Late start -- 4 ELEMENTS CHALLENGE - thru March 31st.

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I'm so sorry to be late with this, everyone! We have a new kitten at home and he's taking up all my spare time in a very awesome way. But without further ado, I announce (late) the annual March 4 Elements Release Challenge!


Wild or controlled releases accepted.


Words may be in any part of the full (extended) title OR the author's name. Embedded words are fine. Foreign language words welcome! (NOTE: This is NOT an all-inclusive list! I am always open to suggestions/questions for more words)

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

adobe, amber, ash, aurora, avalanche, bay, beach, blast, blaze, blizzard, bog, breath, breeze, brook, bush, burn, canyon, cape, cavern, cay, clay, cliff, cloud, coal, coast, continent, copper, country, cove, creek, crystal, dell, desert, dirt, draft, dune, dust, element, ember, emerald, Everglades, falls, fen, field, flame, flare, flood, flower, fog, forest, frost, gale, garden, geyser, glacier, gold, gravel, granite, grit, ground, gust, hail, harbor, heat, heath, hill, holler, hollow, horizon, hurricane, ice, inferno, iron, isle, island, jade, jungle, key, lagoon, lake, land, lava, light, lightning, marine, marsh, metal, mineral, mire, mist, monsoon, moor, moon, moss, mountain, muck, mud, narrows, nature, Northern Lights, ocean, orchard, outback, park, peak, pearl, peat, pebbles, peninsula, plain, planet, point, pool, pond, port, prairie, puddle, pyre, quarry, rain, range, ravine, rime, ridge, river, reef, rock, rust, sand, savanna, sea, shadow, shore, silk, silver, sleet, sky, slate, smoke, snow, sod, soil, solar, sound, spark, spring, star, steam, stone, storm, strand, steppe, stream, summit, sun, surf, swamp, terra, terrain, thunder, tide, timber, tornado, tundra, tunnel, twister, valley, vine, vineyard, volcano, vortex, wave, wilderness, wind, wood, world, yard

* I will accept names of precious and common stones like amber, diamond, etc.

* Any element on the periodic table is accepted.

* I will accept proper names of rivers, oceans, volcanoes, mountains, forests, etc. (Ex. "Nile, Mt. Everest, Atlantic") However proper names of continents, countries, states, islands, providences, and so forth will NOT be accepted. **For those, check out Secretariat's Oh, the Places We Can Go challenge, also running in March.


wingSqueakyChuwing 2 mos ago


I'm so sorry to be late with this, everyone! We have a new kitten at home and he's taking up all my spare time in a very awesome way.

Glad to hear that you have a happy reason for being busy. :D


wild release with photo

1. WINDfall -


1 By the RIVERs of Babylon
2 The RHINEmann Exchange (river in Europe)


1. The Arraignment by Steve Mar[TIN]i


Yay! I've been looking forward to doing this challenge again. I have a few good books to register already and I'm sure I will find more!


Hooray! And congrats on the kitten!

Released to LFLs, with photos:

1. TIN Swift (Age of STEAM) ( ), multiple challenges

2. The Secret Wisdom of the EARTH ( ), multiple challenges

3. THAMES: The Biography ( ), multiple challenges

4. PRAIRIE Whispers ( )

5. The BORIC ACID Murder ( )

6. Halfway to the SKY ( ), multiple challenges

7. Great WORLD Circus ( )

8. Life on the MISSISSIPPI ( ), multiple challenges

9. ISLAND Kitchen ( ), multiple challenges

10. An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New engLAND ( ), multiple challenges


with release photo

2. author SHANNON Gibney -
for the River Shannon in Ireland


2. author SHANNON Gibney -
for the River Shannon in Ireland

Surely that release would also count for the Celebrate the Irish challenge too!


2. author SHANNON Gibney -
for the River Shannon in Ireland

Surely that release would also count for the Celebrate the Irish challenge too!

You know, I didn't even think of that? Thanks.


2. Today is the Birthday of the [WORLD]


3 East of Denver - Gregory HILL
4 House of SAND and FOG
5 Layne BEACHley : Beneath the WAVEs
6 An Astronaut's Guide to Life on EARTH
7 In the Little WORLD


11. The Spice Necklace: My Adventures in CARIBBEAN Cooking, Eating, and ISLAND Life( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


3. Queer as a Five-Dollar Bill by Lee [WIND]


12. FIRE and ICE ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

Released to LFL, with photo:

13. The Artichoke Cookbook by Patricia RAIN ( ), multiple challenges



4. [WORLD] War Z by Max [BROOK]s



Released to LFLs, with photos:

14. The Dead MOUNTAINeer's Inn ( ), multiple challenges

15. The Kitchen GARDENer's Guide ( ), multiple challenges.


1. Indians of the MESA Verde,
(A mesa is an isolated flat-topped hill with stiff sides.)
2. The Girl of the WOODs by Grace Livingston Hill,
3. In heaven as on EARTH,
4. The Vicar of WakeFIELD,
5. STORM in the Village by Miss Read,



5. The [SAND] Castle Contest
6. Uncovered in Istanbul: Anatolia [STEPPE] Mystery (Volume 2)
7. F[AIR]y Realm #1: The Charm Bracelet


Will you accept undertow? Current?

And you have cavern, so I think you would also accept cave?

Also banks?

plural noun: banks

the land alongside or sloping down to a river or lake.
"willows lined the bank"



Released to LFLs, with photos:

16. The STONE Gods ( ), multiple challenges

17. ICEfall ( ), multiple challenges


A quick question: would chalk qualify?

One of the definitions at is "a soft, white, powdery limestone".


8. Holly[WOOD] Kids
9. [ROCK]y [MOUNTAIN] National [PARK]
10. [GOLD]en sword of Dragonwalk


6. A Walk in the WOODs by Bill Bryson,


Undertow, current, cave, bank, and chalk are all good!



11. The Poetry of [ROCK]
12. The Courage of Sarah Noble by Al[ICE] Dalgliesh
13. Sing Down the [MOON]


18. The GRASS is Singing ( ), wild release, photo.


1) How about "bar?"


a sandbank or shoal at the mouth of a harbor, bay, or estuary.

synonyms: sandbank, shoal, bank, shallow, reef, ridge, ledge, shelf

"he dredged a channel through the bar across the river mouth"

2) And would you accept "boulder?"

3) Edited to add: Would you accept "Cumbres" for this part of the Challenge: I will accept proper names of rivers, oceans, volcanoes, mountains, forests?


1) How about "bar?"
2) And would you accept "boulder?"
3) Would you accept "Cumbres" for this part of the Challenge: I will accept proper names of rivers, oceans, volcanoes, mountains, forests?

Yes, yes, yes! (And thanks for the PM. I'm terrible about checking the fora these days. Maybe I should hand off running this challenge come 2020....)


wild release with photo


LFL release with photo

4. The Blackthorn KEY by Kevin SANDs -


7. A Thousand Splendid SUNS,
8. 6 RAINier Drive by Debbie Macomber,


14. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas [SPARK]s
15. The Brave Little [STEAM] Shovel
16. The [ISLAND] of Dr. Moreau


19. ICEhenge ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

20. Unhallowed GROUND ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


17. A Wreath for [RIVER]a by Ngaio [MARSH]
18. The Weight of [WATER]
19. Winter[WOOD]



2. Women of the Four WINDS


Released to LFLs, with photos:

21. A Northern LIGHT ( )

22. ISLAND of the Aunts ( )



20. The Book Chase by Jacqueline [WOOD]son
21. My Mother Got Married and Other Disasters by Barbara [PARK]
22. The Wine-Dark [SEA]


23. When I First Came to Th[IS LAND] (also: LAND)
24. The Rose F[AIR]y Princess
25. B[RAIN] Quest
26. [ROCK]y [MOUNTAIN] National [PARK]


23. G is for GOLDen Boy: A Manitoba Alphabet ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.




31. I Spy [LIGHTNING] in the [SKY]
32. The Fault in Our [STAR]s
33. When I First Came to Th[IS LAND] (also LAND)
34. A Picnic with Monet by Julie Mer[BERG]
(Berg = mountain in German)


(cut-and-paste error, never mind!) The Essential Library for Irish-AMERICAns ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

Released to LFLs, with photos:

24. Spoon RIVER Anthology ( ), multiple challenges

25. 2-Rabbit, 7-WIND ( ), multiple challenges


24. The Essential Library for Irish-AMERICAns ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

Did you mean to post this to Oh, the Places We Can Go, Gory?


24. The Essential Library for Irish-AMERICAns ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

Did you mean to post this to Oh, the Places We Can Go, Gory?

Indeed. Well spotted! That's what I get for having two edit windows open at the same time!



35. The Rose F[AIR]y Princess
36. Recipes: Wine[S AND] Spirits
37. Clues in the [WOOD]s
38. The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas [FLAME]l


1 - Night's Touch by Amanda ASHley

2 - The Edible Woman by Margaret AtWOOD

3 - Trouble RIVER

4 - Hermit's PEAK: A Kevin Kerney Novel

5 - Irish GOLD

6 - Guinness WORLD Records: Wild Lives: Outrageous Animal & Nature Records

7 - Amazing Women: Amazing FIREfighters by MARSH Engle

8 - A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary WollSTONEcraft

9 - Rivals of Fortune / The Impetuous Heiress by Jane ASHford

10 - Cocoa BEACH


12 - The Hungry OCEAN: A Swordboat Captain's Journey

13 - City of DIAMOND

14 - The Girl from Summer HILL

15 - Italian ICEd: An Ethnic Eats Mystery

16 - The Persian Pickle Club by SANDra Dallas

17 - The Color of LIGHTNING

18 - The Risk POOL

19 - Mrs. Peachtree's Bicycle by Erica SILVERman


26. Death in a PRAIRIE House ( ), wild release, photo.

27. CLOUDs of Witness; and The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


39. [WATER]'s Edge
40. One Thou[SAND] White Women
41. [OXYGEN]
42. Sex Work: Wri[TIN]gs by Women in the Sex Industry



Will you accept:

1 ) "flats" - "A low flat area of uncultivated land, especially an area where the ground is soft and wet, can be referred to as flats or a flat."
"The salt marshes and mud flats attract large numbers of waterfowl."

2 - "wake" - "The wake of a boat or other object moving in water is the track of waves that it makes behind it as it moves through the water. "
"The ride was smooth until they got into the merchant ship's wake.
Dolphins sometimes play in the wake of the boats.
Synonyms: slipstream, wash, trail, backwash"

3 - You allow "shadow." How about "shade?"

Thanks, slt

Edited to add: 4 - How about "Reef:" "A strip or ridge of rocks, sand, or coral that rises to or near the surface of a body of water."

5 - And "Dale:" "A valley, especially in northern England."

6. Also "weather."

7. And "paddy" - "A specially irrigated or flooded field where rice is grown."

8 . And "typhoon?"


28. The IRON Traitor ( ), wild release, photo.



46. The Non-Runner's Marathon T[RAIN]er
47. Everything I Need To Know I Learned From a Little [GOLD]en Book
48. [SPRING] Fever


29. In the Kingdom of ICE ( ), controlled release.

Released to LFLs, with photos:

30. The Killing SEA ( )

31. FIRE in the Night ( )


49. The Coming [STORM]
50. Dora Dans les Profunders des [MER]s
(mer = sea in French)
51. The Magic School Bus on the [OCEAN] Floor


Released at LFLs, with photos:

32.The Great KAPOK TREE: A Tale of the AMAZON RAIN FOREST ( ), multiple challenges

33. El Gran CAPOQUERO: Un Cuento de la Selva Amazonica ( ), multiple challenges

34. Shipwreck Tales of the Great LAKES ( ), multiple challenges

35. Lockwood & Co. The Screaming stAIRcase ( )

36. The Man Who Lived in Inner Space by Arnold federBUSH ( ), multiple challenges

37. STORMchaser ( )



9. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and CLAY by Michael Chabon,



1. De golVEN: (ven= (small) lake in Dutch)
2. Pancakes and corpses by Agatha FROST:



38. Dear American AIRlines ( ), wild release, multiple challenges

39. Alternate Histories of the WORLD ( ), controlled release, multiple challenges

40. The Triumph of Night, and XINGU ( ), for the Xingu River; controlled release, multiple challenges

Released in LFLs, with photos:

41. The Enchanted ISLANDs: The Galapagos Discovered ( ), multiple challenges

42. triPLANETary ( ), multiple challenges


We have a new kitten at home and he's taking up all my spare time in a very awesome way.

đŸ±CONGRATULATIONS, Firegirl!!! đŸ±


For those who are interested, here's a Periodic Table link. 😉

1. T[HE] D[U]c[H]e[S][S] of [B]l[O][O]m[S]bur[Y] [S]treet by [HE]le[NE] [H]an[F][F]

HE=HElium/NE=Neon/H=Hydrogen/F=Fluorine/F=Fluorine on Periodic Table.

2. [AC]hes & [(P)A][I]ns by Mae[V]e [(B)I][N][C][H][Y]

V=Vanadium/B=Boron/BI=BIsmuth/N=Nitrogen/C=Calcium H=Hydrogen/Y=Yttrium on Periodic Table.

3. T[HE] Ma[N] W[I]th T[HE] [GOLD]e[N] [AR]m by [(N)E][S]o[N] [AL]gre[N]

AL=Aluminum/N=Nitrogen on Periodic Table.

4. [(C)(O)]de T[O] Z[ER][O] by Ke[N] [F][O]llett

O=Oxygen/N=Nitrogen/F=Fluorine]O=Oxygen on Periodic Table


12. army (RANGE)r redemption


55. The Mix-Up: Learning Simple Sor[TIN]g
56. Wanted: [MUD] Blossom
57. Number the [STAR]s


20 - What to Eat with IBD by Tracie M. DALEsSANDro

21 - ISLAND of the Sequined Love Nun

22 - Talking DIRTy with the Queen of Clean

23 - The REEF

24 - U is for UNDERTOW

25 - Where RIVER Turns to SKY

26 - Hard RAIN

27 - The SEA Wolf

28 - Outer BANKS

29 - ASHes To ASHes

30 - The Legend of Smuggler's CAVE

31 - The Dead STONE

32 - Whiskey BEACH

33 - Tyrannosaur CANYON

34 - Anne of the ISLAND


36 - To Catch a HighLANDer

37 - DIAMONDs Are A Girl's Best Friend

38 - The Cottages on SILVER BEACH: A Haven POINT Novel

39 - ChurcHILL’s Angels by RUBY Jackson


58. What Elephants Know by Eric Diner[STEIN]
(Stein = stone in German)
59. Chalkboard Paint Craf[TIN]g Project Book
60. [STAR] Dreams


6. Half the SKY (multiple challenges)


7. Silent SPRING (as in water) released for multiple challenges


1. Mont-St-Michel STONE by STONE,


I know it's getting late into the month and the challenge is almost over but I have a quick query. I have a feeling it may have been asked before but is ford acceptable?

Ford can be defined as "a place where a river or other body of water is shallow enough to be crossed by wading".


61. My Abandonment by Peter [ROCK]
62. Perish Tw[ICE] by Robert B. [PARK]er
63. [CLOUD]s


43. The SEAgull ( ), wild release, multiple challenges.


30 Small Scale WATER Power
31 The SKY is Falling
32 All the FLOWERs in Shanghai
33 Salvation CREEK
34 STORM Front
35 Nights of RAIN and STARs
36 Daughters of the STORM
37 CranFORD *

* A ford is "a shallow place in a river or stream allowing one to walk or drive across".


64. The [CLOUD]makers
65. The New Convection[AIR]e Cookbook
66. Percy Jackson and the [LIGHTNING] Thief
67. A [STORM] of Swords by George R. R. Mar[TIN]


8. Little STONE

9. When SMOKE Ran Like WATER

10. Blue Covenant: this book has the word and image of WATER on the cover.

11. A SAND County Almanac

12. WIND: This book has WIND, AIR and LAND on the cover.


13. Big COAL: this book also has the words DIRT & WAVE on the cover. Author's last name contains DELL.


44. Facing MOUNT KENYA ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

45. The FIREs of Fu Manchu ( ), wild release, photo.


11. We'll All Go Home in the SPRING,
12. A Year in the WORLD,


68. Twi{LIGHT]
69. Tyrant's [STAR]s
70. I Survived the Joplin [TORNADO], 2011
71. The Fighting [GROUND]
72. The Magic School Bus And The Electric [FIELD] Trip


14. The Cry of the KALAHARI: the Kalahari is a DESERT and the word WILDERNESS is also on the cover.

15. Saving Ancient FORESTS: The WILDERNESS Society


13. Footsteps in the RAIN,
14. Mouthful of ROCKS,
15. Moomins and the Great FLOOD by Tove Jansson,


40 - Empire FALLS

41 - Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul by Jack CanFIELD, Mark Victor Hansen, Patty Hansen, Irene Dunlap

42 - One More RIVER by Lynne Reid BANKs

43 - Hot Laps: A Stockcar Thriller by Steve EuBANKS

44 - The Pagan STONE

45 - Baby-Sitters Little Sister #23: Karen's Doll by Ann M. MarTIN

46 - Many STONEs

47 - Salt of the EARTH

48 - The Breadfruit Mutiny by Richard BrightFIELD

49 - How I Play Golf by Tiger WOODs

50 - The STONE Diaries

51 - Misery BAY: An Alex McKnight Novel

52 - The STONE Diaries

53 - Instructions to the Cook: A Zen Master's Lessons in Living a Life that Matters by Bernard Glassman, Rick FIELDs

54 - The KEY Lime Cookbook

55 - ISLAND Book Two: Survival

56 - Grand CANYON National PARK

57 - Kopecks for Blintzes by Judy GOLDman

58 - The Girl Who Played with FIRE

59 - Murder in the Kitchen by AlICE B. Toklas [CONTROLLED RELEASE]


61 - May All be Fed: Diet for a New WORLD

62 - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Running a Bed and Breakfast by PARK Davis, Susannah Craig

63 - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann BrASHares

64 - English Tea Murder: A Lucy STONE Mystery

65 - Killer Chef by James Patterson, Jeffrey J. KEYes

66 - Walt Disney's The JUNGLE Book

67 - The Bear Went Over the MOUNTAIN

68 - Irish F[AIR]y Tales

69 - Walden; Or, Life in the WOODs

70 - How I Play Golf by Tiger WOODs


73. The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-[MOON] Mari[GOLD]s
74. A Song in the Day[LIGHT]
75. Collateral Damage by Stuart [WOOD]s
76. The Friendship F[AIR]y
77. Cold [FIRE]


46. The Weight of WATER ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

47. FORESTs of the Night ( ), wild release, photo

48. A FIELD Guide to Irish Fairies ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo

49. Gunn's GOLDen Rules ( ), wild release

Released to LFLs, with photos:

50. The STONE Girl ( )

51. LAKE Wobegon Days ( ), multiple challenges

52. SEA Quest ( )


15. Commodore Perry in the LAND of the Shogun,



The Blackthorn KEY by Kevin SANDs -


78. Off[ICE]r Buckle and Gloria
79. The Extraordinary Truth About [EARTH]
80. A Bend in the Road by Nicholas [SPARK]s
81. Keep the [LIGHT]s [BURN]ing, Abbie
82. Zen [ROCK] [GARDEN]ing
83. Come the [SPRING]


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