It's TIME for the Tick Tock challenge! Oct. 1- Oct. 31

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Book titles must contain words that refer to time measurement: second, minute, hour, day, year, time, eon, decade, Christmas, century, millennium, a.m. (or am), moon, etc.

Here is a link to the list of approved words (PLEASE check the list BEFORE asking if a word is acceptable. And if a word is NOT on the list, please check to make sure it is acceptable BEFORE releasing):

The following eras of time will also be acceptable: Civil War, Cold War, Depression, Industrial Revolution, Jurassic, Renaissance, Reformation, World War I, World War II. However, in order for them to be acceptable, the entire phrase must be present. For example, the phrase "civil war" would be acceptable but the worlds civil and war by themselves would not count. There may be other periods of time (those on the geological time scale come to mind), but PLEASE ask about them before releasing to make sure they are acceptable.

A number alone is NOT acceptable, as in "Four Blind Mice." Plurals are acceptable. Embedded words are acceptable ("rAMifications", “Red Badge Of CourAGE”). Non-English language books are fine as long as the time reference is in the same language as the book. A.M., P.M and A.D. are fine in any language.

Ordinal numbers first through thirty-first may be used either spelled out (third, fourteenth, etc) or in number/suffix form (3rd, 14th, etc), but if you use the number/suffix form the suffix MUST be present (6th, not 6). Please ask if you have questions about this rule.

Books must be released between midnight (your time) on Wednesday, October 1 and midnight (your time) on Friday, October 31st. Wild or controlled releases are OK but please only post wild catches. OBCZ releases count as wild releases. Dual releases with other challenges are fine.

When you record your releases, PLEASE number each book and include the link and title of the book. Keeping a running total in your subject line would also be helpful. Please do NOT edit old posts to add books, make new posts each time.

Good luck and good releasing!


wingeljwing 2 yrs ago


Probably because I have *such* a dysfunctional relationship with time.


..I'll hang on to my "day" book until next month. :D


For instance, there’s HAST (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time). I’m more used to HST but that’s harder to find in a title! ;)


For instance, there’s HAST (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time). I’m more used to HST but that’s harder to find in a title! ;)

Sounds like time to me! Yes!


I can't believe how quickly time passes.


Releasing for this challenge can start as soon as it is October 1st in your time zone! Post releases on this thread!


I think I can find some books for this challenge.


1. Shooting the MOON
2. The Shearwater BELL
3. The DARKest EVENING of the YEAR


Get out there and release those tick tock books!


wingeljwing 2 yrs ago
I'm starting...
-1_ Always Nous aurons toujours Paris
-2_ Always Nous avons toujours vécu au château
-3_ Birthday Le vieux qui ne voulait pas fêter son anniversaire
-4_ Birthday Le vieux qui ne voulait pas fêter son anniversaire
-5_ Birthday Le vieux qui ne voulait pas fêter son anniversaire
-6_ Birthday Le vieux qui ne voulait pas fêter son anniversaire
-7_ Birthday Le vieux qui ne voulait pas fêter son anniversaire
-8_ Dawn Les soldats de l'aube
-9_ Dawn Les soldats de l'aube
-10_ Day Un jour tu verras
-11_ Day Un jour tu verras
-12_ Day Un jour tu verras
-13_ Day Un jour tu verras
-14_ Days Les derniers jours de nos pères
-15_ Days Sundborn ou les jours de lumière
-16_ Days Sundborn ou les jours de lumière
-17_ Monday Les écureuils de Central Park sont tristes le lundi
-18_ Moon Chat-Lune
-19_ Moon Contes de la première lune
-20_ Night La traversée de la nuit
-21_ Night/Middle Age La nuit au Moyen Age
-22_ Summer L'été des Danois
-23_ Summer L'été des Danois
-24_ Summer L'été des Danois
-25_ Times La controverse des temps
-26_ Year A year in the merde
-27_ Years En nos vertes années



1. Wild Mountain THYME by Rosamund Pilcher,


1. LAST DAYS of SUMMER ( ), wild release.

2. The Llama of DEATH ( ), wild release, multiple challenges.



wild releases with photos

1. AMoeba Hop (a.m.) -
2. NIGHT of the Living Shark! -
3. The GOLDen Unicorn (old) -


-28_ 22/11/83 22/11/83
-29_ Christmas Noël en Ganymède
-30_ Dawn L'aube des dragons
-31_ Eternity Jack Barron et l'éternité
-32_ Night La nuit des insectes
-33_ October Le pays d'octobre
-34_ Summer Une porte sur l'été
-35_ Time Le Temps de Palanquine
-36_ Time La Roue du Temps XIX
-37_ Time La Roue du Temps XXII
-38_ Tomorrow Demain les loups
-39_ Tomorrow Demain les chiens
-40_ Year Les années d'apprentissage



1. Only TIME Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer
2. Angel FALLs by Kristin Hannah


Rainy day LFL wild releases, all multiple challenges, with photos:

3. WHEN The Cassowary Pooped ( )

4. TIME Flies ( )

5. Interesting TIMEs ( )

6. If Dinosaurs Were Alive TODAY ( )

7. The LAST Werewolf ( )

8. Manatee WINTER ( )

9. The Scarecrow Walks at MIDNIGHT ( )




2. Little Bunny's Sleepless [NIGHT]


-41_ Day Le jour des chiens
-42_ Days 7 jours
-43_ Days 92 jours
-44_ Days Jours parfaits
-45_ Days Les jours de mon abandon
-46_ Days/Christmas Trois jours avant Noël
-47_ Midnight Le chien de mimuit
-48_ Night La nuit de l'iguane
-49_ Night La nuit du renard
-50_ NIghts Nuits persanes
-51_ Saturday Les milanais tuent le samedi
-52_ Years Trente ans et des poussières


10. The LAST Camel Died at NOON ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

11. A NIGHT to Remember ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.




wingMaranlinwing 2 yrs ago
Release #1
1. Bertie’s Guide to LIFE and Mothers


12. The Lion in WINTER ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

13. She Stopped For DEATH ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


wild releases with photos

4. A CAT of Silvery Hue (AT) -
5. Heechee RENDezvous (end) -
6. The SUMMER of KATya (summer, AT) -
7. The Saracen BlADe (AD) -



7. A Smart Girl's Guide to Fri[END]ship Troubles
8. All the [LIGHT] We Cannot See
9. The Absolutely True [DIARY] of a Part-[TIME] Indian
10. The [BIRTH] of Venus
11. Supercute Animals and Pets: Christopher Hart's Draw Manga


wingsheepettewing 2 yrs ago

"second time around" by Marcia Willett


14. The TIME Traveler's Wife ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

15. The TIME Machine ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


12. Dinosaur [DAY]s
13. [AFTER] Victory: Institutions, Strategic Restraint, and the Rebuilding of Order [AFTER] Major Wars
14. Happy [(EVE)R] [AFTER]
15. A Bug's [LIFE]: Flik's Perfect Gift


Would you allow Frequent?


Would you allow Frequent?

And anniversary?

ETA: And wait? And delay? Hurry?


Would you allow Frequent?

And anniversary?

ETA: And wait? And delay? Hurry?

Yes to anniversary, ETA, and delay.


wild releases with photos

8. Sixty DAYs and Counting (day) -
9. NIGHT of the Howling Dogs (night) -
10. ArmAGEeddon (age) -
11. Where We ONCE Belonged (once) -
12. EThan of AThos (ET, AT) -
13. A Hawaii Japanese NEW YEAR with Yuki-chan (new year) -
14. Yaqteenya: The OLD World -





2. FIRST Thousand Words in Spanish,
3. Voices in SUMMER by Rosamunde Pilcher,
4. APRIL Gold by Grace Livingston Hill,
5. A Dance to the Music of TIME--SECOND Movement,


LFL releases; one photo

15. The FriENDs of ʻIolani Palace Cook Book (end) -
16. Dying to MeET You (ET) -


20. [NIGHT]s in Rodanthe
21. A Child's [YEAR]
22. Good[NIGHT] [MOON]
23. Little Cre[AT]ures [1978] Sierra Club [CALENDAR] & Almanac for Young People


2 - YEARS of MINUTES: The Best of Rooney from 60 MINUTES
4 - THIRD Degree
5 - Hawthorne's TWICE Told Tales
6 - unnATural Exposure
7 - Something to LIVE By
8 - The TIME Travelers Guide to Medieval New England
9 - Three CENTURIES of American Prose and Poetry
10- The SECOND SUMMER of the Sisterhood
11- New York DEAD
12- AFTER Glow


16. The Outcasts of TIME ( ), wild release to LFL, photo.


6. The SEVENTH HOUR by Grace Livingston Hill,
7. The End of SUMMER by Rosamunde Pilcher,


19. The Cure for DEATH by LIGHTning
20. The SUMMER Book



24. [HOUR] G[AM]e
25. Mighty Robot Vs. the Naughty [NIGHT]crawlers from Neptune
26. 50 Bed[TIME] Stories, The Perfect Way to [END] Your [DAY]
27. Telling the [TIME]


13 - Macauley's Lays of ANCIENT Rome
15 - 15056215/ The FIFTH Assassin
16 - D. W. The Picky eATer
17 - http://www. heritAGE: The Realm of reADing
18 - Shades of MIDNIGHT
19 - Dark LIGHT
20 - W.I.T.CH. ADventures Heartbreak Hotel
21 - OLD Fashioned Stories and Poems
22 - Flags of our fAThers
24 - The Tooth of TIME


1. Elected for Death (multiple challenges)
2. Sweet Death, Kind Death (multiple challenges)
3. Graves in AcADeme (multiple challenges)


Controlled releases, multiple challenges:


18. NIGHTs of the Living Dead ( )

19. NIGHT of the Living Dead ( )


18. NIGHTs of the Living Dead ( )

19. NIGHT of the Living Dead ( )

Cool! You should release them for the Pick-A-Pair Challenge:

( I think I'm the only one still playing, and it gets lonely in there.)


28. The Purpose Driven [LIFE]
29. Good[NIGHT] Opus
30. [WHEN] I'm Sleepy
31. Love in the [TIME] of Chol[ERA]
32. It's Wh[AT] I Do: A Photographer's [LIFE] of Love and War


wingMaranlinwing 2 yrs ago
Catch #1


-53_ Afternoon En mon dernier après-midi
-54_ Afternoon L'après-midi bleu
-55_ Christmas Joyeux Noël
-56_ Dawn Trois fois dés l'aube
-57_ Day Le dernier jour d'un condamné
-58_ Day Le jour de grâce
-59_ Day Ma premère journée en Orient
-60_ Dusk La mort au crépuscule
-61_ Morning L'ange du matin
-62_ Morning La mer, le matin
-63_ Next day De beaux lendemains
-64_ Wednesday Mercredi
-65_ Week-end Week-end


25 - Dear Dumb Diary YEAR TWO #4: What I Don't Know Might Hurt Me
26 - The THIRD Gate
27 - Undaunted courAGE: MeriwetherLewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West
28 - Prose and Poetry ADventures: The NEW Series
29 - The NEW Modern American & British Poetry
30 - Animal gAMes and Puzzles
31 - greAT Golf Stories
32 - Diane: A signATure LIFE
33 - A Rose in WINTER
34 - The Standard Book of British and AMerican Verse
35 - The Poetical Works of jAMes Whitcomb Riley
36 - A Study of English and AMerican Poets: A Laboratory Method
37 - Modern British Poetry ~ Modern AMerican Poetry
38 - Outlines of AMerican literATure With reADings
39- The LIGHT That Failed
40 - streAMs in the Desert


4. Death at Daisy’s Folly (multiple challenges)


20. The Endless FALL and Other Weird Fictions ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

21. Reach for TOMORROW ( ), wild release, photo.

22. The Merry Spinster: Tales of everyDAY Horror ( ), controlled release, multiple challenges.

23. Brothers of the NIGHT: Gay Vampire Stories ( ), controlled release, multiple challenges.

24. BIRTHDAY of the World and Other Stories ( ), controlled release.

25. Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories for Late at NIGHT ( ), controlled release, multiple challenges.


33. [NIGHT] of the V[AM]pires
34. A Bintel [BRIEF]
35. [WHEN] I Feel Good about Myself
36. A [FIRST] Book of Myths
37. [FIRST] Person Plural


-66_ Age L'âge des méchancetés
-67_ Century La fête du siècle
-68_ Christmas Christmas Pudding
-69_ Christmas Joyeux Noël
-70_ Christmas La croisière de Noël
-71_ Christmas Le voyageur de Noël
-72_ Christmas Un Noël à New York
-73_ Day Long séjour
-74_ Eternity L'éternité n'est pas de trop
-75_ Later On regrettera plus tard
-76_ Never Certaines n'avaient jamais vu la mer
-77_ Never Le pays où l'on n'arrive jamais
-78_ Now Où est-il maintenant?
-79_ Old age Eloge de la vieillesse


41 - The FIRST Crusade/Canto the FIRST
42 - AMerican Gods
43 - The Standard Book of British and AMerican Verse
44 - jAMes and the Giant Peach
45 - Alzheimer's EARLY Stages: FIRST Steps for Family, Friends and Caregivers
46 - crADle to crADle: Remaking the Way We Make Things
47 - Celebrate the Feasts of the OLD testAMent in Your Own Home or Church
48 - Celebrating HOLIDAYS and Holy DAYS in Church and Family Settings
49 - The Facts and Fictions of Minna prATt
50 - Dear Dumb DIARY YEAR #2: You Can Bet On thAT
51 - tsunAMis and Other nATural Disasters
52 - The Clash of civilizATions and the Remaking of World Order
53 - DIARY of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules
54 - Freedom From Fear: The AMerican People in the greAT Depression and War, 1929-1945
55- The Classic Works of Robert Louis stEVEnson
56 - The Complete Works of jAMes Whitcomb Riley in Ten Volumes (Volume VIII)
57 - The ADventures of Captain Underpants


All releases to Little Free Libraries on this rainy day, with photos:

26, On the Odd HOURs ( )

27. Borrowed TIME ( ), multiple challenges

28. DARK Side of the Mind ( ), multiple challenges



-80_ Eternal Dans les bois éternels
-81_ Evening Un soir au club
-82_ Infinity Les buveurs d'infini
-83_ Moment Un moment à Pékin
-84_ Moon La lune était noire
-85_ Moon Un rayon de lune sur le pilori
-86_ Night Après la nuit
-87_ Night Les Mille et Une Nuits
-88_ Night/Summer La nuit et l'été
-89_ Nights Les nuits de laitue
-90_ Season Une saison Picasso
-91_ Spring Crime printanier
-92_ Yesterday/Tomorrow Un espion d'hier et de demain



29. ANNO Dracula ( ) wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


2. MIDNIGHT released at the Tick Tock Diner





8. Kate Shelley and the MIDNIGHT Express,
9. The DAY of the Storm by Rosamunde Pilcher,
10. A DAILY Rate by Grace Livingston Hill,
11. The Chance of a LIFETIME by Grace Livingston Hill,


what better way to start than with this one. I haven't had ANY catches yet this year, so I'm hoping this challenge brings me good luck.


Library of Souls: The THIRD Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children


Library of Souls: The THIRD Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children



5. A Frost in the Night (multiple challenges)
6. Wednesday Writers
7. The Enchanted ForEST
8. Death of an Expert Witness (multiple challenges)
9. John KeATs: An Anthology
10. It’s the GreAT Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (multiple challenges)
11. Inside a House ThAT Is Haunted (multiple challenges)
12. The Everything VitAMins Mini Book
13. The Portable bEST Friend
14. Why AMerica Slept
15. HeritAGE Walks in Athens
16. The BiggEST Pumpkin Ever (multiple challenges)


# 6 and 8 seem to be the same BCID?


Thanks for catching that! Been a long time since I released this many books all at once; out of practice! ;-)



We're halfway through the month! Keep up all the great releases!


17. It’s Halloween Night (multiple challenges)
18. Moon Tide (multiple challenges)
19. HanukcATs
20. AMos Fortune, Free Man
21. The SECOND Usborne Book of Spinechillers (multiple challenges)


38. Soupy [SATUR(DAY)]s with the Pain & the Gre[AT] One
39. Dinah Likes to E[AT]
40. Mike Mulligan and his Ste[AM] Shovel
41. The [LIFE] of a Hom[EST]e[AD]er
42. Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely: Wh[AT] Is An [AD]verb?
43. Re[AD]ing Comprehension



12. TOMORROW About This TIME by Grace Livingston Hill,


44. The V[AM]pire [DIARIES]: The Return: [MID(NIGHT)]
45. The [FIRST] Casualty
46. Rescue Re[AD]ers: I [AM] McKinley
47. An [OLD]-Fashioned Girl
48. The Story of the [NIGHT]
49. [(EVE)NING] Class*
50. [AM]erica

*Second release for this challenge after a catch from last year's release. Ha!


wingeljwing 2 yrs ago
-93_ Night Avant la nuit
-94_ Night Comme une chanson dans la nuit
-95_ Night La nuit bengali
-96_ Night La nuit de Tomahawk
-97_ Night La nuit des trente
-98_ Night Les croassements de la nuit
-99_ Night Nos âmes la nuit
-100_ Night Quatre garçons dans la nuit
-101_ Night Rien ne d'oppose à la nuit
-102_ Night Une si longue nuit
-103_ Night Vol de nuit
-104_ Night Voyage au bout de la nuit
-105_ Nights Les nuits de Reykjavik


51. Ag[AT]ha Raisin and the Wellspring of [DE(AT)H]
52. The Crepes of Wr[AT]h
53. If on a [WINTER]'s [NIGHT] a Traveler
54. [BIRTH]right
55, The [MID(NIGHT)] Club
56. The Tombs of [AT]uan
57. A [DE(AT)H] in Vienna
58. The [(BIRTH)(DAY)] Wish Mystery
59. Pir[AT]es [PAST] [NOON]


30. Spook: Science Tackles the AFTERLIFE ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

Releases to LFLs, with photos:

31. Pavane for a DEAD Girl ( ), multiple challenges

32. DEATH ( ), multiple challenges.

33. Frozen in TIME ( )

34. The THIRD Gate ( )

35. Mask of the NIGHT ( ), multiple challenges.

36. Songs in Ordinary TIME ( )

37. TIMEmaster ( )



-106_ Autumn Autumn
-107_ Autumn L'automne à Florence
-108_ Season L'arrière-saison
-109_ Season La saison des adieux
-110_ Season Une arrière-saison en enfer
-111_ Season Une saison à Longbourn
-112_ Season Une saison de machettes
-113_ Season/Summer Une saison d'été
-114_ Spring/Seasons Printemps et autres saisons
-115_ Summer L'été 76
-116_ Summer L'été assassin
-117_ Summer Les locataires de l'été
-118_ Summer Un été indien
-119_ Winter Fantômes d'hiver


60. An Uncommon [HISTORY] of Common Courtesy
61. [NIGHT] School
62. [YEAR]s of Prot[EST]
63. The Map of [TIME]
64. The Gre[AT] [AM]erican Novel
65. B[AD] Feminist
66. Under the Blood-Red [SUN]
67. [LIFE] in a [NEW] England Mill Town


38. NIGHT Shade: Gothic Tales by Women ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


44 Two WEEKs With the Queen
45 Happy BIRTHDAY, Jack Nicholson


1. The DAYS of Anna Madrigal
2. The Remains of the DAY
3. Children of WINTER
4. SUMMER at Fairacre
6. Love and SUMMER
7. Veikka ja TALVI (= winter)
8. Vähenevän valon AIKAAN (= time)
9. KESÄ (= summer) siskot
10. Yhden YÖN (= night) tarina


2. Many LIVES Many Masters


39. TOMORROW, The Stars ( ), wild release, photo.

Little Free Library releases, with photos:

40. Above the Dreamless DEAD: WORLD WAR I in Poetry and Comics ( ), multiple challenges

41. The Witching HOUR ( ), multiple challenges

42. The Nightmare HOUR ( ), multiple challenges

43. MOTHER'S DAY, Muffins, and Murder ( ), multiple challenges

44. On DEADLINE ( ), multiple challenges

45. NIGHT Probe ( ), multiple challenges


And if a word is NOT on the list, please check to make sure it is acceptable BEFORE releasing

HELLO, DragonGoddess!!! ; ) I have several Titles to release for your 2018 Tick Tock Challenge BEFORE TIME runs out : D, & I have a question. Apparently it is becoming more common these days, especially among academic writers, to use "CE" (Common Era), a recent term being used in place of "AD". With that in mind, I'm wondering if you'd allow the letters "CE" (Common Era), or "BCE" (Before Common Era) aka "BC" (Before Christ), or "ACE" (After Common Era), a rare variant of "CE"/"AD"? In today's Multicultural Society, it would seem as though some believe that these religiously neutral alternatives are more all-inclusive...aka...politically correct. ; )


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