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Running again this year!

Note: You can release all month long, though some of us like to release all or most of our books to the trick or treaters on Halloween night. That is optional though. No prizes for this Challenge -- it's just for fun! Join in at any time.

Rules, mostly the same as last year:

1 - Please DON'T post planned releases; only books that have a release note will count.

2 - ONLY books with an approved word in the title (or author's name) or picture on the cover will count. See list below. If you have questions, please ask before releasing.

3 - Any type of release is okay! (OBCZ, mailing, wild, controlled, etc). Feel free to post catches (of any except controlled releases) too.

4 - All types of books are good - including children's and non-English books. You may use the title of the book, the author's name *OR* the picture. (Please state what the picture is in your post, though!) Plurals are also okay (ie Spirits, Ghosts, Monsters)

5 - Embedded words are okay! (But please tell us what the word is; I am terrible about finding embedded words.)

6 - The Challenge starts October 1st and ends at Midnight, October 31st your time zone.

7 - Dual/Overlapping challenges are okay!! (Note: some words on the list below are also on the Tick Tock Challenge list.)

8 - Please put a link to this Release Challenge in your journal entry or release note.

9 - Please number your releases and post link, title (and author if that if why it fits) like this:

1. Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Trixie the HALLOWEEN Fairy

I ask that you post both the link and the title (and author if that's what makes the book count) because looking at a BCID number is no fun at all. Looking at the BCID *and* the title of whatever book you released is what makes it interesting. Capitalizing the acceptable word is nice too. Books with just a link and no title won't be counted.

10 - ONLY THOSE LISTED BELOW will count as words or pictures, but if you have a suggestion of a word to add, post here and I'll let you know if we'll allow it.

Words and Pictures that work:

All Hallow's Eve
Black Cat
Blood / Bleed / Bloody
Bump in the Night
Bury / Buried
Candy / Chocolate (etc)
Cemetery / Sematary
Charm / Charmed
Chill / Chilled / Chilling
Creepy / Creeps
Cryptids (Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, Yeti, etc)
Dark / Darker / Darkest / Darkness
Dead / Death / Die / Dying
Devil / Beelzebub / Lucifer / Mephistopheles / Prince of Darkness / Satan / Diablo
Dusk / Evening
Fang / Claw
Fear / Fright / Terror
Fiend / Fiendish
Gory / gory details
Grave / Gravestone / Graveyard
Halloween / Hallowe'en / Hallows Eve / Samhain
Hangman / Noose
Haunt / Haunted / Haunting
Hell / Hellfire
Invisible Man
Jack O'lantern
Kill / Killer / Killing
Living Dead
Lycanthropes / Animorph / Shapechanger
Magic / Magyk
Night / Nightmare
Possession (of the demonic sort)
Scary / Scare / Scared / Scaredy Cat / Fraidy cat / Afraid
Scream / Shriek / Eek
Slay / Slaying
Sorcerer / sorceress
Spiders / Bugs / Creepy Crawlies (be creative! any sort of bug will work)
Spook / Spooky
Things that go Bump in the Night
Tomb / Tombstone
Trick / Treat
Vampire / Nosferatu / Dracula / Vampyre
Wicca / Wiccan
Wizard / Sorcerer
Wolf Man / Werewolf / Dog Man


I'll see what I can find...


I'll be playing.


going through books and setting aside the spooky ones


I'll play.


...count me in :o)


Hope I'm posting in the right thread (and there's not a separate release thread coming).

1 When Beauty Tamed the BEAST
2 BATtling For News
3 DEAD in the Dog
4 The DEVIL All the Time
5 Forever VAMPIRE
6 Dance With a VAMPIRE
8 Friend of the DEVIL
9 Friend of the DEVIL (second copy)


Hope I'm posting in the right thread (and there's not a separate release thread coming).

You’re in the right spot. I just forgot to change the title last night. :)



1. Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? ( ), for the BLACK CAT on the cover; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

2. Down Among the Sticks and BONES ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

Released to LFLs, with photos:

3. SPIDER Woman's Daughter ( ), multiple challenges

4. Theodosia and the SERPENTS of Chaos ( ), multiple challenges

5. DEATH by Lobster ( ), multiple challenges


Would you allow “ogre”? I didn’t see it on the list.





It's been a VERY rainy day, so all my releases are to LFLs, with photos:

6. The Book of Extraordinary DEATHs ( ), multiple challenges.

7. BEASTworld ( ), multiple challenges

8. DEAD Man's Switch ( ), multiple challenges

9. DEAD City ( ), multiple challenges

10. Shivers V ( ), for the graveyard on the cover


11. Damn His BLOOD ( ), wild release (at a cemetery), photo.

12. BLOOD Orange Brewing ( ), wild release (amid piles of pumpkins), photo.


tomato68 4 mos ago
Release 1
1. Happy HALLOWEEN, Little Critter!



13. The midNIGHT Hunt ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.




1. POISON Apple #3: Miss Fortune

2. POISON Apple #8: At First Bite

3. Danger After DARK

4, GHOST Town At Sundown

5. The Kingfisher Treasury of GHOST Stories

6. DEVIL's Waltz



Midnight should be a part of the list in my opinion.

(But as long as embedded words are ok, a title with "midnight" would fit anyway, as there's NIGHT in midNIGHT.


Midnight should be a part of the list in my opinion.

(But as long as embedded words are ok, a title with "midnight" would fit anyway, as there's NIGHT in midNIGHT.

haha...hadn't spotted that! ;o)


Yes it does count.

(Updating list)


14. The One Hundred NIGHTs of Hero ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.





3. The [MIDNIGHT] Horse (also: NIGHT)
4. Little [PUMPKIN]s




7. The HAUNTING of Alaizabel Cray

8. HAUNTED Schools True GHOST Stories



Released to LFLs (including one new one that I happened to spot while en route), with photos:

15. The Meaning of NIGHT ( ), multiple challenges

16. GRAVE Destinations ( ) - also has a Grim Reaper on the cover

17. Break the Bodies, HAUNT the BONES ( )

18. BONE Song ( )


controlled releases

1. Last Human -
(skull/bones on cover)

2. The SOUL of an Octopus -

wild releases with photos


4. Otis Spofford -
costume on cover

5. Victorian MURDEResses (murder) -

6. Behind Chocolate Bars -
ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, & skulls on cover

7. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NIGHT-Time - - CAUGHT!


Released to LFLs, with photos:

19. Good Omens ( ), for the demon on the cover; multiple challenges

20. The Halloween Tree ( ), multiple challenges

21. The Witches ( ), multiple challenges

22. Hallowe'en Party ( ), multiple challenges

23. Hist Whist ( ), for the ghosts on the cover

24. GHOSTS in the House ( )

25. Little Wolf, TERROR of the SHIVERy Sea ( )






Released to LFLs, with photos:

26. If You're SPOOKY and You Know It ( )

27. MONSTER and the Beast ( )

28. The School for Good and EVIL ( )

29. MAGIC in Ithkar ( )


14. Twelfth [NIGHT]
15. Once upon a [DARK] November
16. The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything (Jack O'Lantern on cover)


9. DEAD Until DARK

10. Still More Tales for the MIDNIGHT Hour

11. The PHANTOM Hitchhiker: and other GHOST Mysteries


1 - The DEVIL's Teeth: A True Story of Obsession and Survival Among America's Great White Sharks

2 - NIGHT Fires

3 - If Looks Could KILL [also skull and crossbones on the candy]

4 - Glutton for Punishment: A Culinary Mystery [skull on the cake]

5 - Bio Of An OGRE

6 - Chicken Soup for the SOUL: I Can't Believe My Dog Did That!

7 - How to MOON a Cat: A Cats and Curios Mystery

8 - Curiosity Thrilled the Cat: A MAGICal Cats Mystery

9 - PHANTOM Stallion # 3: DARK Sunshine

10 - PHANTOM Stallion # 2: Mustang MOON

11 - DARK Horses

12 - Dance with the DEVIL: A DARK-Hunter Novel

13 - Disappearance at DEVIL's Rock

14 - Scooby-Doo! and You: The Case of the BATty VAMPIRE: A Collect the Clues Mystery

15 - MAGIC Tree House # 37: A Merlin Mission: Dragon of the Red Dawn

16 - The HAUNTING of Derek Stone: City of the DEAD and Bayou Dogs

17 - Washington Irving's The Headless Horseman [jack o'lantern on the cover]

18 - The Cat Who Talked to GHOSTS

19 - KILLing Time

20 - The HAUNTING of Derek Stone: City of the DEAD and Bayou Dogs


22 - MURDER in Triplicate

23 - The Green Mile Part 5: NIGHT Journey

24 - The Green Mile Part 4: The BAD DEATH of Eduard Delacroix

25 - WICKED Cruel: Three Urban Legends


wild releases with photos

8. Harry Potter and the CURSEd Child (curse) -
9. MUMMIES in the Morning -


Wild-released at a horror writers event (not to worry, I made sure that none of these authors were going to be there {wry grin}), with photos:

30. Four Past midNIGHT ( )

31. The MOONlit Road and other GHOST and HORROR Stories ( ), multiple challenges

32. Book of the DEAD ( ), multiple challenges; released on a window ledge near the library for shelter from the rain. The photo is of the monument to early colonist Hannah Dustin in the nearby park.

33. The HAUNTED Hotel ( ) - released in the library; photo is of one of the colorful vintage shoe statues indicating the shoemaking history of the city. [Update: caught!]


Wild-released at a horror writers event



Wild-released at a horror writers event

Sounds like a great place for it.

(not to worry, I made sure that none of these authors were going to be there {wry grin})

Depends on the author of course; some are fine with the idea of BookCrossing. :)


Depends on the author of course; some are fine with the idea of BookCrossing. :)

Heh! I just meant that I didn't want to compete with the authors who were selling their own books at the event. (I was pretty well-behaved, despite massive temptation - only came away with four new books!)


(I was pretty well-behaved, despite massive temptation - only came away with four new books!)

Impressive self control. ;)



19. Little [WITCH]
20. Scooby-Doo! and You: The Case of the Singing [GHOST]


wild release with photo

10. Stories from the TWILIGHT Zone -


26 - See How She DIES

27 - The Broadway Ballplayers # 1: Friday NIGHTS by Molly

28 - VAMPIRE Plagues: London, 1850

29 - MIDNIGHT Is a Place

30 - Percy Jackson & The Olympians BOOk Four: The Battle of the Labyrinth

31 - Young Sherlock Holmes: The StoryBOOk

32 - DARK MOON Rising

33 - SHADOWs at the Fair: An Antique Print Mystery

34 - DARK Stranger

35 - Born in DEATH

36 - Exhibition of EVIL: A Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mystery


38 - Jason: An Anita Blake, VAMPIRE Hunter Novel

39 - Star Trek: I. K. S. Gorkon BOOk One: A Good Day to DIE

40 - Isaac Asimov's MOONS

41 - SHADOW on the Fells

42 - The Imaginary Veterinary Book 2: The Lonely Lake MONSTER


34. MONSTER House ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.



As a cryptid is a creature whose existent isn't proved I wondered if dragon would count?



24. [DEATH] is Disposable
25. Magic [MOON]
26. [SPIDER]-Sense [SPIDER]-Man: Menace of the Molten Man


We have "terror", so I'd think variations on "terrifying" would be OK, but I wanted to check. Not as sure about the other two...


wingNancyNovawing 4 mos ago
release 15


35. HAUNTED ( ), wild release, photo.

36. Something Queer at the HAUNTED School ( ), wild release, photo.


27. It's the Great [PUMPKIN], Charlie Brown
28. [DEAD] to the World


29. Look Again!: The Second Ultimate Spot-the-Difference [BOO]k
30. The [HAUNTED] School


31. Living [DEAD] In Dallas
32. An Unthymely [DEATH] and Other Garden Mysteries
33. House of the Horrible [GHOSTS]


The DOOMSDAY key - James Rollins

State of FEAR - Michael Crichton

The BODY farm - Patricia Cornwell

The interpertation of MURDER - Jed Rubenfield

The COFFIN dancer - Jeffery Deaver

A Cotswold KILLING - Rebecca Tope


Would OWL be an acceptable word to add to Spook-tacluar list?
Also how about the word END?



Sorry this is late, but sure


34. The [GHOST] in the Mirror
35. [SPOOK]y [CREATURE] Riddles


controlled releases

11. 1001 NIGHTs of Snowfall -

12. A Christmas Carol -
ghosts on cover

13. The Kurosagi CORPSE Delivery Service Volume 13 -

14. The End of NIGHT -

15. BLOOD River -




37. NIGHTMAREs and Geezenstacks ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

Released to LFLs, with photos:

38. Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who DIEs, and Why ( )

39. Utopia is CREEPY ( )


In This GRAVE Hour by Jacqueline Winspear



From a book donated to a charity shop too - that doesn't happen often!


Released to various LFLs, with photos:

40. A DEATH in the Venetian Quarter ( ), multiple challenges

41. HAUNT Me Still ( )

42. Be AFRAID, Be Very AFRAID ( )

43. The WITCHing ( )


38. Curious George Goes to a [COSTUME] Party
39. The [NIGHT] of the Stars


Released at various LFLs, with photos:

44. WITCH Hat Atelier ( )

45. The GRAVEYARD Book ( ), released at an LFL near a cemetery

46. CRYPT Suzette ( ); also has loads of Halloween-themed items on the cover

47. Realms of Mystery ( ), for the WIZARD on the cover

48. The Man Who Would Not DIE ( ), multiple challenges


40. Marvin K. [MOON]ey, Will You Please Go Now!
41. The [DEVIL]'s Teardrop (also: EVIL]



43 - MAGIC Tree House # 1: Dinosaurs Before DARK

44 - YETI II

45 - The ZOMBIE Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living DEAD

46 - The Imaginary Veterinary Book 2: The Lonely Lake MONSTER

47 - The History Channel Presents History's Mysteries: The DEAD, the Doomed, and the BURIED

48 - The GHOST Writer: Blackout!

49 - LEGO The BATman Movie: Being BATman

50 - The DEVIL in the Junior League

51 - WICKED Prey

52 - The Watercolourist’s Year [jack o'lantern on the cover]

53 - California DEMON

54 - After DARKe

55 - The Heat of the MOON

56 - The WICKED Day

57 - Morning, Noon & NIGHT

58 - Disney Pinocchio: MAGICal Story

59 - Donald Duck and the MAGIC Stick

60 - NIGHT School: A Jack Reacher Novel


wingbooklady331wing 4 mos ago


61 - The Circle Opens # 1: MAGIC Steps

62 - Warriors: The New Prophecy Book Two: MOONrise

63 - MAGIC Tree House # 16: Hour of the Olympics

64 - Inspector Hopper's Mystery Year [bugs on the cover]

65 - Cross BONES [also skeleton on the cover]

66 - The Truck That Drove All NIGHT

67 - Sesame Street: Good NIGHT, Little Grover!

68 - A MidNIGHT Clear

69 - MAGIC Tree House # 33: Carnival at Candlelight

70 - Mine Till MidNIGHT


In This Grave Hour by Jacqueline Winspear


49. Seed, Sprout, PUMPKIN, Pie ( ), wild release, photo.

Released to LFLs, with photos:

50. Jester Leaps In ( ), for the skeleton jester on the cover

51. The VAMPIRE Stories of Nancy Kilpatrick ( )

52. Murder for HALLOWEEN ( ), multiple challenges.



53. PUMPKINheads ( ), wild release, photo.

54. The Lark's Lament ( ), for the BLOODY battleaxe on the cover; wild release, photo. [Update: caught!]

Released to LFLs, with photos:

55. Thirteenth NIGHT ( ), multiple challenges

56. Hold Me Closer, NECROMANCER ( )


48. The Biggest [PUMPKIN] Ever
49. The [WITCH] Who Was Afraid of [WITCH]es
50. The [HAUNTED] Hotel


1. DEAD END Dating, also words VAMPIRE and BLOOD on the cover.


3. A ZOMBIE Ate My Cupcake

4. Let’s Explore Diabetes with OWLS


Released to LFLs, with photos:

57. The WIZARD of Oz ( ), multiple challenges

58. YOKAI Rental Shop ( ) - "yokai" means "ghost" in Japanese




53. West with the [NIGHT]
54. The [SHADOW] Lines
55. Big [BOO]k of the Berenstain Bears


Magic is listed, of course, but would you allow alternate spellings, like Magyk?




Sorry it took so long-had a busy week! @_@





56. Beware of the [HAUNTED] Toilet
57. Sixteen Runaway [PUMPKIN]s


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