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Hi folks, just a reminder: in November I'll be hosting the e-less challenge again. So start saving those book! Either titles or authors (or both, if you like) without an "e". More details later.


I've been saving some for this one; thanks!


I'll get a few books together this week.


I have some saved


I have some saved
Me, TOO!!! 😁




I'll do my best...d:p


This time I started to put aside the e-less books early October, when I started to register and release the newest flood of fresh books. Current stock: Two banana boxes or about 40 kg. Might sound more than it is - think Dan Brown hardcover editions ;)

For those interested in statistics, here's how (un)lucky you need to be to (not) find something:

In average over all books registered at BC, about 30% of all books (that's 3.5 million) would probably count for this challenge. 22% feature e-less authors, 12% e-less titles, and 4% both.

However, it's a bit language-dependent - german titles seem to contain a few more E's than english ones. Might try more languages later.


Not sure how many qualifying books I have but I'm sure there'll be a few around somewhere!


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