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read: The spy, by Paulo Coelho - 1 point
read: A Sixpenny Song, by Jennifer Johnston - 1 point

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Post your January 2018 reads and releases here. Please include the points for the post and your total points so far.

This challenge is for readers and/or releasers. Join in at any time! The themes and guidelines can be found here:

Each book can earn up to three points:

Read = 1 point. All books count, including registered books, audiobooks, e-books, library books and non-registered books.

Release = 1 point. Books must be registered. Both wild and controlled releases count and you can count releases from other challenges.

Theme = 1 point. If the book you read and/or release fits the monthly theme, you get another point. Each book can receive a theme point only once. Embedded words are allowed, and theme words can occur in the title or in the author’s name.

January: Home—types of homes (e.g., house, hut, flat, apartment), parts of homes (e.g., window, door, room, key), and words related to moving from one home to another (e.g., pack, truck, box).

Examples: The Buddha in the Attic, Room, Blackbird House

Be creative, and if you have any questions, please post here or pm me. If I haven't answered your question in the thread, please do pm me. I don't get to check the forum very often.
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What a great start to the new year. We'll see how long I can keep this up! :)
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I'm proud of you! And thanks for running this Challenge.
Profile Image in right, kingfan30!!! ; ) This thread was posted one week ago, and the one here 5 days ago. Which one should we be using, jumpingin?
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Please use this one. I don't know what happened. THIS was the original thread, because I posted "Posted early this month!" right after creating the original post. And that was right after posting the year-long list of themes, which is also listed as 6 days ago, not one week ago.

It's a mystery! :)

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Anna Jacobs - Jessie = read = 1
Tony Hawkes - One Hit wonderland = read = 1

total = 2
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Thank you for sorting this again, it really does help with deciding what to read next :-)

Maura's game - - 1 point
Rebecca - - 1 point
The Cat Who Came for Christmas - - 1 point

Jan 3
Total 3
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Placing this here so it doesn't get lost when I delete the other thread:

1. Touched by Angels by Debbie Ma[COMBE]r

3 Points...I hope, using "Creative License" for "COMBE" for a theme word, for the beautiful Combe House Hotel in the UK A Hotel is a type of Home for many these days, after losing everything to many different disasters, and/or loss of income due to job loss, or inability to work due to health issues...and there IS a photo of a house on the book's cover. ; ) DEFinitely points for a Registered TBR that has been read and moved along. ; ) Thanks for continuing to run this excellent challenge jumpingin!!! : D I'm trying to get back to and stay on track with my BC Reading and Releasing for 2018 and this might just be the ticket!!! ; D
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THANK YOU, jumpingin...I was going to see about moving it once you decided which thread to use!!! ; ) TIS a mystery, as actually, the other thread is the thread you started when you started the one for the year-long list of themes. You can tell by the sequential link numbers.
This thread's link is several later ...but no worries now...all is resolved. ; ) Thanks for catching this, kingfan30!!! ; )
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January: Home—types of homes (e.g., house, hut, flat, apartment), parts of homes (e.g., window, door, room, key), and words related to moving from one home to another (e.g., pack, truck, box).

Kimeä metsä Released, 1 pt
Jään luoksesi (non-BC) Read, 1 pt
Kyläkaukalon lupaus (non-BC) Read, 1 pt
Jääkansi (non-BC) Read, 1 pt
Finnjävlar : Suomiperkeleet Ruotsissa (non-BC) Read, 1 pt
Satumaailma XXVI : Kuvallinen taruaarre nuorisolle Read & released, 2 pts
Vanikan palat Released, 1 pt
Intialaista viisautta Released, 1 pt
Finalaska : Unelma suomalaisesta osavaltiosta (non-BC) Read, 1 pt
Hornanperän uusi Paholainen Read, 1 pt
Lempi Read, 1 pt
Kaksi rantaa (non-BC) Read, 1 pt
Poirot Loses a Client Released, 1 pt
Murder Is Easy Released, 1 pt

MTD 15 pts
YTD 15 pts

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Super-Cannes - - 1 point

Read and release
Children of Dune - - 2 points

Jan 6
Total 6
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read: The spy, by Paulo Coelho - 1 point
read: A Sixpenny Song, by Jennifer Johnston - 1 point
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To Siri With Love by Judith Newman (B+)
Girl In the Dark by Anna Lyndsey
The Brand New Catastrophe by Mike Scalise
Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda (B+)
My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella (B+)
People Who Eat Darkness by Richard Lloyd Perry
Snowblind by Ragnar Jonasson
Unraveling Oliver by Liz Nugent
Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff
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Themed read and release
Murder HOUSE - - 3 points
HOME - - 3 point

Jan 12
Total 12
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Released for this month's theme:

1 - Bleak HOUSE

2 - There's a Country in My CELLAR

3 - Summer HOUSE with SWIMMING POOL: A Novel

4 - In the HOUSE of the Interpreter: A Memoir

5 - The Cider HOUSE Rules [CAUGHT]

6 - Trap DOOR: A Home Repair Is Homicide Mystery

7 - There's a Nightmare in My CLOSET

8 - Fred the Little Black TRUCK as Told by Eva Marie

9 - Flowers in the ATTIC

10 - Eight KEYS

11 - Wishbone Mysteries # 8: KEY to the Golden Dog

12 - To the LightHOUSE

13 - The Man in the WINDOW: A Thriller

26 points for January so far
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Released for this month's theme.

14 - I Left My Back DOOR Open: A Novel

28 points so far for January
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Read, themed, & released
1. Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder (multiple challenges)
2. Opening Pandora’s Box (controlled; multiple challenges)
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1. Riisuttu TALO (= house) [theme/release] 2 p.
2. Helvetin KELLARISSA (= cellar)
[theme/read - non-BC] 2 p.
3. Dead as a DOORnail [theme/release] 2 p.
4. PÖYTÄÄN (= table) ja VUOTEESEEN (= bed) [theme/release] 2 p.
5. KEITTIÖ (= kitchen) slangin sanakirja [theme/read/release] 3 p.
6. Bone HOUSE [theme/read] 2 p.
7. Virtahepo OLOHUONEESSA (= living room) [theme/release] 2 p.
8. The High WINDOW [theme/release] 2 p.


17 points
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Themed read and release
Ape HOUSE - - 3 points

Jan 15
Total 15
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15 - Adventures in Colonial America: The FARM: Life in Colonial Pennsylvania

16 - Teach Yourself Visually WINDOWS xp

17 - My Dad Fixed the LightHOUSE

18 - The Cat Who Brought Down the HOUSE

19 - The SHACK

20 - A WINDOW Opens: A Novel

21 - Cold Comfort FARM

22 - I Capture the CASTLE

23 - The Beach HOUSE

24 - A HOUSE is a HOUSE for Me

25 - The Great WALL Of China

26 - HotHOUSE: The Art of Survival and the Survival of Art at America's Most Celebrated Publishing House, Farrar, Straus, and Giroux

27 - Alaska's Secret DOOR

28 - Fatima the Spinner and the TENT

29 - The Round HOUSE: A Novel

30 - The LightHOUSE Society: A Jack Chandler Novel

60 points so far for January
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January: Home (types, parts of and moving)

2) Pax by Sara PennyPACKer
2) Wolf HALL

1) Survivors
1) The A-Z of Curious Bristol: Strange Stories of Mysteries, Crimes and Eccentrics
2) The Lord of the Rings - The Two TOWERs
2) Harry Potter and the CHAMBER of Secrets
1) Bots: The Origin of New Species
2) American INTERIOR
1) Shogun

MTD: 16
YTD: 16
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1. Where You Belong by Barbara Taylor Bradford (wild release = 1 point)
2. Anne’s HOUSE of Dreams by L. M. Montgomery (wild release, theme = 2 points)
3. Pardonable Lies by Jacqueline Winspear (read, controlled release = 2 points)
4. One Day at A Time by Danielle Steel (wild release = 1 point)
5. Undercover by Danielle Steel (read = 1 point)
6. South of Superior (controlled release = 1 point)
7. Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O. J. Simpson Got Away With Murder by Vincent Bugliosi (wild release = 1 point)
8. Winter Love, Winter Wishes by Jane Claypool Miner (wild release = 1 point)
9. MoonLIGHT Over Paris by Jennifer Robson (read, theme = 2 points)
10. Grace by Shelley Shepard Gray (read, wild release = 2 points)

Total for January: 14 points
Total for 2018: 14 points
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Released in January for January's theme:

31 - Mad HOUSE: Growing Up in the Shadow of Mentally Ill Siblings

62 points for January's theme.
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I finished The Archaeology of HOME this morning, but I will count it, since I read the bulk of it in January, and since it would still be on Mt. TBR were it not for this challenge.
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Themed read (2):
The House of All Sorts by Emily Carr Suite Franҫaise

Read (1):
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling

Released (1): Red Sky at Morning
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Feeding My Mother – (Read: 1 point)
A Cotswold Killing – (Read: 1 point)
A Measure of Light – (Read: 1 point)
Just Between Us – (Read: 1 point)

Gone Girl – (Released: 1 point)

January Total Points: 5
Year-to-Date Total Points: 5
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Themed Read:
Slaughter-house Five - Kurt Vonnegut (Kindle book) Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs
Foundation - Isaac Asimov (Kindle book)
The Beatles Boxed Set - Joe Bensam (Kindle Book)
Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning - Hallgrimur Helgason (Kindle book)
The House of the Seven Gables - Nathaniel Hawthorne (Kindle book)
Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase - Louise Walters (Kindle book

Release: Saturday Night Peter - Peter Kay The Sleeping Buddha - Hamida Ghafour Oh Dear Sylvia - Dawn French The Watcher in the Shadows - Carlos Ruiz Zafon May I Have Your Attention Please? - James Corden Someday I'll Find You - Richard Madeley Pearls’ Girls & Monty Bodkin – P.G. Wodehouse Restless - William Boyd The Rose of Sebastopol – Katharine McMahon The First Casualty - Ben Elton Gabriel’s Gift - Hanif Kureishi Slow Man - J.M. Coetzee

Jan: 26
YTD: 26
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3 POINTS (themed, read, (to be) released):
1. The Rosie PROJECT - Graeme Simsion (own copy for now). TBR since Dec. 2017.
2. The Murder ROOM - P.D. James. TBR since 2010. (still to register)
3. BLINDness - José Saramago. TBR since March 2016.

2 POINTS (themed release):
1. The Kissing GARDEN -
2. De man op de BODEM [The Man on the FLOOR] -
3. The LAMP of the Wicked - (released in Oss)

1 POINT (released):
*** Tunbridge Wells, 13 January (for my MIL to take to share at her club, so not expecting any JEs):
1. The Death of a President 20 - November 25, 1963 -
2. Winter Solstice -
3. A Sparrow Falls -
4. The Hunt for Red October -
5. The Phantom Major -
6. The Second Lady -
7. Playing With Fire -
8. Must I Go Down to the Sea Again? - (spotted my MIL reading this one herself :D)
9. The Lonely Sea -
10. Snow Falcon -
11. Silhouette Christmas Stories, 1990 -
12. Masquerade -
13. The Silk Vendetta -
14. Safe Bet -
15. Guardian of the Heart -
16. Trunk Music -
17. The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown -
18. The Holcroft Covenant -
19. The Ghost of Flight 401 -
20. The Train Robbers -
21. Right on Time -
22. Dennis Wise: The Autobiography -
*** Dutch New Year’s Meeting, 14 January at OBCZ-Westerpark in Amsterdam:
23. Clear and Present Danger -
24. Mansfield Park -
25. Recoil -
26. The Rainmaker -
27. The Bourne Supremacy -
28. One Hit Wonderland -
29. Engleby -
30. Girl -
31. Die je niet ziet -
32. De Celestijnse Belofte -

MTD: 47
YTD: 47

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