Coming in August: Children's Concept Books Release Challenge 2016

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Please save up books that teach children concepts about the alphabet, feelings, opposites, seasons, manners, colors, size, counting, time, etc... Last year in 2015 we released 53 books...Let's try to top that this year!


I think I may have a few that fit this, so I'll try this one again this year, tomato68. ; )


..but I'll see what I can find before August.


wingSqueakyChuwing 2 yrs ago
I'll do that!


but I will start looking for them now. Thanks for posting early and for running the Challenge again this year.


Stopped at a dollar store today and picked up a few.


I need to start saving more books up as well.


I missed this one last year so I'll find books for this year!


I have a box of kids books.. like 50 books? I will see if any fit in with the concept. I better get a go on. Print some plates , get codes , tape the plates in.... we have just joined yesterday!


we have just joined yesterday!

Welcome to BookCrossing! And you have time to go through that box o' books. This particular Challenge doesn't start until August 1st.


Don't forget that releases can be for more than one Challenge, and it looks like Tattooed_Mummy still has a perpetual "Children's Books in Playgrounds" Release Challenge going, too. ...Children's Concept Books released in Childrens' Playgrounds...what a "Novel" concept! : D


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