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I'm going to aim to read at least 75 books with the focus being books from my BXing TBR pile. This includes books registered by myself as well as ABC books from 2017 or earlier. I will also add books from my audio and ebook TBR libraries that are from before Jan 1, 2018.

Some of the books registered by me may be registered in 2018, but will have been purchased earlier as I am weeding out some shelves this year too hopefully.

Complete Thread

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2018 Reduce Mount TBR Challenge

Post your goal under this thread, and then post your completed reads under that goal! One post for each month, and then you can keep editing throughout the month. When we start a new month, you'll just hit 'reply', edit a bit in the subject line if needed etc. Just follow my example.

Go get 'em! AND ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... WE'RE ... OFF!

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

Quick Review (There will not be a quiz!)

Any book counts, as long as you INTENDED to read it before January 2018. This includes books on hand (As some have pointed out, they may not be registered, but we're on the honor system, OK?) bookrings you've signed up for before January 1, bookrays & books from bookboxes you signed up for before January 1, even trades you arranged prior to the challenge beginning. No new purchases, trades, etc AFTER January 1 should be counted. That would be books ADDED to your pile. We want to REDUCE the piles we have on hand NOW! It would be fun if you could find your OLDEST TBRs and tried to focus on those. I try to do that sometimes.

When you have met your goal, you have accomplished your challenge for the year! We won't be making up new goals through the year. That's just *TOO* confusing. Thank you for carefully considering your goals at the beginning of the challenge!



Sounds like fun?

Then you can start setting your goals in this thread.

~~~~~~~~ (Our Theme!) ~~~~~~~~

A Little Ditty Just for Us! By Arnold Lobel ...
Books to the ceiling!
Books to the sky!
My pile of books is a mile high!
How I love them!
How I need them!
I'll have a long beard by the time I read them!

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

* * * If, at any time, the thread becomes TOO large for your computer to load, PLEASE let me know and we'll start a new one * * *
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I am going to give your Challenge a try this year, Dove-i-libri, as the "short" of my Bookcrossing goal for 2018 is to READ and RELEASE some of the FABulous Books (I will need to keep it simple and try for 12) I have received from other BCers...the "long" of it is here. ; )
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My sentiments, exACTly, Dove-i-libri!!! ; ) I very much appreciate you hosting this challenge. I'd been wanting to try it, and joining in this year to help keep track was an added motivation for me to get going...THANK YOU!!! : D

This is not my oldest TBR, but it is the one I am bringing into the New Year for the month of January:

Touched by Angels by Debbie Macomber
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January [1/12]...
Touched by Angels by Debbie Macomber

February [2/12]...
Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya


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1. Juliet's Nurse TBR since ? Completed: January 14, 2018

2. Coffee Rings TBR since November 14, 2015. Completed: 1/24/2018

3. First Light
TBR since: ??? COMPLETED: 1/25/2018

4. The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler TBR since before The Librettos were BORN! Completed: Jan 31, 2018

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Dove-i-Libri starts * 2018 * with /25 completed. ( %)

5. True Love and Homegrown Tomatoes TBR since September 05, 2014. Completed:
The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani TBR since Autumn 2013. Completed:

Yes, Chef: A Memoir by Marcus Samuelsson, TBR since 2013?

Paper Bridges TBR since April 19, 2017. Completed:

I Love You Like a Tomato TBR since July 28, 2015. Completed:

Summer at Tiffany TBR since February 27, 2017. Completed:

The Pink Suit TBR since February 14, 2017. Completed:

Killer Heat TBR since August 2016. Completed:

Rumpole a la Carte TBR since February 21, 2017. Completed:

The New Colossus TBR since ? Completed:

Caught Dead in Philadelphia TBR since July 16, 2013. Completed:

Dark Shadows: Angelique's Descent TBR since Christmas 2014. Completed:

Sam's Letters to Jennifer TBR since ? Completed:

The Astronauts Wives Club TBR since Christmas 2014. Completed:

A Scattered Life TBR since September 16, 2017. Completed:

The Violets of March TBR since September 16, 2017. Completed:

The Front TBR since August 24, 2012. Completed:

Italian Lessons TBR since August 13, 2011. Completed:

Little Giant of Aberdeen County TBR since November 22, 2012. Completed:

Some Things That Stay TBR since January 19, 2011. Completed:
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I did this once or twice some years ago and then took a break, but my shelves are encouraging me to try again ;)

My goal is to reduce my Mount TBR by 120 books, including the 12 oldest registered by others and another 12 oldest registered by me.

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1. Giorgio Bassani: The Garden of the Finzi-Continis
TBR since May 2010, completed on 1.1.2018

2. Nadja Sumanen: Rambo (in Finnish)
TBR since November 2017, completed on 2.1.2018

3. Kazuo Ishiguro: When We Were Orphans
TBR since July 2014, completed on 23.1.2018

4. Anna Gavalda: 35 kiloa toivoa
TBR since January 2016, completed on 2.1.2018

5. Will Schwalbe: Elämän mittainen lukupiiri (in Finnish)
TBR since November 2017, completed on 18.1.2018

6. Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole and the Cappuccino Years*
TBR since January 2009, completed on 17.1.2018

7. Tania Kindersley: Elvis Has Left the Building
TBR since May 2010, completed on 12.1.2018

8. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Goethe
TBR since January 2015, completed on 4.1.2018

9. Ilene Beckerman: Love, Loss, and What I Wore
TBR since March 2016, completed on 4.1.2018

10. Arja Tiainen: Suomi go go
TBR since February 2010, completed on 24.1.2018
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11. Ulla Vaarnamo: Tähtien välinen pimeys
TBR since June 2010, completed on 1.2.2018

12. Bohumil Hrabal: I Served the King of England**
TBR since May 2012, completed on 5.2.2018

13. René Lefebvre: Naukuva kissa
TBR since February 2015, completed on 15.2.2018

14. Emer McCourt: Elvis, Jeesus ja minä**
TBR since March 2008, completed on 19.2.2018
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I have 50 ish books ABC TBRs so I’ll focus on them this year. I’ll be on the honour system again with my unregistered books ☺I don’t tend to register my own books until I’ve read them and can find a home to RABCK them otherwise they go to the British Heart Foundation shop.

If listed pre-2009 then the book has my maiden name initials in it. If pre-2005 then it’s moved house at least twice! If 2017 then I know I've had it longer than this year - I'm just not sure how long :)

Happy New Year everyone!
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1. - A Boy Made of Blocks - Keith Stuart [2016]
2. - The Child - Fiona Barton [2017]
3. - The Leopard - Jo Nesbo [2017]
4. - The Keeper of Lost Things - Ruth Hogan [2017]
5. Women Who Run with the Wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estes (audio) [2017]
6. - The Roanoke Girls - Amy Engel [2017]
7. - 253- Geoff Ryman [2017]
8. - E is for Evidence - Sue Grafton [pre 2005]
9. - How to Stop Time - Matt Haig [2017]
10. The Quiet American - Graham Greene (audio) [2016]
11. F is for Fugitive - Sue Grafton (non BC) [pre 2005]
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12. - White Teeth - Zadie Smith [initialled AM so TBR at least 2009!]
13. G is for Gumshoe - Sue Grafton (non BC) [pre 2005]
14. - Someone Else's Skin - Sarah Hilary [2017]
15. H is for Homicide - Sue Grafton (non BC) [pre 2005]
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Life events in the past year or so have seriously hindered my reading and Bookcrossing activities, so I didn't complete this challenge in 2017. But a new year is starting and life is looking up, so here I go! My goal is to read 50 TBRs, including the 12 oldest books on my shelf registered by others.
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1. The House of All Sorts by Emily Carr (TBR since 2015)
2. Suite Franҫaise by Irene Nemirovsky (TBR since 2013)
3. The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne (TBR since 2017)
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With struggling to give preference to the 283 ABC TBRs lurking in the house as the year gets started
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But I did pull an ABC TBR for the work bag :-)
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This entry will serve to keep track of my monthly goals, but I will make separate posts for each month.

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I did this in 2010 and 2011 and after a small break it's time to enter again :)
Thanks for the challenge Dove-i-libri! My goal is 100, a little less than in 2011.
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1. J.P. Delaney: Edellinen asukas
2. Raija-Sinikka Rantala: Optimisti
3. Tytti Parras: Rakkaat
4. Juha Hurme: Niemi
5. Antti Heikkinen: Mummo
6. J.K. Johansson: Laura
7. J.K. Johansson: Noora
8. Thomas Bernhard: Haaskio
9. Selja Ahava: Taivaalta tippuvat asiat
10. Janne ja Valeriina Silas: Perheloma El Caminolla
11. A. W. Yrjänä: Arcana
12. Hella Wuolijoki: Enkä ollut vanki
13. Hameeda Lakho, Magda van der Rijst: Särkynyt kehä - äidin kohtaaminen
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I'm going to aim to read at least 75 books with the focus being books from my BXing TBR pile. This includes books registered by myself as well as ABC books from 2017 or earlier. I will also add books from my audio and ebook TBR libraries that are from before Jan 1, 2018.

Some of the books registered by me may be registered in 2018, but will have been purchased earlier as I am weeding out some shelves this year too hopefully.
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1.) Louder Than Love by Jessica Topper ebook that has been on my nook since 2016
2.) Vampire Empire: The Greyfriar by Clay and Susan Griffith audiobook that has been sitting in my audible library since sometime in 2016
3.) The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams - registered in 2018 but has been sitting in my personal TBR pile since early 2017 -
4.) Twelve Days of Christmas: A Christmas Novel by Debbie Macomber one of the last 3 books registered by me in 2017 -
5.) Starry Night: A Christmas Novel - one of the last 3 books registered by me in 2017
6.) The Witches by Roald Dahl - Picked up from a local little free library in the summer of 2017
7.) Monica's Untold Story: An Amorality Tale by Bill Plympton, Anonymous - from HI77 in 2017
8.) Definition by Ariel Schrag - from HI77 in 2017
9.) The Christmas Wish: All I Want for Christmas\First Impressions by Nora Roberts - one of the last 3 books registered by me in 2017
10.) Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes - from Eriskgal in 2015
11.) Rose Harbour in Bloom by Debbie Macomber - recently registered by me but picked up from a local little free library last summer.
12.)Cold Flat Junction by Martha Grimes - from Tribefan in 2013
13.) I Shudder at Your Touch edited by Michelle Slung - from GreyFlank in 2015
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I tried for 70 books in 2017 and didn't quite make it. I'm going to try harder this year and I lowered my goal by ten books for this year.
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1. Home to Crossroads Ranch TBR since Feb. 2017
2. Panic Button TBR since Dec. 2017
3. Billie the Hippo TBR since June 2015
4. Mr. Monk Gets on Board TBR since Mar. 2017
5. The Professor and the Madman TBR since Mar. 2017
6. Nate the Great Goes Undercover TBR since Sept. 2017
7. Heirs and Graces TBR since July 2015
8. B.C. Truckin On Down TBR since Nov. 2017
9. Purses and Poison TBR since Aug. 2016
10. Old Before My Time TBR since May 2017
11. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff TBR since Sept. 2014
12. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader TBR since Sept. 2016
13. The More the Terrier TBR since Jan. 2014
14. The Cowboy's Homecoming TBR since Nov. 2017
15. The Wondrous Wizard of Id TBR since Nov. 2017
16. Someone to Trust TBR since Jan. 2017
17. So Many Books, So Little Time TBR since Oct. 2017

Goal:17 /60
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18. Making Rounds with Oscar TBR since Apr. 2014
19. Trail of Secrets TBR since Oct. 2017
20. The Muppets Go Camping TBR since Nov. 2014
21. Belles on Their Toes TBR since Dec. 2017
22. Speak to me of Love TBR since Nov. 2016
23. Encyclopedia Brown Carries On TBR since Sept. 2017
24. How to Train Your Dragon TBR since Oct. 2017
25. Lion's Lady TBR since Aug. 2014
26. How to Be a Pirate TBR since Nov. 2017
27. How to Speak Dragonese TBR since Nov. 2017
28. Crash TBR since Apr. 2017

Goal: 28/60
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I haven't tried this challenge before, but have a huge mountain TBR, so here goes. This year I'm also going to try and read more of my oldest TBR books.
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1. The Twins. TBR since December 2017 - Completed 5 January 2018.

2. The Dry. TBR since December 2017 - Completed 9 January 2018.

3. One Last Kill. TBR since October 2017 - Completed 11 January 2018.

4. The Whites. TBR since June 2017 - Completed 14 January 2018

5. Stoner. TBR since August 2017 - Completed 15 January 2018

6. Hidden Figures. TBR since April 2017 - Completed 18 January 2018

7. Bitter Wash Road. TBR since October 2017 - Completed 20 January 2018 (This from a box of books bought at a Book Fair in October 2017, which are being registered as I read them.)

8. My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises. TBR since September 2017 - Completed 22 January 2018

9. The Spare Room. TBR since November 2017 - Completed 23 January 2018

10. The Weight of Blood TBR since April 2017. Completed 28 January 2018.

11. Force of Nature. TBR since December 2017. Completed 31 January 2018
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In 2017, I only finished a total of 18 books, many of which were new because I read them for a book club. However, I have 15 books half-read, so that should help me on my way. So I'll go for 18 for 2018. Happy New Year, Dove-i-Libri. I'll try to remember to post this year!
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I didn't come close to my goal in 2017, but I love this challenge. Also, I love the beginning-of-year feeling, when everything qualifies! I, too, want to read some of my oldest and those from other BCers I've had the longest. However, in 2017 I eliminated pressure on myself by marking all my books something other than TBR.
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1. Seven up - Janet Evanovich (TBR since I don't know)
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25 in a year

Hello, I never tried this challenge before but it is what I need. I decided last year to reduce the number of TBR and did quite a good job, but I have a lot of leftovers. Most of them are nor registered, some are pdf on my phone, some will be in Italian or Spanish, some will be registered and released. I think 25 is feasible.

At the moment reading:
Vanity fair by Thackeray(e-book)
The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
Golden bats and pink Pigeons oby Durrel

Other leftover from last year list (I'm sure I have more on my shelves):

Adams The hitchiker's guide to the galaxy/Attwood The handmaids tale/Allende Cuentos de Eva Luna/Allende El oro de Thomas Varga/Allende LA suma de los dias/Ariosto Orlando Furioso
Balzac Papa Goriot/Balzac Eugenia Grandet/Banville The sea/ /Bragg The adventure of English/
Capuana C'era una volta//Clarcke 2001 a space odyssey/Camus The outsider/Coloane NAufragi/
Collodi Sorie allegre/
De Carlo Yucatan/Darwin l'espressione dei sentimenti/De Amicis Ricordi di Londra
Eliot Silas Marner
Fleming Casino' Royale/Forster A passage to India/Fogazzaro Malombra/Fallaci Inshalla/Fallaci La forza della ragione
Greene Brighton Rock/Gupta Emotional Intelligence
Heller Catch 22/Huxley Brave new world revisited
Kafka The Castle/Keenan An evil Cradling
Latimer Silks , spices and empire/Lee Cider with Rosie/Louis Stevenson Kidnapped/Lawrence The rainbow/
Martel Life of Pi/Mazzantini Un giorno perfetto/McCall Smith The Sunday Philosophy club/Milne The house at the pooh corner/Mitchell Cloud Atlas
Ovidio Le metamorfosi
Silone La volpe e le camelie/Slepoj Le ferite delle donne/STuart Mill LA schiavitu' delle donne/Smith White teeth/Steinbeck The grapes of wrath//Suskin Perfume
Tasso Gerusalemme liberata
Walker The color Purple/Willson Scottish folk tales/Wells Selected stories/Wilber A brief history of everything
Xinran Sky burial
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Thanks for organising Dove-i-libri. I need to continue reducing this growing pile.
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1. Traveling While Married by Mary-Lou Weismann 10/20/17
2. Grace Under Fire by Julie Hyzy KTM 12/13/17
3. Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Piccoult KTM 11/22/17
4. Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick 12/27/17
5. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin 2/9/2013
6. No Longer a Slumdog by K. P. Youhannan 7/10/17
7. Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin NF 9/26/17 [240 pages]
8. Murder on the Rocks by Allyson Abbott KTM 7/25/17 [325 pages]
9. A Leg to Stand On by Oliver Sacks NF 3/27/17
10. Hector and the Search for Happiness by Francois Lelord KTM5/15/17 [164 pages]
11. I Am Potential: Eight Lessons on Living, Loving, and Reaching Your Dreams by Patrick Henry Hughes 10/16/10 [227 pages]
12. No Touch Monkey by Ayun Halliday 8/10/10 NF [276 pages]
13. The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial Killer by Jason Moss 2/16/16 NF
14. The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See 9/18/17 [370 pages]
15. Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya KTM 4/12/17 [188 pages]
16. Quickstep to Murder by Ella Barrick KTM 2/6/17 [286 pages]
17. Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough 1/4/07
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Having just missed my target last year, I am going for a smaller number of books, but also trying to read some of the bricks that I have on my shelf - so out of the 45, at least 10 will be 500+ pages. My visual guide is that I want to decrease the number of book shelves that are double stacked.
I kicked off with one for my reading group, a whopping 1000+ pages:
#1 Gone with the wind -Margaret Mitchell
#2 Death of an Owl - Paul Torday with Piers Torday
#3 Cranford -Elizabeth Gaskell
#4 A God in Ruins -Atkinson 500+
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#5 Just as Well I'm leaving
#6 L'auberge - Stagg
#7 Paper Moon - Camilleri
#8 I Let You Go
#9 Mr Dixon Disappears - Sansome
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I signed up on the Goodreads bookcrossing thread for 30 books. Twenty from other BCers, and ten that I have registered personally.
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Read 5/65. Still 60 books to be read.

1. Jään luoksesi (non-BC)
2. Jääkansi (non-BC)
3. Finnjävlar : Suomiperkeleet Ruotsissa (non-BC)
4. Hornanperän uusi Paholainen
5. Lempi

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Read 8/65. Still 57 books to be read.

6. UFO in Her Eyes (has been sitting unregistered in my shelf)
7 Roughing It in the Bush, or, Forest Life in Canada
8 Apricots on the Nile: A Memoir with Recipes
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I'll base this off my goodreads TBR shelf, which conveniently also gives me a date when it was added to the pile.
I mostly register book when I read them so my TBR here isn't too high (yet).

My goal is 25 books added to the pile before 2018 or booksrings I joined before 2018.

So far I've finished 2/25
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1. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire
TBR since July 2011
2. The Dry by Jane Harper
Ring joined in July 2017
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Now at 3/36, having met my monthly goal of 3. Onward!

1. In the Miso Soup (TBR since Nov ’17)
2. Sin in the Second City (TBR since Oct ’16)
3. The Centaur (TBR since Feb ’09)
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-1- The Spy, by Paulo Coelho
-2- A Sixpenny Song, by Jennifer Johnston
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Maybe I'll read less this year. I'll get my sewing machine back from my daughter soon.

1. When We Were Very Young (A. A. Milne, E. H. Shepard) - TBR 2017
2. Peruna ja salaperäinen sähköposti (in Finnish) (Jukka Mäkinen) - TBR 2017
3. Vaimotesti (in Finnish) (Graeme Simsion) - TBR 2017
4. Läski-Freddyn kissa 1 (in Finnish) (Gilbert Shelton) - TBR 2017
5. Maihinnousu (in Finnish) (Riikka Ala-Harja) - TBR 2015
6. Salatuimpaan saakka (in Finnish) (Risto Juhani) - TBR 2017
7. Dobermanni (in Finnish) (Timo Sandberg) - TBR 2017
8. Todennäköisin syin (in Finnish) (Jarkko Sipilä) - TBR 2012
9. Mustat kalat (in Finnish) (Eeva Tenhunen) - TBR 2017
10. Pitkät päiväunet (in Finnish) (Katariina Romppainen) - TBR 2016
11. Wallander - Haudattu (in Finnish) (Henning Mankell) - TBR 2016
12. Onnen koukkuja (in Finnish) (Grégoire Delacourt) - TBR 2015
13. Provencen syleilyssä (in Finnish) (Kari Kyrönseppä) - TBR 2015
14. Vasemmalla ylhäällä (in Finnish) (Erri De Luca) - TBR 2017
15. La forza del passato (in Italian) (Sandro Veronesi) - TBR 2017
16. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (Aimee Bender) - TBR 2015
17. Quasi Grazia (in Italian) (Marcello Fois) - TBR 2017
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18. If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name by Heather Lende 8/3/17 [281 pages]
19. Pretties by Scott Westerfeld audio on Overdrive (From Library) on list since 9/17
20. Pearl of China by Amchee Min 7/30/15 [276 pages]
21. Map of Bones by James Rollins e-book 2/16/13
22. Songs of Ourselves Taught by Karen Karbiener
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January 8/25

I did much better than I thought, practically I emptied my phone e-book folder...for the moment, some more to add from my pc. No new books bought...yet. I started with the thickest book on my TBR shelves so I can make space for more...

1)Blanco Dos Cuentos con alas (to be registered)
2) Capuana C'era una volta (e-book)
3)Balzac Eugenia Grandet (e-book)
4)Collodi Sorie allegre (e-book)
5)Durrrel Golden bats and pink pigeon
6)Salinger The catcher in the Rye
7) Tackeray Vanity fair (e-book)
8)Zola L'opera (e-book)

9)Fallaci Inshalla
10)Latimer Silks , spices and empire
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I love this idea - thanks for motivating me to work on my TBR stack, which isn't registered. My goal is 25, with a monthly goal of 2 once I catch up for January.
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Some of these I will register when I'm finished with them.

1) Far From the Maddening Crowd (Hardy) -- reading
2) The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (Alexie) -- reading
3) An Abundance of Katherines (Green)
4) The Phantom of the Opera (Leroux)
5) The Body in the Library (Christie)
6) The Happiness Project (Rubin)
7) The Magic Elevator (McShane)
8) Back to the Elevator (McShane)
9) A Short History of Nearly Everything (Bryson)
10) Girl With a Pearl Earring (Chevalier)
11) March (Brooks)
12)The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Twain)
13) Walden Two (Skinner)
14) A Wrinkle in Time (L'Engle)
15) Fort Laramie (McChristian)
16) Allegiant (Roth)
17) Duty (Gates)
18) Pony Express (Di Certo)
19) Team of Rivals (Goodwin)
20) Blink (Gladwell)
21) Brute (Coram)
22) The Trail Driver (Grey)
23) One Hundred Years of Old Man Sage (Anderson)
24) Social and Cultural Anthropology (Monaghan/Just)
25) The Thing Itself (Todd)
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12. As it is in Heaven. TBR since February 2016. Completed 4 February 2018.

13. Love in the Present Tense. TBR since November 2017. Completed 6 February 2018.

14. Harm Done by Ruth Rendell. TBR since July 2009. Completed 7 February 2018

15. Heart of Coal by Jenny Pattrick. TBR since February 2017. Completed 10 February 2018

16. Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent. TBR since October 2017. Completed 15 February 2018 (This from a box of books bought at a Book Fair in October 2017, which are being registered as I read them.)

17. Night Train by Martin Amis. TBR since october 2017. Completed 15 February 2018

18. The Dinner by Herman Koch. TBR since December 2017. Completed 19 February 2018

19. An Elephant in the Garden by Michael Morpurgo. TBR since October 2017. Completed 20 February 2018
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3. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
TBR since February 2017
4. I'm Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells
TBR since July 2017
5. Hilferuf aus dem Folterkeller by Heinrich Thies
Ring joined in July 2017
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14. Marja Björk: Prole
15. Viivi Luik: Historian kauneus
16. Mila Teräs: Tyttö tulevaisuudesta
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14.) The Music Box - from bookstogive in 2017
15.) Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning - from bookstogive in 2016
16.) On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street Series) - from princess-peapod in 2017
17.) Jacob Have I Loved - picked up to read and release by me in 2017
18.) Everfree - from erishkigal in 2015
19.) Airhead - from tempestans in 2017

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