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Starting the challenge now, despite the fact that it's icy with flakes of snow here {wry grin}.

Challenge information below. And here's last year's thread ( ) in case you want some ideas for books to release.


This challenge, inspired by crrcookie's challenge from a few years back, will start on April 15th, 2018 (12:01 am your local time) and end on May 15th, 2018 (11:59 pm your local time). No need to sign up, just start posting releases here as of April 15th.

The goal is to wild-release books with the names of plants in the title, subtitle, or author, and/or with (identifiable) plants on the cover. More details follow. [If you aren't sure if a particular word or picture counts, just ask; I'm inclined to be flexible as to theme, but for it to be any fun we must draw a line *somewhere*!]

1. Embedded words are acceptable (War and PEAce, BEEThoven's Life), but must be within a single word - unless you're lucky enough to find a multi-word plant-name that's embedded in a title, something like "SugarBABY'S BREATHless" [made-up title to illustrate the rather unlikely situation].

2. Specific plant names and generic names are permitted. "Flower" works, as do "daffodil" or "rose"; likewise, "tree" as well as "oak" or "linden", and "seaweed" as well as "kelp" or "nori", etc.

3. Words for *parts* of plants are also acceptable: "leaf", "stamen", "root", "corm", "seed", etc. This opens up the possibilities considerably, but do limit your words to something that's part of a growing plant. Again, if in doubt as to whether something qualifies, just ask.

4. Any plant-words in the title should be in the same language as the book, unless it's clear from context that the title is deliberately mixing languages - using a Latin name along with the original-language rest-of-title, for example.

5. I'll allow collective terms such as "garden", "orchard", "vineyard", "plantation", etc. In previous years I tried to restrict this to domestic plantings only, but I'm opening this up to any collective term for growing things: "forest", "meadow", etc.

6. Cover art: since I'm fond of a nice cover, I do want to include books whose covers match the theme even if the title does not. Covers showing specific flowers, fruit, vegetables, or an obvious garden will be fine, but those which just have distant trees or lawns as an incidental part of the image will not.

7. Release types: this is wild-release only, including releases to OBCZs, Little Free Libraries, or other book-swap shelves.

For extra fun, feel free to come up with themed release locations for your books, especially if they allow for colorful release photos. And by all means combine these with any other ongoing challenges; I know this will overlap with the "Into the Wild" wild-release challenge, so any book with "wildflower" or "wild rose" in the title would work for both!

Please keep a running count of your releases. I'll give a prize to the person with the most releases, and another to a randomly-chosen participant.



whom we hardly ever see at all these days since she moved away from the DC area, I want to do this challenge!


“I know this will overlap with solittletime's "Wild Wild" release challenge, so any book with "wildflower" or "wild rose" in the title would work for both!”

Thanks for the plug, Gory, but I’m not running that, or any other Challenges, anymore.

I will join your Challenge however. And as usual, i won’t be playing for prizes.

Thanks for hosting this one again! I always enjoy it.


I know this will overlap with solittletime's "Wild Wild" release challenge, so any book with "wildflower" or "wild rose" in the title would work for both!

Thanks for the plug, Gory, but I’m not running that, or any other Challenges, anymore.

Sorry, I think I must have been looking at the 2017 challenge-list instead of the 2018 one. I hope someone would like to take that one over - I have all these "Wild" books sitting around ready!


Sorry, I think I must have been looking at the 2017 challenge-list instead of the 2018 one. I hope someone would like to take that one over - I have all these "Wild" books sitting around ready!

Maybe you?


Sorry, I think I must have been looking at the 2017 challenge-list instead of the 2018 one. I hope someone would like to take that one over - I have all these "Wild" books sitting around ready!

Maybe you?

Maybe! ( )



I have some books ready!


I'll start looking: although *I'm* terrible at identifying plants ("daisies" ala John THOJ) I'll try to come up with something.


Remember, author-names count, so if you have books by a Lily or a Rose you're good to go!


Remember, author-names count, so if you have books by a Lily or a Rose you're good to go!

Thanks, I always forget about that...


1. 12 Lessons on Life I Learned from my GARDEN ( ), photo.

2. The Lemoncholy Life of Annie ASTER ( ), photo.

3. The Secret GARDEN ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

4. Traps ( ), for the Venus flytrap on the cover; wild release.

5. Scented GARDENs for the Blind ( ), photo.

6. MILKWEED ( ), photo.


1 Doctor in CLOVER
2 The Perks of Being a WallFLOWER
3 The OLIVE Readers (Plus olive trees on cover)
4 HOLLY Would Dream
5 The PAPERBARK Shoe - Goldie GoldBLOOM
6 City of FLOWERS
7 Meet Me Under the OMBU TREE
8 An Apple From a TREE
9 Snow FLOWER and the Secret Fan
10 In the Memory of the FOREST
11 The Half-Burnt TREE



1. My Little Book About Mr. Jeremy Fisher (lotus flowers or water-lilies on the cover)
2. The Sunday Philosophy Club (window box flowers on the cover)
3. Weight Watchers' Quick Start Plus Program Cookbook (flowers, grapes, and thyme on the cover)
4. The Scent of [PINE]


7. The Victory GARDEN Alphabet Book ( ), photo.

8. SNOWDROPS ( ), photo.


12 The CEDAR Cutter
13 Don't Let the Goats Eat the LOQUAT TREEs
14 Success With Scented PLANTs
15 Quick-Fix GARDENing
16 Fences (petunias [I think] on cover)

1 The Olive Readers


5. You Can't Hide by Karen [ROSE]
6. Panda Baby: At Home in the [BAMBOO] [GROVE]
7. Grateful Dead Comix: 16 Grateful Dead Classics Interpreted by Leading Comic Book Artists (roses on cover)


8. Evermore: The Immortals (tulips on cover)
9. Little Dog, Lost (tulips on cover)
10. Surviving the [APPLE]whites


9. SUNFLOWER Houses ( ), photo.

10. Chipmunk Song ( ), for the acorns and asters on the cover; photo.

11. EUCALYPTUS ( ), photo.

12. TULIPomania ( ), photo.

13. Creating a Butterfly GARDEN ( ), photo.

14. Let's Play in the GARDEN ( ), photo.

15. BLACKBERRY Winter; A Street Cat Named Bob ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

16. MAYFLOWER Madam ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

17. MILKWEED ( ), photo.


11. The Exact Nature of Our Wrongs (flowers on cover)
12. Old Mother Goose (flowers on cover)
13. Unnatural Exposure by Patricia [CORN]well


14. World of Wonders (roses on cover)
15. Favorite Annual [FLOWERS]
16. Heal Your Body by Louise [HAY]


wingNancyNovawing 3 yrs ago
release 4
4. angels unaware lovely photo of purple flowers on the cover. I don't remember the variety, although I used to know that stuff!


wingMaranlinwing 3 yrs ago
Release #1
1. Perfect Match by FERN Michaels



3. Eucalyptus

4. Father of Two- flowers in a vase on the cover



From my book-release roadtrip for International BC Day:

18. The Wind in the Willows ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

19. True Heart, by Marissa MOSS ( ), photo.

20. The Wild ROSE ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

21. FUCHSIAS ( ), photo.

22. Wild New England ( ), for the sumac on the cover; multiple challenges, photo.


17. Le Repertoire De La Cuisine (grapevine on cover)
18. Happy Ever After (roses on cover)
19. Breads by Sharon [HERB]st


with release photos

1. Caterpillar to Butterfly -
Photo of flower on cover


3. The Legend of the BLUEBONNET -


20. Jack and the {BEANSTALK] (also: BEAN)
21. Four Friends (apples on cover)
22. Love in the Time of Cholera (rose on cover)


23. The Wind in the ROSE Bush ( ), photo.

24. Cardcaptor SAKURA: Clear Card ( ), photo.

25. Gunpowder Green (A TEA Shop Mystery) ( ); has flowers on the cover as well. Photo.


17 CEDAR Street
19 PLANTs: an Evolutionary Survey
20 Growing From SEED (with plants on cover)



23. Barbie: Horse Show Champ (flowers on cover)
24. Big Bird's Red Book (flowers on cover)



25. Drop City (flowers on cover)
26. The Glitter and the Gold by Fred [MUSTARD] Stewart
27. Nightlight (apple on cover)
28. Arthur Meets the President (flowers on cover)
The THORN Birds

Also in the Movie Books release challenge.



29. Noah's [GARDEN]
30. Creole (flowers on cover)
31. Look at Lisa Go (flowers on cover)


26. The Sanctuary GARDEN ( ), photo.

27. Crosswords and CHAMOMILE ( ), photo.

28. The Key to Friendship ( ), for the pansies on the cover; photo.



32. Utterly Me, Clarice [BEAN]
33. What Is a Princess? (rose on cover)
34. Dead and Buried (flowers on cover)
35. Discovering the Soul of Service by Leonard L. [BERRY]
36. So Many Butterflies! (flowers on cover)


29. Butterflies, FLOWERS Vol. 8 ( ).
Into the Wild (cover has picture of conifer, possibly a taiga pine)

Also in the Movie Books challenge.


1. The Silver Lining: A Supportive and Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer -- plants and flowers on cover
by Hollye Jacobs RN MS MSW, Elizabeth Messina
2. One Kiss from You by Christina Dodd -- plants and flowers on cover
3. Hanging Plants for Home, Terrace, and Garden by John Baumgardt
4. Hanging baskets and trailing plants by Martin Weimar
5. 1,001 Gardening Secrets
6. Flower Arrangements to Copy by Various
7. Reader's Digest Practical Guide to Home Landscaping -- plants and flowers on cover
8. The Art of Drying Plants and Flowers by Mabel Squires
9. Flowers for All Seasons: A Guide to Colorful Trees, Shrubs and Vines
by Jeff Cox, Marilyn Cox


Key Lime Cookin' : Famous Recipes From Famous Places (Famous Florida)
by Joyce Lafray


37. Second-Time Cool by Anna-Stina [LINDEN] Ivarsson, Katarina Brieditis, Katarina Evans
38. Wheedle on the Needle (flowers on cover)
39. The Princesse de Cleves (flowers and apple on cover)
40. A Game of Hide-and-Seek (tulips on cover)


30. The Red Leather Diary, by LILY Koppel ( ), photo.

31. Black CLOVER ( ), multiple challenges, photo.


41. The Witching Hour by Anne [RICE]
42. Things in My House (orange on cover)
43. Stolen Dreams (roses on cover)
44. The Patriot Threat by Steve [BERRY]


All at an LFL, with photo.

32. ORANGE: Future ( ); also has cherry trees on the cover.

33. Murder in the Secret GARDEN ( )

34. Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson ( ), for the apple tree on the cover.


45. In My [GARDEN] Pop-Up Book
46. There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly (flowers on cover)



7. the gamble Pretty violets on the cover
8. SPRING's memory lovely spring tree on the cover
9. pearls of GARDEN wisdom and a lovely bench in a flowering field on the cover


35. QUEEN ANNE'S LACE ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

36. Out in the GARDEN ( ), photo.


47. A Fun Magic Coloring Book (flowers on cover)
48. When the [LEAF] Blew In


49. Less Medicine, More Health (apple on cover)
50. Fancy Nancy Sees Stars (flowers on cover)


7.Desert Rain-has flower on the cover

8. A Chesapeake Shores Christmas-has a wreath with flowers on the cover -CAUGHT-

9. Roses


10. Stealing the Elf-King’s ROSES


37. SAKURA Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura ( ), multiple challenges, photo.


51. Dragons HATE To Be Discreet by Winifred [ROSE]n
52. Bet Me (cherries on cover)


38. Perks of Being a WALLFLOWER ( ), multiple challenges, photo.


with release photos

4. The Adventures of HUCKLEBERRY Finn -
5. The Postman (roses on cover) -


53. Survival of the Sickest (apple on cover)
54. Book of the Dead by Patricia [CORN]well
55. The Recipes of the Five Brothers - Volume III (tomatoes on cover)



11. The Small Garden Book
12. The 20 Minutes FLOWER GARDEN
13. Ideal's Country -- cover with Sunflowers


56. The Prudhomme Family Cookbook (tomatoes on cover)
57. Miss Mary Mack (flowers on cover)
59. Barn Owl by Phyllis [FLOWER]



60. I Thank God for This Day! (flowers on cover)
61. We Run (flowers on cover)
62. First Poems of Childhood (flower on cover)
63. The Feast of the [OLIVE]
64. Walking on [WALNUTS]


It runs through midnight of May 15, your time, so if you have any flower-books left, get 'em ready to go! (I'm running a little short myself; will see what I can turn up!)


65. [POPPY] and [RYE]
66. Clarice [BEAN] Spells Trouble
67. Aphrodite the Beauty (roses on cover)
68. The Bone Bed by Patricia [CORN]well



69. Frog Purse Notebook (flower on cover)
70. Wild Wild [SUN(FLOWER)] Child Anna (flowers on cover)
71. Five Minutes' Peace (flowers on cover)
72. The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blan[CHARD] & Spencer Johnson


with release photos

6. The Samurai's GARDEN (morning glories on cover) -
7. Wolves of the CALLA -
8. The Dark Tower (roses on cover) -


73. Coastal Carolina Cooking (tomatoes on cover)
74. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel [HAWTHORN]e (also: THORN)
75. The Best Mistake Ever! and Other Stories by Ri[CHARD] Scarry
76. Heidi (flowers on cover)
77. The Cobra Event by Ri[CHARD] Preston

That's it for me!
Total books released for this challenge: 77

Thanks for the fun challenge, GoryDetails!



wingNancyNovawing 2 yrs ago
release 10


39. The Legend of the BLUEBONNET ( ), photo.

40. GARDENs of Water ( ), photo.


40 Lola Bensky - LILY Brett


1. Vanishing Flora--Endangered Plants Around the World,


2. Wycliffe and the PEA Green Boat by W. J. Burley
3. Where AZALEAS Bloom by Sherryl Woods (also nice pic of these flowers on the cover)


41. Felicity, by Mary OLIVEr ( ), multiple challenges, photo.


7. Embroidered Ground (multiple)
8. A Marigold Garden (multiple)
9. Creating a Butterfly Garden (multiple)
10. Eyewitness Explorers: Flowers (multiple)
11. Shakespeare’s Flowers (multiple)
12. How Zinnia Got Her Name (multiple)


100 Flowers and How they Got Their Names


My final releases for this challenge:

42. The Girls in the GARDEN ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

43. The LAVENDER GARDEN ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

44. GARDEN of Death ( ), photo.

I'll tally the results after a few more days so people can catch up on their posting.



with release photos

9. Twenty Blue Devils -
Orchids & palms on cover

10. Snow Falling on CEDARS -


Released on time. Posted late. Not playing for prizes.

1 - Standing with TREES: Poems

2 - The GARDEN Plot

3 - Look At This TREE

4 - Girl In HYACINTH Blue

5 - A Bouquet of Poems and ROSES: A Celebration of Love in FLOWERS and Verse

6 - SEEDfolks

7 - Wild Mountain THYME


9 - Heaven in a WildFLOWER

10 - Wild ORCHIDS

11 - Sugar Creek Gang: PALM TREE Manhunt

12 - GARDEN of Secrets: An Angel's Bay Novel

13 - Snow FLOWER and the Secret Fan: A Novel


Released on time. Posted late.

14 - Field Guide to Alaskan WILDFLOWERS Commonly Seen Along Highways and Byways

15 - The Audubon Society Pocket Guides: Familiar FLOWERS of North America: Eastern Region

16 - WILDFLOWERS Through the Seasons

17 - Love Me, Love My BROCCOLI

18 - One Hundred FLOWERS

19 - Wild Mountain THYME

20 - The BROCCOLI Tapes

21 - Rainbow Magic : The PETAL Fairies # 5: Olivia the ORCHID Fairy

22 - The Lost FLOWER Children

23 - FLOWERS in the Attic

24 - The Perennial GARDEN: Color Harmonies Through the Seasons

25 - At Risk by Patricia CORNwell

26 - A Little Book of Cherished Poems: Beautiful Poetry to Treasure [rose on the cover]

27 - FLOWERS: A Golden Guide

28 - of Origin by Patricia CORNwell

29 - Secret Garden Notebook: A First GARDENING Book

30 - The 13-Story TREEhouse

31 - The SUNFLOWER: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness

32 - The SUNFLOWER: A Novel

33 - The Miniature Book of FLOWER Arranging

34 - The Angel of Knowlton Park: A Joe Burgess Mystery by Kate FLORA

35 - Surviving the APPLEwhites


36 - Veil of ROSES

37 - Hidden ROOTS

38 - Everlasting Design: More Ideas and Techniques for Dried FLOWERS

39 - The Secret GARDEN

40 - High Five : A Stephanie PLUM Novel

41 - The Country Dried FLOWER Companion

42 - Hope for the FLOWERS

43 - Keeping Up Appearances : HYACINTH Bucket's Book of Etiquette for the Socially Less Fortunate

44 - Ideas for Japanese GARDENS

45 - Bed of ROSES

46 - The Trouble With TULIP

47 - The ROSE GARDEN: Short Stories

48 - The Winter GARDEN Mystery: A DAISY Dalrymple Mystery

49 - A PALM for Mrs. Pollifax

50 - Ten Big Ones: A Stephanie PLUM Novel

51 - FLOWERS in Art: A BOUQUET of FLORAL Paintings

52 - Do PLANTS Eat Meat?

53 - A Surprise GARDEN

54 - The Great Public GARDENS of the Eastern United States


Released on time. Posted late.

55 - LILY and the Major



58 - The Complete Shade GARDENER

59 - Disney Fairies: The Secret Fairy GARDEN

60 - A Child's First Library of Learning: FLOWERS and TREES

61 - If I Had My Life to Live Over I Would Pick More DAISIES

62 - Fun Facts About FARM CROPS [photos of sunflowers and apples on the cover, as well as drawings of some vegetables]

63 - Better Homes and GARDENS New Junior GARDEN Book: Cool projects for kids to make and GROW

64 - Among FLOWERS

65 - Black ROSE

66 - Bed of ROSES

67 - The Shop on BLOSSOM Street

68 - Food From PLANTS

69 - The Time GARDEN

70 - A Fall of MARIGOLDS

71 - The Adventures of HUCKLEBERRY Finn

72 - Big CHERRY Holler

73 - The Shop on BLOSSOM Street

74 - Food From PLANTS

75 - PLANTS vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon

76 - Mother's Day Murder: A Lucy Stone Mystery [roses on the cover]

77 - Girl In HYACINTH Blue

78 - 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life [tree on the cover]

79 - Brooklyn Botanic GARDEN: Woodland GARDENS

80 - PLANTS vs. Zombies: Timepocalypse


Released on time. Posted late.

81 - Four Great Plays [tree on the cover]


83 - The Third Secret by Steve BERRY

84 - The Stone FLOWER GARDEN

85 - You Can't Hide by Karen ROSE

86 - Queen Of The Universe by Barbara Ann PLUM

87 - GARDEN of Lies

88 - I'm Watching You by Karen ROSE

89 - A Child's GARDEN Of Verses

90 - 8 Sandpiper Way
[daisies and other flowers on the cover]


92 - Visions of Sugar PLUMS: A Stephanie PLUM Holiday Novel

93 - ROSES are Red

94 - VIOLET on the Runway

95 - Dessa ROSE

96 - PLUM Lucky: A Stephanie PLUM Between-the-Numbers Novel

97 - PLANTS vs. Zombies: Battle Extravagonzo

98 - PLANTS vs. Zombies : Bully For You

99 - IRIS Folding

100 - PLANTS vs. Zombies: PETAL to the Metal

101 - The Bird GARDEN

102 - Sunset GARDEN Pools, Fountains & Waterfalls

103 - Fighting for Peace by General Sir Michael ROSE


Released on time. Posted late.

104 - Letts Guides to GARDEN Design: Cottage GARDEN

105 - Blood Red, Sister ROSE

~ the end ~

Thanks for an enjoyable Challenge, as always, GoryDetails.


Thanks to everyone for participating! We released over 325 books (more than last year!), on two continents, in three countries, and nine US states!

Since solittletime is opting out of prizes, the winner for most releases is:

SqueakyChu! I'll be sending a wishlist book.

And as a randomly-chosen prize for participating:

msrubble, who'll be getting a month of wings!


SqueakyChu! I'll be sending a wishlist book.

Wow! Thank you so much!


And as a randomly-chosen prize for participating:

msrubble, who'll be getting a month of wings!

Thank you! That was a very nice surprise.



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