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The Be SENSIBLE Challenge - July, 2016 - any kind of releases - multiple Challenges encouraged.

Please do not just post a BCID link. Looking at a number is no fun. Also post the title (and author if that has the sense word) so we can enjoy seeing what books you've released, as well as the link.

Please don't post until after they are actually released. (Making release notes in advance is allowed).

(words of the five senses—which allow us to see, hear, smell, taste, feel—in the title or author's name)

Examples below:


The Sight of the Stars
Rugrats: Sight for Sore Eyes
Murder in Plain Sight
You Can't See a Dodo at the Zoo
The Cat Who Couldn't See in the Dark
Tunnel Vision: A V.I. Warshawski Novel


Time to Smell the Roses: A Hermux Tantamoq Adventure
Season to Taste: How I Lost My Sense of Smell and Found My Way
The Smell of the Night: An Inspector Montalbano Mystery,


The Hearing
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Holler If You Hear Me: Searching for Tupac Shakur
Without a Sound
Blackwater Sound


A Taste for Death: An Adam Dalgliesh Novel
A Taste of Chicken Soup to Inspire a Woman's Soul
Mediterranean: A Taste of the Sun in Over 150 Recipes
Suddenly, the Cider Didn't Taste So Good: Adventures of a Game Warden in Maine


Touch of Texas
Touch and Sparkle: Baby Animals
The Highlander's Touch
Nutrition for Women, Second Edition: How Eating Right Can Help You Look and Feel Your Best
I Feel Orange Today
I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman

ETA: list of some words that are accepable for the Challenge:


Also embedded words are fine. Just let us know what they are, as I don't always notice them : )

If you have questions about whether other specific words work, ask in this thread.




You're welcome - helps to be on this side of the world :)


1. The Dog OBSERVED http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14040398/

What about scent? Like smell it is a verb, noun directly involved with the nose?


1. The Dog OBSERVED http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14040398/

What about scent? Like smell it is a verb, noun directly involved with the nose?

Yes, scent is on the list of approved words. Thanks for joining in.



I'm glad to see that you joined. : )


I'm glad to see that you joined. : )

Thanks! It will just take a little more discipline by myself to see that the books are actually released before being added to this thread. That should keep me on my toes! ;)

I didn't think I'd like doing the release challenges, but I started doing them this year and find them really fun.


Yes, I've noticed that you have been enthusiastically joining in several.

Almost every book I release is for at least one Challenge. That's what makes it fun for me. I've got a gazillion books around the house (acquired an additional 26 big shopping bags and 4 boxes of books in the past few weeks, from 3 library sales and a friend) but they usually just sit here until a Challenge comes along that they fit. I've been tripping over bags and boxes all week. No room in any of my bookcases at the moment. I almost *never* release an Unchallenged book.

I'm glad you caught the bug too. : )

ETA: Have you checked out Never Judge a Book By Its Cover Yet? Fun because it changes every week.


Have you checked out Never Judge a Book By Its Cover Yet? Fun because it changes every week.

No...because I don't want to have to keep up with what the theme is for each week! That changes too often for me. I think what works best for me is just one monthly challenge with a fun theme. I tried to do two themes last month, but I didn't like that as much. I also think I want to stay away from the quarterly and yearly challenges as they go on for too long. I think that's why I'm going to try hard to do your challenge correctly...even if it messes with my journaling and releases. :D


2. Deep deSCENT : Adventure and Death Diving the Andrea Doria http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13819233
3. Garcia's HEARt by Liam Durcan http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13121723/
4. Always LOOKing up by Michael J. Fox http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13877983/


http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13834979 BlindSIGHTed by Karin SLAUGHter (if laugh counts)


http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13834979 BlindSIGHTed by Karin SLAUGHter (if laugh counts)

Sorry. I don't think laugh is related to one of the senses. But sight works.


2.National Geographic Little Kids LOOK and LEARn: (ear) Opposites!
by National Geographic Society (publisher)

3. Stop Arguing with Your Kids: How to Win the Battle of Wills by Making Your Children FEEL HEARd (ear, hear) by Michael P. Nichols PhD

4. SOUNDer by William H. Armstrong



Good ones, NancyNova. : )


5. Animal SOUNDs! Bow-wow! (Baby's First Book Club) by Elna Greig


5. Smilla's SENSE of Snow by Peter Hoeg http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14040499/
6. SENSE of Evil by Kay Hooper http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14040362/
7. 33. The DisappEARed by Kim Echlin http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13862418/
8. The End: 50 Apocaplyptic VISIONs from Pop Culture http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14040352



Thanks for joining in.


6. Prevention's The Sugar Solution : Balance Your Blood Sugar Naturally to Beat Disease, Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and FEEL Great by Sarí Harrar

7. Hide and SEEk (see) by Janet Reed

8. Polar BEARs (ear) Past Bedtime (Magic Tree House, No. 12) by Mary Pope Osborne

9. FEARless (ear) Firemoose! (Rocky & Bullwinkle) (Little Golden Book) by Golden Books


10. The Chocolate BEAR (ear) Burglary: A Chocoholic Mystery by JoAnna Carl

11. H.M.S. UnSEEn by Patrick Robinson

12. Where's SPOT? by Eric Hill

13. I SPY a Butterfly by Jean Marzollo

14. Buddy: The First SEEing EYE Dog (Hello Reader!, Level 4) by Eva Moore



Thanks for joining us!


Oh, you are welcome! Thanks for the warm welcome! :)



1 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13794288/ The EYES of the Killer Robot

2 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13933496/ Harry Lipkin, Private EYE: A Novel

3 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13898227/ Out of SIGHT: A Court of Angels Novel

4 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13965297/ Promisegivers: The Planting Season and Amber-EYEd Man

5 -http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14089066/ Hide and SEE: Miffy and Friends

6 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14079387/ An EYE for an EYE: A Story of the Revolutionary War

7 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13993390/ One-EYEd Dream

8 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14089022/ Love in Plain SIGHT

Oddly enough, all the books I grabbed to release had to do with Sight, that wasn't on purpose, just a coincidence.


15. Dreams of Joy: A Novel by Lisa SEE

16. FEARless: (ear) Imagine Your Life Without FEAR (ear) by Max Lucado

17. The YEAR (ear) of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion


18. The Cat Who SMELLed a Rat by Lilian Jackson Braun

19. The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly ClEARy


20. Things Not SEEn by Andrew Clements


As in All Quiet on the Western Front


As in All Quiet on the Western Front

Sorry. I don't think it fits.


http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13810062 The F(EAR) Index
http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/9821700 Never LOOK Away (caught before I'd made release notes)


Nice quick catch! Congrats.


(caught before I'd made release notes)

Congrats on your catch!





21. Anna's VISIONs (signed by author) by Joy Redmond

22. At First SIGHT by Nicholas Sparks


2 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14096628/ I SEE you
3 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14072554/ Through EYES of Love
4 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14057658/ Don't LOOK Behind You
5 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14086910/ Tunnel VISION
6 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13776349/ Warriors: SIGHT No.1: Power of Three
7 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14099387/ FEELing Good: The New Mood Therapy
8 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14087157/ The London EYE Mystery
9 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14087153/ Roll of Thunder, HEAR My Cry
10-http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14104539/ The Highlander's TOUCH


23. Socks by Beverly ClEARy


1. The Big EYE ( http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14020860/ ), wild release, photo.


1. TASTING Along the Wine Road, http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13678649


24. Alif the UnSEEn by G. Willow Wilson

25. The Visitant by Kathleen O'Neal GEAR (ear), W. Michael GEAR (ear)

26. The SOUND of the Mountain by Yasunari Kawabata


9. The yEAR of the Flood by Margaret Atwood http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14040277/
10. Where the hEARt is by Billie Letts http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14085837/
11. Fool in Love: One Man's sEARch for Romance http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14040274


27. Adjusting SIGHTs by Haim Sabato, Hillel Halkin

28. Subtle AROMAtherapy by Patricia Davis

29. The Bluest EYE (Oprah's Book Club) by Toni Morrison



wingNancyNovawing 4 yrs ago
release 10


Wild release with photo

1. A TASTE of Blackberries - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14099964


30. Foundation and Chaos: The Second Foundation Trilogy by Greg BEAR (ear)

31. No Ordinary Time by Doris KEARns (ear) Goodwin


Wild releases with photos

2. Black HEARt (ear or hear) - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14099957
3. All the Light We Cannot SEE - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13936112


32. People of the Silence: A Novel of the Anasazi (The First North Americans series, Book 8) by Kathleen O'Neal GEAR (ear), W. Michael GEAR (ear)

33. The TASTE of a Man by Slavenka Drakulic, Christina Pribichevich Zoric


12. Breath EYES, Memory http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14040376/
13. Wake up and SMELL the Pizza http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14040359
14. kITCHen by Banana Yoshimoto http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14040463


34. Water TOUCHing Stone (Inspector Shan Tao Yun) by Eliot Pattison


35. National Geographic Little Kids LOOK and Learn: Things That Go (Look & Learn)
by National Geographic Kids



I see that SPY is ok..but this title made me wonder. :)



I see that SPY is ok..but this title made me wonder. :)

Yes, I'll add it to the list. Also glance and peep, which I ran across when checking peek's definition.



36. In the HEARt (ear) of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex (Movie Tie-in) by Nathaniel Philbrick


For someone who almost didn't join, you are really charging ahead here. : )


For someone who almost didn't join, you are really charging ahead here. : )

LOL! I'm almost running out of themed reads now.


2. I Had SEEn Castles ( http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14074426/ ), wild release, photo.


Wild release with photo

4. Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky PEEKy SPYing (spy and peek) - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14100136

Thanks SLT!



37. At First SIGHT by Nicholas Sparks


2. LOOKING for Andrew McCarthy by Jenny Colgan, http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/8581865/


AlterEgoZoe 4 yrs ago
1 - 2





Wild release with photo

5. Invisible Eden by Maria FLOOK (look) - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14106955


3. Eavesdropper: overHEARd on the Streets ( http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14108547 ), wild release, photo.


38. In the KITCHen (itch) with Rosie by Rosie Daley


18. River Cross My HEARt http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14040456/
19. The Daily Show Presents EARth http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14103140/
20. The Murderer's Daughters by Randy Susan mEYErs http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14040394/



4. Only for a yEAR ( http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14107587/ ), wild release.


39. SEEking Peace: Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World by Mary Pipher

40. A HEARtbeat (ear, hear) Away by Michael Palmer

41. The HEARt (ear, hear) Stirring Sermon by Avraham Reisen

42. Kittens In The KITCHen (itch) (Animal Ark #1) by Ben M. Baglio


Great releases! I'm enjoying reading the posts and especially the embedded words you are finding in title and author.

I am not out releasing as much as usual as my car died on July 2nd, so I'm car-less and only releasing when given a ride by a friend. (I hope again tonight).


wingkeeta1wing 4 yrs ago
Entry deleted


this Challenge.

Only words of the five senses—which allow us to see, hear, smell, taste, feel are on the approved list. Talking isn't one of the five senses allowed. : (

ETA: I've done that too and had to take "talk" books back out of my pile for this Challenge when I realized later that they didn't fit.


OK - no problem :)


5. shakespEARe Bats Cleanup ( http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13867533 ), wild release, photo. [For some reason I have more "ears" this time than anything else {wry grin}.]


[For some reason I have more "ears" this time than anything else {wry grin}.]

I'm glad the rest of you keep posting the ebedded ones. I never thought of Shakespeare. I've got a few that I'll go grab off the shelf. And someone posted a Beverly Cleary. I would have missed that one too, if someone else hadn't posted first. (But since they did, I released one last night).


[For some reason I have more "ears" this time than anything else {wry grin}.]

I'm glad the rest of you keep posting the ebedded ones. I never thought of Shakespeare. I've got a few that I'll go grab off the shelf. And someone posted a Beverly Cleary. I would have missed that one too, if someone else hadn't posted first. (But since they did, I released one last night).

I just noticed mEYErs the other day. Surely people have those awful Twilight books!


I just noticed mEYErs the other day. Surely people have those awful Twilight books!

Thank you. I just registered a copy of Eclipse. Hadn't notice the eye there either. : )


I just noticed mEYErs the other day. Surely people have those awful Twilight books!

I thought of that...but I've chosen not to spend money on that series, so there are no copies on my bookshelf, virtual or physical. So unless someone actually *gives* me one to give away, I won't have any. :p

I do have two books by authors named Meyer on my BC shelf (Carolyn & Deon), but neither is still with me.


43. Over the High Passes: The True Story of One Woman's YEAR (ear) in the Himalayas by Christina Noble


9 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14084796/ Trick of the EYE

10 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13985764/ Star Crossed: Taurus EYES

11 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13157904/ Kelly Bear: FEELings

12 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14065158/ The Tuscan Y[EAR]: Life and Food in an Italian Valley

13 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13982044/ Hide and SEE: Miffy and Friends

14 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13469908/ SVH Senior Y[EAR] # 4: I've Got a Secret

15 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13794316/ A Journal of the Plague Y[EAR]

16 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14077650/ Midnight ClEAR: A Callahan Garrity Mystery

17 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14076352 TOUCHing Stars: A Shenandoah Album Novel



44. Hide and SEEk (The Sisterhood: Rules of the Game, Book 1) by Fern Michaels


18 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13879438/ SVH Senior Y[EAR] # 3: So Cool

19 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14079065/ First SIGHT: A Novel

20 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14082560/ Blind EYE: How the Medical Establishment Let a Doctor Get Away with Murder

21 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14084730 The SIGHT of the Stars : A Novel

22 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13260182/ The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly ClEARy

23 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14096541/ The Universe and EYE: Making SENSE of the New Science

24 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13993391/ Caesar: On Deaf EARS

25 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14002740/ Too Far Away to TOUCH

26 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13965298/ The Object STAREs Back: On the Nature of SEEing

27 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14000482/ Hide and SEE: Miffy and Friends

28 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14108318/ Horses As I SEE Them

29 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13259970/ Coming to Our SENSEs: Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness

30 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14078568/ SCENT of Danger: A Dale Kinsall Mystery

31 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14079169/ EMDR: The Breakthrough "EYE Movement" Therapy for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma

32 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14089067/ Miss SEEton's Finest Hour

33 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13982045/ The Magic School Bus Explores the SENSEs

34 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14111766/ I HEAR a Noise

35 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13260207/ A Widow for One Y[EAR]

36 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14108405/ Of SOUND Mind

37 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14037160/ The Haviland TOUCH

38 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13469470/ The Hundred Secret SENSEs

39 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14096499/ Parallel Lies by Ridley P[EAR]son

40 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14079634/ Hide and SEE: Miffy and Friends



45. Just One LOOK by Harlan Coben


41 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14089023/ Caesar: On Deaf EARs

42 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14081319/ I'll Be WATCHing You

43 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13794317/ Baby Einstein: SEE and SPY Counting

44 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14084797/ Close Your EYEs: A Novel

45 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14116357/ Wishbone Classic # 3: Romeo and Juliet by William ShakespEARe, Billy Aronson

46 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14069576/ SIGHT Unseen: A Novel

47 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14079635/ Caesar: On Deaf EARs

48 - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13260050/ Romeo and Juliet by William ShakespEARe


6. EYEs Like Willy's ( http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14113659 ), photo.


46. Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who TOUCHed the World by Vicki Myron



47. A Cold HEARt (ear, hear) by Jonathan Kellerman



No, sorry. Just the 5 senses that let us see, hear, taste, feel, smell.

No breathing allowed. : )


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