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Start saving your books for this release challenge. Don't have to join, just start releasing.

Christmas books. Christmas does not have to be in the title. The book can have a Christmasy title, author with a Christmas name, a picture on the cover that is Christmas related. All releases are counted the same- wild, controlled, OBCZ.

Books just need to have a "Christmas" theme, take place during Christmas, maybe the picture on the front is a Christmas theme, or a word that is Christmasy in the title or subtitle.

Just want those who would like to participate to be prepared. It was fun last year.

Also- - I have prizes. Anyone who releases at least one book has a chance to win.


1. Books need to be about Christmas, a Christmas theme in the title (ex. Silent Night, Love in December, Noel), a Christmasy picture, related in anyway to Christmas

2. An author's name that is Christmasy counts. EG: CHRISTine Feehan (for the Christ of Christmas), NICHOLAS Sparks (for Saint Nicholas)

3. Wild or controlled releases (including rings, rays, or boxes) count equally

4. You keep track of how many books you release

5. Challenge July 1 Midnight your time to July 31 Midnight your time.

6. Embedded words count.

Join us for the fun. Just post here. This is the 11th year for this release challenge.


πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ„Having been saving up for this πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ„


wingbooklady331wing 2 yrs ago
Me, too


...but I'll give it a shot.

Do we post releases here, or will you put up another thread?



Thanks for hosting.


1. High Spirits, by Robertson Davies ( ), multiple challenges, wild release, photo. [The stories were written to be read aloud at Davies' Toronto college at Christmas time, and many of them have explicit Christmas-time references as well.]

2. Holmes for the Holidays ( ), wild release, photo.


1 All I want for CHRISTMAS - Amy Silver

2 Lost CHRISTMAS - David Logan

3 Vivien's Heavenly ICE Cream Shop - Abby Clements

4 MERRY CHRISTMAS, Alex Cross - James Patterson


1. CHRISTMAS in Britain by Corinne Ross
2. The Spirit of CHRISTMAS Cookbook, Vol. 2
3. CHRISTMAS in Italy
4. The Creative CHRISTMAS Book by Jilly Glassborow
5. CHRISTMAS With Southern Living by Editors of Southern Living Magazine
6. CHRISTMAS with Southern Living Cookbook, Volume 2
7. CHRISTMAS With Southern Living 2002
8. CHRISTMAS in the Netherlands
9. CHRISTMAS in France
10. CHRISTMAS in the Germany
11. CHRISTMAS with Southern Living 2008: Great Recipes - Easy Entertaining - Festive Decorations - Gift Ideas
12. The Most Wonderful Time by Fern Michael -- Series of Christmas stories
13. CHRISTMAS with Southern Living 2006
14. Celebrate the SEASONS --- about Christmas
15. CHRISTMAS With Southern Living 2001
16. CHRISTMAS Around the World
17. A Treasure of CHRISTMAS Religious Art
18. A Crafter's Book of SANTAS: More Than 50 Festive Projects
19. Chicken Soup for the CHRISTian Soul: Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit -- for the Christ child born on Christmas day
20. The Sight of the STARS by Belva Plain
21. The CHRISTMAS Blessing
22. The CHRISTMAS Sweater
23. The Official Guide to CHRISTMAS in the South: Or, If You Can't Fry It, Spraypaint It Gold


24. CHRISTMAS with Southern Living 2007
25. CHRISTMAS with Southern Living 2009
26. CHRISTMAS With Southern Living 2002
27. CHRISTMAS with Southern Living 2010
28. CHRISTMAS with Southern Living 2011
29. CHRISTMAS with Southern Living 2011
30. CHRISTMAS With Southern Living 2001


34. A Different Kind of CHRISTMAS
35. The CHRISTMAS Sweater
36. This Year It Will Be Different (a CHRISTMAS Treasury)
37. The CHRISTMAS Promise


3. The MISTLETOE Kiss ( ), wild release, photo.


wingtomato68wing 2 yrs ago
Release 1


4. Fleece Navidad ( ), wild release, photo.


2. Addy's Surprise: A Christmas Story
3. Santa's Workshop


wingNancyNovawing 2 yrs ago
release 1
1. come home for CHRISTMAS


wing6of8wing 2 yrs ago
Released today
I was pleased to be able to manage a wild release for this challenge
Skipping Christmas by John Grisham.


5. Chillers for Christmas ( ), wild release, photo.


6. A Yuletide Universe ( ), wild release, photo.


1 - A Cedar Cove CHRISTMAS

2 - 1225 CHRISTMAS Tree Lane


5 Hard FROST - R D Wingfield

6 SNOW ANGELS - James Thompson

7 Another Little CHRISTMAS Mystery - Lorna Nicholl Morgan

8 Light on SNOW - Anita Shreve

9 Border ANGELS - Anthony J Quinn

10 The Holiday - Jane Green (three Christmas stories & snowy cover pic)

11 The XMAS Factor - Annie Sanders

12 A Wicked SNOW - Gregg Olsen

13 Crow Lake - MARY Lawson


3 - Rescued by His CHRISTMAS ANGEL

4 - A Dog Named CHRISTMAS and CHRISTMAS with Tucker

5 - SANTA Cruise: A HOLIDAY Mystery At Sea

6 - Dashing Through the SNOW: A HOLIDAY Mystery in the Country [sleigh on the cover]


7. Immoveable Feast: a Paris Christmas ( ), wild release, photo.


7 - Secret SANTA

8 - The Twelve Teas of CHRISTMAS

9 - Secret SANTA

10 - SANTA Cows

11 - Three CHRISTMAS Wishes

12 - A Taste of CHRISTMAS

13 - The CHRISTMAS Thief: A Novel

14 - Noni the CHRISTMAS Reindeer

15 - Shop 'til YULE Drop [wrapped Christmas gifts and decorated tree on the cover]

16 - A CHRISTMAS Present

17 - The Cowboy's CHRISTMAS Baby

18 - Disney's Winnie the Pooh's Twelve Days of CHRISTMAS

19 - Dude on Arrival: A CHRISTMAS Mystery

20 - Home For The HOLIDAYS [Christmas decorations on cover]

21 - Skipping CHRISTMAS

22 - MISTLETOE Cottage

23 - The CHRISTMAS Thief

24 - The Twelve Days of CHRISTMAS

25 - I'm Your SANTA


I am having a knee replacement on July 18th so I may be absent for a few days.


I am having a knee replacement on July 18th so I may be absent for a few days.

Hope all goes well!


Me too. I will only be in the hospital over night. Some are being done as outpatient now. Crazy isn't it.


Me too. I will only be in the hospital over night. Some are being done as outpatient now. Crazy isn't it.

As long as you have someone to help you at home. Be good; do your PT but don't overdo it. :)


My husband will be with me for a few days. I plan on doing all my PT.
Thanks for the reminder.


I am having a knee replacement on July 18th so I may be absent for a few days.

I have had both my knees replaced. The best thing I ever did. It gave me a new lease on life. One was just a few weeks before the Canada Days release challenge that I run. I did most of the releases at places I could reach by having my husband drive me and, on occasion, I got him to place books for me.


I had my right knee replaced in 2011 and am so glad. Now they both are done. I think I am doing well


wild releases with photos

1. Wedding Bells in Christmas -
2. Martha Stewart's Christmas -


38. Christmas in Scandinavia
39. CHRISTMAS with Southern Living


8. The Atheist's Guide to Christmas ( ), from one LFL to another; photo.



1. Nauti Nights (Nauti #2) by Lora Leigh...for the word NAUTI...aka naughty, as in Santa knows if you've been NAUGHTY or NICE!!! ; )


26 - A Lone Star CHRISTMAS

27 - The Twelve Days of CHRISTMAS

28 - I'll Be Home for CHRISTMAS

29 - Under the MISTLETOE

30 - Under the Millionaire's MISTLETOE

31 - A CHRISTMAS Sonata

32 - There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell! [Santa's sleigh, reindeer, and presents on the cover.]

33 - A Dog Named CHRISTMAS

34 - Clifford the Big Red Dog: Clifford's CHRISTMAS

35 - Catmas CAROLS [cat in a Santa hat on the cover]

36 - Love Inspired: An Amish CHRISTMAS Journey [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

37 - The CHRISTMAS Brides

38 - An Affair Before CHRISTMAS

39 - Eerie, Indiana # 5: Have Yourself an Eerie Little CHRISTMAS

40 - Disney's Winnie the Pooh's JINGLE BELLS


41. Once upon a CHRISTMAS
42. HOLIDAY MAGIC - Christmas picture on cover
43. The Saturday Evening Post Christmas Book
44. Christmas Angel


41 - A Big Sky CHRISTMAS

42 - Coming Home for CHRISTMAS

43 - Small Town CHRISTMAS

44 - A CHRISTMAS Promise

45 - CHRISTMAS Party

46 - Skipping CHRISTMAS

47 - CHRISTMAS at Barncastle Inn

48 - A Riverwalk CHRISTMAS

49 - The Night Before CHRISTMAS

50 - Disney's Winnie the Pooh's Sweet CHRISTMAS

51 - Where Is Baby's CHRISTMAS Present?: A Lift-the-Flap Book

52 - Regency CHRISTMAS Courtship

53 - The Best CHRISTMAS Pageant Ever

54 - Wishes for CHRISTMAS

55 - The CHRISTMAS Brides

56 - Breakfast With SANTA

57 - CHRISTMAS on My Mind

58 - The CHRISTMAS Sweater

59 - A CHRISTMAS Carol

60 - MISTLETOE Cottage

61 - Home For The HOLIDAYS [decorated trees and a wreath on the cover]

62 - I'll Be Home for CHRISTMAS: A Novel


wingtomato68wing 2 yrs ago
Release 4
4. Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas


63 - Chasing CHRISTMAS Eve: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel

64 - CHRISTMAS Joy : A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home

65 - The Bear SANTA CLAUS Forgot

66 - MISTLETOE Magic

67 - Love Inspired: Cozy CHRISTMAS

68 - Home for CHRISTMAS: A Novel

69 - A Knights Bridge CHRISTMAS

70 - Skipping CHRISTMAS

71 - Silent Night [Nativity scene on the cover]

72 - The Night Before CHRISTMAS

73 - 'Twas the Night Before CHRISTMAS and Other Seasonal Favorites

74 - CHRISTMAS in Cedar Cove

75 - An Irish Country CHRISTMAS: A Novel

76 - A Country CHRISTMAS

77 - Shrouds of HOLLY: A Special Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery [Decorated tree on the cover.]

78 - A CHRISTMAS Wish: A Linden Corners Novel

79 - Cowboy CHRISTMAS: A Thunder Canyon Christmas & Classified Christmas

80 - Long, Tall Cowboy CHRISTMAS


wingNancyNovawing 2 yrs ago
release 2
2. CHRISTMAS on 4th Street


1 - An Irish Country CHRISTMAS


1 - Dillard's Presents Southern Living CHRISTMAS Cookbook



14 SLEIGH RIDES & Silver Bells at the CHRISTMAS Fair - Heide Swann

15 Where Are You Now? - MARY Higgins Clark

16 A CHRISTMAS Beginning - Anne Perry

17 CHRISTMAS at Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons

18 Children of WINTER - Berlie Doherty (snowy cover pic)

19 Don't Cry for Me Aberystwyth - Malcolm Pryce (set at Christmas & with a dead Santa on the cover - very festive!)

20 SNOWFALL in Burracombe - Lilian Henry

21 A WINTER's Tale - Trisha Ashley (Christmas story)

22 MERRY CHRISTMAS Alex Cross - James Patterson

23 Nightingales Under the MISTLETOE - Donna Douglas


24 Catching SNOWFLAKES - Nora Roberts

25 The Cosy CHRISTMAS Teashop - Caroline Roberts

26 No Hiding Place - JOSEPH Finder


45. The Little Engine That Could and the Snowy, Blowy Christmas


27 Falling For CHRISTMAS - Debbie Macomber

28 ANGELS - Marian Keyes

29 Miracle on 5th Street - Sarah Morgan (set at Christmas & Christmassy cover)

30 The CHRISTMAS Thief & other Stories - MARY Higgins Clark & CAROL Higgins Clark

31 A Wedding at CHRISTMAS - Chrissie Manby

32 A CHRISTMAS GIFT - Ruby Jackson

33 CHRISTMAS Magic - Cathy Kelly


2. Wonderland King of Spades (Wonderland #2) by Cheyenne McCray...for the word in the Christmas Carole..."Walking In A Winter WONDERLAND", and for the word KING...for The Three KINGs, and Christmas is the Birthday of the KING of KINGS!!! ; )





msrubble 2 yrs ago
Release #1


wild release with photo

3. The HawaiΚ»i Snowman -
This is a Christmas story. I once had a co-worker who asked me why I was wearing a shirt with a snowflake motif in January. I told her it was still winter and she was surprised: she only thought of snow in terms of Christmas. :p


msrubble 2 yrs ago
Release #2
The Queen's CHRISTMAS Summons


34 SNOWed in at CHRISTMAS - Claire Sandy

35 SILENT NIGHT - MARY Higgins Clark

That's me done! I do have a few left that I didn't get chance to release but will save them for next year ;o)


wingtomato68wing 2 yrs ago
Release 5
5. The Christmas Party from the Black Lagoon



This one also qualifies for the Movie Books release challenge.


Released on time. Posted late.

84 - CHRISTMAS Letters

85 - The MISTLETOE Secret: A Novel

86 - Visions of SUGAR PLUMS: A Stephanie Plum HOLIDAY Novel [also Santa on the cover]

87 - The Best CHRISTMAS Ever

88 - Las Navidades: Popular CHRISTMAS Songs from Latin America

89 - Sesame Street: A Letter to SANTA: A Read Along with Elmo Book

90 - The 12 Days of CHRISTMAS

91 - Mini Look and Find: Twelve Days of CHRISTMAS

92 - A Visit from ST. NICHOLAS

93 - Mini Look and Find: The Night Before CHRISTMAS

94 - The CHRISTMAS Robin


96 - A Country CHRISTMAS

97 - ANGELS & Demons

98 - RUDOLF the Red-Nosed REINDEER: Rudolf Helps Out

99 - Can You See What I See? CHRISTMAS Read-and-Seek

100 - Pig the ELF [wearing a Santa hat]

101 - SANTA Duck

102 - Where's SANTA?

103 - The Onion Presents: CHRISTMAS Exposed: HOLIDAY Coverage from America's Finest News Source


104 - Cody's CHRISTMAS Wish

105 - Main Street: Home for CHRISTMAS

106 - Dora the Explorer: Dora's CHRISTMAS CAROL

107 - Memory of a Large CHRISTMAS

108 - I Spy Little CHRISTMAS


109 - An Aspen Creek CHRISTMAS

110 - A Cowboy Under Her TREE [Christmas scene on the cover]

111 - Risky CHRISTMAS

112 - Skipping CHRISTMAS

113 - A Cup of Comfort for CHRISTMAS

114 - Silver BELLS [Christmas scene on cover]

115 - SANTA Baby

116 - Baby's First CHRISTMAS

117 - Love Inspired: A Daughter for CHRISTMAS

118 - CHRISTMAS Delivery

~ the end ~

Thanks for a fun Challenge.




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