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The March 2019 Oh, the Places We Can Go Release Challenge begins at 12:01 a.m. on March 1 wherever you live and ends at 12:00 p.m. on March 31 wherever you live.

Rules: Release at least 15 books with titles which include the name of one or more city, state, province, country, island, continent, planet, ocean, sea, river, lake, tributary, or interesting place to visit. All are acceptable. I’ve also amended my original rules to allow “fantasy” cities, states, etc. such as Atlantis, Hell, Heaven, Eden, etc.

Daedelys found a search engine for place names. Try: It's terrific.

Wild releases are much preferred for this challenge, but any release will count. Extra credit will be awarded for clever or themed releases. Wings will be awarded at the completion of the contest.

As always, everyone is welcome to play. Come and join the fun. I'll update the list of members every few days.

Current list of players:




I'm in!


I like the search for place names, so I'm in again. Like in previous years I'll only accept titles where the word actually refers to a place, no arbitrary letter sequence equalities with arbitrary place names (aka "embedded" words). Also, like in previous years, please note that I have permanent wings due to my region manager responsibilities so please choose someone else for the wings ;)


I have a stash of books ready!



wingSqueakyChuwing 3 mos ago
I haven't done this challenge before. I'll try it!


wingshawing 3 mos ago
RE: Hmmm?
I haven't done this challenge before. I'll try it!

Sent you a message on the lfl page. Welcome to this challenge its great and you will meet a lot of interesting people


I haven't done this challenge before. I'll try it!

Sent you a message on the lfl page. Welcome to this challenge its great and you will meet a lot of interesting people

Hi, sha! It's not as if I don't know anyone from BC as I've been a member here since 2003 and belong to a real life BC group (BCinDC), but it's fun to meet LFL stewards who are Bookcrossers, too! Thanks for the welcome!

All bibliophiles are destined to meet--in one way or another! :D


luv luv luv this challenge


I wondered whether you were joining this year. Usually you're one of the first to chime in. Hope you've been feeling well.


I wondered whether you were joining this year. Usually you're one of the first to chime in. Hope you've been feeling well.

Doing well, knock wood but I have become very superstitious in my old age (see the knock wood) I guess the Irish is kicking in lol


May I use the name of a district of a city, such as Wimbledon?


Wimbledon is a famous place as well.


Wimbledon is a famous place as well.

Oh, yeah! I didn't see "interesting place" as an option when I first read the rules. Thx!


and always helps me find the 2-5 letter places that are embedded in titles.


Good luck to everyone.


wingMaranlinwing 2 mos ago
Release #1
1. OPEn (Ope, Gongola, Nigeria)


1. I've a Feeling We're Not in KANSAS Anymore ( ), wild release, photo.

2. PALO ALTO ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

3. 6 RAINIER Drive ( ), wild release, photo.

4. The CUBAn Affair ( ), wild release, photo.



1. Alice's Adventures in [WONDERLAND]


Released to the same LFL, with photos:

5. A Little BRAZILian Cookbook ( ), multiple challenges.

6. The NEW YORK Trilogy ( ), multiple challenges.

7. Etruscan Places: Travels Through Forgotten ITALY ( ) [Update: caught!]


1. Aunt CRETE's Emancipation,
2. Lunch at the PICCADILLY,
3. KENILWORTH by Walter Scott,
4. In HEAVEN as on EARTH by M. Scott Peck,
5. The Vicar of WAKEFIELD by Oliver Goldsmith,
6. The Bridges of MADISON COUNTY,
7. Return to MANDALAY,
8. Sam Walton, Made in AMERICA,
9. The Artists of TEREZIN,
10. AMERICAn INDIAn Beadwork,
11. SCANDINAVIA--A Picture Book to Remember Her By


2. [MADAGASCAR]: Born to Be Wild


1. Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You -- Cool, Texas
2. Chicken Soup for the Girl's Soul - Chicken, Alaska
3. John F. Kennedy, in his own words -- Kennedy, New Mexico
4.Proud to Be: My Life, The Airforce, The Controversy -- Life, TN
5. The Greatest GeneRATion -- Rat, France
6. Dead Man WALKing -- Walk, Belgium


8. AMERICA 1908 ( ), wild release.

Released to Little Free Libraries, with photos:

9. The GUERNSEY Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society ( ), multiple challenges

10. Island Kitchen: A Book of Seasonal Cookery from the CHANNEL ISLANDS ( ), multiple challenges

11. The STOCKHOLM Octavo ( ), multiple challenges

12. AMERICAn Born Chinese ( )

13. An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in NEW ENGLAND ( )

14. Life on the MISSISSIPPI ( )


I only just now woke up to the fact that it's March! I'm definitely in, so far only one release but there's more to come.



1 The DOG's Dinner (Guinea)
2 MISERY Loves Cabernet (France)
3 By the Rivers of BABYLON (US, Czech Republic, New Zealand)
4 The Spiritual Battle For CUBA
5 SANTIAGO's Command (Chile)
7 The RHINEmann Exchange (river in Europe)
8 Etiquette Guide to CHINA
9 AUSTRALIAns Yesterday and Today


4. George [WASHINGTON] -- Soldier, Hero, President


2. MOONlight Becomes You
3. Tears of the MOON
4. The ApartMENt (Men, Viet Nam)
5. DESTINations (Destin, Florida)
6. Hotel VENDOME (Vendome, France)



15. Journey to MUNICH (

Released to LFLs, with photos:

16. Tiny TOKYO ( )

17. The Secret Wisdom of the EARTH ( ), multiple challenges

18. THAMES: The Biography ( ), multiple challenges

19. NEW YORK Murders ( )


5. To Know a W[OMAN] -- Oman, Arabian Peninsula. Western Asia
6. [FRANKLIN] Forgets -- Franklin, Tennessee, USA
7. Hurry Up [FRANKLIN] -- Franklin, Tennessee, USA


wingMaranlinwing 2 mos ago
Release #7
7. A Gentlewoman in Upper CANADA


8. [FRANKLIN]'s Nickname -- Franklin, Tennessee, USA
9. [FRANKLIN] Runs Away -- Franklin, Tennessee, USA
10. [FRANKLIN] Plants a Tree -- Franklin, Tennessee, USA


10 The Lieutenant of INISHMORE (Ireland)
11 SPICEd Up! (West Virginia, USA)
12 A CASE of Exploding Mangoes (France, Italy, various US states)
13 Tea TIME for the Traditionally Built (Indonesia, Norway, Mozambique, USA)
14 Travellers' TALES 2 (Spain)
15 Goddess of TROY
16 A Short History of BRAZIL
17 East of DENVER
18 House of SAND and Fog (multiple countries)
19 Lane BEACHLEY : Beneath the Waves (Maryland, USA)
20 An Astronaut's Guide to Life on EARTH
21 In the LITTLE World (various states USA)


20. The Spice Necklace: My Adventures in CARIBBEAN Cooking, Eating, and Island Life( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.



wild release with photo

1. Moloka'i - Anne in KINGSPORT Betörende SÜDSEE Celeste bedeutet HIMMELblau Das Erbe der Carlotta Sonsino aus KAIRO Das Erbe von BJÖRNDAL Der Fünfzigjährige, der nach INDIEN fuhr und über den Sinn des Lebens stolperte Der gute Mensch von SEZUAN Der Kopf von IJSSELMONDE Die dunkle Wahrheit des MONDes Die Frauen von TYRINGHAM PARK Die Löwin von AQUITANIEN Die Matriarchen von ISIS Die Nebel von AVALON Die Straße nach EDEN Einstein überquert die ELBE bei HAMBURG Ein Tag im alten VENEDIG Ein Zimmer in PARIS Franz von ASSISI Frauen in LATEINAMERIKA Götz von BERLICHINGEN Grausames SIZILIEN Hippokrates im HECKENGÄU Hochzeit in LAS VEGAS Hunde von RIGA Ich kehre zurück nach AFRIKA In AFRIKA ist immer August Jenseits von AFRIKA KARIBIK Mein INDIEN Mein Verschwinden in PROVIDENCE Mein Weg führt nach TIBET Mozart auf der Reise nach PRAG NIPPON Connection SANSIBAR oder der letzte Grund Schatten über dem MOND Sommer in MAINE TERRA Magna Töchter des HIMMELs Von Lämmern und Leuten in FRODA Wiedersehen in BARSALOI Wiedersehen mit AFRIKA Zwischen HIMMEL und Liebe
Afrika = Africa: continent
Aquitanien = Aquitaine: region of France
Assisi: town in Italy
Avalon: historical region of England
Barsaloi: place in Kenia
Berlichingen: village in Germany
Björndal ("bear valley"): places in Norway
Eden: fictional place (and many real places named after it)
Elbe: River in central Europe
Froda: village in Switzerland
Hamburg: city in Germany
Heckengäu: region in southwestern Germany
Himmel = heaven or sky
IJsselmonde: island in the Netherlands
Indien = India
Isis: here: fictional planet
Kairo = Cairo: city in Egypt
Karibik = Caribbean
Kingsport: town in Canada
Las Vegas: city in USA
Lateinamerika = Latin America: region of America
Maine: state of USA
Mond = moon: celestial body
Nippon = Japan: country
Paris: capital of France
Prag = Praha, Prague: capital of Czech Republic
Riga: capital of Latvia
Sansibar = Zanzibar: island in Tanzania
Sezuan = Sichuan: province of China
Sizilien = Sicilia: island in Italy
Südsee = "southern sea" = Caribbean
Terra = Earth
Tibet: Region in Asia
Tyringham: Town in USA
Venedig = Venice: city in Italy


11. [FRANKLIN] Goes to the Hospital -- Franklin, Tennessee, USA
12. [FRANKLIN] and Harriet -- Franklin, Tennessee, USA


wingstarrdustwing 2 mos ago
Release #2
2. The Little PARIS Bookshop – head hunters of the AMAZON FAVORite colors (Jalisco, Mexico)


7. The Prayer of JABEZ -- Kentucky
8. Secrets of The VINE -- VA
9. John the Gospel of FAITH -- SD


21. JAPAN Ai ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

Released to LFLs, with photos:

22. Cruising the LOUVRE ( )

23. Bone Soup and a LAPLAND Wizard ( ), multiple challenges


wingMaranlinwing 2 mos ago
Release #8
8. The Pagan STONE (Stone, Kentucky)


13. The Face is Familliar: The Selected Verse of Ogden [NASH] -- Nash, Texas, USA
14. [FRANKLIN] Says Sorry -- Franklin, Tennessee, USA
15. [WIMBLEDON]: A Celebration --Wimbledon, London, England, UK


1. MOUNTAIN retreat mountain, north Dakota
2. drift(WOOD) cottage Wood, West Virginia
3. CHEYENNE's lady Cheyenne Wyoming
4. return to west TEXAS Texas the state or Texas, Alabama
5. SEAVIEW inn seaview, California
6. home to SEAVIEW key for seaview, California
7. SWEET water Sweet, Idaho


24. LOUISIANA Alphabet ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

Released to LFLs, with photo:

25. The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry: Love, Laughter, and Tears in PARIS at the World's Most Famous Cooking School ( ), multiple challenges


12. INDIAns of the MESA VERDE,
13. The sHELL Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher,


22 ADVENTUREs in Correspondentland (Guyana, Tobago)
23 WIND River (Germany)
24 PUMPKIN Soup (Georgia, USA)
25 SEAbiscuit (Indonesia)
26 The Five People You Meet in HEAVEN
27 JAPAN : A Working Holiday Guide
28 Christ's Entry into BRUSSELS
29 The FRENCH Atlantic Affair (Argentina, Barbados, various states USA)
30 A HUNGER Like No Other (Germany)


16. Uncovered in [ISTANBUL]: [ANATOLIA] Steppe Mystery (Volume 2) --Istanbul, Turkey -- Anatolia, Turkey
18. [JACO]b Riis -- Jacó, Costa Rica, Central America rhyme with ME (Burkima, Faso privATE l.a. (Lima, Peru) the couple next DOor (Bosnia) WE see shapes (Cameroon) the boat RUNner (Indonesia)


8. (FIR)e Fir Colorado
9. b(RIDGE) of sighs ridge, Arkansas
8. STONEs from the RIVER stone Kansas and river Illinois
9. close to SHORE Shore, india and Lose Haiti
10. beach LANE Lane, Tennessee
11. an (AMERICA)n summer also SUMMER, new Zealand
12. dust of EDEN Eden, Kentucky
13. KANSAS city cover-up for the state and Kansas, Ohio


1. Murder in Georgetown
2. The Enchantress of Florence
3. Death in the Andamans
4. The History of Stilton Cheese (multiple challenges)


Released to LFLs, with photos:

26. A Little RUSSIAn Cookbook ( ), multiple challenges

27. We Are Not Eaten by Yaks, by C. Alexander LONDON ( ), multiple challenges


19. [HOLLYWOOD] Kids -- Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
20. Ma[DELINE] -- Deline, Northwest Territories, Canada
21. [GOLDEN] sword of Dragonwalk -- Golden, British Columbia, Canada


14. FRANCE and NEW ENGLAND, volume 3, AFRIKAnische Tragödie BROOKLYN BRIDGE Crazy MOON Das Böse unter der SONNE Das Hotel NEW HAMPSHIRE Der letzte Sommer in MAYFAIR Die Botschaft von KAMBODSCHA / The Embassy of CAMBODIA [bilingual edition] Die Jüdin von TOLEDO Die Nacht von SAN ROCCO Die ZÜRICHer Affäre Eine Messe für die Stadt ARRAS Ein König für DEUTSCHLAND Ein Tanzbär bleibt in TELGTE Flucht nach DELPHI Himmel über AFRIKA Hotel EUROPA Hunde von RIGA Im KONGO Kein Krieg in TROJA / Die Irre von CHAILLOT KYOTO Last minute LANZAROTE MOND auf dem Wasser MOON Palace Mord im ORIENTexpress Nachtzug nach LISSABON NEANDERTAL - Tal des Lebens OSTPREUßEN. Erinnerungen an ein geliebtes Land ROSEHILL The Other Face of the MOON TRIESTiner Freundschaft VIENNA (Eva Menasse)

Afrika = Africa: continent
Arras: town in France
Brooklyn Bridge: Bridge in New York, USA
Chaillot: hill in Paris, France
Delphi: historical city in Greece
Deutschland = Germany: country
Europa = Europe
Kambodscha = Cambodia: country
Kongo = Congo: river and two countries in Africa
Kyoto: city in Japan
Lanzarote: Island belonging to Spain
Lissabon: City in Portugal
Mayfair: district of London, UK
Mond = moon
Neandertal: Valley in Germany
New Hampshire: state of USA
Orient: Region of Europe and Asia
Ostpreußen = Eastern Prussia: historical region
Riga: capital of Latvia
Rosehill: various villages and hills
San Rocco: various villages and churches in Italy
Sonne = sun
Telgte: town in Germany
Toledo: city and province in Spain
Triest: city in Italy
Troja = Troy: historical city in Turkey
Vienna (Wien): city in Austria
Zürich: city in Switzerland



22. Pauline Frommer's [LAS VEGAS] - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
23. The Courage of Sarah [NOBLE] -- Noble, Oklahoma, USA
24. [CHICO]'s Challenge -- Chico, California, USA GOOD night (West Virginia)


wingstarrdustwing 2 mos ago
Release #3
3. LUCKY You – – Lucky, Pennsylvania, USA


wild release with photo

Name of the town where the story takes place


15. Joseph in EGYPT by Thomas Mann,


25. A Walk [TO RE]member -- Töre, Norrbotten County, Sweden
26. [FRANKLIN] in the Dark -- Franklin, Indiana, USA
27. The [BATTLE] for God -- Battle, Rother, East Sussex, England


9. Chasing DESTINy (Destin, Florida)
10. The Little PARIS Bookshop
11. Twelve Days of CHRISTMAS (Christmas, Florida)



wingbooklady331wing 2 mos ago
#10 - 11
10. Now is the Time to Open Your HEART -- Arkansa
11. Come the SPRING -- Spring, Texas


28. A Wreath for [RIVERA] -- Rivera, Rivera Department, Uruguay
29. The Magic D[REID]els -- Reid, Town of Gawler, South Australia


Released to LFLs, with photos:

28. A Goose in TOULOUSE ( ), multiple challenges

29. Gahan Wilson's AMERICA ( )


wingbooklady331wing 2 mos ago



34 ARCTIC Chill (New York, Rhode Island)
35 Magic School Bus : OCEAN Adventure (Maryland, North Carolina)


30. [ECHO]es From the Macabre -- Echo, Oregon, USA
31. [ISTANBUL]: Memories and the City -- Istanbul, Turkey
32. Back in Time with Benjamin [FRANKLIN] -- Franklin, Tennessee, USA


The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder -- San Luis Rey


Released to LFLs, with photos:

30. Pirate's Pantry: Treasured Recipes of Southwest LOUISIANA ( ), multiple challenges

31. AMERICA the Edible ( ), multiple challenges

32. Ten Trees and a Truffle Dog: Sniffing Out the Perfect Plot in PROVENCE ( ), multiple challenges


34. The Assassins of [ROME]
35. [CLAY] Things, Play Things! -- Clay, New York, USA


33. G is for Golden Boy: A MANITOBA Alphabet ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


36. The Tailor of [GLOUCESTER] -- Gloucester, England, UK
37. Bones to [ASH]es -- Ash, Surrey, England UK
38. The Tailor of [GLOUCESTER] -- Gloucester, England, UK


wild releases with photos

3. The Man from BEIJING -
4. CHINA Run -




5. The Birth of Venus (TX)


39. A Picnic with [MON]et -- Mon, Zealand Region, Denmark
40. Two Girls of [GETTYSBURG] -- Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
41. Abraham [LINCOLN] -- Lincoln, Nebraska, USA


39. A Picnic with [MON]et -- Mon, Zealand Region, Denmark

I guess you mean the island in Sjælland region named Møn?

The letter Ø isn't really a variant of O but considered a different character in danish - although it might be common to replace it with an O if a charset or keyboard fails to provide the Ø.

(I know a bit about the nordic languages, so I guess I'm kind of sensitive there ;) )


39. A Picnic with [MON]et -- Mon, Zealand Region, Denmark

I guess you mean the island in Sjælland region named Møn?

The letter Ø isn't really a variant of O but considered a different character in danish - although it might be common to replace it with an O if a charset or keyboard fails to provide the Ø.

(I know a bit about the nordic languages, so I guess I'm kind of sensitive there ;) )

No problem. I just replaced my #39 with another qualifying book. Thanks for the information, though.


(I know a bit about the nordic languages, so I guess I'm kind of sensitive there ;) )

No problem. I'll just replace it with another qualifying book. Thanks for the information, though.

No problem, just do as you please. People are playing this challenge with different rules anyway (myself I'd not count that book because the "place" is not actually supposed to be one in the actual title).

Since you use "embedded" letter sequences, you'll probably find another place to make the same book qualifying easily enough anyway ;) Just mind that the suspected shortest village name in the world isn't "A" either, it's "Å" ;-)

For people who haven*t grown up with the various variants of the latin alphabet, it might be an interesting fact that English and Latin are probably the only larger european languages which stick to the 26 letter base alphabet. Also, that not every language considers letters with diacritics being "just variants" of the respective base letter. For example, in German the Ö is not considered a variant of O, but of the sequence OE, meaning that traditionally it's sorted together with OE (i.e. between OD and OF). The same letter in the nordic languages (e.g. Swedish) is considered a whole unique letter - being the 29th and last letter of the alphabet which ends with: ... Y Z Ä Å Ö.

It's probably mostly the hard technical limitations of typewriters and early computers, and still those of modern keyboard layouts why it became common to simply ignore diacritics. However, modern operating systems are all capable of using Unicode today, so at least the internal limitations have been lifted.

(P.S.: I admit that I ignore diacritics from time to time myself when registering books, since although my keyboard layout allows me to reach a good amount of non-base characters easily, some mostly eastern european ones are still quite complicated to include.)


I really like this information about the diacritics. I am using going to avoid using the Ø, but I'll continue to use any Spanish letter with an accent mark except for the ñ because I know it's a different letter than the n. Anyway, please speak up, if you find any more errors. I think the fun is in the chase, and I don't mind any of my books being disqualified. I run a reading challenge on LibraryThing and do not hesitate to disqualify
any book I don't think belongs in the challenge that I host! :D
because the "place" is not actually supposed to be one in the actual title

Really? Is that a rule for this challenge, or your own rule?



because the "place" is not actually supposed to be one in the actual title

Really? Is that a rule for this challenge, or your own rule?

It's my own "rule", and I thought I made clear that I wouldn't count that book myself but this won't mean anything for anyone else. Play the game as you like as long as it's within the global rules. I decided to play only a part of it (and I have reasons why I don't want to play the rest), but that shouldn't mean anything for anyone else.

Well, let me put it that way: I really like a challenge that is about place names. So I want to do a challenge that is about place names. But I don't think that the fact that a word shares a sequence of letters with some random place name somewhere in the world makes this word a place name. A carcass is neither a car nor an arc, not even an ass although it might have one.

There are so many, also so many short, place names in the world that it's probably possible to match almost every title to one of them if you try hard enough. So the challenge basically boils down to matching random letter sequences from the title to random letter sequences from a list of place names, while there is nothing in the title which is in any way connected to geography.

Well. Usually, when I see a challenge in the challenge forum, I read the rules until I see the point "embedded words are allowed", then I close the thread and never open it again. The main reason is, as explained above, that matching letter sequences to random titles is IMHO something entirely different than finding titles matching a specific theme (and I kind of dislike stuff that claims to be something different than it actually is). The other reason is that it's too much language-dependent for my taste. Languages are different in letter sequence variety, in the actual character set, and in how many short words there are. In one of the first challenges I took part years ago, which was about plant names, someone was lucky that in his language (neither english nor german) there was one two-letter plant name which, additionally to ocurring rather often within words, matched an equivalent of "the". There was a prize, but nobody else had the slightest chance of winning. Seeing these endless lists of identical matches felt like cheating to me, was both boring and frustrating, and convinced me that embedded words are not such a great idea.

However, I learned that most people here seem to like embedded words, and they have become standard for challenges. I don't like them so I usually stay out of the challenges.

I had joined this challenge many years ago, before I had made up my mind about this, and I don't want to miss it as I still like the search for place names very much. There is nothing to win anyway (for me, at least). Well, and my narrowed rules are still a subset of the official rules, so everything is fine, isn't it?


Sure. All is fine. I LOVE challenges with embedded words. In fact, that's what I'm liking most about this challenge. It's also the fact that I'm learning so many place names just from trying out random sets of letters. I just wanted to be sure that I wasn't going against actual challenge rules as I've never done this challenge before.

Again, in the challenge I host on LibraryThing, I encourage others to look for embedded words and be SURE to use them for my challenges. Others who offer to host challenges there with me, prohibit use of embedded words. So here I want to play by the most global rules, but not do anything prohibited by them.

A peek at the TIOLI challenges I host on LibraryThing. :D


39. Take Me Out of the [BATH]tub and Other Silly Dilly
Songs -- Bath, Somerset, England, UK
40. Two Girls of [GETTYSBURG] -- Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
41. Abraham [LINCOLN] -- Lincoln, Nebraska, USA


34. SPOON RIVER Anthology ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

35. 2-Rabbit, 7-Wind: Poems from Ancient MEXICO Retold From Nahuatl Texts ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

36. The Essential Library for Irish-AMERICAns ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


wingNancyNovawing 2 mos ago
release 14
14. shopaholic ties the k(NOT) for not, missouri DEUTSCHLAND einig Deppenland Die Toten von SANTA CLARA Lady SUNshine und Mister MOON Mit Opa am CANAL GRANDE NIPPON Connection Rückkehr nach AFRIKA Traumland AFRIKA

Afrika = Africa
Canal(e) Grande: Body of water in Venice, Italy
Deutschland = Germany
Nippon = Japan
Santa Clara = various, here: Suburb of Sevilla, Spain


36 Bambi: RAIN & Shine (Germany, Austria)
37 Tom Clancy's Net Force: POINT of Impact (Germany, Jamaica, USA)
38 CHAIN Letter 2 (Venezuala, USA, Spain)
39 Under the Banner of HEAVEN
40 BEIJING Tai Tai
41 Hello DUBAI
42 ARCTIC Chill (New York, Rhode Island) - second copy
43 The CHALK Circle Man (Texas, USA)
44 Close RANGE (various states USA)
45 365 Ways to CHANGE the World (France)
46 SAY It With Feeling (France, Niger, Paraguay)
47 Great AUSTRALIAn Journeys
48 The 5th WAVE (Arkansas, USA)
49 MANHATTAN Nocturne
50 The Woman From BRATISLAVA


43. The Missing 'Gator of Gum[BO LI]mbo -- Boli, Heilongjiang, China
44. Otherwise Known as Sh[EILA T]he Great (Eilat, Israel)



There is a link in the JE for any places that I had to look up:

1 - BILLY the Fish

2 - ABRAM's Daughers # 2: The Betrayal [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

3 - Proof of HEAVEN: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

4 - NIGHt's Touch

5 - NEW ORLEANS Beat: A Skip Langdon Novel

6 - West of EDEN

7 - WYOMING Bride

8 - The PARIS Vendetta

9 - The 12 Secrets of HIGHly Creative Women [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

10 - T[HE] Edible Woman

11 - Madonnas of LENINGRAD

12 - EaTING Animals

13 - Great Irish Drinking S[TORI]es

14 - B[READ] Machine: How to Prepare and Bake the Perfect Loaf

15 - Trouble RIVER

16 - Real Irish COOKery

17 - Hermit's PEAK: A Kevin Kerney Novel

18 - Passenger to FRANKFURT

19 - A LITTLE Irish Cookbook

20 - ESPecially for a Woman

21 - Irish GOLD

22 - In Pursuit of ELIZA Cynster

23 - The EARL's Mistress

24 - Wild Animal BABY

25 - WILd, WILd Wolves



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