLAN's Redemption

52 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15781905/ Tall, DARK & Hungry

53 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15783988/ His Christmas Redemption by DANICA Favorite

54 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15781865/ The DIVA Wraps It Up: A Domestic Diva Mystery by Krista DAVIS

55 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15790811/ For the Love of Books by DONNA Reiner Robinson

56 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14943769/ DISNEY’s Mickey’s Book of Trucks

57 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15790818/ Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook: Feasting with Your Slow Cooker by DAWN J. Ranck, Phyllis Pullman Good

58 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14410629/ The Kids Winter Handbook by Jane DRAKE, Ann Love

59 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15304111/ Winter: A Novel of a Berlin Family by Len DEIGHTON

60 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15453291/ Pete the Cat Checks Out the Library by James DEAN


All books in German. Words in (parantheses) are author names.

http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758206 (Anthony DOERR)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776886 (Barbara DIECK)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776890 (Benedikt DYRLICH)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15767284 (Charles DICKENS, Christian DORBRANDT
http://bookcrossing.com/---/14836510 (DANIEL Glattauer)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15725271 Das DSCHUNGELBUCH
http://bookcrossing.com/---/5991257 DATT kann DONNICH gesund sein
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15723315 DEAD Man Walking
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15198427 Der Angst hat, bist doch DU (Marion DANE Bauer)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15777033 Der DSCHUNGEL
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776994 Der Gott der kleinen DINGE
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15725292 DEUTSCHES Lesebuch
http://bookcrossing.com/---/14878027 Die DREIFACHE Maria
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776964 Die Stimme des DONNERS
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15772364 Die Verschwörung der DICHTER
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776963 (DJUNA Barnes)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776887 DOKTOR auf Abwegen
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15777063 (DONNA W. Cross)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15725281 (DORIS DÖRRIE)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15777024 (DORIS Lessing)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776995 (DOROTHY DUNNETT)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776965 (DOUGLAS Kennedy)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758197 DSHAMILJA
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758181 Ein Tag im Leben des Iwan DENISSOWITSCH
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15777096 Erinnerungen einer DIEBIN
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15660702 (Erri DE Luca)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15776996 "... freu DICH des Lebens"
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15236926 Fridolin der freche DACHS
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15598566 (Friedrich Christian DELIUS)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15712469 Ich vermisse DICH
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15777043 Ist Gott eine DROGE oder haben wir sie nur falsch verstanden
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15777023 (Jaak DREESEN)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/14537168 (Janwillem van DE Wetering)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15767270 Komm, ich erzähl DIR eine Geschichte
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15777116 (Max von DER Grün)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15777106 (Midas DEKKERS)
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15777126 Nie sollst DU vergessen
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15388718 Schade, DASS er tot ist
http://bookcrossing.com/---/15280346 Tistou mit den grünen DAUMEN (Maurice DRUON)


All books in German. Words in (parantheses) are author names.

http://bookcrossing.com/---/15758206 (Anthony DOERR)

I loved All the Light We Cannot See but haven't read any of his other works, at least not yet.


I'm behind all of my release posts but I appreciate all of you. Please continue to post your December releases here. :)


controlled releases

6. The DAZZLING Book Report - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800427
7. Giraffes Can't DANCE - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800622
8. Aristotle and DANTE DISCOVER the Secrets of the Universe - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15801280

wild releases with photos

9. Chasing the DREAM - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15777805
10. William D. Westervelt (author) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15785691

LFL releases with photos

11. Red DRAGON - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15778585
12. DANIELLE Steel (author) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15742795
13. DIARY of a Would-Be Princess - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800588
14. William C. DIETZ (author) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800641
15. Betsy DUFFEY (author) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800631
16. DAN Gutman (author) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800651
17. DAVID Feldman (author) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800935

wild releases with photo

18. DORAEMON 2 (ドラえもん) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15748242
19. DEBORAH DAVIS (author) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15802734


61 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15796826/ Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana by James DEAN

62 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15662554/ The Good DETECTIVE

63 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15791709/ The Titanic: Lost... and Found by Judy DONNELLY

64 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15595157/ Black DUCK

65 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15799736/ Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary D. Schmidt

66 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15799759/ The Cereal Murders by DIANE Mott DAVIDSON

67 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800328/ For One More DAY

68 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15791755/ Angels at Christmas by DEBBIE Macomber

69 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15746979/ Angels & DEMONS by DAN Brown

70 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15791862/ The Sixth DAY

71 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15793843/ Cardwell Christmas Crime Scene & Secret of DEADMAN's Coulee


72 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15771621/ Prince Edward by DENNIS Mcfarland

73 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15698263/ DORA the Explorer: Show Me Your Smile!: A Visit to the Dentist

74 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15799738/ DIESEL's DEVIOUS DEED and Other Thomas the Tank Engine Stories

75 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15791738/ Lost on a Mountain in Maine by DONN Fendler, Joseph Egan

76 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15799727/ DORA the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess

77 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15791692/ Murder of a Sweet Old Lady: A Scumble River Mystery by DENISE Swanson

78 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15791786/ Betraying Trust: A Sam Mason Mystery by L. A. DOBBS

79 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15771545/ Small Town Christmas by DEBBIE Macomber

80 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800263/ A Tall, DARK Cowboy Christmas

81 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15791726/ Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain by DEBBIE Huey

82 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15800382/ Consider This, Señora by Harriet DOERR


Released on time. Posted late.

83 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15791751/ Santa In Montana by Janet DAILEY

84 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15799750/ Inferno by DAN Brown

~ the end ~

Thanks for another fun D for December Challenge


~ the end ~

I knew you'd get there, eventually. :)

Thanks for another fun D for December Challenge

Thanks for playing.


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