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wild release with photo

3. What the NIGHT Knows -
Picture of moon


Complete Thread
I'll be running this challenge this year, as solittletime is unable to.

Note: You can release all month long, though some of us like to release all or most of our books to the trick or treaters on Halloween night. That is optional though. No prizes for this Challenge -- it's just for fun! Join in at any time.

Rules, mostly the same as last year:

1 - Please DON'T post planned releases; only books that have a release note will count.

2 - ONLY books with an approved word in the title (or author's name) or picture on the cover will count. See list below. If you have questions, please ask before releasing.

3 - Any type of release is okay! (OBCZ, mailing, wild, controlled, etc). Feel free to post catches (of any except controlled releases) too.

4 - All types of books are good - including children's and non-English books. You may use the title of the book, the author's name *OR* the picture. (Please state what the picture is in your post, though!) Plurals are also okay (ie Spirits, Ghosts, Monsters)

5 - Embedded words are okay! (But please tell us what the word is; I am terrible about finding embedded words.)

6 - The Challenge starts October 1st and ends at Midnight, October 31st your time zone.

7 - Dual/Overlapping challenges are okay!! (Note: some words on the list below are also on the Tick Tock Challenge list.)

8 - Please put a link to this Release Challenge in your journal entry or release note.

9 - Please number your releases and post link, title (and author if that if why it fits) like this:

1. Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Trixie the HALLOWEEN Fairy

I ask that you post both the link and the title (and author if that's what makes the book count) because looking at a BCID number is no fun at all. Looking at the BCID *and* the title of whatever book you released is what makes it interesting. Capitalizing the acceptable word is nice too. Books with just a link and no title won't be counted.

10 - ONLY THOSE LISTED BELOW will count as words or pictures, but if you have a suggestion of a word to add, post here and I'll let you know if we'll allow it.

Words and Pictures that work:

All Hallow's Eve
Black Cat
Blood / Bleed
Bump in the Night
Bury / Buried
Candy / Chocolate (etc)
Cemetery / Sematary
Charm / Charmed
Chill / Chilled / Chilling
Creepy / Creeps
Cryptids (Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, Yeti)
Dark / Darker / Darkest / Darkness
Dead / death / Die / Dying
Devil / Beelzebub / Lucifer / Mephistopheles / Prince of Darkness / Satan / Diablo
Dusk / Evening
Fang / Claw
Fear / Fright / Terror
Fiend / Fiendish
Gory / gory details
Grave / Gravestone / Graveyard
Halloween / Hallowe'en / Hallows Eve / Samhain
Hangman / Noose
Haunt / Haunted / Haunting
Hell / Hellfire
Invisible Man
Jack O'lantern
Kill / Killer / Killing
Living Dead
Lycanthropes / Animorph / Shapechanger
Night / Nightmare
Possession (of the demonic sort)
Scary / Scare / Scared / Scaredy Cat / Fraidy cat / Afraid
Scream / Shriek / Eek
Slay / Slaying
Sorcerer / sorceress
Spiders / Bugs / Creepy Crawlies (be creative! any sort of bug will work)
Spook / Spooky
Things that go Bump in the Night
Tomb / Tombstone
Trick / Treat
Vampire / Nosferatu / Dracula / Vampyre
Wicca / Wiccan
Wizard / Sorcerer
Wolf Man / Werewolf / Dog Man



We don't get trick-or-treaters, so I may spread out my releases..or not. Depends on how many I can dig up!


I have some books saved!


I'm in! I've already got some "Such an Animal" books that I'm saving for the overlap-period in early October so I can use them for this challenge too - and I do have a *few* spooky/creepy books as well {wry grin}.


Does anyone need some books to release during the challenge? I have six Supernatural (the TV show) novels which would love to travel. Releasing English books in Germany is in my experience even less successful than releasing German ones, though.


This looks like a fun challenge.


....though I don't think I've got many this year


As in the demonic sort ;o)


As in the demonic sort ;o)



1. Ope[RAT]ion Hebron
2. The Road to Love by Debbie Macomber and Linda Good[NIGHT]
3. Winter in the [BLOOD]
4. In Love With a [HAUNTED] House


All wild releases with photos:

1. The Mammoth Book of Edwardian and Victorian GHOST Stories ( ), multiple challenges, themed release

2. A SHADOW on the Wall ( ), multiple challenges

3. The SNAKE Stone ( ), multiple challenges





(All are wild releases with photos)

4. Good NIGHT, Gorilla ( ), multiple challenges, themed

LFL releases:

5. FRANKENSTEIN's Hamster ( ), multiple challenges

6. BATman: Year One ( ), multiple challenges

7. The RAVEN Steals the Light ( ), multiple challenges

8. The Penguin Book of GHOST Stories ( ), multiple challenges

9. The VAMPIRE Game ( )

10. DEATH of a Six Foot Teddy-Bear ( ), multiple challenges

11. NIGHT of the Avenging Blowfish ( ), multiple challenges

12. Last NIGHT at the Lobster ( ), multiple challenges

13. piRATes Past Noon ( ), multiple challenges

14. Xombie ( ), for the MONSTER on the cover

15. SHADOWs on the Wall ( ), multiple challenges

16. Lives of the MONSTER Dogs ( ), multiple challenges


Would Hearse count?


Would Hearse count?

I should think it would be good. :D



9. [MURDER], She Wrote: Destination [MURDER]
10. Bangkok [HAUNTS]
11. The [WITCHES] of Eastwick
12. [EEK]! Stories to Make You [SHRIEK]


Wild releases with photos:

17. The Penguin Book of WITCHes and WARLOCKs ( ), multiple challenges

18. NIGHTMARE Seasons ( ), multiple challenges


tomato68 1 yr ago
Release 1



13. [NIGHT]time: Too [DARK] to See / Too [(SCARE)D] to Sleep
14. The [CURSE] of the [COB(WEB)] Queen: An Otto & Uncle Tooth Adventure
15. The [RAVEN] Tells His Side of the Story: Hey G-d, Can You Stop the Rain So I Can Get off Noah's Stinky, Smelly Ark?
16. A [CURSE] of Silence: A Mystery of Ancient Egypt
17. Cat and Mouse in a [HAUNTED] House


1. Νυχτερίδες - Bats



4. The mystery of the enchanted CRYPT

5. Picnic at HANGING Rock


6. La MORT à Venise (Death in Venice)




tomato68 1 yr ago
Release 2



8 FRIGHTfully Friendly GHOSTies
9 VAMPIRE Beach: BLOODlust
10 The VAMPIRE Blog
12 The DEVIL's Double
13 Mona The VAMPIRE And The Jackpot Disaster
14 Operation WEREWOLF
15 An Apple for the CREATURE
16 Crazy CREATUREs
17 Harry the POISONous Centipede
18 Blaze Duo: Cowboy After DARK
19 BLOOD Alchemy (The BAD Tuesdays)
20 The Nonsuch King (The BAD Tuesdays)
21 Metallica: Enter NIGHT



19. The Year's Best HORROR Stories ( ), multiple challenges, photo




20. First Book of GHOST Stories: Widdershins ( ), wild release, photo.


tomato68 1 yr ago
Release 3
3. MURDER on the Half Shelf


22 A Tyranny of TOADs
23 The Pet Sitter: Beware the WEREpup (Cover has a full moon and fangs!)
24 DEAD Zero
25 The Worst WITCH Strikes Again
26 The OCTOBER List

1 The OCTOBER List


wild release with photo

1. Z is for Zombie -



27. [SCARY] Stories To Tell In The [DARK]
28. [DARK]ness Visible
29. Mouse on the [MOON]


21. Lovecraft Country ( ), for the CREEPY house and the MONSTER(s) on the cover; wild release, photo.




"terror" is already in the list (on the line with fear/fright).


"terror" is already in the list (on the line with fear/fright).

I'm glad someone can read better than me :-)


I think gremlin would be fine.:)



30. [EVENING] Class
31. A 4th Course of Chicken Soup for the [SOUL]: 101 More Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the [SPIRIT]


tomato68 1 yr ago
Release 4
4. MONSTERS, INC. Randall


22. In the Shadow of the GARGOYLE ( ), wild release, photo.

23. La casa del árbol # 3 Una MOMIA (MUMMY) al amanecer ( ), wild release, photo.

24. The White DEATH ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

25. A Time to KILL ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.



wild release with photo

2. I Am Legend / HELL House -


36. [BODY] in the Basement
37. Fifth-Grade [FRANKENSTEIN]
38. To [KILL] a Mockingbird



26. Phantastic Book of GHOST Stories ( ), wild release, photo.

27. Hecate's CAULDRON ( ), wild release, photo.


wild release with photo

3. What the NIGHT Knows -
Picture of moon



39. Good[NIGHT] Baby
40. [NIGHT] of the Living Dummy


28. The Mammoth Book of GHOST Stories 2 ( ), wild release, photo. And caught before I could make release notes!

29. Fantasy Annual IV ( ), for the BLOOD on the cover (not to mention the CREEPY toy monkey); wild release, multiple challenges, photo. [Update: caught!]

30. The Hatching ( ), for the COBWEBs on the cover; wild release.

31. Skitter ( ), for the COBWEBs (and creepy spider-legs) on the cover; wild release.




I think you added an additional 31, Gory!



I think you added an additional 31, Gory!

Heh! Maybe those spider-books made me nervous!



43. The Simpsons Treehouse of [HORROR] Fun-Filled [FRIGHT]fest


32. DEMONs and SHADOWS ( ), wild release, photo

33. Mystery for HALLOWEEN ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo

And more Little Free Library wild releases with photos:

34. Hallowed BONES ( ), plus Halloween-themed cover art

35. BLOODy Winter ( ), multiple challenges

36. Odd Girls and TWILIGHT Lovers ( ), multiple challenges

37. DAEMONs are Forever ( ), multiple challenges

38. O DEMONIO e a Srta. Prym ( ), multiple challenges


44. Scooby - Doo! [MUMMIES] at the Mall




archie-goodwin 1 yr ago


archie-goodwin 1 yr ago


39. Antique Dust: GHOST Stories ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

40. The Escher Twist ( ), for the skull on the cover; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

41. The DEAD Man's Knock ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

42. Poe: Stories and Poems ( ), for the skull and other creepy items on the cover; wild release, photo.

43. Who's AFRAID of Beowulf? ( ), wild release, photo.

44. Ask a Ninja Presents The Ninja Handbook: This Book Looks Forward to KILLing You Soon ( ), wild release, photo.



tomato68 1 yr ago
Release 5



I would think so!


I would think so!

It seemed to set the right tone, but you did say to ask first. :)


45. A Poison Apple Book: [DEAD] In The Water




47. Richard [SCAR]ry's First Little Learners: From 1 to 10
48. Confessions of a [MASK]
49. The Color of My [SOUL]


“Maigret and the APPARITION” British version has GHOST in title and original French has FANTOME
2. “DEAD as a Doornail” “A Southern VAMPIRE Mystery”
3. “Son of a WITCH” Gregory Maguire
4. Shelley’s “FRANKENSTEIN”
5. Nathaniel Hawthorne "House of the Seven Gables" re: haunted house
6. “WITCHES: the true story of disaster in Salem” “HAUNTED Houses of Harper’s Ferry"


wild release with photo

4. Twelve Victorian GHOST Stories -



All wild releases with photos:

45. SCAREdy Cats ( )

46. The WITCHES ( ), multiple challenges

Released in LFLs:

47. Attack on Titan ( ), for the MONSTER on the cover; multiple challenges

48. MIDNIGHT Graffiti ( ), multiple challenges

49. Time Traveler ( ), for the skull on the cover; multiple challenges

50. The DEAD Town ( ), multiple challenges


53. Pearl [MOON]
54. The Waiting Sands & The [DEVIL] on Lammas [NIGHT]
55. Legends Of [DRACULA]


wild release with photo

5. Danse MACABRE -
I thought the red eyes on the cover (author portrait) were a nice touch.

controlled releases

6. Rosario is DEAD -
7. The SKULL Mantra -


1 - Homecoming [jack o'lanterns on the cover]

2 - Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium: MAGICal Movie Novel

3 - DEATH of a Partner

4 - The SHADOWdwellers: Pleasure

5 - MAGICal Seduction

6 - ZOMBIE Dog

7 - There's a BAT in Bunk Five

8 - The Slippery FROG

9 - Will ANTS Come?

10 - The Headless Horseman Rides ToNIGHT: More Poems to Trouble Your Sleep

11 - Anatomy of a KILLER: What's Inside a Great White Shark

12 - MAGIC Tree House # 1: Dinosaurs Before DARK

13 - MAGIC School Bus Hops Home: A Book about Animal Habitats


All wild releases with photos.

51. A MONSTER Calls ( ) multiple challenges.

LFL releases:

52. Reliquary ( ), for the MONSTER on the cover

53. The Amazing SPIDER-man: Big Time ( ), multiple challenges


56. The Figure In the [SHADOWS]
57. The [JACK-O'-LANTERN] That Ate My Brother
58. [NIGHT] of the Living Dummy


15. Wait Until Dark by Karen Robards
16. Equivocal Death by Amy Gutman
17. The Ghost in the Atom: A Discussion of the Mysteries of Quantum Physics


54. midNIGHT in the Garden of Good and EVIL ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


tomato68 1 yr ago
Release 10


59. Welcome to Camp [NIGHT]mare
60. Mommies Are [MAGIC]al: The Love Begins
61. The Black [LIZARD] Anthology of Crime Fiction




All wild releases with photos.

55. I Spy SPOOKY NIGHT ( ), multiple challenges, caught!

56. NIGHT Mares ( ), multiple challenges

57. My Favorite WITCH ( ) [Update: caught!]

58. DEATHtrap Dungeon ( )


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