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What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. -William Shakespeare

The idea of this challenge is to release books with a name in the title. Here are the rules:

The Rules:

-The challenge will start on December 1st in your time zone and run until midnight December 31st

- First names only. For example, Rebecca's Tale or Onion John.

- Surnames do not count unless attached to a first name. For example, the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes would count, but Madame Bovary would not. However, surnames that could be first names (such as Taylor or Rogers) would be acceptable.

- Names CAN be embedded. For example, Acts of M(Alice)

- Please, no pet/animal names like rover or snowball. Human names only (and yes, I know that some animals are given names like Rex or Walter. Those, obviously, would count)

- Any kind of release will count (wild or controlled). Multiple challenge releases are welcome!

- books of baby names will also count for this challenge

Here is a rundown of what I consider acceptable names:

If you can find it on a baby name site or in a baby name book (be prepared to prove it), it will be acceptable. Baby names can be ANY language or origin, as long as you can find it on a baby name site or in a baby name book. I suggest http://www.babynames.com/

I will also accept any first name of a book's character no matter how strange as long as it is IN the TITLE, SUBTITLE, or SERIES TITLE of the book. Also, the character must appear IN that book and the book must be fictional. For example: "Bilbo's Last Song". Bilbo is probably not going to be found as a baby name, but it IS the first name of the character in the story (Bilbo Baggins).

Names from antiquity that would not necessarily found in a book of baby names (such as the Greek names Perseus or Theseus) will also count. As will names of deities (not fictional deities, however. They must have been worshiped by some actual humans at some point in history).

Good luck and Good releasing!


Awesome! I have a shelf of these that I've been saving!



I have a perpetual pile of "name" books!


wingbooklady331wing 2 yrs ago
Add me
I have some saved. Thanks



spazcat 2 yrs ago
I'm in, too.
Have a bunch with "Chris!"



Been much to long since I've taken part in Challenges & Sweeps.


Can't wait!


Thank you for hosting, DragonGoddess!!! ; )


Hello to everyone that's joined so far. Less than a month to go, so get those books labeled and ready for release!


Do you have those books ready to go? You may start releasing as soon as it is December 1st in your time zone. Post your releases here. Good luck and good releasing!


Do you have those books ready to go?
I DO...I DO, as a few of my unreleased TICK TOCK books DO work because you are accepting embedded names, too...THANK YOU!!! 😉



1 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301439/ A Fortune's Children CHRIStmas
2 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301444/ Rescuing CHRIStmas
3 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301448/ A Sixpenny CHRIStmas
4 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301451/ The CHRIStmas Wedding
5 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301455/ An Aussie Day Before CHRIStmas
6 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301458/ Educating PETER
7 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301463/ DANIEL O'Donnell: My Story
8 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301468/ Seeking ROBINSON Crusoe
9 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301474/ JOE's War
10 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301479/ DAVID Blunkett
11 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301480/ MARY MacKillop's Sisters
12 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301490/ As Used on the Famous NELSON Mandela

Also released a copy of Gulliver's Travels. It wasn't until after releasing the book that I did a bit of research and discovered that the main character's full name was actually Lemuel Gulliver. So, in this case, Gulliver's a surname and doesn't count!


Also released a copy of Gulliver's Travels. It wasn't until after releasing the book that I did a bit of research and discovered that the main character's full name was actually Lemuel Gulliver. So, in this case, Gulliver's a surname and doesn't count!

While this is true, Gulliver is in my book of baby names. So is Ave which is imbeded in Travels. So it counts!


1. ERIC's Body ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14610082 ), wild release, photo.

Released to several new-to-me LFLs, with photos:

2. Lady ANNE's Dangerous Man ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14938881 ), multiple challenges

3. Regency CHRIStmas Wishes ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15269661 ), multiple challenges

4. I Spy CHRIStmas ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15296944 ), multiple challenges

5. REBECCA ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15202616 ), multiple challenges

6. The GINGERbread Pirates ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15296946 ), multiple challenges

7. A TIMe-Travel CHRIStmas ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15202609 ), multiple challenges


wingMaranlinwing 2 yrs ago
Release #1




1. [WINNIE]-the-Pooh [AN]d the [H(ON)EY] [PATCH] (also: PAT)
2. [ABBY] Takes a [STAN]d (also: AN)
3.The [LION], the Witch [AN]d the [WARD][ROB]e (also: ON)



1. CHRIStmas--An Annual Treasury, https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14951515


4. Intui[TI][ON]
5. The Lords of Discip[(LI)N]e
6. A [BLESSING] [ON] the [(MO)(ON)] (also: LES, LE)
7. The [MO][OR]'s Account


Joan https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15306188 Dear Joan: Love Letters From the Second World War
Flo https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15306190 The Well of Lost Plots
Hew and Chester https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15306179 The Warden: The Barchester Chronicles.
Percy https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311215 A Pug Like Percy
Holly https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15202700 No Holly for Miss Quinn
Chris https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15202693 A Vegetarian Christmas


8. He Di[ED] with a Felafe[L IN] His H[AN]d
9. [ROCKY] [MO]un[TAI]n [NAT]ion[AL] [PARK] (also: ROCK, TI)
10. Silly [WILLY] (also: WILL)
11. In Their Own Words: [HARRIET] Tubm[AN]





10. The AMBER Room https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15278301
11. The Night They Stole the STANLEY Cup https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15278299
12. The AMBER Spyglass https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15278301
13. REBEKAH: Woman of Genesis https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15277395
14. RALPH S. Mouse https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15278305 (Neat Pic)
15. TARZAN and the Madman https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15279289
16. THEODORE Boone Young Lawyer https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15279289
17. CHARLEY's Web https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15276304
18. REBECCA of Sunnybrook Farm https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15276304
19. Fireside AL https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15278286
20. Case-Book of SHERLOCK Holmes https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15278280
21.KIMBERLY and the Captives https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15278259
22. The Book of EBENEEZER Le Page https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15276296
23. JANE Eyre https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15278283
24. HENRY McGee is not Dead https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15277396
25. Mrs. JEFFries Takes Tea at Three https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15279602
26. ELLEN's Secret https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15278257
27. A Horse for JOSIE Moon https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15278296
28. SHERLOCK Holmes & The Telephone Murder Mystery https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322576
29. A GARFIELD Christmas https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15288352
30. GARFIELD Rounds Out https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15288354
31. CHRIStmas Tales https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322580
32. The CHRISmas Train https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322581
33. Odessa Sea A DIRK Pitt Novel https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322592
34. VALIANT Dog of the Timberline https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322593
35. CHRIStmas in Cowboy Country https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322603
36. a Cat's CHRIStmas https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322606
37. Worst NOEL Hellish Holiday Tales https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322612
38. 39. T(RAIN) from MARIETTA https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322615
40. Dr. DAVE's Stallside Manner https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322618
41. DRAGON Teeth https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322621
42. Our Cup of TEA https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15325689
43.44 NORTH to Yester(DAY) https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15325698
45. SAVAge Rendezvous https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15325704
46.47 CHEYENNE RENEgade Siege https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15325706
48. Brother WIND https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15325708
49. The Horse WHISPERer https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15325778
50. The Happiest CHRIStmas https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15325779
51. The Hedgehogs/ CHRIStmas Tree https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15325780
52. THOMAS' Opposites Book https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15325782
53. BILLarooby https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15329534

*54. The ROSEwood Casket https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15329535 CAUGHT!

55. Boy SHERLOCK Holmes Eye of the Crow https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15291703
56. SEBASTIAN Tale of a Curious Kitten https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15284646
57. 58.59.THOMAS and the SHADOWy NIGHT https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15329536
60.61. The Spy: An ISAAC BELL Adventure https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15329537
62. The Hunger G(AMES) https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15329538
63.64. Dust to Dust A DIANE FALLON Forensic Investigation https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15330192 -->Caught!
65. THOMAS & Friends: A Crack in the Track https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15330195
66. SHANE https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15276301
67. QUINCY https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15278255
68.69. JOJO and the MAGIC trick https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15281928
70. Between a ROCK and a Hard Place https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15331571
71. TAI-Pan https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15331573

That's it for me! It's been fun. Thanks for hosting.


13 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302889/ MISCHIEF the Elf (Mischief is the main charachter's name)
14 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302892/ RUDOLPH Falls Asleep
15 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302901/ A Baby By CHRIStmas
16 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302908/ CORDUROY's CHRIStmas
17 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302914/ ANNE Frank : The Biography
18 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302917/ Following HO CHI MINH
19 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302931/ Finding NINO
20 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302940/ Mister PIP
21 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302943/ On the Trail of GENGHIS Khan
22 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302949/ Nothing Bad Ever Happens in TIFFANY's


Released to Little Free Libraries, with photos:

8. EDWARD Hopper ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15303179/ )

9. Bear Stays Up For CHRIStmas ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15123581/ ), multiple challenges

10. The ART of Racing in the Rain ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15202521/ )

11. LUCREZIA Borgia ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15202420/ )


1. Twice Upon A [TIM]e by Lois Richer

2. The F[AL]l of [SHANE] [MAC]kade (Mackade Brothers)

3. [TOM]orrow's Promise by Sandra Brown

4. Deep, Dark & [DAN]gerous by Jaid Black

5. [LUKE]: Arm[ED] and [DAN]gerous #2 by Cheyenne McCray

6. The W[ED]ding In White by Diana Palmer

7. Bachelor [PRINCE] (Silhouette Romance, No 1012) by Debbie Macomber

8. De[CAD]ent (Wicked Lovers #2) by Shayla Black


23 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14314492/ ALICE in Wonderland
24 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15307238/ Spot's First CHRIStmas
25 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15307239/ Baby's First CHRIStmas
26 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15307240/ Major BARBARA
27 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15307242/ The Cat Who Came For CHRIStmas
28 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15307243/ Who Do You Think You Are... MICHAEL Schumacher?
29 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15307244/ A Lawman's CHRIStmas
30 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15307245/ The Picture of DORIAN Gray


12. [BEN]eath the Skin
13. Uno [BLUE] Rib[BO]n [BEA]g[LE] (also: ON)
14. The [LI]tt[(LE)S] to the Rescue
15. [THE A]uto[BI]ography of [ALICE] B. Toklas (also: ALI, AL, LI)
16. [CHRIS]tmas with [KATHE] Wohlf[ART] (also: KAT)


12. HELEN Keller ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15296966 ), wild release, photo.

13. BRENDA and EFFIE Forever! ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15164974 ), wild release, photo.


17. [WINTER]'s He[ART]
18. [KIM]'s [BI]g Mess
19. We are Pain[TING] (also: TI)
20. [PRINCE] [CAS][PIA]n (also: IAN, AN)


1. BELLE the Birthday Fairy - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15298195 [photo]
2. CLAIRE DeWitt and the City oft the Dead - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15291863/
3. JEWEL - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15308995 [photo]
4. The Education of DIXIE Dupree - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309059
5. The Girls of AUGUST - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309049/
6. C[ROSS]ing the Equator - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309085 [photo]
7. Z is for ZACHARIAH - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309024 [photo]
8. The JEWEL Fairies Collection - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309032/ [photo]
9. The ROSIE Project - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309273?...


4. http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13818443 The Narrow Road to the Deep NORTH
5. http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13726404 The L[AN]guage of Flowers
6. http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15178807 Demolition ANGEL


21. [DONALD] [AN]d the Loch Ness [MO]nster (also: DON, ON x2)
22. The First [CAS]u[AL]ty
23. Where Is [NAT]?
24. [CADDIE] [WOOD]lawn (also: ADDIE)
25. W[HAL]es, Dolphins and Sharks (also: AL, LE. LES)
26. When I am [BI]g


wild releases with photos:

1. CLIFFORD the Big RED Dog (Clifford, Ed) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302426
2. I'll Be Home for CHRISmas (Chris) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302555
3. ALl I Want for CHRIStmas (Al, Chris) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302552
4. Wishes for CHRIStmas (Chris) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302553

For what it's worth, I've also known someone named Mas (in this case, short for Masayoshi: http://obits.staradvertiser.com/---/masayoshi-wakai/ )

controlled release:

5. EVEry HeART a Doorway (Eve, Art) - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15303589




1. WonDERKinderen: https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14280362 (Derk is a Dutch boys name)





14. How the Finch Stole CHRIStmas ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15202553 ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

15. Letters From VINNIE ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15123617 ), wild release, photo.

16. Lord DARCY ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15306215 ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.



27. [HARRIET], You'll Drive Me Wild!
29. [CLIFFORD] [AN]d the Jet (also: CLIFF, FORD)
30. [ELMO] Says, A[CHO]o! (also: MO]
31. [ETHAN]'s [BI]ke
32. Play with [BLUE]
33. Pasta [AN]d Rice I[TAL]i[AN] Sty[LE] (also: LIA, LIAN, AL, ALI, ITA, TALIA, LI, IAN, ITALIA)


10. pRAYing the Names of Jesus -- RAY, JESUS
11. pRAYing the Names of Jesus -- RAY, JESUS
12. pRAYing the Names of Jesus -- RAY, JESUS


17. ROSEMARY ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15306228/ ), wild release, photo.

18. The liKENess ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15306273/ ), controlled release.

19. broKEN Homes ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15202562/ ), controlled release.

20. The Fantasy Worlds of PETER Stone ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14818681/ ), wild release, photo.


wingMaranlinwing 2 yrs ago
Release #4



Released to local Little Free Libraries, with photos:

21. mADAMe Bovary ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15066870/ ), multiple challenges

22. SAMMY Spider's First Hanukkah ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311674/ ), multiple challenges

23. Barrel fEVEr ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/11665226/ ), multiple challenges

24. ABIGAIL Adams ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15296930/ )


34. H[ON]o[LULU]
35. Staying a[FLO]at
36. [TI]shomingo [BLUE]s
37. It's a [MYSTERY], [CHARLIE] [BROWN] (also: LI, SAM)
38. The Unl[IKE]ly Pilgrimage of [HAROLD] Fry (also: ELY, LI)
39. [LOVE] S[ON]g


40. The [NIGHT] Before the [NIGHT] Before [CHRIS]tmas
41. The Voyage of the [DAWN] T[READ]er (also: REA)
42. The [MAGIC] of [CHRIS]tmas
43. The Penguin Who W[AN][TED] To Be Diffe[REN]t
44. A [CHRIS]tmas [CAROL]
45. Where Is [NAT]?


25. IRVING Berlin's White CHRIStmas ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15303403/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

26. ANDRÉ-MARIE Ampère ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15306223/ ), wild release, photo.


46. [HARRY] [POTTER] [AN]d the Sorcerer's [STONE] (also: ON)
47. For the Sake of [ELENA] (also: ELEN, LENA, LEN, ENA, LE)
48. [SANTA] Paws, Come Home (also: AN)
49. The 12th P[LANE]t (also: LAN, AN)
50. [LI]feburst



1, https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12587240/ Jack Russell and His Terriers (multiple challenges
2. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15292474/ Amos & Boris
3. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309030/ A Child’s CHRIStmas in Wales (multiple challenges)
4. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309044/ A Blue Dog CHRIStmas (multiple challenges)
5. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309072/ The Heart and Home of CHRIStmas (multiple challenges)
6. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311678/ Henrietta and the Golden Eggs
7. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311682/ Emily Dickinson’s Letters to the World (multiple challenges)
8. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12767212/ A CHRIStmas Memory (multiple challenges)


27. The bRICK Testament: The Story of CHRIStmas ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15313696/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

28. A DARCY CHRIStmas ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15313656/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


33 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15314601/ Fairytale for CHRIStmas
34 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15314607/ Just an Orange for CHRIStmas
35 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15314617/ NAOMI's Story
36 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15314627/ EDDIE's Bastard
37 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15315026/ The Truth About CELIA Frost
38 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15315029/ The National Trust Book of CHRIStmas and Festive Day Recipes


51. Eight Jolly [REI]n[DEE]r
52. My S[ON]g Is [BEAU]tiful (also: BEA]
53. Wri[TI]ng Down the [BO]nes (also: ON)
54. [CLAY] Things, Play Things!
55. [XAVIER]'s F[AN]tastic Discovery (also: AVI)


21. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309254/ - ASHLEY and the Dollmaker
22. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15314948/ - JILLY's Terrible Temper Tantrums...
23. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15314944/ - The PRINCESS and the Pea
24. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15314966/ - OSCAR's Lonely Christmas
25. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15308072/ - Cousin BETTE (photo)
26. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309236/ - Just Fine with CAROLINE (photo)
27. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311266/ - HANK Zipzer Got a D...
28. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311263/ - HANK Zipzer Summer School
29. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311260/ - MARVIN Redpost Super Fast...
30. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311257/ - MARVIN Redpost Why Pick On Me
31. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311246/ - Missing MAY
32. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309272/ - ANNA (photo)
33. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15310354/ - The Irresistible HENRY House (photo)
34. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15313831/ - The Memoirs of MARY Queen of Scots (photo)
35. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15312512/ - Needles and PEARLs (photo)
36. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15312511/ - DARA Palmer's Major Drama (photo)
37. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15310549/ - BRANDed Hearts (photo)
38. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15310409/ - Fancy NANCY (photo)
39. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311252/ - The Story of ANNIE Sullivan (photo)
40. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15310427/ - MISTY of Chincoteague (photo)
41. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15310426/ - Horrible HARRY and the Ant Invasion (photo)
42. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15310424/ - I Am SACAGAWEA (photo)
43. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15310422/ - SAMMY Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy (photo)
44. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15298176/ - ALICE on Her Way (photo)
45. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15298168/ - Dangerously ALICE (photo)
46. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15309236/ - Just Fine With CAROLINE (photo)
47. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15315055/ - From Sand and ASH
48. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15315053/ - MARLEY and Me
49. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15315046/ - BEN & JERRYS Homemade Ice Cream
50. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15315054/ - The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other S[TORI]es


CA-WKW 2 yrs ago
Names 1-3
#1 A Man Called OVE https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15269650/
#2 In Search of J.D. SALINGER https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15174729
#3 The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town AmERICA


I have a copy of A Man Called Ove that I've been carrying around with me for two weeks for this challenge! The problem is that I still haven't read it and I really want to get it read before releasing it. :)


29. Yo, MILLARD Fillmore! ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15296934/ ), wild release, photo.


51. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15308120/ - JEWEL
52. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15315058/ - MICHELLE The Substitute Teacher (photo)
53. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15315057/ - HARRY Potter and the Scorcerer's Stone (photo)
54. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15290602/ - The Underside of JOY (photo)
55. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15315049/ - STANLEY in Space (photo)
56. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15310548/ - Frost of HEAVEN (photo)


13. pRAYing the Names of Jesus -- RAY, JESUS


56. P[ARA]ll[EL LIE]s (also: LI, LE, ELLI)
57. [WILL] [CLIFFORD] win? (also: CLIFF, FORD)
58. The Best [CHRIS]tmas [EVE]r
59. [MARLEY] & Me (also: LE]


wingMaranlinwing 2 yrs ago
Release #5
5. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15316838 PLEAse Come For Dinner (Lea)


30. A Cup of CHRIStmas Tea ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15202624/ ), controlled release, multiple challenges.

31. A Short History of nEARLy EVErything ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15313665/ ), controlled release.


3. The Twelve Teas of CHRIStmas, https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15243999
4. Home for CHRIStmas, https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14322865



60. A S[ON] of the Circus
61. Who is Co[MING] to our House?
62. Dark [ANGEL] (also: AN)
63. [STANLEY]'s [CHRIS]tm[AS A]dventure (also: AN, LE, STAN)
64. Awa[KEN][ED] (also: NED)


32. Soon I WILL Be Invincible ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15314977/ ), wild release, photo.


65. [ZERO] [DAY] (also: ROD)
66. I'll Fix [ANTHONY] (also: AN, ON)
67. [LEO] the Late Blo[OMER] (also LE, MER)
68. [ART [FOR D]ummies
69. The Leper of [SAINT] [GILES] (also: LE X2, GIL, LES)


5. God's Message of CHRIStmas Love, https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13365513
6. CHRIStmas in the Manger, https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15141781


70. The Tr[ELLIS] Cookbook (also: ELLI, LI, LIS)
71. Out[SID]e the Dog Museum
72. The [CAT] Who Cove[RED] the World (also: VERED, ED)
73. Why [MARI][JUANA] Should Be [LE][GAL] (also: ANA, AL, NASH, ARI, JUAN)
74. [FANCY] [NANCY] at the Museum (also: AN x2, NAN)


41 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15318495/ Deck the hALls
42 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15318496/ A Star Over BETHlehem
43 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15318497/ The Cowboy Seal's Jingle Bell Baby / A Montana CHRIStmas Reunion
44 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15318498/ The Billionaire Who Bought CHRIStmas
45 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/A Family This CHRIStmas
46 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15318500/ CARESSA
47 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15318502/ SPIKE Milligan
48 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15318503/ WILL Buster and the Crucible Choice
49 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15318504/ Is SHANE MacGowan Still Alive?
50 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15318504/ The Boy Who Loved ANNE Frank


33. DOROTHY Claes and the Prowl of the Yule Cat ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311685 ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

Released to Little Free Libraries, with photos:

34. A Man Called OVE ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15314955 ), multiple challenges

35. Why MICHAEL Couldn't Hit ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15317063 )


1 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15266808/ [BEA]utiful Ruins: A Novel [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

2 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15246003/ Love Inspired: His [AMI]sh Sweetheart [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

3 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13469571/ The [HOPE] of Refuge [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

4 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13718760/ A Gift of [GRACE] [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

5 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/10146222/ Are We Out of the Driv[EWA]y Yet?: Zits Sketchbook # 11 [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

6 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15164292/ [DEVI]ous: A [RICK] Bentz / [REUBEN] Montoya Novel

7 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15281797/ [REBA]: My Story

8 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14768261/ Rainbow Magic # 2: [AMBER] the Orange Fairy

9 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15187607/ Rainbow Magic # 1: [RUBY] the Red Fairy

10 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15282763/ Magic [AN]imal Friends Special Edition: [AMELIA] Sparklepaw's Party Problem

11 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15245958/ [CAM] [JAN]sen and the Mystery of the U.F.O.

12 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15205861/ [MARK]ed Down for Murder

13 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15259090/ The [ROALD] Dahl Quiz Book

14 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15171349/ The Legend of Diamond [LIL]: A J. J. Tully Mystery

15 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15204422/ I Am [WALT] Disney

16 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15231890/ Love, [RUBY] Lavender by Deborah Wiles

17 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14296658/ Sponge[BOB] SquarePants: Sponge[BOB]'s Secret [VAL]entine

18 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14907111/ [WILBUR] and [ORVILLE] Wright, The F[LIGHT] to Adventure

19 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14276065/ Way[WARD] Wind

20 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15220456/ [HONUS] & Me: A Baseball Card Adventure

21 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15244971/ Into a [PARIS] Quartier

22 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15196190/ Dear [GEORGE]: Advice and [AN]swers from America's Leading Expert on Everything from A to B

23 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15206904/ Sudden [DEA]th

24 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15288268/ Deception: An [ALEX] Delaware Novel

25 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302921/ The Elves [AN]d the Shoemaker


26 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14296559/ Young [GOODMAN] Brown, and Other Short Stories

27 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15222718/ Minding [BEN]: A Novel

28 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15250857/ Wal[KING] in Your Own Shoes: Discover God's Direction for Your Life

29 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14811935/ Flat [STANLEY] Goes Camping

30 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302849/ [AMBER] Brown Is Feeling Blue

31 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15173250/ [AMBER] Brown Goes Fourth

32 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15246002/ Forever [AMBER] Brown

33 -https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15190213/ The Killing of [MONDAY] Brown: A [PHOEBE] Siegel Mystery

34 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15243466/ Leth[AL]

35 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15286918/ [STAN]doff

36 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15159791/ Fat Tues[DAY]

37 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15189340/ [LOVE] Beyond Reason

38 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15206873/ 22 [INDIGO] Place

39 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15222455/ P[LAN] Of Attack

40 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15204709/ [ANGEL]s & Demons

41 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15244664/ [DAVE] [BARRY] Turns 40

42 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15210672/ A Devil of a [DUKE]

43 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15212773/ W[HA]t If... Everyone was Doing it



75. [CLIFFORD] is Tops (also: CLIFF, FORD)
76. App[LE]s from Farm to [TAB][LE] (also: LES]
77.The Twelve [DAY]s of [CHRIS]tmas (also: VEDA)
78. [TUESDAY]s with [MORRIE] (also: DAY, OR)
79. Child of Si[LEN]ce (also: LE)


57. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15315938 - ANGELs and Demons
58. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15316090/ - Brave EMILY (photo)
59. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15316095/ - PETER Pan (photo)
60. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15315931/ - DICEY's Song (photo)
61. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15313835 - Vote for LARRY (photo)
62. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319203 - ESPERANZA Rising (photo, story)
63. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15310550 - The Outback STARs (photo)
64. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15310539 - MERCY Watson to the Rescue(photo)
65. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15310538 - How I, NICKY Flynn, Finally Get a Life (photo)


36. The SOLstice Badger ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311692/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

37. Wish Upon a Winter SOLstice ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15311673/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/10331150


44 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15176298/ [DEA]d to the World: A [SOOKIE] Stackhouse NoveL

45 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15188685/ [AN] Offer She Can't Refuse

46 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15156494/ My [HERO]

47 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15185772/ [DEAN] Koontz's [FRANK]enstein Book Two: City of Night

48 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15235782/ [AN] En[GAGE]ment in Seattle

49 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15172426/ [DEA]th Most Definite: A [STEVEN] De [SELBY] Novel

50 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15209856 [BLACK] [HAWK] Down

51 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14943029/ [DAKOTA] Home

52 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15230595/ [BLACK] [LIGHT]

53 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15233994/ Dear [JOHN]

54 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15262881/ [DEA]d to the World: A [SOOKIE] Stackhouse Novel

55 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15160960/ The Picture of [DORIAN] [GRAY] and Other Writings

56 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15193145/ The Adventures of [HUCKLEBERRY] [FINN]

57 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15159862/ Writers of the 70's: [RICHARD] Brautigan

58 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15247172/ Writers for the 70's: [HERMANN] Hesse

59 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15185859/ [MARTIN] Chuzzlewit

60 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15197819/ Remembering [DENNY]

61 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15210781/ Doing It [OVE]r: A Book of Poems

62 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15156051/ The Book of [RUTH]

63 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15302065/ [OLIVER] Twist

64 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13879390/ Elegy For [IRIS]

65 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15176544/ A He[ART]breaking Work of Staggering Genius

66 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15231803/ The Silent World of [NICHOLAS] [QUINN]: An Inspector [MORSE] Mystery

67 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15291055/ Hello, [DARK]ness

68 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15180121/ Green [DARK]ness

69 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15265280/ The Shape of [DARK]

70 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13399903/ [DARK] Harbor

71 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15246299/ [DARK] Tort

72 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15182398/ F[AL]ling [DARK]ness

73 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15209672/ The [DARK] Half


80. [MO]re Murder [MO]st Cozy
81. The [CHRIS]t of Fish
82. The Evolu[TI]on of [CALPURNIA] Tate (also: CAL, AL)
83. The M[AN] Who Was Poe


74 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15214752/ [DARK] of the Moon

75 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15214815/ [DARK]side

76 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15178857/ After [DARK]

77 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15216205/ Dead Until [DARK]

78 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15229685/ [STAR] Trek: The Next [GEN]eration: A Call to [DARK]ness

79 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15248512/ [DARK] Taste of Rapture: An Alien Huntress Novel

80 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15161559/ The Wheel of [DARK]ness

81 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15193017/ Saving [RACHEL]

82 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15218089/ [DARK] T[RUTH]

83 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15236090/ [SIDNEY] [SHELDON]'s After the [DARK]ness

84 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15195960/ [DARK] [ORA]cle

85 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15196017/ Down a [DARK] H[AL]l

86 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15177584/ [DARK] of Night

87 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15236657/ [DARK] [ANGEL]

88 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15162007/ Tall, [DARK], and [DEA]dly

89 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15180056/ Ecstasy in [DARK]ness

90 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15171233/ W.i.t.c.h.: Out of the [DARK]

91 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15246004/ The Baby-Sitters Club # 88: Farewell, [DAWN]

92 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15193295/ [LIGHT][LES]s

93 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15269457/ Traveling [LIGHT]

94 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15239135/ W. i. t. c. h. # 7: The [LIGHT] of [MER]i[DAN]

95 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15250759/ More Pasta [LIGHT]

96 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15266474/ [MAGIC] Tree House # 1: Dinosaurs Before [DARK]

97 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13090871/ [MO]stly Harmless

98 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15260201/ A Sudden [LIGHT]

99 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15164491/ [LIGHT]: A Gone Novel

100 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15168245/ [LIGHT] Music



38. gRAY MATTer ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15306211/ ), wild release.

39. Meet JOHN Trow ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15123608/ ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


101 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15273538/ Minding [FRANKIE]

102 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15240248/ The Ballad of [FRANKIE] Silver

103 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15161944/ [DARK] [PERI]l

104 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15183338/ Runaway [RALPH]

105 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15239180/ The [LIGHT]house

106 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15218198/ The [JOAN] [KEN][NED]y Story: Living with the [KEN][NED]ys

107 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15255382/ [ANNIE], Between the S[TATE]s

108 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15159801/ The Secret Passion of [SIMON] [BLACK]well

109 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15168783/ 6 [RAIN]ier Drive

110 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15244445/ The Burglar Who Traded [TED] [WILLIAM]s

111- https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15295212/ [SAM]'s Letters to [JENNIFER]

112 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15162537/ [DARK]spell

113 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15266444/ [DARK] Slayer

114 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15266809/ Wait Until [DARK]

115 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15229771/ Key of [LIGHT]

116 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15166518/ A Taste of [DARK]ness

117 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15268811/ My Brother [SAM] Is [DEA]d

118 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15218208/ The [LIGHT] in the Forest

119 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15181338/ A World of [LIGHT]: Portraits and Celebrations

120 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15196094/ How the [LIGHT] Gets In

121 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15183309/ Out of the [BLACK]out

122 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14410746/ F[AN]tastic [BEA]sts and Where to Find Them

123 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15194555 Fall from [GRACE]

124 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15161113/ [BUNNY] Runs Away

125 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15169965/ What's in a Name?: A Story about [GEORGE] [ELIOT]


84. My Friend [LEONARD] (also: LEO, LEON, ON, LE)
85. Scot[TI]sh Folk [AN]d Fairy [TAL]es (also: AL, SCOTT, LE, LES)
86. [SANTA] & [PETE] (also: AN)
87. C[AN]'t Wait [TI]ll [CHRIS]tmas
88. S[TORI]es of [SANTA] (also: OR, TORIE, AN)


Released to LFLs, with photos:

40. Dragon Scales and WILLOW Leaves ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15314951/ ), multiple challenges

41. The CHRIStmas Cat ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15303408/ ), multiple challenges

42. The Stories of VLADIMIR Nabokov ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15314962/ )

43. HARRIET Said ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15019089/ )

44. FELICIA / They Call It Sin ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319620/ ), multiple challenges

45. NATure Attacks! ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15296963/ )

46. Possible SIDe Effects ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15317239/ )


9. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319996/ An Ellis Island CHRIStmas (multiple challenges)
10. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319641/ Flora’s Very Windy Day (multiple challenges)
11. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319677/ Little Red Ruthie: A Hanukkah Tale (multiple challenges)
12. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319631/ Gretchen Groundhog, It’s Your Day! (multiple challenges)
13. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319991/ The Joy of a Peanuts CHRIStmas (multiple challenges)
14. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15320001/ AlphaZoo CHRIStmas (multiple challenges)
15. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319692/ Curious George Goes to the Hospital
16. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319649/ Lucy and the Busy Boat
17. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319995/ Cat’s CHRIStmas (multiple challenges)
18. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319740/ A Koala for Katie
l9. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319675/ It Happened at CHRIStmas (multiple challenges)
20. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319751/ The Night Before CHRIStmas (multiple challenges)
21. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323207/ The Illustrated CHRIStmas Cracker (multiple challenges)
22. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15321105/ A CHRIStmas Carol (multiple challenges)
23. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15319743/ The Secret of Sarah Revere
24. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323250/ On CHRIStmas EVE (multiple challenges)
25. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15321102/ CHRIStmas Tales (multiple challenges)
26. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15321118/ Wake Up Bear, It’s CHRIStmas! (multiple challenges)


126 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15201255/ Horrible [HARRY] and the Dragon War

127 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15200070/ The Evolution of [CALPURNIA] Tate

128 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15256220/ [BERNIE] Magruder and the Disappearing Bodies

129 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15242017/ [LUCY]: A Novel

130 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13469633/ I Am [NUJOOD], Age 10 and Divorced

131 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15242018/ A Lesson in Secrets: A [MAISIE] Dobbs Novel

132 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13794345 My Cousin [RACHEL] [CAUGHT]

133 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15067266 Disney Frozen: [OLAF] [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

134 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14943782 Disney Frozen: [ELSA] [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

135 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14410433 Disney Frozen: [KRISTOFF] & [SVEN] [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

136 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15026009 Disney Frozen: [ANNA] [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

137 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15229883/ The [HA]nged M[AN]'s Song: A Kidd Novel

138 - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15203245/ A [NEW] Song


61 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/11591101/ A CHRIStmas CAROL
62 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322948/ Loving CHE
63 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322960/ MARJORIE Morningstar
64 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322971/ Loving RICHARD Feynman
65 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322978/ Sparring With CHARLIE
66 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322985/ ALEX As Well
67 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322992/ MARIE ANTOINETTE, Serial Killer
68 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15322999/ Deck the hALls
69 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323007/ Coming Home For CHRIStmas
70 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323016/ SANTA Cruise
71 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323024/ Greek Doctor : One Magical CHRIStmas
72 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323028/ The Tycoon's CHRIStmas Proposal
73 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323030/ CHRIStmas Spirit / CHRIStmas Awakening
74 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323033/ Snag : I'm Dreaming of a Right CHRIStmas
75 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323035/ The CHRIStmas Tree
76 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323041/ Ten Tales of CHRIStmas
77 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323677/ Poems For CHRIStmas
78 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323682/ CHRIStmas in Texas / A Cowboy's CHRIStmas Wedding
79 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323686/ The SANTA Claus Book
80 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323689/ FLYNN
81 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15323692/ The Picture of DORIAN Gray
82 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15301472/ GULLIVER's Travels And A Modest Proposal


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