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1. Hidden Figures ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

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I am offering a release challenge again for 2018. No prizes, only bragging rights.


1. Book must have been made into a movie
e.g., Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell
or book was based on a movie
e.g., Fantastic Voyage, by Isaac Asimov

Made-for-television movies and mini-series count, as well as motion pictures that were shown in theatres.

Except for mini-series, books that were made into television series or which are based on television series are not included in this challenge. (Books related to television series can be part of Davros-10's 2018 TV Book Release Challenge, .)

Books published in any year, and movies released in any year, are eligible.

2. All releases must be wild. Releases to OBCZs or thrift shops will be considered wild.

3. Releases that fit multiple release challenges are welcome.

4. After journaling your release, record it here with a link to your journal entry. Please mention in your release note that the book was released as part of this challenge.

5. Optional: celebrate catches and new members resulting from this challenge.

6. This challenge will run from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018, your time.
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1. Hidden Figures ( ), multiple challenges, photo.
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A movie book

The Color Purple
Themed release.
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with release photo

1. Eragon -
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with release photo

2. Tuesdays with Morrie -
TV movie
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3. The Phantom of the Opera ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

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