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Theme releases 2018


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1. The Christmas Belles (Rosabelle and Annabelle), by Sylvia Andrew. (Photograph)

Released on a Christmas tree with bells. (Late, at New Year, so the tree is dying.)
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I released The Color Purple in a bin of purple yarn at the craft store.
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1. Hot Property (Hot Zone) by Carly Phillips...Themed, Multiple Challenges
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2. The Bronze Horseman, by Paullina Simons. (Photographs)

Released with bronze horsemen. This is the Boer War Memorial, Anzac Parade, Canberra, ACT.
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2. The Bronze Horseman, by Paullina Simons. (Photographs)

Released with bronze horsemen. This is the Boer War Memorial, Anzac Parade, Canberra, ACT.

What a great themed release!
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with release photo

1. Shanghai Girls -
Left under a banner featuring an Asian woman.
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3. Between the Sheets, by Mallory Rush.

Released 'Between the Sheets', as the title says :)
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Released 'Between the Sheets', as the title says :)

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Released 'Between the Sheets', as the title says :)


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4. Blood Oath (Nathaniel Cade), by Christopher Farnsworth.

Released at the Blood Bank.
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5. Monkey Grip, by Helen Garner.

Released opposite a pub called the '3 Wise Monkeys'. It has 3 large monkeys over the door.

Caught & Journalled.
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6. The Day Of The Gecko (Les Norton #9), by Robert G. Barrett.

Set in Bondi; released in Bondi.
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7. Inspector Singh Investigates: A Calamitous Chinese Killing, by Shamini Flint.

Released in Chinatown, Sydney, by a Chinese lion, with photographs. There is a lion on the cover.
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1. The True Story of Superman, by Louise Simonson

Released at a cinema which was showing the Justice League movie. (photo)
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This book was journalled by an AF this morning. It has become my first catch on a book released in 2018.
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Love the JE. "the idea of a BOOK traveling."
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Yes, I felt the same way when I found the book that introduced me to BC. I am not a romance reader, and I found a Danielle Steel novel. I had no interest in the book whatsoever, but the idea, on the other hand... :)
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2. "Go to School, You're a Little Black Boy" The Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander: A Memoir, by Lincoln Alexander

Released statesman Lincoln Alexander's autobiography at Alexander Hall, a University of Guelph building named in his honour. Release was done on 21 January, which is Lincoln Alexander Day in Canada. (photo-- book is on the corner of the bench near the sign, it's a bit hard to see in the picture)
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8. The Cat Watchers (Linford Mystery), by John Newton Chance .

Released beside a memorial to a cat, with statue.
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Obadiah Comes Fourteen ( ), a book set in my area in pre-Revolutionary times, released at a local burying ground from the same era - the burying ground was even referenced in the book!
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I think this would count as a themed release... Tonight I bookcrossed a book from the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series called The Third Planet From Altair. I left it in a book exchange area at a games cafe called The Adventurers Guild. I thought it was fitting as the book itself is a sort of game, and the name of the establishment fits with the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series.

There are several books in the photo, but mine is the one that is a little out of place-- propped on the ledge at the right side of the fireplace rather than on the mantle used as a bookshelf or in one of the piles on the hearth.
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Thanks :) Hopefully another cafe patron will enjoy it too and catch it! lol
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Released in the "DOG waiting room" at the animal HOSPITAL:

1 - The Comic Adventures of Old Mother Hubbard and Her DOG

2 - DR. DOG

3 - The Complete DOG Book


5 - A Nose for Justice: A Novel [dog on the cover and in the story]

6 - A New Owner's Guide to COLLIES

7 - Wearable Arf: 16 Fabulous Fashions for Your Darling DOG

8 - Paulette the Pinkest PUPPY in the World

9 - Lulu Walks the DOGS

10 - Good DOG. Stay.

11 - The Intelligence of DOGS: CANINE Consciousness and Capabilities

12 - DOG Heroes: Sled DOGS

13 - If DOGS Could Talk: Tongues Unleashed!

14 - DOG Talk: Training Your DOG Through A CANINE Point Of View

15 - Sheep [dog on the cover and subject of the story]

16 - Old English SheepDOGS

17 - Oogy: The DOG Only a Family Could Love

18 - Hipster PUPPIES

19 - DOG Diaries # 4: Togo

20 - Bad DOGS Have More Fun

21 - A Wedding TAIL: A Rescue DOG Romance
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Well done. So many dog books. I hope they enjoy them :)
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I like my releases to have a theme, I do it that way whenever possible, but I didn't count my last one as it's only themed in a personal way (I left "Tales from the Secret Annex" in a LFL across from the backstage entrance to the theatre where I played Anne Frank... but our Secret Annex has been gone from that theatre for a few years and only exists in our memories and photos now). I did another one today that I think will count for this, as the theme is more concrete/apparent.

Today, in the middle of the 2018 Winter Olympics, I left "Ice Hockey and Curling (Winter Olympic Sports)" at a Curling Club in a nearby town (my grandpa's old club). The book is geared to kids, but it's Family Day here and there were a lot of kids at the club trying out the sport, so I'm hoping one of them will take the book home :) To make the release even more apropos, they were showing Olympic hockey on the TV in the curling club lounge, lol :) (the picture's not very interesting, but there is a picture)
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I got a JE on this release yesterday. The finder joined, and their profile tells me they're from Woodstock, which is about 35km on the other side of the place where I left the book. They're planning to pass the book along to their grandson who plays hockey and curls.
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I have one

In the Teeth of the Evidence

released today at the dentist's office -- the most fun thing about this visit
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Year of the Dog releases on February 16 (lunar new year)

2. Animal Madness -
3. A Dog's Life -
4. Finding Zasha -
5. Inside of a Dog -
6. Merle's Door -
7. Old Yeller -
8. Oops, Clifford! -
9. Stickeen -
10. Swindle -
11. The Summer of Riley -

with release photo:

12. Manhunt -
Presidents' Day release about the hunt for a presidential assassin.
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Released in the "DOG waiting room" at the animal hospital:

22 - Chicken Soup for the Cat & DOG Lover's Soul: Celebrating Pets as Family with Stories About Cats, DOGS and Other Critters

23 - Wiener DOG Art: A Far Side Collection

24 - Choose Your Own Adventure: Space PUP

25 - Sprout and the DOGsitter

26 - Clifford's Loose Tooth [dog on the cover]

27 - Last DOG on the Hill: The Extraordinary Life of Lou

28 - DOGMan

29 - DOG to the Rescue: Seventeen True Tales of DOG Heroism

30 - The Adventures of Goliath: Goliath's Easter Parade [dog on the cover]

31 - DOGS

32 - A Step by Step Book About Housebreaking Your PUPPY

33 - The PUPPY Place: Buddy

34 - The PUPPY Place: Snowball

35 - Wish Upon A Star [dog on the front and back covers]

36 - The PUPPY Place: Flash

37 - Dot and the DOG

38 - Jack Russell: DOG Detective: The Sausage Situation

39 - A Fish in His Pocket [dog on the cover]

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Released at a NURSING station at the hospital:

40 - Chicken Soup for the NURSES's Soul: 101 Stories to Celebrate, Honor and Inspire the NURSING Profession
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Maple Mayhem ( ), wild release (at a maple-sugar shack), photo.
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9. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

Left outside a fire station.
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Metropolitan Murder left at the Clink Prison Museum in London. (The logic being murderers end up in prison......!)
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Released at the vet:

41 - Bob Books First!: The VET

Released in the "dog waiting room" at the vet:

42 - The Book of the DOG

43 - Lets Get Talking: Animals [dog on the cover]

44 - The Blessing of the Animals: True Stories of Ginny, the DOG Who Rescues Cats

45 - DOGS Never Lie About Love: Reflections on the Emotional World of DOGS

46 - Paws for Thought: How Animals Enrich Our Lives--And How We Can Better Care for Them [dog on the cover]

47 - The DOGfather

48 - My DOG Skip

49 - Isle of DOGS

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Released at a dentist's office:

50 - Just Going to the Dentist
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I released another book at a cinema this afternoon-- A Wrinkle in Time left at a cineplex showing the new film version of the story. I left it sitting on a counter next to a large poster for the movie. There were lots of kids about as it's March Break here (a week off school in the middle of March) and the book had been taken by the time I left the multiplex after the movie. No JE yet, but I'm hoping... and if not, hopefully it's found a new reader anyway! (photo)
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13. Bat Boy -
Released at the baseball stadium during a game, even though I bungled the release notes; with release photo.

release photo. Caught. :D

14. The Closer -
Released at the baseball stadium during a game; with release photo.

15. Babe Ruth -
Released at the baseball stadium during a game; with release photo.
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10. Work a Little Less, Live a Lot More

The cover has a clock face, so I released this book under a clock tower.
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An Easter Alphabet ( ), released on Easter day! Wild release, with photo.
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Nice photograph.
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with release photos

16. Door of No Return -
Book about one of the departure points for slaves being sent to America released next to a statue of a successful and influential African American.

17. My Little Sister Ate One Hare -
Released on Easter Sunday
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Recently, I released a book in a tiny little place called Kippen, Ontario. The book was set in Kippen and was about the family who ran the Kippen post office in the early 1900s. I was planning to leave the book at that post office, but when I got there it did not have a Canada Post sign anymore and seemed to be in private hands now. Instead, I kept with the postal theme and released the book in an area across the street from the old post office where there is a bank of PO boxes which seem to be the place where Kippen residents send/receive their mail these days.

As the PO Boxes themselves did not have a practical location for releasing a book (there are no publicly accissible parts and the tops were too high for me to reach), I left the book in a community newspaper box nestled amongst the PO Boxes. The old post office itself is visible in the background of the release photo-- it's the building with the green roof.
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I have a hard time determining which releases are themed enough to count, so if I am off and something really doesn't belong here, I'm sorry!

On the night of the Paralympic hockey final, I released a children's book about paralympic sports (specifically hockey and alpine skiing). I released it in Wallacetown, which is a tiny hamlet near the town where my husband grew up. Wallacetown is the hometown of the youngest member of Canada's 2018 paralympic team, hockey player 17-year-old James Dunn. I left the book at a little cafe that had Dunn's autographed hockey card on display above the cash register.

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