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March is just around the corner so it's time to begin gathering your books for the March Oh, the Places We Can Go Challenge.


Release at least 15 books with titles that include the name of one or more city, state, province, country, island, continent, planet, ocean, sea, river, lake, tributary, or interesting place to visit. All are acceptable. I’ve also amended my original rules to allow “fantasy” cities, states, etc. such as Atlantis, Hell, Heaven, Eden, etc. EMBEDDED places within the title are acceptable.

Challenge begins at 12:01 a.m. (wherever you are) on March 1, 2017 and ends at 11:59 p.m. (wherever you are) on March 31, 2017.

Daedelys found a site which searches place names. Try: It's terrific, and you'll be surprised how many places there are that you never knew existed.

Wild releases are much preferred for this challenge, but any release will count.




SUPER!!! I've got some I wasn't able to release last year, so count me in...and THANK YOU for hosting again, Secretariat!!! : D


Hooray! Count me in!


Nice to have you all back again.


I still have some books left over from last year!



I might try to do this since we'll actually be going to places in this time period. I'll have to see if I can find 15 books that fit.




It could be considered an interesting place to visit and one that we will all visit at some time (although we might not be alive at the time). I'm just working my way through some books I want to release and that excellent site for place names has found quite a few but not "Mortuary".


It could be considered an interesting place to visit and one that we will all visit at some time (although we might not be alive at the time). I'm just working my way through some books I want to release and that excellent site for place names has found quite a few but not "Mortuary".

During the animal release in September/October we have cemetery releases in Paris, but I don't believe we've had a mortuary release.


just waiting for this one to come around. Thanks for hosting again.


Not sure I have 15 but will try to make it! Thanks for hosting, again, Secretariat.


but not sure if I'll hit 15, but I will try


Glad to have you all along for the fun. Less than a week to the start of this Challenge. Put your release threads here. Let's try to travel throughout the globe. Wishing you lots of releasing fun. truth or DIE (France) a BEND in the road (Oregon) standup GUY (New Mexico) the secret of the lost TUNNEL (New York) a room with a VIEW (Texas)


And the first "nanner, nanner" to be heard, as well. Welcome, sha.


1. Is There a Cow in MOSCOW? ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

2. The Granite Town: MILFORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE 1901-1978 ( ), wild release, multiple challenges.


3. The Twelve Kingdoms: SEA OF WIND ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo. (The Sea of Wind is a geographical location in-story - as are the Twelve Kingdoms, come to that, though they're generally referred to by individual kingdom-name.)

4. The VESUVIUS Club ( ), wild release. (Part of the story actually takes place in Mt. Vesuvius, for extra "places" points. And yes, I did mean "in"!)

5. ALAMO All-Stars ( ), controlled release.

6. Elmer McCurdy: The Misadventures in Life and Afterlife of an AMERICAn Outlaw ( ), wild release, photo.

7. Yo, SACRAMENTO! (And All Those Other State Capitals You Don't Know) - ( ), controlled release.


1. night (TAL)es oddles of "TAL" in quite a few countries
2. menu for ROMANCE (romance in Missouri, Wisconsin, etc)
3. SUGAR creek (Sugar, Colorado)



4. SANTA FE rules (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
5. the MACGREGORs for Macgregor, Manitoba, Canada)
6. QUENTINs for Quentin, Mississippi
7. PARADISE valley for Paradise, Florida
8. an engagement in SEATTLE for Seattle, Washington


I'm hoping I can scrape together enough books. I'm sure I can.

Thank you!


winghyphen8wing 3 yrs ago
Place #1
Wild release with photo

1. Treasures from TONGA -


1 Two Women of GALILEE
2 Cafe du JOUR (Haiti)
3 Dirty Jokes and BEER (Belgium, Somalia, Vanuatu, UK)
4 The Colour of TEA (Indonesia, USA)
5 FRUITs (Illinois, USA)
6 Recipe for LIFE (Tennessee, USA)
7 The GYPSY Tearoom (several states USA)
8 The Seafront TEA Rooms (Indonesia, USA)
9 The Lady Cyclist's Guide to KASHGAR (Uzbekistan)
10 Wormwood, NEVADA
11 Daughters of NAZARETH (several countries)
12 When in ROME
13 The Rise and Fall of ATHENS


1 - Moon Handbooks TEXAS
2 - The PARIS Vendetta
3 - SWANSEA Place: Jeopardy
4 - The HAMPTON Affair (Louisiana)
5 - The HEALING Spell (UK)
6 - Pale GRAY for Guilt (Pennsylvania)
7 - A TRACE of Memory (Arkansas)
8 - Out of SOLITUDE (Maryland)
9 - The PEKING Target
10- Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Strange Days in AFGHANISTAN and PAKISTAN
11- The McCALLUM Quintuplets (Mississippi)
12- Slocum 428: Slocum and the Big TIMBER Terror (Oregon)
13- Free Fall in CRIMSON (Ohio)
14- Ruthless. COM (Ethiopia)
15- COME to Grief (Mozambique)


And you found them quickly. Welcome.


1. LONGshot by Dick Francis (Long, Arkansas and many more)
2. A Teeny BIT of Trouble (Bit, Balochistan, Pakistan)


wingNancyNovawing 3 yrs ago
release 9
9. nights in RODANTHE for Rodanthe, North Carolina


3. Sea Star--Orphan of CHINCOTEAGUE,
4. O Little Town of BETHLEHEM,


1. Journey to MUNICH
2. esCAPEinto DARKness -- Cape, Bosnia and Dark, Azerbayan


3. CIRCLE Maker - Circle, Texas, Alaska, Montana
4. The CASE for Faith - Case, Texas, Alaska, Montana
5. Frankenstein: Dead and Alive - FRANK, NC, WV, OH
6. The CASE for Christ Case, Texas, Alaska, Montana


8. The CLADDAGH Ring ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


7. sTILL ALICE -- Till, Germany; Alice, PA, OH, ND


9. AMERICAn Terroir: Savoring the Flavors of Our Woods, Waters, and Fields ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

10. How to Cook Everything: Bittman Takes on AMERICA's Chefs ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


winghyphen8wing 3 yrs ago
Places #2-6
Controlled releases

3. Private BERLIN -
4. Early Sunday Morning: The PEARL HARBOR Diary of Amber Billows -
5. Aloha EDEN -

Wild release with photo

6. PERELANDRA - ALASKA BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ Das Hotel NEW HAMPSHIRE Das MOSKAU Virus Das OMAHA-Komplott Der erste Kreis der HÖLLE Der Himmel über KALABRIEN Der Mann aus ST. PETERSBURG Der Umweg nach SANTIAGO Der Würger von der CATER STREET Die Hebamme von GLÜCKSTADT Die heile HÖLLE Die IRLANDreise Die Reise nach ALGERIEN Die Reise nach FEUERLAND Die schöne Diva von SAINT-JACQUES Die Wälder von ALBION Ehen in PHILIPPSBURG Lyrik des ABENDLANDS I Lyrik des ABENDLANDS II Märchen aus ENGLAND MONDlaub Mord im ORIENTexpress Nirgendwo in AFRIKA RUSSKA The Merchant of VENICE The Mists of AVALON Tieta aus AGRESTE Tochter der SONNE Vergiss PARIS Wiedersehen mit BRIDESHEAD Zu Hause in PRAG - manchmal auch anderswo

Abendland = "evening land": poetical name for Europe
Afrika = Africa: Continent on Earth
Agreste: small villages in Brazil, Spain and Italy
Alaska: State of USA
Albion: fictional place
Alexanderplatz: Square in Berlin
Algerien = Algeria: Country in Africa
Avalon: Fictional/historical place
Berlin: City in Germany
Brideshead: Possibly fictional place
Cater Street: exists in various english speaking countries
England: Country near Europe
Feuerland = Tierra del Fuego: Region near South America
Glückstadt: Town in Germany
Hölle = Hell: Fictional place, various real places
Irland = Ireland: Country near Europe
Kalabrien = Calabria: Region in Italy
Mond = moon: celestial body near Earth
Moskau = Moscow: City in Russia
New Hampshire: State of USA
Omaha: City in USA
Orient: Region in Asia/Europe
Paris: City in France
Philippsburg: Town in Germany
Prag = Praha (Prague): City in Czech Republic
Russka: fictional russian village
Saint-Jacques: suburb of Paris, France, and various other places
Santiago: City in Spain
Sonne = Sun: Nuclear reactor in Space
St. Petersburg: City in Russia
Venice = Venezia: City in Italy


Sun: Nuclear reactor in Space





KELE - Congo, Mali, China
Canyon - Minnesota, Idaho, California, Texas


11. EARTH ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

12. ANGEL ISLAND ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


10. east of the MOUNTAINs Mountain, North Dakota
11. GIFTs of the sea Gift, Tennessee
12. the hungry OCEAN Ocean, North Carolina
13. night of rain and STARs Star. Louisiana


The Cat Who Played Post Office by Lilian Jackson Braun


I don't believe most people would find the PO to be an "interesting place to visit," though I know that our main office does tours for the kids. Since I think your stretching that one a might, I'll have to give it a no.


I don't believe most people would find the PO to be an "interesting place to visit,"
HAHAHAHAHA!!! True...I am probably one of the few that does. ; ) With the wait times so long at the times I end up being able to go, I always find the most interesting people stuck in the same long line...and children with a parent who has their nose stuck into their electronics hushing them...actually telling them to "shut up"! : [...and pushing them aside...OUTRAGEOUS!!! have the most interesting interactions and conversations with. During the holidays, they have local musicians, choirs, and such performing (a different individual or group volunteers every day) in the lobby where the line flows. This past season they had the most amazing Children's Handbell Choir that was playing handbells nothing like the heavy bells I played MANY years ago when I played handbells. It was LOVEly, and the expressions on the faces of those children...priceless!!! : )
though I know that our main office does tours for the kids.
Those who don't find the PO interesting, ought to try taking Flat Stanley from England along!!! ; ) I will have quite the interesting collage to send home to MissMarkey's class from the tour I gave him of my Main Post Office here, and will post a few highlights here once I get a bit more caught up. ; ) His visit came a bit later than I'd anticipated and in the midst of another round of medical appointments for the Veteran, and my own. Stanley and I did Wild Release (his Second Wild Release wth me!!! ; )...I've not been able to make the Journal Entry or make official release notes on this one yet, but will be posting his first Wild Release down there shortly) this "Cat" the second day we went to mail books to elizardbreath's Son, HobbitGlen for the Children's Bookbox he is starting.
Since I think your stretching that one a might, I'll have to give it a no.
Understandable. ; ) Never hurts to ask, and I appreciate you taking the time to respond. ; )


I don't believe most people would find the PO to be an "interesting place to visit," though I know that our main office does tours for the kids. Since I think your stretching that one a might, I'll have to give it a no.

I first saw the replies on this one before I realized PO was an abbreviation here, and had some mixed thoughts before reading the original post... because:
* The Po is a large river in Italy, and I guess it's worth a visit, but
* in German "Po" is the part of the body you sit on, which calling worth a visit sounds a bit disturbing ;)


I don't believe most people would find the PO to be an "interesting place to visit," though I know that our main office does tours for the kids. Since I think your stretching that one a might, I'll have to give it a no.

I first saw the replies on this one before I realized PO was an abbreviation here, and had some mixed thoughts before reading the original post... because:
* The Po is a large river in Italy, and I guess it's worth a visit, but
* in German "Po" is the part of the body you sit on, which calling worth a visit sounds a bit disturbing ;)

very funny about the word po in german


13. EREBUS ( ), wild release, photo.

14. Dr. FRANKLIN's Island ( ), for Franklin Bay, Canada; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

15. The AFRICAn Svelte ( ), wild release, photo.

16. 28 Days Later Vol. 1: LONDON Calling ( ), wild release, photo.

17. Cruel Kings and Mean QUEENS ( ), for Queens, NY; wild release, photo.

18. Forgotten Tales of MASSACHUSETTS ( ), wild release, photo.

19. Reef of DEATH ( ), for Death Valley; wild release, multiple challenges.

20. Mysterious CAIRO ( ), wild release.



I put links in the JE for all "places" that I had to look up.

1 - The MINOR Adjustment Beauty Salon

2 - Nate the Great, SAN FRANCISCO Detective

3 - Beauty for Ashes and HEAVEN Is a Long Way Off

4 - Twinkle, Twinkle Little STAR

5 - T[HIN] Air

6 - Into ThIN Air : A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster

7 - Surviving Against the Odds: Village Industry in INDONESIA

8 - PERSonal History

9 - ELECTRIC Bread

10 - The FRY Chronicles

11 - BORN Round: A Story of Family, Food and a Ferocious Appetite

12 - KITCHEN Table Wisdom

13 - Select Editions: An Irish Country COURTship / This Time Together

14 - MANHATTAN Memoir: American Girl; MANHATTAN, When I Was Young; Speaking with Strangers

15 - They Went Whistling: Women Wayfarers, WARRIORs, Runaways, and Renegades

16 - NINE and Counting: The Women of the Senate



9. Something Happened by Joseph Heller
Happe- France
Pen - Russian, Spain, India
10. RATTLESNAKE Crossing - Rattlesnake, Montana and FL
11. TOMBSTONE Courage -- Tombstone, Arizona
12. DAY of the Dead = Day Ark, Missouri, LA, PA, FL


1. The CAPTAIN Underpants Extra-Crunchy Book O' Fun by Dav Pilkey

Daedelys found a site which searches place names. Try: It's terrific, and you'll be surprised how many places there are that you never knew existed.
How right you ARE, Secretariat...this site is FABulous, and while I probably won't get THIS detailed with ALL of my "Places" releases (I'd NEVer get all 15 books released in time), Flat Stanley and I had SUCH FUN "Travelling" with this one!!! : D

Besides CAPTAIN, just look at all of the locations this book title has embedded in it (in words and across words in the Title)!!! : D

CAPTAIN Island (Costa Rica in Tamarindo Bay);
embedded TAI (Columbia, Mozambique, India, Fiji, Iran, New Guinea, Liberia, Taiwan, Japan;
embedded TAIN (Germany, UK, Pakistan);
embedded AIN (Arkansas, USA and Pakistan);
embedded INU (Shan, Myuanmar);
embedded NUN (Pakistan and Sudan);
embedded UN (Russia and India);
embedded NDER (Senegal);
embedded ERP (Netherlands, Germany, France);
embedded PA (Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana);
embedded PAN (Indonesia, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Chad);
embedded PANT (UK);
embedded AN (Sweden, Myranmar);
embedded ANT (Romania);
embedded TSE (Nigeria);
embedded EXTRA (West Virginia, USA);
embedded TRA (Sweden, Norway);
embedded CRU (France);
embedded RUN (India, Netherlands, Indonesia);
embedded RUNC (Romania);
embedded UN (Russia and India);
embedded CHY (Pakistan);
embedded HYBO (Sweden);
embedded YB (Russia);
embedded BO (Norway, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Mali, Hungary, Sweden, and many others);
embedded BOO (Equatorial Guinea, Beyla, Guinea, Sweden, Spain, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ehiopia, and others);
embedded OO (France);
embedded OOK (South Korea);
embedded OKO for Oko (a town in the Hiroshima region of Japan);
embedded KO (Japan, New Guinea, Cameroon, Russia, Burkina, Faso and others);
embedded OF (Turkey);
embedded FU (Ghana and Sweden),
embedded UN a second time (Russia and India)


2. The CAT (Turkey) Who Played Post Office by Lilian Jackson Braun

Multiple Challenge Themed Release...Flat Stanley's second ever Wild Release, at least with me!!! ; )

Closest thing to POST OFFICE is...Poštovice, a Czech Republic Village. ; )




14. minding FRANKie (Frank, North Carolina)
15. the road to PARADISE island lots of paradise's in the US, including Paradise, Pennsylvania
16. SUNSHINE for Sunshine, Tennessee
17. white LIGHTning Light, Arkansas buttercup MYstery (belgium) SUMMER in eclipse bay (new zealand) the secret of SKULL mountain (ireland) iWOz (nigeria)


3. An Irish SAINT by Helen E. Bingham (Saint, Ethiopia)
4. The HONEY Queen by Cathy Kelly (Honey, Pennsylvania)


I put links in the JE for all "places" that I had to look up.

17 - The Tipping POINT: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

18 - WOMen Before 10 A.M.

19 - Confessions of a SHOPaholic

20 - Red VELVET Cupcake Murder

21 - The Maiden of IRELAND

22 - The Secret Blog of RAISIN Rodriguez

23 - Donald and the Big Cheese: An Adventure in the NETHERLANDS

24 - I, CORIander

25 - GUPpies for Tea

26 - The No-SALT, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook

27 - The Hungry OCEAN: A Swordboat Captain's Journey

28 - Select Editions: Saving CEECee Honeycutt / The Sentry: A Joe Pike Novel

29 - Surviving the APPLEwhites

30 - Three Cups of TEA: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace... One School at a Time

31 - Just DESSERTs

32 - Easy Cooking: 32 Super SALADs

33 - Great ExPECtations

34 - Ashes of HONOR

35 - Yankee Magazine's More Great NEW ENGLAND Recipes and the Cooks Who Made Them Famous

36 - The AMISH Heart of Ice Mountain

37 - How to Make an AMERICAn Quilt

38 - GINGERbread Cookie Murder

39 - Breakfast in BED

40 - DIM Sum Dead: A Madeline Bean Culinary Mystery

41 - Undercover COOK

42 - The GRILLing Season

43 - A Grain of RICE

44 - Select Editions: Unwritten / The Irresistible BLUEBERRY Bakeshop & Cafe

45 - GROSSE POINTE Girl: Tales from a Suburban Adolescence

46 - The MAJOR, the Poacher, and the Wonderful One-Trout River

47 - A Little Irish COOKbook


21. Ghosts of VESUVIUS ( ), wild release, photo.


7. The Facts Behind the HELSINKI Raccamatios,
8. The Road from COORAIN,


13. The Darwin Awards: Survival of the Fittest -- Darwin- Australia, OH, VA, TN
14. The Darwin Awards: Countdown to Extinction -- Darwin- Australia, OH, VA, TN
15. Texas! Lucky
16. daMAGE Control - Mage - Norway, France
17. GRILLing Season - Grill - PA, GErmany


1. Moderni INTIA (= India)
3. Operaatio FINLJANDIJA (= Finland)
4. BERLIINInmunkki (= Berlin)
6. RIADin tytöt
7. BELFASTin pojat
8. Buttertea at sunrise – a year in the BHUTAN HIMALAYA
9. Matkustin ALBANIAan
10. Kuolema KREIKASSA (= Greece)
11. Puoli tuntia DURBANista
12. LUBLINin taikuri
13. Kuolema LAS PALMASissa
14. Luvaton NORJAlainen (= Norway)


18. When God Whispers Your NAME
Name (Guangxi, China)
Namé (Benin)
Na Mé (Sơn La, Vietnam)
Name (Sandaun, Papua New Guinea)
Name (Niassa, Mozambique)
Name (Papua New Guinea)
Na Mé (Lạng Sơn, Vietnam)


19. DESERT Heat

Desert (Sud, Haiti)
Desert (Texas, United States - USA)
Desert (Utah, United States - USA)

20. FORTUNE's Favorites
Fortune (Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)
Fortune (Arkansas, United States - USA)
Fortuné (Guyane, French Guiana)

21. FALL of Giants
Fall (Oberösterreich, Austria)
Fall (Oppland, Norway)
Fall (Etelä-Suomen Lääni, Finland)
Fall (Bayern, Germany)

22. The Pillars of the EARTH

Broken ((( Älvsborg )), Sweden)
Prey (France)

24. Deco Type: Stylish Alphabets from the '20s and '30s (Art Deco Design)
Deco (Missouri, United States - USA)
Deco (Texas, United States - USA)


22. TRINITY Blood Vol. 1 ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo. (There are a number of places called Trinity; I'll go with the Trinity Islands in Nunavut

23. HAMLET: Poem Unlimited ( ), wild release, photo. [Turns out there are a lot of hamlets named "Hamlet" {wry grin}; I'll go with Hamlet, North Carolina!]

24. LOST WORLD ( ), wild release, multiple challenges. (The book's about a literal lost world that would seem to be a very interesting place to visit - but if that doesn't count, there's LOST River in New Hampshire.)


18. ECHOes Echo, Washington
19. whispers of the BAYOU strangely, a town names BAYOU is in Kentucky - not what I would have guessed, seems more appropriate to Louisiana
20. breaka(WAY) Way, Ohio
21. BORN in s(HAM)e Interestingly, there's both a BORN and a HAM in Belgium
22. the s(TOR)m Tor, Croatia
23. rough JUSTICE Justice, Illinois


9. Worst-case Scenario--AMAZON,


I put links in the JE for all "places" that I had to look up.

48 - STEP by Step: Thai Cooking

49 - A Skillet Full of Traditional Southern LODGE Cast Iron Recipes & Memories

50 - COOKing for Fifty: The Complete Reference and Cookbook

51 - PASTA: Italian, ASIAn, AMERICAn...and More

52 - RIPE: A Fresh, Colorful Approach to Fruits and Vegetables

53 - ESSEntials of Cooking

54 - Let Me Eat Cake: A CELEBRATION of Flour, Sugar, Butter, Eggs, Vanilla, Baking Powder, and a Pinch of Salt

55 - RICE: The Amazing Grain: Great Rice Dishes for Everyday

56 - Knives at DAWN: America's Quest for Culinary Glory at the Legendary Bocuse d'Or Competition

57 - A Very Good Year: The Journey of a CALIFORNIA Wine from Vine to Table

58 - The Farm MARKET Cookbook

59 - Classic FRENCH Cooking

60 - Quench Your Own Thirst: Business Lessons Learned Over a BEER or Two

61 - 101 GARLIc Recipes: A Collection of Your Favorites

62 - Cook's GUIDE to Italian Ingredients

63 - The Mushroom COOKbook

64 - The VIDALIA Sweet Onion Lovers Cookbook

65 - NAPA Valley: Land of Golden VINES

66 - BEST of the Best Vol. 11: The Best Recipes from the 25 Best Cookbooks of the Year

67 - Great FRUIT Desserts

68 - BOWlFood Cookbook

69 - Sheila Lukins ALL Around the World Cookbook


16 - The HUSBAND's Secret (Pennsylvania)
17 - Forever, VICTORIA (British Columbia)
19 - The Family at taMERTON (Minnesota)
20 - Beyond the reLAXation Response (Georgia)
22 - Coming of Age in SAMOA
24 - Designer KNOCKoff (UK)
25 - TROJAN Odyssey (South Dakota)
26 - The Invisible GROOM (Texas)
27 - The ARGENTINAn's Solace
28 - His FINal Bargain (France)
29 - NIGERIA Meltdown
30 - South of the Border (The Young INDIANA Jones Chronicles No. 2) BRASILIEN, BRASILIEN Der Medicus von SARAGOSSA Die Kinder von EDEN Die Reise zum MOND / Die Reise um den MOND Die Seherin von AVIGNON Die Zypressen von CORDOBA Für immer CASABLANCA LuchsMOND MONDlaub Willkommen in TWO MOONS Die dunkle Wahrheit des MONDES Ehen in PHILIPPSBURG Der Fall Hildegard von BINGEN Der Mann aus ST. PETERSBURG Der MOND im See Ludivine von MODAGOR MEXIKO Der Glöckner von NOTRE DAME Die SONNE Unterwegs nach COLD MOUNTAIN Der Schatz im SILBERSEE

(See also first weekly posting)
Avignon: city in France
Bingen: town in Germany
Brasilien = Brazil
Casablanca: city in Morocco
Cold Mountain: possibly fictional place
Cordoba: city in Spain
Eden: possibly fictional place
Mexiko = Mexico: country in North America
Modagor: possibly fictional place
Mond = moon
Notre Dame: church in Paris, France
Saragossa = Zaragoza: city in Spain
Silbersee = silver lake: fictional place supposed to be in the Wild West, various real places named after the book
Two Moons: possibly fictional place


25. Voyage in the Dark by Jean Rhys
Dǝrk (Quba, Azerbaijan)
Dārk (Eşfahān, Iran)


The Girl in the Spider's Web

Spider, KY


25. Murder on MOUNT MONADNOCK ( ), wild release, photo.

26. Rat QUEENS Vol. 2: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N'Rygoth ( ), controlled release, multiple challenges.

27. EXPLORER (The LOST Islands #2) ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo. (For the Explorer Seamount, an undersea spot between tectonic plates - granted, not an easy place to visit! Alternately, Lost River NH.)

28. Blank SLATE Vol. 2 ( ), wild release, multiple challenges. (For Slate Creek in Virginia.)


winghyphen8wing 3 yrs ago
Places #7-12
Wild releases with photos

7. Shopaholic Takes MANHATTAN -
8. MOSCOW Twilight -
9. Private VEGAS -
10. 44 SCOTLAND Street -
12. The Berenstain Bears on the MOON -


Too Late to Die by Bill Crider
Late (Oio, Guinea-Bissau)
Laté (Togo)
Late (Centre, Haiti)


10 The Life and Times of Stephen F. AUSTIN,
11. Pearl Harbor,


29. Natsume's Book of FRIENDs, Vol. 7 ( ), for Friend, Nebraska; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

30. Black BUTLER Vol. 7 ( ), for the Butler Glacier in Antarctica; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

31. RED RIVER Vol. 7 ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

32. The Ghosts of CHARLESTON ( ), wild release, photo.

33. The LIGHTNING Thief ( ), for Lightning Lake in Canada; wild release, multiple challenges.




34. The GOLD Key and the GREEN Life ( ), for the Gold Coast and for Green River, Wyoming; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


5. Matters of the HEART by Danielle Steel (Heart, Arkansas)
6. The Forgotten Affairs of YOUTH by Alexander McCall Smith (Youth, Georgia, USA)
7. ACCORDing to Hoyle by Richard L. Frey (Accord, New York)
8. TORONTO Sketches: The Way We Were by Mike Filey
9. Emily Post on EntertaiNING by Elizabeth L. Post (Ning, Senegal)
10. Three Weeks In PARIS by Barbara Taylor Bradford


I put links in the JE for all "places" that I had to look up.

70 - Rusty NAIL: A Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mystery

71 - Eat ANd Heal

72 - WAR and Peas: A Jane Jeffry Mystery

73 - FISH: A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

74 - Eat Right 4 Your Type Personalized COOKbook: Type B

75 - CHOCOLATE & Vicodin: My Quest for Relief from the Headache that Wouldn't Go Away

76 - LEE Bailey's Corn

77 - Recipes from the DRAGON's Lair

78 - The Eat THIS, Not That! No-Diet Diet: The World's Easiest Weight-Loss Plan!

79 - PECAN Pie Baby

80 - REALly Simple Party Cakes

81 - Fresh WAYS with Italian Cooking

82 - Better HOMEs and Gardens Junior Cook Book: For Beginning Cooks of all Ages

83 - My Godfather's Italian FISH Tales: Seafood Recipes of Central and Southern Italian Influence

84 - BETTY Crocker Celebrate!: A Year-Round Guide to Holiday Food and Fun

85 - Sauces for PASTA!

86 - The New AMERICANa Cookbook: A Heart-Healthy Excursion Through Regional Cuisines

87 - LOW-Fat Italian

88 - LEE Bailey's Onions

89 - Family Favorites FROM Our House to Yours [CAUGHT]

90 - FISH & Seafood: New & Healthy Recipes for the Ocean's Bounty

91 - SIMply Italian

92 - Blend it Splendid: Natural Foods BLENDER Book

93 - The BEST of Amish Cooking: Traditional Contemporary Recipes Adapted from the Kitchens and Pantries of Old Order Amish Cooks

94 - QUICK Vegetarian Pleasures: More than 175 Fast, Delicious, and Healthy Meatless Recipes

95 - BON Appétit Light Fresh & Easy

96 - The Ultimate MAINE Potato Cookbook

97 - HeaLING Foods

98 - Cooking TIME Is Family TIME: Cooking Together, Eating Together, and Spending TIME Together

99 - Home Cooking from NANTUCKET: A Good Food and Health Guide





35. The WANDERING Scholars of the Middle Ages ( ), for Wandering, Australia; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

36. WINDchill ( ), for the Wind River; wild release, multiple challenges.


28. STAY Close by Harlan Coben

Stay (Louisiana, United States - USA)
Stay (Kentucky, United States - USA)


14. Reading Lolita in TEHRAN,
15. AFRICAn Folk Tales,


25 The Volcanoes of San DOMINGO (Several countries)
26 BALHAM to Bollywood (UK)
28 The Shortest History of EUROPE
29 AMERICAn Assassin
30 AFL Footy Fans' Handbook: BRISBANE Lions (Australia)
31 Doctor Foster Went to GLOUCESTER (UK)
32 An Expotition to the NORTH POLE
33 Hooray for HOLLYWOOD


29. Shoot Don't Shoot -- Hoot (Texas, United States - USA)
30. dAMAge Control
Ama (Louisiana, United States - USA)
Āma (Ethiopia)
Ama (Uttar Pradesh, India)
Ama (Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia)
Ama (Bhutan)
Ama (Lima, Peru)
Ama (Mali)
Ama (Congo, Democratic Republic of the)
Ama (Okinawa, Japan)
Amā (Ayeyarwady, Myanmar)
Ama (Gongola, Nigeria)
Ama (Shimane, Japan)
Ama (Hyōgo, Japan)
Ama (Papua New Guinea)


37. Somewhere a CAT is Waiting ( ), for Cat Island in the Bahamas; wild release, photo.

38. SCANDINAVIAn Humor and Other Myths ( ), wild release, photo.

39. NEW ENGLAND Town Affairs: Or, the Puckerbrush Papers ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo. Abenteuer AFRIKA ASHFORD PARK Aufbruch ins WELTALL BERLIN GLIENICKER BRÜCKE Christus kam nur bis EBOLI Das Buch von SAN MICHELE Das Haus an der MOLDAU Das Mädchen von MISSISSIPPI (LOUISIANA) Der Geist von LAMB HOUSE Der Kerzelmacher von SANKT STEPHAN Der siebte HIMMEL Der untröstliche Witwer von MONTPARNASSE Der Verräter von BETHLEHEM Die IRLANDreise Die letzten Kinder von SCHEWENBORN Die letzten Kinder von SCHEWENBORN Die Nacht der MONDfrauen Die Pferdchen von TARQUINIA Die Pilgerfahrt nach LÜBECK Die Regulatoren von ARKANSAS Die schöne Diva von SAINT-JACQUES Einstein überquert die ELBE bei HAMBURG Entführung in MANHATTAN Erdteil der Extreme: SÜDAMERIKA Expedition AMAZONAS Fahr mit mir nach PARIS Feuer in BERLIN Geheimnisvolles CHINA Hippokrates im HECKENGÄU Inselreich GROSSBRITANNIEN Jenseits von AFRIKA Juma. Ein Straßenkind aus TANSANIA KARIBIK KASTILIEN, Herz von SPANIEN Kontinent der Vielfalt: EUROPA Land der Freiheit: NORDAMERIKA Lestrade und der Schloßgeist von BALMORAL Magisches INDIEN Märchenhaftes ARABIEN MONDjäger Nächstes Jahr in JERUSALEM Naturerlebnis MADAGASKAR NEW ORLEANS NEW ORLEANS Blues NINIVE Pedro und die Bettler von CARTAGENA SCHATTENALLEE TANNÖD Tod in DUBLIN Traumkontinent AUSTRALIEN Urwaldinsel BORNEO Versuchung in ROM Vor SONNEnaufgang WASHINGTON Blues Wildes Paradies KANADA

Afrika (Africa): continent
Amazonas: river in South America
Arabien (Arabia): region in Africa and Asia
Arkansas: state of USA
Ashford Park: possibly fictional, exists in various places in the UK and USA
Australien (Australia): continent
Balmoral: castle in Scotland
Berlin: city in Germany
Borneo: island near Asia
Cartagena: city in Colombia
China: country in Asia
Dublin: city in Ireland
Eboli: town in italy
Elbe: river in central Europe
Europa (Europe): Region in Eurasia
Glienicker Brücke: bridge between Berlin and Potsdam
Grossbritannien (Great Britain): Country (still) in Europe
Hamburg: city in Germany
Heckengäu: Region in Southwestern Germany
Himmel (heaven): metaphorical or fictional place
Indien (India): country in Asia
Jerusalem (ירושלים): city in Israel and/or Palestine
Kanada (Canada): country in North America
Karibik (Caribbean Sea): region in water
Kastilien (Castilla, Castile): region in Spain
Lamb House: various buildings bear that name
Louisiana: state of USA
Lübeck: city in Germany
Madagaskar (Madagascar): island in Indian Ocean
Manhattan: district of New York, USA
Mississippi: river in North America
Moldau (Vitava / Moldova): rivers in Czech republic and Romania, I didn't check at which one the story is set
Mond (moon): that weird lamp on the nightsky
New Orleans: city in USA
Ninive: historical city in Iraq
Nordamerika (North America): continent
Paris: city in France
Rom (Roma, Rome): city in Italy
Saint-Jaques: district of Paris, France
San Michele: House on Capri, Italy
Sankt Stephan (Saint Stephen): various villages and many churches in Germany and Austria
Schattenallee (shadow alley): fictional street
Schewenborn: fictional village
Sonne (Sun): that weird lamp on the daysky
Spanien (España, Spain): country in Europe
Südamerika (South America): continent
Tannöd: fictional farm supposed to be in Bavaria
Tansania (Tanzania): country in Africa
Tarquinia: town in Italy
Washington: city in USA
Weltall = outer space, everything in everywere


31. reMAIN of Innocence
Mā‘īn (Jordan)
Main (Montserrado, Liberia)
Main (South Africa)
Māīn (North-West Frontier, Pakistan)


40. A Place in the SUN ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo. [The sun would be "interesting" to visit, but there's also the less-perilous Sun Valley.]

41. The Moneylender of TOULOUSE ( ), wild release, photo.

42. AMERICAn Savage ( ), wild release, photo.


11. Led By Faith: Rising from the Ashes of the RWANDAn Genocide by Immaculee Ilibagiza
12. The SHEPHERD by Frederick Forsyth (Shepherd, Texas)
13. The DECeiver by Frederick Forsyth (Dec, Slovakia)


Wild release with photo

13. AMERICAn Assassin (America) -

Controlled releases

14. A Most Peculiar MALAYSIAn Murder (Malaysia) -
15. Under the Banner of HEAVEN -
16. RUBY HOLLER (location of story) -
17. Dark Star Safari: Overland from CAIRO to CAPETOWN -


43. Pig on the TITANIC ( ), for Titanic, Saskatchewan; controlled release.

44. My Sister Lives on the MANTELpiece ( ), for Mantel, Germany; controlled release.

45. Snobbery: The AMERICAn Version ( ), wild release.

46. The Man Who Touched His Own HEART ( ), for Heart River, Wyoming; controlled release.

47. Stars in My POCKET Like Grains of Sand ( ), for Pocket, Virginia; controlled release, multiple challenges. HOME for the haunting (Kansas) magic BUNNY dancing days (UK) the seCRET panel (Italy) KILLer chef (Ireland)


16. The DARWIN Conspiracy, (Darwin, Australia)


48. Ramses: The Lady of ABU SIMBEL ( ), wild release, photo.

49. A Strange Commonplace ( ), for Strange, Ontario; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

50. Daughter of SMOKE and Bone ( ), for Smoke Lake, Alberta; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

51. The Man Who PLANTed Trees ( ), for Plant, Arkansas; wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

52. FUBAR: AMERICAn History Z ( ), wild release, photo.


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