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Hi folks, just a reminder: in November I'll be hosting the e-less challenge again. So start saving those book! Either titles or authors (or both, if you like) without an "e". More details later.


I have a shelf of these waiting! I like to see how long an e-less title I can find...



I will start looking. :)


spazcat 1 yr ago
I'm in
There are a few on my shelf waiting for this Challenge.


wingekorrenwing 1 yr ago
Me too ;)
I got several boxes of fresh books recently, and started putting aside the e-less books to save them for November. I'll probably be well-stocked when it starts.

Since someone claimed this is really challenging: Actually, I don't think so... unless you go for really high numbers.

Of all books registered at BC, almost every third should count for this challenge: About 22% of all books feature e-less authors and 12.5% e-less titles, including 3.5% falling in both categories.

On my own shelf the numbers are significantly lower, obviously because the letter e is even more unavoidable in German than in English: 17% e-less authors and only 7.6% e-less titles, with 1.6% falling in both categories, makes 23% or about a quarter less than the worldwide average.


Saving books now!



(When I have some releases, that is.)



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