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Start saving your books for the 2018 Valentine Challenge. The original host, maggiemuffet is currently not very active on Bookcrossing. But I, along with others, I'm sure, would love the challenge to continue.

The rules will remain the same as previous years. The exception is that there will be fewer prizes - there will be two sets of wings awarded. One for the most points achieved and one random. I will be participating but, of course, will not receive a prize.

Rules: any romance is fine, but there is double points if the book has Love or variations thereof in the title, Cupid, Heart and of course Valentine. Covers count also eg hearts, cupid, bouquet of roses, chocolates, as they are synonymous with Valentine's Day.

ADDIT: Kiss also qualifies.

Challenge starts Feb. 1st and runs to Feb. 14th. Books count wild released and control releases. The books DO NOT have to be romance, many books have the word heart or love in title and aren't romance. Here is a small selection of some books that would qualify: Where the Heart Is Love & War Loves Music, Loves to Dance Loving Candy Hearts Heartbreaker Fallen Hearts

RABCK will also count and they can be mailed before Feb.1st as long as it is noted in release notes it is for a Valentine gift.

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This is the perfect motivation to go through my final boxes of books (that I've acquired over the years to release) to register and release them!
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Valentine's Day will be a very busy Bookcrossing Day for ME!!! : D
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3. Navy Seal Six Pack

This link leads to a book called Island of Bones. I think the actual book is:
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1. Search for the Perfect CHOCOLATE Chip Cookie ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.
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Lever nooit de LIEFDE in, Het vierde protocol, Ringo, de rovende wasbeer, Vleugels uit het verleden

Liefde = LOVE
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Would the word kisses or kiss work, even if it is not a romance? Thanks
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Would the word kisses or kiss work, even if it is not a romance? Thanks

Yes, why not? After all, most people wouldn't kiss someone unless they loved (or at least liked) them!
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2. My Secret Boyfriend ( ), for the hearts on the cover; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

3. Monster Valentines ( ), wild release, photo.
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4. Olympians: Aphrodite, Goddess of LOVE ( ), wild release, photo.

5. Must LOVE Dogs ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.
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1 - And Then He KISSed Her

2 - HEART of a Warrior

3 - Invisible Eden: A Story of LOVE and Murder on Cape Cod

4 - The HEARTS of Men: American Dreams and the Flight from Commitment

5 - 50 Ways to Meet Your LOVEr

6 - Sweet Little Lies: An L. A. CANDY Novel [hearts and the words kiss and love on the cover too]

7 - HEART of Honor

8 - Web of LOVE

9 - Secrets and Lies: Dark HEARTs

10 - From the Files of Madison Finn # 11: HEART to HEART

11 - HEARTs Divided

12 - Simply LOVE

13 - Never KISS a Stranger

14 - Make Me LOVE You

15 - What Price LOVE?: A Cynster Novel

16 - His Cowboy HEART: A Montana Men Novel

17 - Whisper To Me of LOVE

18 - Once He LOVES

19 - Lizzie McGuire: Broken HEARTs

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34. Danger in the Desert

The Desert's link has come over all French. I think the link is actually:

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20 - Westward Dreams: Runaway HEART

21 - The Christmas Wedding Ring [romance]

22 - Only Yours: A Fool's Gold ROMANCE

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All are romances....

1. devil in my bed
2. john doe on her doorstep
3. her secret agent man
4. a dangerous inheritance
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43. Winning the Teacher's HEART
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Squeaking in a release before tonight's site outage for a server upgrade:

6. Island of the Sequined LOVE Nun ( ), wild release, photo. [Update: caught!]
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Would the word "embrace" qualify, even if the book is not a romance? Thanks.
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Would the word "embrace" qualify, even if the book is not a romance?

There are multiple definitions of embrace, only one of which could be interpreted as an affectionate gesture.

I'd say no to purely the word embrace, unless there's a love theme to the book. Otherwise, it starts to stray too far from the Valentine theme.
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Release 1

1. The Cowboy's Homecoming
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10 A Straight Line to My HEART
11 Sacred HEARTs
12 What Becomes of the Broken HEARTed?
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Nr. 2 Wat wamte kan geven Triologie: Een plaats om te leven, Waar LIEFDE woont, Als de wind niet meer waait - Anke de Graaf

Nr. 3 Schipper naast God, Die dwaze automobilisten, Open HART, Het geheim van de zee - Jan de Hartog, Allen Andrews, Mary Bringle, Peter Benchley

Nr. 4 Hard tegen Hard

nr. 5 Katalin de wilde roos van Budapest
Roses on the cover

Nr. 6 Geel staat het koren

Nr. 7 Alleen red je het niet

Nr. 8 ZOMERLIEFDE Omnibus: De redding, De tijd van loslaten, Terug naar huis

Nr. 9 Spaanse ROMANCE, De kapitein, Jody en het hertejong, Een winter vol gevaren

Nr. 10 Tussen toen en later - Dieuwke Winsemius

Nr. 11 Langs groene oevers van hoop

Nr. 12 Als het geluk aanklopt

Nr. 13 Dwaaltocht der LIEFDE - Anke Jongerden

Liefde = Love
Zomerliefde = Summerlove
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Nr. 14 Waar LIEFDE groeit

Nr. 15 Vlinder met geschroeide vleugels
Romantic kissing on the cover

Nr. 16 Geen roos zonder doornen
Roses on the cover

Nr. 17 Riekje Trilogie

Liefde = Love
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7. Not on LOVE Alone ( ), a cookbook for newlyweds; wild release, photo.

8. LOVE's Lovely Counterfeit ( ), wild release. [While the story's a noir one, there are romances - and even a wedding!]
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Gedwongen LIEFDE - J.F. van der Poel
Roses on the cover

Liefde = Love
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52. LOVE After All
53. Going Down Hard
54. A Baby for the Boss
55. The Shock Cassano Baby
56. Search and Rescue
57. The Rancher's Marriage Pact
58. Her Montana Cowboy
59. Texas Wild
60. Carrying the Rancher's Heir
61. Tempted by the Texan
62. Means and Motive
63. Kentucky Confidential
64. The Secret Years
65. The Unclaimed Baby
66. The Sparhawk Bride
67. Cowboy Cupid
68. The Duke's Baby
69. The Bridegroom's Secret
70. A Father for Jesse
71. Loving Katherine
72. One-Night Love Child
73. Because of the Baby
74. Only His
75. The Prince's secret Bride
76. Cowboy Surrender
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71. Loving Katherine

Booklady331, has this book been released? There's no release notes!
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23 - LOVE Inspired: Amish Redemption [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

24 - A Wedding Tail: A Rescue Dog ROMANCE

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9. The Discovery of CHOCOLATE ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo. [In addition to the chocolate theme, the book's a love story.]
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25 - You Say It First [romance]

26 - LOVE Inspired Historical: Promise of a Family

27 - BeLOVEd Highlander

28 - The Succubus Diaries: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi [romance]

29 - Shifting Calder Wind [romance]

30 - Walt Disney Pictures Presents The Tigger Movie [heart on the cover]

31 - Only In My Arms [romance]

32 - Only for You [romance]

33 - Blood Red [romance]

34 - Simply LOVE

35 - In His Good Hands [romance]

36 - In the Rancher's Footsteps [romance]

37 - KISS Me, I'm Perfect! [hearts on the cover]

38 - LOVE Inspired Suspense: Emergency Reunion

39 - I LOVE Colors

40 - Parachutes & KISSES

41 - Ten Poems to Open Your HEART

42 - Rebel HEART: An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey

43 - When Things Fall Apart: HEART Advice for Difficult Times

44 - Cold Cold HEART

45 - The Australian Millionaire's LOVE-Child

46 - Take Me, I'm Yours [romance]

47 - Escape Not My LOVE

48 - Harlequin Duets # 76: SuiteHEART of a Deal / My Place or Yours?

49 - Be Mine [heart on the covre]

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50 - Eating Our HEARTS Out: Personal Accounts of Women's Relationship to Food

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How time flies! The Valentine Challenge finishes in a couple of days at midnight on 14 February. I will wait a few days and tot up the results.

I've been following the release posts with interest. Keep up the good work!
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Release 3

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10. Arrows of EROS ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.
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Nr. 19 Harthout - Mijn leven en LIEFDE bij de Yanomami in het regenwoud - Kenneth Good

Nr. 20 Over deLIEFDE en andere duivels - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

nr. 21 Een stralend LIEFDESVUUR
Love story

Nr. 22 Een nieuwe kijk op LIEFDE

Liefde = Love
Liefdesvuur = Lovefire

Those where my last one's. It was fun to do :). Thank you for organazing this challenge.
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Today's Google Doodle is an animated scene of a pair of birds skating - to draw a heart:

It's from their Winter Olympics series, and is quite charming!

Updated to add that I didn't release any more books today, so that's it for this year - thanks for the challenge!
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1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! (multiple challenges)
2. The Chocolate Jewel Case (multiple challenges)
3. The Little Engine That Could Valentine’s Day Surprise (multiple challenges)
4. Chocolate Fantasies
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I have tallied the Valentine stats and the results are viewable in the link below.

In summary, there were 223 books released.

solittletime was the top releaser with 50 books (and a total of 88 points).
booklady331 was the second top releaser with 80 books (and 87 points).

solittletime is not playing for prizes so the prize for top releaser goes to booklady331.

The second random prize (determined by a random number generator at is eponine38.

Wings for a month will be sent shortly.

Thank you to everyone for participating. I hope to see everyone back next year!
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Congrats to the winners, and thanks so much for the challenge!
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Sorry I'm late posting; these *were* released in the first two weeks of the month..

controlled release

1. The Rosie Project -
a romance, of sorts

wild release with photo

2. Untwine -
two hearts on cover

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