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The 21st annual GBBC - Great Backyard Bird Count - will be held from Feb. 16-19, and this bird-themed wild-release challenge is held for the full month of February in its honor.

You don't have to participate in the bird-count to join the release challenge, but if you're at all interested in birds it's worth a look. The Audubon Society web site describes the count here ( ), but in short: the bird count encourages people around the world to note the different types and numbers of birds they see during this 4-day period, and log the results online; here's the web site for the count itself ( ). It's fun and easy - you can participate just to report that one bird you saw outside your window or on the way to work, or you can keep more careful records throughout that weekend.

This wild-release challenge will run through the month of February. Qualifying books include: books ABOUT birds, with birds on the COVER, and/or with birds, types of birds, or parts of birds ("beak", "feather", "quill", etc.) in the TITLE, SUB-TITLE, or AUTHOR. Associated words like "fly" or "perch", "egg" or "nest" or "sing" will work, too. (If you aren't sure about a word being bird-related, make a convincing argument and I'll let it in. See last year's thread for examples: ) Embedded words are fine, as long as they're within one title/sub-title word and are in the same language as the book's title.

The release notes should include a reference to the challenge AND a link to the bird-count site. (Once the count's over people can still enjoy browsing the sightings around the world.)

Again, you don't have to participate in the bird-count in order to participate in the challenge, though if you want to do so that'd be cool! (Posting your bird-counts here isn't necessary either, but might be fun, especially if you spot anything unusual.)

Because the count is for wild birds, only wild releases will count for the challenge.

Prizes: I'll give a book or wings-for-a-month to the person with the most qualifying releases, and to one other participant, chosen randomly.

No need to sign up; just post releases in this thread, starting Feb. 1 - and enjoy!
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I'll see what else I can come up with!
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...such as embedded "HEN"s (any book with "when" or "then", etc.), or books published by Penguin or Puffin - most, if not all, will have tiny bird-logos on the cover somewhere.
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I've got a couple of books that qualify.
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It was fun in the past. :)
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Breaking Free – Chick on the cover
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Breaking Free – Chick on the cover

The book's a perfect candidate, but this challenge is for wild releases only. People are welcome to list controlled releases if they want to - the titles might give ideas to others {wry grin} - but they won't count for the most-releases tally. [To help me out, I'd appreciate it if anyone who does post controlled releases puts them in a separate part of the post from the wild releases, and doesn't include them in the running count.]
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1. CROW Call ( ), photo.

2. Antarctic Antics: A Book of PENGUIN Poems ( ), photo.

3. The Wolf-BIRDs ( ), photo.

4. Interrupting CHICKEN ( ), wild release, photo.
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1. The Great Santini (Bantam rooster on cover)
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on the back cover. Nothing on the front. Would this count? Thanks
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on the back cover. Nothing on the front. Would this count? Thanks

If you post it in the JE I'll accept it. (I think I've used a back-cover image myself a time or two!)
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If you post it in the JE I'll accept it.

Thanks. I had put the image it in there already, just in case. : )
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5. National Geographic Angry BIRDs ( ), photo.

6. Baba Didi and the GODWITs Fly ( ), photo.

7. CROW Smarts: Inside the Brain of the World's Brightest Bird ( ), multiple challenges, photo. [Released to a Little Free Library on ROBIN Hill Rd, for extra points {grin}.]
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ETA: You allowed sing, how about song? Thanks!
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ETA: You allowed sing, how about song? Thanks!

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1 - Closed for the Season by Mary DOWNing Hahn

2 - Disney's Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher ROBIN

3 - Heart of Honor by Kat MARTIN

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2. Lazy Ozzie (owl on cover)
3. A Toad for Tuesday (owl on cover)
4. How I Feel Happy (bird on cover)
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8. Bridge of BIRDs ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

9. Titus CROW ( ), multiple challenges, photo.
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8. Bridge of BIRDs ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

I love that book!
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8. [CHICK]a [CHICK]a Boom Boom
9. Little Critter's the Picnic (flying birds on cover)
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10. Usborne 1001 Animals to Spot (birds on cover)
11. Sanctuary (flying bird on cover)
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Release 1

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I OKed back covers a little way up-thread ( ); go for it!
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2 The VULTURE - Jill Scott-HERON
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12. Animal Homes (bird on cover)
13. Night Tree (birds on cover)
14. The ABCs of Asthma (bird on cover)
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10. The RAVENmaster's Secret ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

11. The FALCON's Malteser ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

12. Grandad, There's a Head on the Beach ( ), for the birds on the cover; multiple challenges, photo.

13. Creation ( ), for the bird on the cover; it's about John James Audubon, for extra bird-points. Photo.

14. The BUZZARDs Must Also Be Fed ( )
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15. The BLUE JAY's Dance: A Birth Year ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

16. PENGUINS Stopped Play: Eleven Village Cricketers Take on the World ( ), photo.

17. Footprints at the Window ( ), for the bird on the cover;
multiple challenges, photo.

18. BIRDs Asleep ( ), photo.

19. The EAGLE and the NIGHTINGALEs ( ), wild release, photo.
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4 - The Comic Adventures of Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog [bird on the back cover]

5 - Paulette the Pinkest Puppy in the World by Tim BugBIRD

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20. The Strange Last Voyage of Donald CROWhurst ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

21. The CUCKOO's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

22. The Quotable BIRD ( ), multiple challenges.
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17. Wonders of the Desert World (owl on cover)
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6 - Winnie the Pooh's Thinking Spot # 8: Fog: Why Is the Sky All Gray? [owl on the cover]

7 - Pooh: Just Be Nice... to Your Little Friends! [birds on the cover]

8 - Only In My Arms [bird on the cover]

9 - The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Caws amd Effect [crow on the cover]

10 - Kiss Me, I'm Perfect! [eagle and another bird on the cover]

11 - Pooh: Good as Gold [owl on the cover]

12 - Every Living Thing: Stories [birds and eggs in a nest on the cover]

13 - SONG Dogs: A Novel

14 - Go DOWN, Moses

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15 - WINGman on Ice

16 - Pooh and the Dragon [Big Bird on the back cover]

17 - Pooh: A Hunny, Funny, Sunny Day! [birds on the cover]

18 - Malala Yousafzai: A True Book by ROBIN S. Doak

19 - The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses [seven birds on the back cover]


21 - SisterCHICKS on the Loose!

22 - The Adventures of ROBIN Hood

23 - The BIRDs' Christmas Carol

24 - The NIGHTINGALE Legacy

25 - CHICKS Laying Nest EGGS : How 10 Skirts Beat the Pants Off Wall Street...And How You Can Too!

26 - A to Z Mysteries: The CANARY Caper

27 - The SPARROW

28 - Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom [dove on the cover]

29 - Catherine, Called BIRDy

30 - The Empty NEST: 31 Parents Tell the Truth About Relationships, Love, and Freedom After the Kids FLY the COOP

31 - Do PENGUINS Have Knees? and Other Imponderables

32 - We'll Always Have PARROTS: A Meg Langslow Mystery

33 - The Cat Who Knew a CARDINAL


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These are all wild releases to LFLs, with photos:

23. Whistled Like a BIRD: The Untold Story of Dorothy Putnam, George Putnam, and Amelia Earhart ( ), multiple challenges. (I found a really charming Snoopy-as-pilot LFL located at a small airfield for this one.)

24. FireBIRDs ( ), multiple challenges

25. The SINGing Life of BIRDs ( )

26. The GOLDFINCH ( )

27. That QUAIL, Robert ( )

28. The Day of the PELICAN ( )

29. The COCKATOO Crime ( ), multiple challenges
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(I found a really charming Snoopy-as-pilot LFL located at a small airfield for this one.)

Wonderful! Thanks for posting a picture of that one. It's adorable.
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3 The NIGHTINGALE of Mosul
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19. Deadly Valentine (Bantam rooster on cover)
20. Go, Diego, Go! Time to Sleep (toucan on cover)
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30. Miss PEREGRINE's Home for Peculiar Children ( ), multiple challenges, photo.
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21. My Very First Book of Colors (bird on cover)
22. Mocking[JAY] (bird on cover)
23. The Grilling Season (Bantam rooster on cover)
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24. Beautiful Souls (flying birds on cover)
25. Zapped by Carol Higgins C[LARK]
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4 Mailman of the BIRDsville Track
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32. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie ( ), for the bird on the cover; multiple challenges, photo.

33. Beware the Tufted Duck ( ), photo.
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See more info here if interested:

In previous years I've been frustrated by birds that were always around before the bird-count weekend, but which failed to show up while I was ready to tally them. Hope that doesn't happen this year!
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26. Snappy Fun with Opposites (flying bird on cover)
27. Picture Pops Farm (duckling on cover)
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34. As If A BIRD Flew By Me ( ), photo.

[I spent a couple of hours counting birds this morning, from the comfort of my easy chair; the feeders out front attract a nice variety. Got to see most of the regulars, cardinals, jays, chickadees, hairy and downy woodpeckers, even a wren, but the nuthatches, titmice and red-bellied woodpeckers didn't show. I did see two turkey vultures circling up high while I was out running errands, though.]
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28. The Art of Mexican Cooking by [JAY] Aaron
29.The Story About Ping (duck on cover)
30. [FLY]ing Hero Class
31. The Tale of Jemima Puddle-[DUCK]
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32. Fools [CROW] (Penguin icon on cover)
33. An Absence of Light (Bantam rooster on cover)
34. Lord of Emperors (bird on cover)
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Finally I've managed to join in the challenge:

1. The HEN who dreamed she could fly

Hopefully I'll managed to release a few more before the end of the month.
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35. BIRD Box ( ), photo.

36. Fried by Jury ( ), for the chickens on the cover; multiple challenges, photo.

37. 50 Ways to Eat COCK: Healthy Chicken Recipes with Balls! ( ), multiple challenges, photo.
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35. The New York Trilogy (penguin symbol on cover)
36. Drawing for Young Artists (duckling on cover)

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