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I pasted the 2017 list here and have indicated with asterisks in front those that are either ongoing (never end) or that have already been confirmed to be running again in 2018 and deleted any that are not continuing. If I missed any, I'm sorry. I'll correct or update if you let me know of errors or omissions by posting here or by PMing me.


****3 per week – hyphen8
****52 towns in 52 weeks – ekkoren
****Assisted/Sr/Memory/Hospice/Veteran Center Release - BOOKWORMINUSALL
****Children's Books in Playgrounds – TattooedMummy
****Doctor, Doctor – BadgerJim
****Hospital – PokPok
****Keep Them Moving (KTM) - booklady331
****Movies – msrubble - WILD RELEASES ONLY
****Never Judge a Book By Its Cover – Secretariat (theme changes each week)
****Pick a Pair – trekwoman
****Release chain with names – 83dea
****Release chain with City, Country... - 83idea
****Shelter / pantry / kitchen Release Challenge – solittletime
****SNAP - Vekiki
****Theater Challenge - hyphen8
****Themed - goldenwattle
****TV challenge - Davros-10
****Ultimate Challenge – jumpingin (theme changes each month)


****Ultimate Challenge - January: Home - jumpingin
****zbird's Clean Start for the New Year - BOOKWORMINUSALL


****Asian Zodiac (Year of the Dog) – hyphen8 (Feb 2 to March 1)
****Becky's Hugs – ResQgeek
****Great Backyard Bird Count challenge – GoryDetails - WILD RELEASES ONLY
****Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes – awaywithfairies
****Science Fiction Release Challenge -Davros-10
****Ultimate Challenge - February: by air or by sea - jumpingin
****Valentine Challenge - awaywithfairies (Feb 1 -14)
****Wine+Food challenge – GoryDetails (Feb 15 - March 15)


****4 Elements - Firegirl
****KarmelK's Celebrate the Irish Challenge - cluricaune
****Oh, the Places We Can Go Release Challenge - Secretariat
****Ultimate Challenge - March: colours - jumpingin


****April Showers/May Flowers – GoryDetails (April 15 – May 15 ) - WILD ONLY
****Into the Wild wild-release challenge -GoryDetails (April 18 - 24) WILD ONLY
****International BookCrossing Day - April 21 - Release some books to celebrate!
****Ultimate Challenge - April: numbers & math- jumpinin


****Mother's Day Release Challenge - BOOKWORMINUSALL
****Royalty Challenge - AlterEgoZoe
****Ultimate Challenge - May: gardening and plants - jumpingin


****Allergic to A - babypooh
****Canada Days - gypsysmom (June 24 - July 7) -special theme: Robertson Davies
****June Brides - NancyNova
****Ultimate Challenge - June: sounds - jumpingin


****Christmas in July - booklady331
****Ultimate Challenge - July: verbs - jumpingin


****Children's Concept Book Challenge - tomato68
****One Word Title - booklady331
****Ultimate Challenge - August: clothing - jumpingin


Banned books – quietorchid
****September Sapphire Challenge - Plum-crazy - WILD RELEASES ONLY
****Talk Like a Pirate Challenge – Bascula - Sept 16 - 23
****Ultimate Challenge - September: pets & farm animals - jumping in
****You're Such an Animal - Secretariat - WILD RELEASES ONLY


****Spook-tacular Halloween Challenge - AlterEgoZoe
****Tick Tock release challenge - DragonGoddess
****Ultimate Challenge - October: seasons & holidays - jumpingin


****E-less Challenge - motherof11
****Thanksgiving Challenge - tomato68
****The The Release Challenge - RockDg9
****Ultimate Challenge - November: all the world's a stage - jumpingin


****Christmas Challenge – NancyNova
****D for December – hyphen8
****Ultimate Challenge - December: light and dark - jumpingin
****What's in a Name release Challenge - DragonGoddess

And thank you all for running these Challenges that are just SO MUCH FUN!!!


If you get a chance..there's a missing "h" for the Asian zodiac. ;)


If you get a chance..there's a missing "h" for the Asian zodiac. ;)

Sorry... fixed.


Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes Challenge and the Valentine Challenge (both in February) will be happening in 2018.


Thanks for the update


I will be hosting this release challenge again next year. Look for a new thread later in the month.

Thanks for putting together this calendar.


I check your list often.


hopefully and update the list.


I've posted the themes for the year here:


I've posted the themes for the year here:

Thanks. I updated the list above. [The themes look good.]


3 per week:

And the Asian zodiac:
(now includes list of doggish words)


in 2018 it will be Feb 23 - March 8



Challenge hosts so I can either confirm they are running their Challenges again in 2018 or delete them.


I had to come back and double-check to make sure I don't miss any. :D

Thank you slt for the handy list!


The dates this year will be June 24th to July 7th, 14 days in total. The special theme this year is books by or about Robertson Davies.



See GoryDetail's note:

Update: I'm expanding the Wine+Food challenge to a month, from Feb. 15 through Mar. 15, as per requests from last year's thread.


If there are no asterisks in front of your Challenge, no one has confirmed to me that it will run again this year. Please advise so I can update the list so we can all plan ahead.




I just learned that solittletime isn't hosting that one this year - I think I was looking at the 2017 list of challenges and didn't notice the changes to this year's list. (I suppose I could run it myself, but if anyone else would like to, feel free!)



and to correct the April Showers/May Flowers dates.

I still wish I'd hear from other hosts so I can update the rest of the year.




wingtomato68wing 7 mos ago


this year? I notice it isn't confirmed yet.









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