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Book titles must contain words that refer to time measurement: second, minute, hour, day, year, time, eon, decade, Christmas, century, millennium, a.m. (or am), moon, etc.

Here is a link to the list of approved words (PLEASE check the list BEFORE asking if a word is acceptable. And if a word is NOT on the list, please check to make sure it is acceptable BEFORE releasing):

The following eras of time will also be acceptable: Civil War, Cold War, Depression, Industrial Revolution, Jurassic, Renaissance, Reformation, World War I, World War II. However, in order for them to be acceptable, the entire phrase must be present. For example, the phrase "civil war" would be acceptable but the worlds civil and war by themselves would not count. There may be other periods of time (those on the geological time scale come to mind), but PLEASE ask about them before releasing to make sure they are acceptable.

A number alone is NOT acceptable, as in "Four Blind Mice." Plurals are acceptable. Embedded words are acceptable ("rAMifications", “Red Badge Of CourAGE”). Non-English language books are fine as long as the time reference is in the same language as the book. A.M., P.M and A.D. are fine in any language.

Ordinal numbers first through thirty-first may be used either spelled out (third, fourteenth, etc) or in number/suffix form (3rd, 14th, etc), but if you use the number/suffix form the suffix MUST be present (6th, not 6). Please ask if you have questions about this rule.

Books must be released between midnight (your time) on Wednesday, October 1 and midnight (your time) on Friday, October 31st. Wild or controlled releases are OK but please only post wild catches. OBCZ releases count as wild releases. Dual releases with other challenges are fine.

When you record your releases, PLEASE number each book and include the link and title of the book. Keeping a running total in your subject line would also be helpful. Please do NOT edit old posts to add books, make new posts each time.

Good Luck and Good Releasing!


DragonGoddess 1 yr ago
Sorry I'm late getting something up for this challenge, I meant to do it a few weeks ago, but then life, and death, got in the way.

I know it's early morning October 1st in Australia, so as soon as it is the 1st in your time zone, you are free to release!


winghyphen8wing 1 yr ago
RE: sorry
Sorry I'm late getting something up for this challenge, I meant to do it a few weeks ago, but then life, and death, got in the way.

Oh dear...sorry to hear that. :(


Sorry I'm late getting something up for this challenge, I meant to do it a few weeks ago, but then life, and death, got in the way.

Oh dear...sorry to hear that. :(

Me too; vibes to you and yours!


Sorry I'm late getting something up for this challenge, I meant to do it a few weeks ago, but then life, and death, got in the way.

Oh dear...sorry to hear that. :(

Me too; vibes to you and yours!

And me too. (((hugs)))


Sorry I'm late getting something up for this challenge, I meant to do it a few weeks ago, but then life, and death, got in the way.

Oh dear...sorry to hear that. :(

Me too; vibes to you and yours!

And me too. (((hugs)))

Thanks everyone. It's been a rough couple of months. Thanks for the gentle reminder nudge, awaywithfairies. It wouldn't be October without the Tick Tock challenge.


Thanks everyone. It's been a rough couple of months. Thanks for the gentle reminder nudge, awaywithfairies. It wouldn't be October without the Tick Tock challenge.

Yes, it certainly wouldn't be the same.

Like others here, I had no idea what was going on in your "real life". My enquiry was certainly meant purely as nothing more than a gentle "I wonder what's happening this year". Please don't feel pressured to spend time or energy running this challenge if you are otherwise occupied. I'm sure we can look after ourselves and play nicely!


1. Time 70th Anniversary Celebration
2. Discovering America's Past
3. A Century of Great Suspense Stories
4. AFTER Dead
5. camouflAGE
6. Good MORNING, Killer
7. The Martini Book: The FIRST, the LAST, the Only True Cocktail
8. Crisis Economics: A Crash Course in the FUTURE of Finance


All wild releases with photos:

1. The mAMmoth Book of Victorian and Edwardian Ghost Stories ( ), multiple challenges. [Might count for "Victorian" and "Edwardian" too, but it does have the embedded "AM" anyway.]

2. TIME Cat ( ), multiple challenges

3. A shADow on the Wall ( ), multiple challenges

And some Little Free Library releases:

4. EVE of the Emperor Penguin ( ), multiple challenges

5. Dingoes at dinnerTIME ( ), multiple challenges

6. 2 A.M. at the Cat's Pajamas ( ), multiple challenges

7. Around the World in Eighty DAYs ( ), multiple challenges


to hear about the death of someone you knew.


wingeljwing 1 yr ago
I start...
-1_ Always Corto, toujours un peu plus loin
-2_ Days Cinq jours
-3_ Days Les derniers jours de nos pères
-4_ Days/March Quatre jours en mars
-5_ Night La nuit du renard



1. Proof of Heaven--A Neurosurgeon's Journey to the AFTERLIFE,


9. The American WEEKEND Garden
10. Real TIME
11. Chasing Life: New Discoveries in the Search for IMMORALity to Help You AGE Less TODAY
12. Food & Wine ANNUALCookbook 2005: An Entire YEAR of Recipes


(All are wild releases with photos)

8. Good NIGHT, Gorilla ( ), multiple challenges, themed

9. Anthology: YEAR One ( ), multiple challenges

10. Lake Woebegone DAYs ( )

LFL releases:

11. Doctor Who: Prisoner of TIME ( ), multiple challenges

12. Batman: YEAR One ( ), multiple challenges

13. The Raven Steals the LIGHT ( ), multiple challenges

14. The YEAR of the Turtle ( ), multiple challenges

15. DEATH of a Six Foot Teddy-Bear ( ), multiple challenges

16. SUMMER of the Monkeys ( ), multiple challenges

17. Last NIGHT at the Lobster ( ), multiple challenges

18. NIGHT of the Avenging Blowfish ( ), multiple challenges

19. Pirates Past NOON ( ), multiple challenge

20. My Name Escapes Me: The DIARY of a Retiring Actor ( ), multiple challenges

21. I Survived: the Shark Attacks of 1916 ( ), multiple challenges

22. shADows on the Wall ( ), multiple challenges

23. LIVES of the Monster Dogs ( ), multiple challenges



-6_ Always Nous avons toujours vécu au chateau
-7_ Day Le jour des corneilles
-8_ Days Les six jours du condor
-9_ Midnight Le chien de mimuit
-10_ Midnight Les épouvantails de minuit
-11_ Monday Le Poulpe Lundi c'est sodomie
-12_ Night Les tambours de la nuit
-13_ Time La traversée du temps


13. CNN Reports: SEVEN DAYS That Shook the World: The Collapse of Soviet Communism --
14. Jerusalem COUNTDOWN


All wild releases with photos:

24. The greAT Airport Mystery ( ), themed release


25. The Penguin Book of Witches and Warlocks: Tales of Black Magic, OLD and New ( ), multiple challenges

26. NIGHTmare SEASONs ( ), multiple challenges


15. The Atkins Essentials: A Two-WEEK Program


-14_ Always Le pays où l'on revient toujours
-15_ Dawn La promesse de l'aube
-16_ Day/NIght Contes du jour et de la nuit
-17_ Days Turlute gratos les jours fériés
-18_ Hour L'heure du chacal
-19_ Hours Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme
-20_ Moon Fool moon
-21_ Night A ce stade de la nuit
-22_ Night La nuit de la lézarde
-23_ Night La nuit du renard
-24_ Twilight Les généraux du crépuscule



1. Cold Granite (OLD)
2. Dying LIGHT
3. BEFORE we met
4. The Guernsey Literary
and PotATo Peel Pie Society (AT)


9. Bones of the PAST

10. Some OLD Lover's Ghost

11. The Living DEAD-CAUGHT 10/13/17


wild release with photo

1. One-Eyed CAT (AT) -



1. Alexander Grah[AM] Bell: An Inventive [LIFE]
2. Wonderful Wild[LIFE] Jumbo Coloring & Activity Book
3. Winners [N(EVER)] Quit!
4. [DE(AT)H] in Holy Orders
5. Howli[DAY] Inn



27. The YEAR's Best Horror Stories ( ), multiple challenges, photo

28. Bourbon Island 1730 ( ), photo


6. [AM]elia Bedelia's [FIRST] [DAY] of School
7. Under the Gr[AM]mar H[AM]mer; The 25 Most Important Gr[AM]mar Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


1. PAST Secrets by Cathy Kelly
2. Until the END of TIME by Danielle Steel


29. The YEAR of Living Biblically ( ), wild release, photo.




controlled release

2. ADrift: Seventy-Six DAYS Lost at Sea (AD, day) -


9. The Hunt for Red [OCTOBER]
10. Elephant's [(BIRTH)(DAY)]


17. The overNIGHT Resume
18.Civil War Prisons & Escapes A DAY-by DAY Chronicle
19. The Order of Prayer in the Liturgy of the HOURS and Celebration of the Eucharist 2012
20. The Measurement of Time: Time, Frequency and the Atomic Clock


wingMaranlinwing 1 yr ago
Release #3
3. Love in the AFTERNOON By Lisa Kleypas


21. The Abs Diet for Women: The SIX-WEEK Plan to Flatten Your Belly and Firm Up Your Body for Life
22. The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 DAYS!


11. The Kitchen Linens Book: Using, Sharing, and Cherishing the Fabrics of Our Daily [LIVES]
12. [DARK]ness Visible
13. Mouse on the [MOON]


23. The Wild Blue : The Men and Boys Who Flew the B-24s Over Germany 1944-45


30. The Daughter of TIME ( ), wild release, photo.

31. Why Do CLOCKs Run Clockwise? ( ), wild release, photo.

32. Romantic Gothic Tales, 1790-1840 ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.



controlled release

3. El PRIMER DÍA de clases de Amelia Bedelia (first, day) -

wild releases with photos

4. The Hershey's Kisses ADdition Book (AD) -
5. UltimATum DAY (AT, day) -


1. Tulikärpästen KESÄ (= summer)
2. YESTERDAY's houses
3. NIGHT train
4. A fragment of TIME
5. The LAST of the Mohicans
6. Endless NIGHT
7. The TERMINAL man
9. KERRAN (= once) kuljin ja kumarsin
10. Sydämenlyönneissä IKUISUUS (= eternity)


wingeljwing 1 yr ago
In a OBCZ...
-33_ Years L'incolore Tsukuru Tazaki et ses années de pélerinage


...but I'm in for a few books this year! Stay tuned. ;o)



14. "It Always Seems Impossible [UNTIL] It's Done.": Motivation for Dre[AM]ers & Doers
15. [EVENING] Class


28. NIGHT's Surrender
29. The Sands of TIME
31. Bottom Line's Health Breakthroughs 2013
32. Bottom Line's Health Breakthroughs 2012
33. Bottom Line's Health Breakthroughs 2011
34. Bottom Line's Health Breakthroughs 2010
35. Bottom Line's Health Breakthroughs 2009
36. Bottom Line's Health Breakthroughs 2008
37. The Carbohydrate Addict's LIFEspan Program
38. One NIGHT in New York


33. Moominvalley in NOVEMBER ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

34. The White DEATH ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

35. A TIME to Kill ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

36. SOON I Will Be Invincible ( ), wild release, photo.


16. Dora's World [AD]venture!
17. Rugr[AT]s in Paris, The Movie: A Dre[AM] Come True
18. M[AD]die's Tail Wag


wild release with photo

6. I Am LegEND / Hell House (end) -


19. The Love [SEASON]
20. [FIFTH-GR(AD)E] Frankenstein
21. One Monster [AFTER] Another



39. Uncommon Cures for EveryDAY Ailments
40. Take Control of Your LIFE
41. The TIMEs London History Atlas


wild release with photo

7. What the NIGHT Knows -


22. [WHEN] You Are Engulfed in Fl[AM]es
23. Good[NIGHT] Baby


37. Fantasy ANNUAL IV ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo. [Update: caught!]


wingeljwing 1 yr ago
Hot day...
-34_ Cambrian Les déportés du cambrien
-35_ Day Un jour, le crime
-36_ Hours Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d'une femme
-37_ Midnight La montagne de minuit
-38_ Night A ce stade de la nuit
-39_ Night Train de nuit
-40_ Night La nuit du venin
-41_ Night La nuit du venin
-42_ Rising sun Soleil levant
-43_ Time Le temps des mots à voix basse
-44_ Time Le temps d'Anaïs
-45_ Time Le temps du twist
-46_ Today Je suis né aujourd'hui au lever du jour
-47_ Years Je suis mort il y a vingt-cinq ans
-48_ Years Six ans déjà


24. [NIGHT] of the Living Dummy
25. Isak Dinesen: The [LIFE] of a Storyteller



2. La mort à Venise (Death in Venice)


-49_ 1974 1974
-50_ Christmas Le livre de Noël
-51_ Midnight Midnight Runner
-52_ Night L'herbe des nuits
-53_ Night Les sept nuits de la reine
-54_ Summer L'été de toutes les peurs
-55_ Summer L'été en pente douce
-56_ Summer Le livre d'un été
-57_ TIme Le temps des déracinés
-58_ Time Le temps des secrets


I see slow and fast on the list, but not quick. Will you allow quick? Thanks.


Yes, I will accept quick



42. Romancing the Ordinary: A YEAR of Simple Splendor
43. 3001: The Final Odyssey


4. Painting Techniques and MATerials by Hilaire Hiler (AT)
5. LIFE AFTER DEATH by Tom Harpur
6. Ethics and LibERAtion by Charles L. Kammer III


38. SUMMER Over AUTUMN ( ), wild release, photo

39. The CLOCKs ( ), wild release, photo. [Update: Caught!]

40. Neil pATrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography ( ), wild release, photo

41. Mystery for HALLOWEEN ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo

42. The EVENING Road ( ), wild release, photo

And more Little Free Library wild releases with photos:

43. Bloody WINTER ( )

44. Odd Girls and TWILIGHT Lovers ( ), multiple challenges

45. El PRIMER DÍA de clases de Amelia ( ), multiple challenges

46. We Should Hang Out SOMETIME ( )

47. Julie and Julia: My YEARS of Cooking Dangerously ( ), multiple challenges

48. Daemons are FOREVER ( ), multiple challenges

49. Not Without Peril: 150 YEARs of Misadventure on the Presidential Range of New Hampshire ( )


Neil pATrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

You do find the MOST interesting books of anyone!


Neil pATrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

You do find the MOST interesting books of anyone!

I agree: Gory's an expert at finding interesting books and intriguing titles. AND writes reviews that make you want to find those books.


Neil pATrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

I scored a copy at a library booksale today. I came home with 6 giant shopping bags of books, but this was the one I was most pleased to find. I never would have even thought of buying it if I hadn't read your excellent review in your JE here . Thanks, gory.


44. The TIMEs Atlas of World History



46. Horizon Spring 1965
47. Splendors of the PAST
48. Dried Flowers for All SEASONS
49. Holidays in Cross-Stitch 1991
50. Ideals Mother's Day
51. Happy DAYs
52. Then AGAIN
53. New York TIMEs Crossword Puzzle Dictionary
54. Cocaine NIGHTs
55. Nine and a Half Mystics: The Kabbala TODAY
56. Science Fiction: The Very Best of 2005


50. Dissolution: a mATthew Sharlake TUDOR Mystery ( ), wild release, photo.

51. ANTIQUE Dust ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

52. WHEN I am Playing With My Cat, How Do I Know That She Is Not Playing with Me? ( ), wild release, photo.

53. DAYs of Our Lives ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

54. A NIGHT Without Armor ( ), wild release, photo.

55. The DEAD Man's Knock ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

56. Mosley By MOONLIGHT ( ), wild release, photo.

57. LIFE, Love, and Memories ( ), wild release, photo.



wild release, no photo

8. GAThering Blue (at) -

wild release with photo

9. Isaac Asimov Presents the BEST Science Fiction of the 19th CENTURY (EST, century) -


31. Wh[AT] Would I Do If I Met a Moose?
32. A Poison Apple Book: [DEAD] In The Water
33. 3 [MINUTE] Stories Fairy Tales



34. Richard Scarry's [FIRST] Little Learners: From 1 to 10
35. The Rel[AT]ives C[AM]e
36. The [AM]azing [AD]ventures of Kavalier & Clay


1 - The [NIGHT] Before [CHRISTMAS]
2 - Last Bre[AT]h
3 - [DAY] Hikes and Nature Walks
4 - Let Your [LIFE] Speak: Listening for the Voice of Voc[AT]ion
5 - A Little Exercise for [YOUNG] Theologians
6 - Priv[AT]e Affair
7 - Mind of [WINTER]
8 - The Strange Case of Orig[AM]i Yoda
9 - New Test[AM]ent Essays
10- Essentials in Church [HISTORY]: A [HISTORY] of the Church from the [BIRTH] of Joseph Smith to the [PRESENT] [TIME]
11- Cre[AT]ive Suffering
12- Her N[AM]e is Woman, Book 1: 24 Women of the Bible
13- The Meaning of Gifts: An Explor[AT]ion of the Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Giving
14- The Little [OLD] L[AD]y Who Was Not Afraid of Anything


57. Caddie for LIFE
58. American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880 - 1964
59. The YEAR My Son and I Were Born: A Story of Down Syndrome, Motherhood, and Self-Discovery
60. You: Staying YOUNG: The Owner's Manual for Extending Your ...
by Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz
61. NIGHT Speed
62. RealAGE: Are You as YOUNG as You Can Be?
by Michael F. Roizen
63. Second GENERATION by Howard Fast
64. Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the AfterLIFE
by Eben Alexander


controlled releases

10. The Girl with the GOLDen Bouffant (old) -
11. A Place Called WINTER -
12. AdAM & Andy (a.m.) -


37. The H[AM]mer of Thor
38. The [MOON]stone
39. The Waiting Sands & The Devil on Lammas [NIGHT]
40. [LIGHT]house Dog to the Rescue


All wild releases with photos

58. Lydia Cassatt Reading the MORNING Paper ( )

59. New hAMpshire Icons ( )

Released in LFLs:

60. The TIME Book: A Brief History from Lunar Calendars to Atomic Clocks ( )

61. MIDNIGHT Graffiti ( ), multiple challenges

62. Time Traveler ( ), for the skull on the cover; multiple challenges

63. The DEAD Town ( ), multiple challenges




1 - S[AM]son Agonistes and the Shorter Poems of Milton


controlled releases

13. The PretENDers (end)
14. The Three-Inch GOLDen Lotus (old) -
15. Rosario is DEAD -


2 - Jackie Chan [AD]ventures # 10: Uncle's Big Surprise

3 - The Lobster Chronicles: [LIFE] On a Very Small Island

4 - The Color of W[AT]er: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother

5 - {WHEN} Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

6 - Oy Vey! {LIFE} in a Shoe

7 - {WHEN} Science Meets Religion: Enemies, Strangers, or Partners?

8 - {WHILE} Galileo Preys

9 - {DEATH} of a Partner

10 - The Long Ro{AD} Home

11 - SEAL Te[AM] Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper

12 - The Sh[AD]owdwellers: Pleasure

13 - Seduce Me in Fl[AM]es: A Three Worlds Novel

14 - Seduce Me in Dre[AM]s: A Three Worlds Novel

15 - Play Football The NFL Way: Position-by-Position Techniques and Drills for Offense, Defense, and Special Te[AM]s

16 - Priv[AT]e Party

17 - There's a B[AT] in Bunk Five

18 - The He[AD]less Horseman Rides TONIGHT: More Poems to Trouble Your Sleep

19 - Anatomy of a Killer: Wh[AT]'s Inside a Great White Shark

20 - Magic Tree House # 1: Dinossaurs [BEFORE DARK]

21 - Magic School Bus Hops Home: A Book about Animal Habit{AT]s


All wild releases with photos.

64. A Private Disgrace: Lizzie Borden by DAYlight ( )

LFL releases:

65. Baby's DAY ( ), multiple challenges

66. It's My BIRTHDAY! ( ), multiple challenges

67. The Amazing Spider-man: Big TIME ( ), multiple challenges

68. Middle School: The Worst YEARs of My LIFE ( )


65.The Road to Tahrir Square: Egypt and the United States from the Rise of Nasser to the FALL of Mubarak


45. Par[AD]ise Lost
46. The Jack-O'-Lantern Th[AT] [AT]e My Brother
47. [NIGHT] of the Living Dummy
48. Explosion of American Music, [1940[-[1990]: Bmi's 50th Anniversary
49. The Figure In the Sh[AD]ows


66. Your Best Life Now Journal: A Guide to Reaching Your Full Potential
67. Accept No Mediocre LIFE: Living Beyond Labels, Libels, and Limitations
68. Living a Beautiful LIFE: Five Hundred Ways to Add Elegance, Order, Beauty, and Joy to Every Day of Your Life
69. Fit for LIFE


69. MIDNIGHT in the Garden of Good and Evil ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

70. The Discoverers: A HISTORY of Man's Search to Know His World and Himself ( ), wild release, photo.

71. Stickball, Streetcars, and SATURDAY Matinees ( ), wild release, photo.

72. The mAMmoth Book of New Historical Whodunits ( ), wild release, photo.

73. Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of his TIME ( ), wild release, photo.


1. Timekeepers: How the World Became Obsessed With Time, by Simon Garfield.

Themed release. Released beside the Doomsday Clock in the Steampunk Museum, Oamaru, NZ.


1. Timekeepers: How the World Became Obsessed With Time, by Simon Garfield.

Themed release. Released beside the Doomsday Clock in the Steampunk Museum, Oamaru, NZ.

Awesome themed release! (The book sounds good too, at least from the title, though the JEs were a bit lukewarm.)


11. Eräänä valtavana MAANANTAINA (= Monday)
12. Saapuva YÖ (= night)
13. Beyond the LAST village
14. MINUUTTInovelleja (= minute)
15. LAST bus to Woodstock
16. Molly Moon's Hypnotic TIME-travel adventure
17. The heat of the DAY
18. SUNNUNTAI (= Sunday) kirjeitä Suomesta
19. Hidas YÖ (= night)
20. SATA VUOTTA EILISEEN (= hundred years til yesterday)


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