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"The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page."

Bookcrossing is about letting books travel. Travel with books, travel for books. Make this a world of travelling books.
Go where you never went before, and find the surprises waiting there for you. Leave a book to be the next visitors surprise.

What's this challenge?

The goal of this challenge is to release books in at least 52 different towns throughout the year 2018. This is an average of one per week, but doesn't need to be one each week.
You're welcome to join also if you're sure you won't make the 52 - just try and make it as many as possible.

Some rules...

* You can join the challenge at any time, and also count books you released before joining as long as they were released in 2018 (local time).
* Wild, OBCZ and geocache releases count.
* Controlled releases and meetup handovers do not count.
* Public transport vehicles can't usually be assigned to one town because the vehicle will leave the city limits. They don't count, then. Just release another book at the station and you're fine ;)
* You need to release the books yourself at the place in question. You cannot release a book "to" some place, but only "at" some place. It's always the place where the book leaves YOUR hand which counts.
* Geocaches count for the town where the box lies, even if the listing coordinates are somewhere else.
* Of course you can visit the same places as in previous years again. New year, new challenge.
* Please include at least the following in your posts: Sequential number, country, state/province/region and name of the town, and a link to the books journal. Really, please do mention the country in each post. I don't always know without looking it up where you live.
* Please post only one release for each town. If you release more than one book, choose one freely.
* Report as many releases as available in one posting, but don't add new towns by editing old postings. You never know at which time I actually copy the numbers from your post, and I usually won't see any later changes as I read the forum "latest first".
* If you like, you may also report about catches.
* You're welcome to explore the release spot surroundings and report about your adventures along with the release.

NB: Most countries (at least in Europe) have some well-defined low administrational unit called town, municipality, Gemeinde, kommun or something like that which resembles the definition of a town used in this challenge (and in most areas, also by BC for release notes), and make it rather easy to assign any square metre of land to a specific town e.g. by using I am aware that there are countries where such a division doesn't apply to every area. If you live in a country where large areas are unincorporated while only specific settlements have a different status, you could e.g. assign your releases to the nearest town.

Most important: Have fun! Go explore!
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1. Cold Sassy Tree
Immokalee, Florida, USA

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No 7, Silverstream, NZ
The Salvation Army had a Youth Band Training weekend.
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1. Bungendore, NSW, Australia.

Themed release. Title: The Christmas Belles (Rosabelle and Annabelle). Released on a Christmas tree with bells. (Late, at New Year, so the tree, photographed, is dying.)
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Christchurch, New Zealand
Brought a tramping pack off Trademe, for daughter's Jamborree.
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2. Green Eggs and Ham
Felda, Florida, USA

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I will list my releases here, although I don't expect to get anywhere near 52...

1. Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
The Journal of William Thomas Emerson -
Released January 2; with release photo
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3. Christmas with You
Fort Myers, Florida, USA

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2. Reid, ACT, Australia.

Themed release. Title: The Bronze Horseman. Released with bronze horsemen. This is the Boer War Memorial, Anzac Parade, Canberra, ACT. Photographs.
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3. Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia.

Themed release. Title: Between the Sheets. Released...'Between the Sheets' :) Photograph.
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4. Garran, ACT, Australia.

Themed release. Title: Blood Oath. Released at the Blood Bank.. Photograph.

Caught & Journalled.
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5. Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Themed release: Title: Monkey Grip. Released opposite a pub called the '3 Wise Monkeys'. It has 3 large monkeys over the door. Photograph.

Caught & Journalled.
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6. Bondi, NSW, Australia.

Themed release: Book set in Bondi, released in Bondi.
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I am excited to do this challenge again in 2018. We don't anticipate a lot of travelling this year, but we'll see where the year takes us! Hopefully it'll take me to at least 52 towns ;)

20/01/18; I did my first release of the year tonight, at a cinema I like called Cinestarz in the town of Burlington (about 45 mins away). My husband and I saw the most recent Thor movie this evening, but as the theatre is also showing Justice League right now, I thought it would be an appropriate place to release a children's book about Superman. The book was called "The True Story of Superman," and I left it on a counter in the common area of the cinema.

1. Burlington, Ontario, Canada (photo):
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Good release. You could also log this in 'Themed Releases'.
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7. Haymarket, NSW, Australia.

Themed release too. Book set in China, released in Chinatown in Sydney.
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21/01/18; Today is Lincoln Alexander Day in Canada, a day dedicated to the memory of Canadian statesman Lincoln Alexander. Linc was our first black MP, first black cabinet minister, and the first black person to serve as a vice-regal representative (he was Ontario's lieutenant-governor) in post-Confederation era Canada (there was a governor of mixed-race in British Columbia, but that was in the mid-1800s, before there was a Canada). He was also Chancellor of the University of Guelph, in my neighbouring city, for 15 years. I left his autobiography (entitled '"Go to School, You're a Little Black Boy': The Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander: A Memoir") at U of G, sitting on a bench outside of Alexander Hall, which is named after him.

2. Guelph, Ontario, Canada (photo):
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21/01/18; Today is Lincoln Alexander Day in Canada, a day dedicated to the memory of Canadian statesman Lincoln Alexander.

I enjoy reading your Canadian history lessons. :)
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2. Waimānalo, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
The Beast -
Released January 19; with release photo
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8. Ultimo, NSW, Australia.

Themed release; released beside a cat statue.
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4. Genemuiden, Netherlands:
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Not only is this the first release for this challenge but it is also my first release for 2018. Today my husband and I went for a walk on the River Trail, a skating and walking trail on the two major rivers in Winnipeg, The Red River and The Assiniboine River. It was a bit brisk (-20 deg. C. and with the wind chill it felt like -28) but we have warm parkas and boots and hats and mitts so we didn't mind. There were lots of other people out both skating and walking. We Winnipeggers are a hardy bunch! So I did my first release for this challenge on the River Trail (

#1 Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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Looks cold. Nice release photograph.
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Looks cold. Nice release photograph.

Yes it is quite a contrast to your recent release at Bondi Beach!
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# 1-5 (January)

I'm in again, let's see how far I get this year... ;o)

1. Rheda-Wiedenbrück, NRW, Germany -
2. Berlin, Germany -
3. Düsseldorf, NRW, Germany -
4. Essen, NRW, Germany -
5. Mettmann, NRW, Germany -
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I got my first catch on a 2018 book today. It was the one I left at the movie theatre (a children's book about Superman). The JE was made by an AF who was more impressed by the idea of bookcrossing than by the book itself. I'm glad the finder liked the idea anyway; maybe the book will find a perfect reader for it further down the road.
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# 1-4

1. Antwerpen, Belgium
2. Uccle, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium
3. Auderghem, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium
4. Ixelles, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium
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50 books have been released by
13 people in
8 countries.
No participants released books in more than one country.
4 countries got visited by more than one participant.
No participants reached the goal of releasing books in at least 52 towns.

People (13):

goldenwattle _ _ _ _ 8 towns in 1 country (Australia 8)
gaboyd _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 6 towns in 1 country (New Zealand 6)
ekorren _ _ _ _ _ _ 6 towns in 1 country (Germany 6)
motherof11 _ _ _ _ _ 5 towns in 1 country (Netherlands 5)
trik _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 5 towns in 1 country (Germany 5)
sakirmo _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 towns in 1 country (Finland 4)
aaouts _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 towns in 1 country (Greece 4)
iwillrejoice _ _ _ _ 3 towns in 1 country (United States 3)
awaywithfairies _ _ 3 towns in 1 country (Australia 3)
hyphen8 _ _ _ _ _ _ 2 towns in 1 country (United States 2)
jessicaeby _ _ _ _ _ 2 towns in 1 country (Canada 2)
time-traveler _ _ _ 1 town in 1 country (United States 1)
gypsysmom _ _ _ _ _ 1 town in 1 country (Canada 1)

Countries (8):

Australia _ _ _ _ _ 11 books released by 2 participants
Germany _ _ _ _ _ _ 11 books released by 2 participants
United States _ _ _ 6 books released by 3 participants
New Zealand _ _ _ _ 6 books
Netherlands _ _ _ _ 5 books
Greece _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 books
Finland _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 books
Canada _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 3 books released by 2 participants


2018-01 : 50 books
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07/02/18; I did my third release tonight, at a games cafe in another one of my neighbouring cities, Kitchener. The book was a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book called The Third Planet from Altair. I bought the book at a charity shop in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in May of 2016 but it stayed with me throughout the rest of that year and then got put away for the duration of 2017 in light of my Canada 150 bookcrossing project.

I thought that the games cafe would be a good place for this book because the book in itself is sort of a game, and because in addition to games of all sorts, the cafe has a book exchange shelf. To make it an even better place for my Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book, the cafe is called The Adventurers Guild!

3. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (photo):
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4. 90 Minutes in Heaven
Estero, Florida, USA

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14/02/18; My hometown was Town #4 for me this year. I always have trouble picking a release for the towns where I spend a lot of time, but something reminded me that I'd actually planned a release for Cambridge ages ago, and I carried out that plan tonight.

Cambridge's book this year was "Tales from the Secret Annex" by Anne Frank. The release was kind of themed, but in a personal way which wouldn't be apparent to most people and which requires some explanation.

I left the book in a Little Free Library across the street from the stage door entrance to a theatre-- the theatre where I played Anne in a production of The Diary of Anne Frank. The Secret Annex once found within that theatre was just a set but it was an important place for those of us who formed that "Secret Annex Family." One of the most important tales of my life began there, so it seemed to me like a fitting place for "Tales from the Secret Annex."

4. Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (photo):
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Release #1

I've finally recovered from flu enough to get out and start wild releasing again so can now start this challenge. This year I'm moving from towns to villages and because England has some great village names I'm going to try and give the definitions using Hope that's ok.

1. Oakhanger, Hampshire, England

Easy one to start with, Oakhanger is a wooded slope where oak trees grow!

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