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I'll be looking after the KarmelK's Celebrate the Irish Challenge again this year.

The challenge starts at 00:00 on the 1st of March and finishing at 23:59 on the 31st of March (your time).
Books about Ireland, set in Ireland, written by or about the Irish people or descendants of the Irish in any country.
Books that are primarily Green, White or Gold/Orange in colour or have those colour words in the title or the authors name.
Any Irish place name or items unique to Ireland (shamrock, banshee, leprechaun, etc.) in the title or authors name.
Any kind of release works. Using a book for multiple release challenges is also fine.
One rule of my own : if KarmelK calls in at any point, her word automatically becomes law.

For writers of Irish descent, I’ve found Wikipedia’s list of Irish American writers helpful in the past. However, I’m assuming it’s not an exhaustive list. (Anne McCaffrey – who wrote the Dragonriders of Pern series – doesn’t appear on it, and is Irish American by birth. However, as she became a naturalised Irish citizen, it’s possible she’s been left off the list deliberately).
I’d also assume there are writers from other countries who are also of Irish descent. (Australia would be am obvious candidate).


Thank you for hosting this, cluricaune...I do have a couple that meet requirements. ; )




Thank you for hosting again, cluricaune. This is always a fun challenge!


Welcome back Maranlin :)



I've released CS Lewis and Colin Batemen books in the past as part pf the challenge.


Thanks for hosting, cluriclaune.


1 Irish Love - Andrew M. Greeley


Well done on the catch ! I think that's the challenge's first.


More challengers ! Good to see you both, thanks for joining :)

We actually have a release thread, though, over here :
Would you mind copying your releases over there ? I'm a bear of little brain and can be easily confused :(


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