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All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my Angel Mother. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Mother's Day 2018 is Sunday, May 13th.

In honor, in memory, with love...for all Mother's your releases here during this month long celebratory release. Here's a link to last year's first annual challenge.


1. Any type of release...Wild, Controlled, RABCK, OBCZ, LFL, or even a "GIFT" to a Mother or Mother Figure, to someone who has lost a Mother or Mother Figure, to a Daughter, a Daughter-in-law, an Aunt, a Sister, a Niece, a Friend, a Friend's Daughter...

2. Words in Titles, Subtitles, and Author Names.

3. Embedded words within words or across words.

4. Images relating to any acceptable word/words.

5. Flower/s (the word, or any name of flower), which coincides with GoryDetails' April Showers/May Flowers Challenge Because some Mother's and other people have allergies to the pollen and scent of flowers...I will also be allowing Plant/s and parts of plants...the word/s, and/or image/s.

6. Releases for Multiple Challenges.

7. The word Mother in any language. Here's a link to a list of some examples.

8. The word Grandmother in any language.

9. Female Given Names.

10. Books whose THEME is related to, or about a Mother...THANKS, Jackie700!!! ; )


Word list is below...add others you may think of.
Be creative, and share your thoughts in your post!!! ; )


Happy Mother's Day (any of the words in any of their forms), May, Sunday, Holiday/s, Family, Families

Mother, Mother-in-Law (any of the words), God Mother (any of the words), Step/mother, Other/mother...MIDWIFE and MIDWIVES (Thanks, awaywithfairies), and I'll add WIFE and WIVES, as well. ; )

Mom, Mum, Mommy, Mummy, Mam, Mammy, Motha, Momma, Ma, Mama, Maw, Madre, Mère, Mutti, Mor...ME...for yourself, or the Vietnamese word for Mother...THANKS, SqueakyChu!!! ; D

Parent, Guardian, Matriarch, Grandparent, Grandma, Grandmother, Gramma, Granny, Grannie, Gran, Nana, Noni

Angel, Friend, Confidant, Unconditional, Love, Care, Respect, Protection, Caregiver, Care, Giver

Motherhood, Mother-to-be, Son/s, Daughter/s, Boy/s, Girl/s, Tweens, Teens, Kid/s, Child/ren, Infant/s, Baby/ies

Offspring, Off, Spring, Twin/s, Triplet/s, Quadruplet/s, Quad/s, Quintuplet/s, Septuplets, etc. etc.

Woman, Women, Female, Pregnant, Pregnancy, Surrogate/acy, Birth, Biological, Adopt/ed/ing/ion/ive, Foster/ed/ing...LADY (Thanks, hyphen8), and I'm also adding "Miss", "Ms.", "Mrs.", "Madam", "Ma'am", etc....and MISTRESS, because in the true words of spazcat..."they can be Moms, too!"

Memory, Honor, Thanks, Appreciation, Craft/s, Gift/s, and any type of gift. Use your imagination, and explain your creative thinking.

Card/s, Book/s, Poem/s, Journal/s, Draw/ing, Color/ing, Picture, Frame, Manicure, Pedicure, Spa Day (either word)

Chocolate/s, Breakfast in Bed (any of the words), Brunch, Lunch, Supper, Dinner, Picnic, Celebration

Flower/s (the word, or any name of flower, which coincides with GoryDetails April Showers/May Flowers Challenge )

Gemstone (word or any stone name), Birthstone (word or any stone name), Diamond/s, Pearl/s, Emerald, Ruby, Opal, etc.

Ring, Earring, Necklace, Bracelet, Charm, Tat, Tatoo


THANKS for joining in the FUN!!! : D

CHALLENGE PARTICIPANTS...which started as being in order of sign up,
which wasn't...and isn't...required, so are obviously not alphabetical. ; )



spazcat 1 yr ago
Found some appropriate books while reorganizing my bookshelves so I'm in!


Found some appropriate books while reorganizing my bookshelves so I'm in!

HELLO, spazcat...happy to "see" you and have you join in!!! : ) Our 2018 Challenge Participant List has begun with YOU!!! : D I have a few in storage that I wasn't able to release for last year's challenge, that I HOPE to be able to release this year. ; )


I thought I didn't have anything appropriate but it turns out I do.
However, quite a few of them are on my Mt TBR, so I better get reading!



...but they can be Mom's, too! (I only have one, but whaddya think BOOKWORM?


they can be Mom's, too!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! : D True statement, oh...BOOKCROSSING MISTRESS, spazcat!!! : D Contrary to popular belief...fortunately, there are more positive definitions of that word than the one that most often is the first to come to many people's minds, and it's usually the more obvious because it's something that's been prevalent in society for more years than I have been alive, even at my ripe old age. : D YES, let's add all of its the list. Not certain if the cut and paste definition from GOOGLE will work here, but its all I have time for right now. ; ) HAPPY BOOKCROSSING DAY, ALL!!! : D

noun: mistress; plural noun: mistresses; noun: Mistress; plural noun: Mistresses
a woman in a position of authority or control.
"she is always mistress of the situation, coolly self-possessed"
a woman who is skilled in a particular subject or activity.
"a mistress of the sound bite, she is famed for the acidity of her tongue"
the female owner of a dog, cat, or other domesticated animal.
a female schoolteacher who teaches a particular subject.
"a Geography mistress"
a female head of a household.
"he asked for the mistress of the house"
(especially formerly) a female employer of domestic staff.
a woman having an extramarital sexual relationship, especially with a married man.
"Elsie knew her husband had a mistress tucked away somewhere"
synonyms: lover, girlfriend, kept woman, the other woman; courtesan, paramour; archaicconcubine; historicalhetaera
"her husband's mistress turned out to be one of her friends"
a woman loved and courted by a man.
used as a title prefixed to the name of a married woman; Mrs.


that didn't fit with a different challenge, but maybe this one!


that didn't fit with a different challenge, but maybe this one!

PERfect!!! : D Good to "see" you, I've added you in. ; )


1 POPPY Love (flower/female name)
2 DAISY's Back in Town (flower/female name)
3 VIOLETs are Blue (flower/female name)
4 ELIZA ROSE (flower/female name)
5 State of GRACE (female name)
6 Poison IVY (flower/female name)
7 The Cattleman's DAUGHTER
8 Yesterday's DAUGHTERs
9 MOTHERlove 2
11 If it's Not One Thing, It's Your MOTHER
12 VALENTINA: My Little Russian Princess (female name)
13 The ANGELs Knocking on the Tavern Door


1. traveling light for MOTHERS
2. PEARLS of garden wisdom


1. Good Bad WOMAN ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

2. Stork Raving Mad ( ), with the main character's pregnancy a large part of the plot.

3. QUEEN ANNE'S LACE ( ), for the flower title and for a number of poems about motherhood; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

4. The Man Who Mistook His WIFE for a Hat ( ), wild release, photo.



5. MOTHERS of Invention ( ), wild release, photo.

6. Wayward GIRLs and Wicked WOMEN ( ), wild release, photo.

7. Psychic Power NANAki ( ), wild release, photo.


8. shaMAn King ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

9. Mites to MAstodons ( ), wild release, photo


10. The GIRL From the Other Side ( ), controlled release.



Themed release so to speak:
5. Revenge of the Middle-Aged WOMAN

6. Summer SISTERs

7. A DAUGHTER's Promise

Thought this next title was apropos for a Mother:
8. Seasons of her Life by FERN Michaels


1. Fish by [JANE] Parker Resnick
2. Dragons Hate To Be Discreet by [WINIFRED] [ROSE]n
3. Bet Me by [JENNIFER] Crusie
4. The Tough Guide to Fantasyland by [DIANA] Wynne Jones
5. Follow the Moon by [SARAH] Weeks
6. Survival of the Sickest by [SHARON] Moalem & Jonathan Prince
7. Face the fire by [NORA] Roberts
8. Face Down In The [MA]rrow-Bone Pie by [KATHY] [LYNN] Emerson
9. Book of the Dead by [PATRICIA] [CORN]well
10. The Forgotten by [FAYE] Keller[MA]n



11. [MISS] [(MA)RY] [MA]ck by [(MA)RY] [ANN] Hober[MA]n
12. Lla[MA] Lla[MA] [MISS]es [MAMA] by [ANNA] Dewdney (also: ANN]
13. Sub[MA]rine Sam by Beck Ward
14. And Both Were Young by [(MA)DELEINE] L'Engle
15. A Pocket Full of Kisses by [AUDREY] Penn


11. Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.



Really uplifting for me, as the birthdays of my Mother (she would have been 97 yesterday 5/5), and several "Mother" Friends to me (Mary also yesterday), as well as a Friend or two, and a Sister-in-Law, would all be celebrated with them this month, if they weren't already all smiling down on us from Heaven, along with others there. ; ) LOVE the book titles, the multiple and themed challenge releases, the photos, and all of your creativity...and I've added those participants who were not already listed. ; )



16. I [LOVE] You [MOMMY] Giant [COLORING] [BOOK]
17. First [POEM]s of [CHILD]hood by [TASHA] Tudor
18. The Feast of the [OLIVE] by [(MA)GGIE] Blyth Klein
19. Barn Owl by [PHYLLIS] [FLOWER] & [CHERRYL] Pape
20. The One Minute [MA]nager by Kenneth Blan[CHARD] & Spencer Johnson


21. [LADY] [MA]c[BETH] by [SUSAN] Fraser King
22. The Wee [MA]d Road by Jack [MA]loney & [BARBARA] [MA]loney
23. Walking on [WALNUT]s by {NANCY] Ring
24. The Hungry Ocean by [LINDA] Greenlaw


13. One Pink ROSE

14. The GIFT of FAMILY

15. Coming Up ROSES

16. ...A True MOTHER'S DAY Story (copy 1)
(short book about the author's attempt to buy his wife a surprise Mother's Day present)


24 The Hour of the LILY
25 Wrestling With the ANGEL
26 DAUGHTER of Empire
27 25 Royal BABIES That Changed the World


25. The A[MA]zing Benjamin Franklin by [VICTORIA] St. John
26. The Bone Bed by [PATRICIA] [CORN]well
27. God, Creation, and Tools for Life by [SYLVIA] Browne
28. States of [MA]tter by [CAROL] Baldwin


wild releases

1. MĀHEALANI and the King of Hawaiʻi -
2. Wolves of the CALLA -
3. Three Years on DOREEN's Sofa -
4. The Calligrapher's DAUGHTER -
5. Song of SUSANNAH -


29. Traveling Light by [MA]x Lucado
30. Coastal [CAROL][INA] Cooking by [NANCY] Davis & [KATHY] Hart
31. The Great [MA]n by [KATE] Christensen
32. [BABY] Days
33. The Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim [MA]rrs
34. Wild Wild [SUN(FLOWER)] [CHILD] [(ANN)A] by [NANCY] White Carlstrom
35. Toad [MA]kes a Road
36. [HEIDI] by [JO(HANNA)] Spyri (also: ANNA, ANN)
37. The Cobra [EVE]nt by Ri[CHARD] Preston
38. Oops!: The [MA]nners Guide for [GIRL]s by [NANCY] Holyoke
39. A S[MA]rt [GIRL]'s Guide to the Internet by [SHARON] Cindrich
40. Gather Together in My Na[ME] by [(MA)YA] Angelou*

*me = mother in Vietnamese



28 DAUGHTERs of Arabia
29 Ironmonger's DAUGHTER
30 Broken ANGELs
31 The Patterson GIRLs
32 We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our FAMILIES
33 The MIDWIFE of Venice
35 MRS Zhivago of Queen's Park



12. Rabbit Pirates: A Tale of the Spinach MAin ( ), wild release, photo.



13. Please Look After MOM ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.




25. A MOTHER's Love (copy 2)

26. ...A True MOTHER's Day LOVE Story (copy 3)

27. ...A True MOTHER's Day LOVE Story (copy 4)

28. ...A True MOTHER's Day LOVE Story (copy 5)

29. Dear MOM (copy 1)

30. ...Being the MOTHER of the Bride





35. The Joyous GIFT of GRANDPARENTs

36. Dear MOM (copy 2)


1. A Midwife's Tale--The Life of MARTHA Ballard, based on her diary 1785-1812,


14. LEAH's Pony ( ), wild release, photo.

15. FELICITY ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

16. The silMArillion ( ), wild release, photo.

17. Red MArs ( ), wild release.

18. MArtian Time-slip ( ), wild release.


37. A WOMAN of Independent Means

38. Vegas Sunrise by FERN Michaels


19. The GIRLS in the Garden ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

20. The LAVENDER Garden ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

21. The Green Hills of MAgic ( ), wild release, photo.

22. Dogbert's Top Secret MAnagement Handbook ( ), wild release, photo. [Update: caught!]


Yay!!! Great JE! Congrats!!


41. Good Cop, Bad [DAUGHTER] by [KAREN] Lynch
42. The Hand[MA]id's Tale by [(MA)RGARET] Atwood
43. The Life You've I[MA]gined by [KRIS(TINA)] Riggle
44. There's a [MA]stodon in My Living Room by [ELAINE] Moore
45. The Invisible Pri[MA]ry


23. M is for MAple ( ), wild release, photo. [Update: caught!]



40 BABYville
41 DAUGHTER of the Reich
42 The Teardrop Story WOMAN
43 Queen Kat, CARMEL and St Jude Get a Life


46. Living to Tell the Tale by Gabriel García [MA]rquez
47. Corelli's [MA]ndolin
48. A [BOY] of Good Breeding by {MIRIAM] Toews
49. The [CHILDREN] of the King by [MA]x Lucado
50. Bad Dog, [MA]rley!


24. ghostGIRL ( ), wild release, photo. WOMEN, Food and God

And she joined!!!


42. Southern Comfort by FERN Michaels



51. Little Toot by Hardie Gra[MA]tky
52. The Best [FRIEND] Bandit
53. Counting Kisses by [KAREN] Katz (theme: mommy kissing baby)
54. A Night[MA[re's Dozen
55. Black [BOY] by Ri[CHARD] Wright
56. 123 Sesa[ME] Street*

* me = mother in Vietnamese



57. Never Far from Ho[ME] by [(MA)RY] Ellis*
58. Best [FRIEND]s
59. [(MA)RIE] Curie Brave Scientist
60. [MS.] [SUE] Has No Clue!
61. Four [FRIEND]s
62. [MARY] Poppins. a Jolly Holiday by [ANNE] North Bedford
63. Teach Us, [A(ME)LIA] Bedelia by [PEGGY] Parish*
64. [BARBIE] and the Three Musketeers by [(MA)RY] Man-Kong
65. Just Like [DORA]! by [ALISON] Inches
66. [JULIE] of the Wolves by [JEAN] Craighead George

* me = mother in Vietnamese


wild release with photo

6. Beowolf's CHILDREN -

charity release, no photo

7. ANGELmaker -




What a great journal entry!


67. The Other [DAUGHTER] by [LISA] Gardner
68. My [FRIEND] Goes Left by [BARBARA] Gregorich
69. Nature [BABIES] by [GINA] Ingoglia
70. The Berry Best [FRIEND]s' Picnic
71. [MRS.] Piggle-wiggle's [MA]gic by [BETTY] [MA]cDonald
72. [ANASTASIA] by [CAROLYN] [ME]yer*
73. The Great Ti[ME] [MA]chine Hoax*
74. The Princesse de Cleves by [MA]da[ME] De La[FAY]ette*
75. Bath-Ti[ME] Boots*
76. Cre[ME] de La Cri[ME]*

* me = mother in Vietnamese


77. Reviving [OPHELIA] by [(MA)RY] Pipher
78. A Fun [MA]gic Coloring [BOOK]
79. Panda [BABY] by [SARAH] Toast
80. Play Ball, [A(ME)LIA] Bedelia by [PEGGY] Parish*
81. Old [MOTHER] Goose
82. [TWIN] Trouble by [ANN] M. [MA]rtin
83. The Murder [BOOK] by Jonathan Keller[MA]n
84. Best [FRIEND]s for [FRANCES]

* me = mother in Vietnamese


I almost missed this challenge. I'll find a few books to release over the weekend. Thanks for hosting, BOOKWORMINUSALL.


2. Adventures of Fancy NANCY,
3. Very Funny, Elizabeth! by Valerie Tripp,


85. The Sacrifice Ga[ME] by Brian D'A[MA]to*
86. A [BOY] of Good Breeding by [MIRIAM] Toews
87. Where the Red [FERN] Grows
88. Where the God of [LOVE] Hangs Out by [AMY] Bloom
89. The Cloning of [(JOAN)NA] [(MA)Y] by [FAY] Weldon (also: ANN, ANNA)
90. Unnatural Exposure by [PATRICIA] [CORN]well
91. Neur[OMA]ncer (also: MA)*

* oma = grandmother in German


wingNancyNovawing 1 yr ago
release 5


93. The [MA]tarese Countdown
93. Honor Thy [WIFE] by [NOR(MA)]n Bogner*
94. Fancy [(NAN)CY] Sees Stars by [(JAN)E] O'Connor
95. Fresh From the Oven Brick Oven Cook[BOOK]
96. The [ME]rriam Webster Thesaurus**

*going out on its second annual Mother's Day Challenge Release!
**me = mother in Vietnamese


1. The Terminal Man
(embedded word MAn)


97. The Most [MA]rvellous Sum[ME]r by [BETTY] Neels*
98. [CARD]well Christ[MA]s Cri[ME] Scene and Secret of Dead[MA]n's Coulee*
99. Two Ho[ME]s by [CLAIRE] [MA]surel*
100. The [ME]rriam-Webster Dictionary*

*me = mother in Vietnamese


25. ALETA and the Queen ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo. Southern Comfort

Oh sorry, Spazcat. Someone must have needed the warmth it provided on a cold night, or the fuel it provided to cook a meal, or...being a "Romance" carrying quite a grudge. ; ) When I next have a chance to get to the Friends of the Library again...I'll see if I can find a copy so it can be replaced. : ) I think there's a way to list it in a BC Graveyard as retired, but I can remember how at the moment.


but I can remember how at the moment.

Here you go, Spazcat!!! ; )
You can do a Controlled Release, then PM TheDeathOfBooks so the Status gets set. You could also assign the BCID to a different book to recycle it. While you're deciding, I'll still try to see if there's a copy available to replace it. ; )


Thanks BOOKWORM---I'll try the graveyard. It was probably a bunch of kids at a graduation party, but it broke my heart to see a book torn in half and burned. :(


That is so rotten! It always amazes me that some people seek to do good while others do just the opposite. So sorry this happened.

I would not recycle the BCID for that book. That book deserves its own BCID...even though it met an untimely end. :/


I would not recycle the BCID for that book. That book deserves its own BCID...even though it met an untimely end. :/

Thank you SqueakyChu. I just sent it to TheDeathofBooks. Retired too young.


44. One in a Million/LOVE, Texas Style

45. LOVE Came Just in Time (copy 2)

46. Silver ANGEL

47. AUNT Killer

48. The GIFT of FRIENDship



101. Bath-Ti[ME] Boots*
102. The [ME][NORA]h [ME]n*
103. The Any Ti[ME], Any Place Craft [Book]*
104. The Fairy God[MOTHER] by [(ME)RCEDES] Lackey*
105. In the Ti[ME] of the Butterflies by [JULIA] Alvarez*
106. For One [MOR]e Day**

* me = mother in Vietnamese
** mor = mother in Danish


2. Tara Road
(embedded word MAeve Binchy)

3. Lilac Girls
(about 3 remarkable women during World War II)


26. Amelia to Zora: Twenty-six Women Who Changed the World ( ), wild release, photo.


Left this book away from the fire pit!

49. MOTHER Goose

50. WOMEN, Food and Desire



107. From Now to Now by [MA]rlis Jermutus
108. The Joys of [LOVE] by [(MA)DELEINE] L'Engle
109. Rediscov[ERIN]g God in Am[ERICA]
110. There's a [BOY] in the [GIRL]s' Bathroom
111. Young [MA]rtin Luther King Jr. by [(JOAN)NE] [MA]ttern (also: ANNE)
112. The Grilling Sea[SON] by [DIANE] Mott David[SON]



52 Diary of a Jetsetting Call GIRL


113. The Little Spice Cook[BOOK]
114. First Ani[MA]ls
115. Little Red Riding Hood by William Weg[MA]n
116. The No. 1 [LADIES]' Detective Agency
117. The Whole Way Ho[ME] by [SARAH] Creech*
118. A Thief of Ti[ME] by Tony Hiller[MA]n*
119. Roads Ho[ME] by [KATHRYN] D. Cra[ME]r*

*me = mother in Vietnamese


120. The Page[MA]ster
121. [EM(MA)]'s [POEM] by [LINDA] Glaser
122. Toujours Provence by Peter [MA]yle
123. [(MA)TILDA]
124. Hand[BOOK] of Cat Care
125. Favorite Annual [FLOWER]s
126. The Theft of Thor's Ham[ME]r by [HENRI(ETTA)] Branford*

* me = mother in Vietnamese


127. Power of a [WO(MA)N] by [BARBARA] Taylor Bradford
128. [MELANIE]'s [MISS]ion by [KATHARINE] Philip[SON]
129. [SARAH], Plain and Tall by [PATRICIA] Maclachlan
130. The Hand[MA]id's Tale by [(MA)RGARET] Atwood
131. Arthur's Neighborhood by [MA]rc Brown
132. The [BOOK] of [RUTH] by [(JAN)E] Hamilton
133. The Witness by [SANDRA] Brown
134. Deadly Force by [BEVERLY] Long
135. S[MA]rt [WOMEN] Read Between the Lines
136. [A(MA)]zing Horse Facts And Trivia*

* ama = mother in Basque


27. The Compleat Enchanter: The [MA]gical Misadventures of Harold Shea ( ), wild release, photo.

28. You're Only Old Once! - a Book for Obsolete CHILDREN ( ), wild release, photo.

29. ATALANTA: The Fastest Runner in the World ( ), wild release, photo.

30. Requiem of the ROSE King ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

31. Life's MAtrix: a Biography of Water ( ), wild release, photo.

32. Fat GIRL, Terrestrial ( ), wild release, photo.


137. [GIRL]s in Trouble by [(CAROL)INE] Leavitt |
138. Ro[MA]ntic Encounter by [BETTY] Neels
139. The [GIRL] Who Fell from the Sky by [HEIDI] W. Durrow
140. The Big [LOVE] by [SARAH] Dunn
141. [MRS.] Jeepers is [MISS]ing! by [DEBBIE] Dadey and [MARCIA] Thornton Jones
142. Fate Takes A Hand by [BETTY] Neels
143. [JULIA] Ried by [(ISABEL)LA] Alden (also: BELLA, ELLA)
144. The [BOOK] of [RUTH] by [(JAN)E] Hamilton
145. Deadly Valentine by [(CAROL)YN] Hart
146. Ca[ROSE]lli's Christ[MA]s [BABY] by [MICHELLE] Cel[ME]r*

*me = mother in Vietnamese



Nice catch!


147. Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria [LADIES] from Outer Space...
148. [PAM]iel by [PAM] Diaz
149. [GRAND(MA)]'s Treasury of Stories and Verses for [CHILDREN]
150. Achingly [ALICE] by [PHYLLIS] Reynolds Naylor
151. A Wind in the Door by [(MA)DELEINE] L'Engle
152. The Berenstain Bears Forget Their [MA]nners by Stan and [JAN] Berenstain
153. Hilltop Tryst by [BETTY] Neels
154. An Old-Fashioned [GIRL] by [BETTY] Neels
. [PREGNANT] by the Cow[BOY] CEO by [CATHERINE] [MA]nn
155. Dearest [(MA)RY] [(JAN)E] by [BETTY] Neels
156. The Final Touch by [BETTY] Neels
157. [MA]rrying A Doctor by [BETTY] Neels & [(CAROL)INE) Ander[SON]
158. Exit the Milk[MA]n by [CHARLOTTE] [MA]cLeod
159. The [ME]ditation Year by [(JAN)E] [HOPE]*
160. You Read to [ME]! I'll Read to You!*

* me = mother in Vietnamese

That's it for me!
Total books released for this challenge = 160

Thanks for hosting this challenge, BOOKWORMINUSALL.


WOW!!! Great job SqueakyChu!!!


33. MOTHER to DAUGHTER ( ), wild release, photo.

34. The Atomic City GIRLs ( ), wild release, photo.

And that's it for me. Thanks for the challenge!


controlled releases

8. Mountain Wolf WOMAN -
9. KAYA and Lone Dog -
10. Dear MISS Breed -
11. Coin Locker BABIES -

charity release; no photo

12. ANGELmaker -

It was fun - thanks!


1. Where ANGELs Fear to Tread



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