The Pirate Challenge will be held Sept 18-25

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Mateys, this be a shot across the bow fer the upcomin' Talk Like a Pirate Day challenge, ta be held in mid September. Start collectin' up yer books!

Books about pirates, with a pirate on the cover, peglegs, eye patches.... etc. are eligible. Multiple releases welcome - remember, there's a "rat" in every pirate so these books will work for the usual animal release in September.

[updated to give the exact dates]



I'll play. Though I don't have very many books yet.




I've got a couple of suitable books.

Time flies. It doesn't seem like a year since the last pirate challenge!


thanks for hosting this again!


It isn't all month, is it?


It isn't all month, is it?

The original post says "to be held in mid September". Last year's dates were 12-19 September.

I guess this year's dates will include "Talk Like a Pirate Day" which is 19 September.


I will start a separate thread for the releases.


I will start a separate thread for the releases.

Will the new thread be up soon? It isn't the 18th for me yet, but it is in the far east! [Can't wait to start the pirate releases!]


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