December "Christmas" (and the other december holidays) release challenge

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This is the December "Christmas" seasonal holiday release challenge

The brief 2018 rules:
❄ This challenge runs from December 1st to December 25th.
❄ The books must depict Christmas or other December seasonal holiday, such as Kwanzaa or Chanukah, in some way – in the title, on the cover picture or the setting of the book.
❄ Any type of release will count – wild, OBCZ, LFL or controlled.

No established prized or anything, just for the fun of it. Let’s see how many we can release this year!
I'm moving in just start posting here. I'll be checking in (and releasing) off and on as my time permits.



I just realised that I hadn't seen this year's Christmas challenge so went looking for it. You must have slipped under my radar!



Released to several new-to-me LFLs, with photos:

1. Regency CHRISTMAS Wishes ( ), multiple challenges

2. I Spy CHRISTMAS ( ), multiple challenges

3. The GINGERBREAD Pirates ( ), multiple challenges; has a Christmas setting and cover

4. A Time-Travel CHRISTMAS ( ), multiple challenges

5. Poofin: The Cloud that Cried CHRISTMAS ( )




Good to "see" you SCOUT-FINCH!!! 😉 I Love this Challenge, too...and do have a few books to release for it during December. CONGRATULATIONS on your new LFL!!! 😊 Let me know if you need any books to stock it, & which genres would be best for your area.



I'll have a few "Christmas" to release, and will look for some others, as well. 😉

I'm moving in December....
Yeppers...this was where it was, NancyNova!!! 😁


1. Christmas--An Annual Treasury,


tomato68 2 yrs ago
Release 1
1. The Spirit of CHRISTMAS



Released to Little Free Libraries, with photos:

6. Thread the Halls ( ), for Christmas setting and cover-art

7. Bear Stays Up For CHRISTMAS ( ), multiple challenges




8. Six Geese A-Slaying ( ), for the Christmas setting and the goose-in-Santa-hat on the cover; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.



wild releases with photos

I think this is all I have for the moment; we'll see if I come up with any more!

1. I'll Be Home for CHRISTMAS -
2. All I Want for CHRISTMAS -
3. Wishes for CHRISTMAS -



9. How the Finch Stole CHRISTMAS ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

10. Desert December ( ), for its Christmas setting; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


11. YULE Be Dead ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

12. The MISTLETOE Murder and Other Stories ( ), with a Christmas setting and cover-art; controlled release.


wingBasculawing 2 yrs ago


Released to local Little Free Libraries, with photos:

13. Barrel Fever ( ), for holiday-themed stories including "Santaland Diaries"; multiple challenges

14. Sammy Spider's First HANUKKAH ( ), multiple challenges


wingBasculawing 2 yrs ago
3. Angels at the Table: A Christmas Novel.


JessicaEby 2 yrs ago
I just saw this thread in the Release Challenges Forum while looking for the 52 Towns thread. I didn't know about this challenge before, but I have recently done two releases that fit the category:

1. "Feast of Lights" was released at a holiday lights display on the first night of Hanukkah, 2 December. It was journalled by an AF on the 6th. The action of the book takes place over the 8 days of Hanukkah, and the cover depicts a teenage girl looking at a fully lit hanukkiah.

2. "The Night Before Christmas and Other Holiday Tales" was released at another holiday lights display on 9 December.


❄ The books must depict Christmas or other December seasonal holiday, such as Kwanzaa or Chanukah, in some way – in the title, on the cover picture or the setting of the book.

What about fiction-inspired holidays like Festivus (Seinfeld) and Hogswatch (Terry Pratchett's Discworld)? (I confess to not having read Hogfather yet, but it's on one of my TBR stacks.)

I know author Seanan McGuire is doing a "Thirteen Days of Hogswatch" set of giveaways, which could be considered celebrating the holiday...


Hogswatch (Terry Pratchett's Discworld)? (I confess to not having read Hogfather yet, but it's on one of my TBR stacks.)

In the past I've released copies of Hogfather for this challenge - it's so obviously based on actual winter holidays, from Dickensian Christmas to ancient Yule, that it seems a perfect fit. And some editions have a Hogfather-in-Santa-Hat on the cover {wry grin}. That reminds me that I haven't released a copy *this* year - will have to remedy that... It is an excellent book, btw, one of my favorites from the always-wonderful Discworld series, funny and touching and awesome by turns.


And some editions have a Hogfather-in-Santa-Hat on the cover {wry grin}.

Yes, that's what my copy has, so I'm thinking it could work for the hat alone...if I get it read in time.


thanks for answering for me.


15. Irving Berlin's White CHRISTMAS ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


The Shepherd, the Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog



Train Tracks: Family Stories for the Holidays


1. All About Hanukkah
2. Mrs. Scrooge (multiple challenges)
3. A Child’s Christmas in Wales (multiple challenges)
4. A Blue Dog Christmas (multiple challenges)
5. The Heart and Home of Christmas (multiple challenges)
6. Latkes and Applesauce: A Hanukkah Story
7. A Christmas Memory (multiple challenges)



16. The Brick Testament: The Story of CHRISTMAS ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

17. A Darcy CHRISTMAS ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

18. YULE Do Nicely ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


15 Fairytale For CHRISTMAS
16 Just an Orange for CHRISTMAS
17 The National Trust Book of CHRISTMAS and Festive Day Recipes


19. The Latke in the Library and Other Mystery Stories for CHANUKAH ( ), wild release.

20. The YULE Lads ( ), controlled release.


tomato68 2 yrs ago
Release 2


1. " Sugar Cookie Murder"
" A Hannah Swenson HOLIDAY Mystery with Recipes"



21. A Cup of CHRISTMAS Tea ( ), controlled release, multiple challenges.


5. The Twelve Teas of Christmas,
6. Home for Christmas,



A Christmas Carol (miniature edition)




angels come at Christmas!


7. God's Message of Christmas Love,
8. Christmas in the Manger,


19 Deck the Halls
20 A Star Over BETHLEHEM
21 The Cowboy SEAL's JINGLE BELL Baby / A Montana CHRISTMAS Reunion
22 The Billionaire Who Bought CHRISTMAS
23 A Family This CHRISTMAS


22. Dorothy Claes and the Prowl of the YULE Cat ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

Released to Little Free Libraries, with photos:

23. Classic Winter Holiday Tales ( ), multiple challenges.



24. Wish Upon a WINTER SOLSTICE ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

25. Warm Up Your Winter: HOLIDAY Hot Chocolate and Cider Recipes ( ), wild release, photo.


3. The Best CHRISTMAS Pageant Ever
4. A Letter to SANTA


1. The Snowman, by Raymond Briggs.


26. Three Wise Cats: A CHRISTMAS Story ( ), wild release, photo.


tomato68 2 yrs ago
Release 5
5. SANTA'S Sleigh Is on Its Way to Minnesota


27. The CHRISTMAS Cat ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


8. An Ellis Island Christmas (multiple challenges)
9. The Magic Dreidels: A Hanukkah Story (multiple challenges)
10. Little Red Ruthie: A Hanukkah Tale (multiple challenges)
11. The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas (multiple challenges)
12. Boy of the Bells
13. AlphaZoo Christmas (multiple challenges)
14. Cat’s Christmas (multiple challenges)
15. Knit the Season
16. Santa Paws, Come Home
17. One Snowy Night
18. Kitten in the Cold
19. Santa’s Favorite Story
20. ‘Tis the Season
21. It Happened at Christmas (multiple challenges)
22. The Night Before Christmas (multiple challenges)
23. The Illustrated Christmas Cracker (multiple challenges)
24. A Christmas Carol (multiple challenges)
25. An Elf’s Fairy Tale
26. On Christmas Eve (multiple challenges)
27. Is That You, Santa?
28. Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the Reindeer
29. Christmas Tales (multiple challenges)
30. Wake Up Bear, It’s Christmas! (multiple challenges)
31. Seven Candles for Kwanzaa (multiple challenges)


Esther's Gift - A Mitford Christmas Story


30 Deck the Halls
31 Coming Home For CHRISTMAS
32 SANTA Cruise
33 Greek Doctor : One Magical CHRISTMAS
34 The Tycoon's CHRISTMAS Proposal
35 CHRISTMAS Spirit / CHRISTMAS Awakening
36 Snag : I'm Dreaming of a Right CHRISTMAS
38 Ten Tales of CHRISTMAS
39 Poems for CHRISTMAS
40 CHRISTMAS in Texas / A Cowboy's CHRISTMAS Wedding



11. The Stable where Jesus was born,


tomato68 2 yrs ago
Release 6



32. Hanukkah Bear
33. Santa’s Workshop
34. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (multiple challenges)
35. Gingerbread Mouse
36. Winnie The Pooh’s Stories for Christmas (multiple challenges)
37. The Night Before Christmas (multiple challenges)


3. Ghost Stories of Christmas, released in a lovely little gazebo with twinkle lights and a beautiful Christmas tree! (The book is in the background of the photo; it's in a blue bag on the bench at the right side of the picture)



wild release with photo

4. The Twelve Terrors of CHRISTMAS -


38. Martine La Nuit de Noel (multiple challenges)
39. The Secret Journey of the Silver Reindeer
40. La Souris qui revait de rencontrer le pere noel
41. The Snow Tree
42. The Night Before Christmas (multiple challenges)
43. Bear and Katie in A Day At Nestlenook Farm (a Special Christmas) (multiple challenges)
44. Christmas (shaped Board Book) (multiple challenges)
45. Is It Hanukkah Yet?
46. The After-Christmas Tree (multiple challenges)
47. Death, Snow, and Mistletoe (multiple challenges)
48. The Golden Christmas Tree (multiple challenges)
49. The Night Before Christmas Board Book (multiple challenges)
50. A Christmas Gathering (multiple challenges)
51. Hamlet Trims His Tree
52. The Christmas Blizzard (multiple challenges)
53. Ernest’s Special Christmas (multiple challenges)
54. A Visit from St. Nicholas and Santa Mouse, too! (multiple challenges)
55. A Christmas Cat’s Tale (multiple challenges)
56. The Night Before Cat-Mas (multiple challenges)
57. The Christmas Blizzard (multiple challenges)



28. Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners ( ), for its annual-Christmas-letter theme; wild release, photo. [Caught!]



29. Terry Pratchett's Hogfather ( ), for its Christmas-equivalent theme - and the Santa-hat that Death is wearing on the cover; multiple challenges, photo.

And that's it for me for this year; thanks for the challenge!



9. True Love at Silver Creek Ranch
10. Christmas Letters by Debbie Macomber
11. Sarah's Song -- part of the Christmas series
12. Where Angels Fear to Tread


Released on time. Posted late.

1 - An Amish Family CHRISTMAS: A Charmed Amish Life CHRISTMAS Novel [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

2 - The CHRISTMAS Quiet Book

3 - The Doggonest CHRISTMAS

4 - Mary Engelbreit's CHRISTMAS Companion: The Mary Engelbreit Look and How to Get It

5 - My Special CHRISTMAS Adventure

6 - A Scented CHRISTMAS

7 - Seven Candles for KWANZAA

8 - HO-HO HOmicide [decorated Christmas tree on the cover]

9 - The Return of SANTA Paws

10 - I'll Be Home for CHRISTMAS: A Twilight, Texas Novel

11 - The CHRISTMAS Cookie Club

12 - Home for CHRISTMAS

13 - Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo: A Katie Kazoo CHRISTMAS

14 - Love Inspired: Home for the HOLIDAYS

15 - ANGEL

16 - SANTA Paws on CHRISTMAS Island

17 - A Catered CHRISTMAS Cookie Exchange: A Mystery with Recipes

18 - The CHRISTMAS Room

~ the end ~

Thanks for a fun Challenge.


wild release with photo

5. A Midnight Clear -


Gingerbread Mouse
Winnie The Pooh's Stories for Christmas


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