4 Elements will return in March!

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I have been asked if this will run again this year; it will indeed.

Here's the info/rules:

This challenge will run from 00:00 (your time) on March 1st through 23:59 (your time) on March 31st.

1) Qualifying books must include a word relating to one of the four elements. Author's names as well as titles will count. If in doubt, please post here with word questions, but check the word list first!

***Earth (includes words like rock, ground, gravel, mud, etc.)
***Air (includes words like breeze, wind, gust, storm, etc.)
***Fire (includes words like flame, ashes, lava, smoke, etc.)
***Water (includes words like ocean, wave, rain, lake, etc.)

--Partial word list: http://azfiregirl.livejournal.com/351484.html

2) Embedded words are fine (ie. DIRTy).

3) I will also accept proper names of rivers, oceans, volcanoes, mountains, forests, etc. (Ex. "Nile, Mt. Everest, Atlantic") However proper names of continents, countries, states, islands, providences, and so forth will NOT be accepted. **For those, check out Secretariat's Oh, the Places We Can Go challenge, also running in March.

4) Please include the name of the challenge in the release notes, in combination with other challenges is fine. Wild releases and controlled releases count.

5) Standard release challenge posting rules apply. (Please post all releases in a new post -- do not edit posts to include new releases!! Once I've read your post, I won't read it again. Please include number of releases in the title as well as a numbered list in the post itself. Also, please capitalize any embedded words to make it a little easier on me!)

6) Please post any catches, also in numbred order, they are great for encouragement!

7) International participants are more than welcome!! Foreign language books are totally acceptable. I just ask that the applicable part of the title be translated into English. (Typical American that I am, I can't read anything but English.)


I have a few books that qualify.


Awesome! The "elements" section of my TBR shelves is eager to go!


I'm ready!


wingeponine38wing 9 mos ago
I'm in!



winghyphen8wing 9 mos ago
Found one!
Still looking for more...


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