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Hi gang!

The The Challenge is on again for November 2017.

Release books with the word 'the' in the title (doesn't have to start with 'the', and can be in your language equivalent).

Post releases here and have fun!!!


I haven't set any aside but I can't imagine it will be hard to find many.


Good to see that you're doing this again. :D


Yes, all releases count :)


I'm sure I've got a few books around that'll fit the bill!


However, other challenges will have priority and it might take a while until my first list occurs here.


so I think I'll jump in again this year.


I'm always glad to reduce the amount of books in my house.


I was wondering if this was going to run again


I have a TON of books I'm trying to release...


1. Murder on THE Orient Express ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


1. THE Snake, THE Crocodile, and THE Dog


2. . . . If You Sailed on THE Mayflower
3. THE Dream Lover


1. HET geitje: (het=the in Dutch)
2. Bloemen in DE zon: (de=the in Dutch)


4. THE Casual Vacancy
5. Sophie's World: A Novel about THE History of Philosophy
6. THE Magnificent Rogue


1 Return to 20,000 Leagues Under THE Sea


1. THE Friday night knitting club
2. revenge of THE middle-aged woman
3. THE unspoken years
4. THE rancher next door


1. THE Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
2. THE Shipping News by Annie Proulx


2. In THE Woods ( ), wild release, photo.

3. Back From THE Dead ( ), wild release, photo

4. THE Book of Merlyn ( ), wild release, photo.

5. Lunch Lady and THE League of Librarians ( ), wild release, photo.


7. THE Eye of Jade
8. Maigret and THE Apparition
9. Treasure in THE Hills
10. THE Burden of Proof
11. THE Hunt for Red October
12. THE Waiting Sands & THE Devil on Lammas Night
13. THE Complete Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 1
14. THE Alienist
15. THE Prostitutes' Ball


wingtomato68wing 3 yrs ago
1st Release
1. THE Case of THE Hungry Stranger


1. The Rose Grower, by Michelle de Kretser.

(Also a themed release with photographs.)


1. The Fear Place by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor


wingLubiettewing 3 yrs ago
Release # 1


wingLubiettewing 3 yrs ago
Release # 2


wingLubiettewing 3 yrs ago
Release # 3
3. ΟΙ τρεις χήρες (THE three widows)



2. Hunting Down Saddam: The Inside Story of the Search and Capture
by Robin Moore


3. THE Truth About Money Lies: Help for Making Wise Financial Decisions
by Russ Crosson, Kelly Talamo
4. So Long, and Thanks for All THE Fish
by Douglas Adams
5. THE Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
6. Lily B. on THE Brink of Cool
7. THE Secrets of Catie Hazard
8. Dark Lord: THE Early Years
9. THE Test
10. Maximum Impact: THE Power of Virtue
by Steve Beier
11. THE Hum
12. Beyond THE Body Farm
13. THE Perfect Storm
14. THE Angel Work Fangs


All wild releases with photos.

6. THE Woman in Cabin 10 ( )

7. EL alquimista y otros relatos ( ), multiple challenges

8. EL Senor De Los Anillos : LA Comunidad del Anillo ( ), multiple challenges

9. EL Senor De Los Anillos: LAS DOS Torres ( ), multiple challenges

10. EL Senor de los Anillos: EL Retorno del Rey ( ), multiple challenges

11. EL alquimista y otros relatos ( ), multiple challenges

12. LA Evolucion De Calpurnia Tate ( ), multiple challenges

13. EL Tercer Reich ( ), multiple challenges

14. THE Johnstown Flood ( )

15. Heather, Belle of THE Ball ( ), multiple challenges
The Awakening

Also in the Movie Books Challenge.


16. A 4th Course of Chicken Soup for THE Soul: 101 More Stories to Open THE Heart and Rekindle THE Spirit
17. THE Figure In THE Shadows
18. Revolt of THE Dwarves
19. THE Moonstone
20. THE Murder Book
21. THE Miseducation of Cameron Post
22. THE Hyde Park Murder
23. THE Color of My Soul
24. MythBusters: THE Explosive Truth Behind 30 of THE Most Perplexing Urban Legends of All Time


wingtomato68wing 3 yrs ago
2nd Release


25. THE Last Pilot
26. THE Man Who Loved Children
27. THE Black Lizard Anthology of Crime Fiction
28. THE Same Sea
29. What THE Heart Sees: A Collection of Amish Romances
30. THE Battles of Lexington and Concord
31. THE Canary Caper


3. THE Girl Who Loved Wild Horses


wild releases with photos

1. THE Magician's Nephew -
2. THE Vanished Man -
3. Little House on THE Prairie -
4. THE Kalahari Typing School for Men -


1. The Ghosts of Nantucket,


32. THE Tommyknockers
33. THE Subtle Knife
34. THE Westing Game
35. THE Story of THE American Flag
36. Saints at THE River
37. THE Complete Book of Carribean Cooking



16. Blowin' in THE Wind ( ), wild release, photo.

17. Find THE Cat ( ), wild release, photo.


3. DE donkere kamer van Damokles:


2. The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes,


38. THE Jack-O'-Lantern That Ate My Brother
39. THE Missing Mummy
40. Life on THE Refrigerator Door: Notes Between a Mother and Daughter
41. Night of THE Ninjas
42. THE Truth about Bats


15. THE Shelters of Stone
16. THE Broken Sphere
17. Redline the Stars
18. Huon of THE Horn
19. A Wind in THE Door
20. Putt Like THE Pros
21. THE FairTax Book
22. THE World Since 1500: A Global History
by Leften Stavros Stavrianos
23. Age Without Fear: How to face THE Later Years with Confidence
24. Catcher In The Wry: Outrageous but True Stories of Baseball
25. THE Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and On-Line
26. THE March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam
27. THE Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies, and Possibilities
28. Crossing Mandelbaum Gate: Coming of Age Between THE Arabs and Israelis, 1956-1978


Hi all! Great releases so far!




43. Scoop Saves THE Day
44. THE Race for THE Presidency
45. THE Wild Whale Watch
46. THE Da Vinci Code
47. Over THE River and Through THE Wood


wingMaranlinwing 3 yrs ago
Release #3
3. THE House on Willow Street by Cathy Kelly


5. in love with THE bronc rider
6. THE devilish pleasures of a duke
7. THE horseman's secret
8. THE appeal


29. THE Boys in THE Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics by Daniel James Brown
30. THE Parents Book of Lists
31. THE Big Bang: What It Is, Where It Came From and Why It Works
32. THE New Truth About Vitamins & Minerals
by Bill Sardi
33. What No One Tells THE Bride by Marg Stark


48. THE Elfstones of Shannara
49. THE Mask of Power: Spyro Versus THE Mega Monsters #1
50. THE Babe in Red Stockings: An in Depth Chronicle of Babe Ruth with THE Boston Red Sox, 1914-1919


18. THE Last Continent ( ), wild release, photo.


51. Madeline and THE Bad Hat
52. Notes from THE Midnight Driver
53. THE Dark is Rising
54. THE Story of B


55. THE Time Traveler's Wife
56. Blood on THE Verde River
57. James and THE Giant Peach
58. Dora and THE Birthday Wish Adventure


After the Funeral by Agatha Christie



wingtomato68wing 3 yrs ago
4th Release
4. THE Bremen-town Musicians


wingtomato68wing 3 yrs ago
5th Release


6. Verdwijning van DE Flamborough:


59. THE Rope: An Anna Pigeon Novel
60. THE Fellowship of THE Ring
61. THE Colour of Magic
62. THE Death of Sleep


34. So Long and Thanks for all THE Fish by Douglas Adams
35. THE Golden Spiders by Rex Stout from hyphen8 to Operation Paperback
36. THE League of Frightened Men by Rex Stout from hyphen8 to Operation Paperback
37. Secret of THE Lost Race by Andre Norton
38. Daily Inspiration for THE Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
39. THE Carnitine Defense
40. THE Lady of THE Rivers
41. Decorating with Plants: THE Art of Using Plants to Transform Your Home by Satoshi Kawamoto


wingtomato68wing 3 yrs ago
6th Release
6. Disney's THE Lion King


Little Free Library releases with photo

5. Gib and THE Gray Ghost -
6. THE Grumpy Morning -

Controlled release

7. THE Storyteller's Beads -

wild releases with photos

8. Follow THE River -
9. THE Teeny Tiny Woman -
10. THE Carrot Seed -
11. THE Rainbow Fish -
12. THE Lucky One -
13. THE Space Between Us -



63. THE Book of Three
64. Front Row at THE White House: My Life and Times
65. THE Five People You Meet in Heaven
66. THE Shadow of THE Wind


19. THE Curious Incident of THE Dog in THE Night-time ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

20. THE Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend ( ), wild release, photo.

21. Charlie Bone and THE Invisible Boy ( ), wild release, photo.


For lack of wild release possibilities (haven't really been out of town due to bad weather and a sick horse) most went into local public bookshelves. Am Anfang war DAS Wort Artus - Zwischen DEN Welten Bruder Cadfael und DIE schwarze Keltin DAS Albtraumreich DES Edward Moon DAS Bastardbuch DAS Bernstein-Teleskop DAS Bernstein-Teleskop DAS Buch DER Zauberer DAS Ende ist mein Anfang DAS Haus in DER Karpfengasse DAS Lazaruskind DAS Lazaruskind DAS Monstrum DAS Parfum DAS Piano DAS Schloß, darin sich Schicksale kreuzen DAS verlorene Symbol Denn bitter ist DER Tod DER angebundene Traum DER Balkon DER Drahtzieher DER Familienplanet DER Fernsehgast DER Fluch DER Heilerin DER Garten Eden und andere Liebesgeschichten DER Herr DER Ringe 1: DIE Gefährten DER Junge, DER Träume schenkte DER Mann im Jasmin DER Maulkorb / DER Gasmann / DIE Hochzeitsreise DER Rabbi DER Ruf DES Kuckucks DER Schamane DER Schatten DES Windes DER Schlangenknabe DER Schrei aus DER Kälte DER Turm DER Kathedrale DER Untergrundmann DER Wächter des Herzens / Blaue Flecken auf DER Seele DIE Apothekerin DIE Catilina-Verschwörung DIE Chefin verzichtet DIE Clique DIE Erben DES Medicus DIE Erben von Pemberley DIE Erbschaft DIE fernen Stunden DIE Flamme DER Freiheit DIE Follyfoot-Farm DIE Frauen DER Pasqualinis DIE großen Meister II DIE hundert verborgenen Sinne DIE Jahre DER Schwarzen Vögel DIE kommende Welt DIE Musik DER Wale DIE nackten Masken DIE offene Tür DIE Rache DES Kaisers DIE Säulen DER Erde DIE Schandmaske DIE schwarze Flamme DIE Stellvertreter DIE Strasse DER Ölsardinen DIE Sturmhöhe DIE Sünden DER Faulheit DIE Sünderin DIE Todgeweihte DIE Troja-Mission Erbin DES verlorenen Landes Eva und DER Wolf Farben DER Schuld Flucht in DEN Norden Große Frauen DER Welt Ich, Prinzessin aus DEM Hause Al Saud Im Frühling singt zum letzten Mal DIE Lerche Karussell DES Lebens Land DES Lichts Mit DEM letzten Atemzug Pakt DER Leidenschaft Segen DER Erde Sommer auf DEM Pferdehof Tochter DER Schuld Und ewig singen DIE Wälder / DAS Erbe von Björndal Während DIE Welt schlief Wie DER Steuermann im Cyberspace landete


67. Voices from THE Wall
68. THE Cure for Modern Life
69. To Touch THE Untouchable Dream
70. THE Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society



7. Alleen tegen DE wereld:


wingNancyNovawing 3 yrs ago
release 9




71. THE Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
72. THE Adventures of Pinocchio
73. THE Friends



wild releases with photos

14. THE Gingerbread Man -
15. THE Twenty-One Balloons -


8. Maud en Rik in DE stad:
9. Griet Manshande: DE Gouden Reael/DE Blinde Weerelt/HET Goede Inzicht/Godt Alleen d'Eere:


73. Cam Jansen and THE Mystery at THE Monkey House
74. Kon-Tiki: Across THE Pacific in a Raft
75. Before THE Frost
76. THE River of Dancing Gods


10. THE family way (original entry wrong - there is really a "The" in the title)
11. THE shop on blossom street
12. THE least of these my brethren


42. Googled: THE End of THE World As We Know It
by Ken Auletta
43. It's All In THE Playing by Shirley MacLaine
44. Do THE Right Thing
45. Overcoming THE Legacy of Overeating
46. THE Greatest Golf Stories Ever Told
47. THE Dance of Anger
48. THE Wonder of Boys



5. More Tales of the South Carolina Low Country,
6. To Loose the Chains,


49. The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis
50. Inheriting the Promises by Joyce Meyer


77. THE Cat Who Blew THE Whistle
78. THE Big Four
79. THE Lords of Discipline
80. THE Girl Who Heard Dragons


wingNancyNovawing 3 yrs ago
release 13
13. THE Texan's surprise baby
THE Call of THE Wild

Also part of the Movie Books challenge.


51. THE Name of THE Rose by Umberto Eco


22. THE Shining ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo. [Themed - released it at a big hotel; ghosts optional.]


wingtomato68wing 3 yrs ago
Release 12


wild release with photo

16. THE Red Car -


2.THE Alchemist by Paul Coelho
3.THE Color Purple by Alice Walker
4.THE Secret of THE Summer



85. THE Ugly Duckling
86. THE Water Is Wide
87. THE Jewel Princesses and THE Missing Crown
88. THE Bunny Hop


20 THE Shack

21 THE First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

22 THE Muse

23 THE Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society


23. THE Gold Bug and Other Stories ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


52. THE Spirit of Folk Art: THE Girard Collection at the Museum of International Folk Art by Henry Glassie
53. THE South Beach Diet
54. Circa 1492: Art in THE Age of Exploration
55. THE 7-Day Back Pain Cure: How Thousands of People Got Relief Without Doctors, Drugs, or Surgery
56. The Biggest Loser: The Weight Loss Program to Transform Your Body, Health, and Life




57. What's THE Verdict?: You're THE Judge in 90 Tricky Courtroom Quizzes
by Ted LeValliant, Marcel Theroux
58. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul
59. THE Treasure Principle
60. Jennifer's Diary & THE Worst Child I Ever Had by Anne Fine


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